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#frog detective the case of the invisible wizard

Tumblr media

Indie Game Spotlight: The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

Spoopy season isn’t quite over in this week’s Indie Game Spotlight. In The Haunted Island, a small sloth has been haunted for weeks by a mysterious ghost that nobody can seem to track down. There’s a mystery afoot, and the only one who can solve it is the renowned investigator known simply as The Detective. Finding clues and questioning suspects is just part of the job for such an experienced frog, but this case is a tough fly to catch.

We spoke to Grace Bruxner, who is the creative director of Worm Club, and responsible for the art, writing, and design, among other things. Also in Worm Club is her partner Thomas Bowker, who works on the UX and programming, and their composer Dan Golding, who makes lovely jazzy tunes (fun fact: Dan also did the music for Untitled Goose Game).

Tumblr media

The Haunted Island looks like it has a lot of different animal friends. What kind of animals can we expect to meet?

So many animals! We have a sheep, a duck, a sloth, a wombat, a koala (gotta get that Australian representation in somewhere!), and, of SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games, a frog. I am probably forgetting a few. We basically chose animals that wouldn’t look horrifying standing up. Some people still think they’re horrifying, but that’s not my problem, really.

What kinds of gameplay mechanics can we expect?

In terms of mechanics, The Haunted Island is a super simple game that focuses on talking to silly characters and helping everyone out, in order to solve the mystery. It does have several un-skippable cutscenes, which have been described as “why can’t I skip the cutscenes.” Mechanics—who needs ‘em! Except for, like, car mechanics, I guess.

Tumblr media

Are there any detective-genre movies, books, or games that helped inspire the game?

We had a volunteer at PAX West who described the game as “Animal Crossing meets LA Noire," which is kind of true. I haven’t played Animal Crossing yet, but I really liked LA Noire. It has so many silly moments that aren’t intentional, and I wanted to sort of emulate those moments in my game. I also love Agatha Christie novels, as well as the live-action Poirot TV show, SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games, but unfortunately, a lot of those older detective shows and books have some problematic content. As far as I know, we have no weirdly racist bits in the game (I really hope we don’t, as I am the one who wrote it). Frog Detective doesn’t take itself very seriously, but all the characters do. I find inspiration from shows that I find sort of accidentally funny because of the dialogue. For example, Degrassi and Riverdale both have very funny dialogue, which seems mostly unintentional, though I’m sure the writers have fun with it.  

Tumblr media

Have you learned any interesting frog facts while working on the game?

Frog Detective isn’t a super educational game, so I haven’t done a whole lot of frog-related research, but I will say I recently learned that frogs and toads are basically the same creatures, biologically speaking. They’re classified as frogs or toads depending on their size!

What do you hope players will take away from your game?

That it’s OK to be second best.

Ready to hop on in? You can find out more about The Haunted Island, as well as its successor, Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard, over on Worm Club’s website, or simply check it out at your favorite online vendors.

#Frog Detective#The Haunted Island#Worm Club

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tuesday again 1/5/

a list of firsts

listening house of the rising sun, the animals: no particular reason this was my first song of the year, i am simply fond of it. do you want to watch a man go ham on a travel-size electronic organ? of course you do.

@dying-suffering-french-stalkers​ has a killer playlist tracing the evolution of the Spanish Rakes folk song family. were i musical-history inclined, house of the rising sun is the song i would be most likely to do that for i think

watching it happened one night, (, dir. Capra). so every year, at around ish new year’s eve, i start a black-and-white “classic” movie i’ve never seen before. fuck i love a pre-code movie. it is easier for me to set aside my modern feminist sensibilities when i’m watching a screwball, because they’re supposed to be satire! i am allowed to watch and laugh without getting my hackles up as much!


i sort-of haphazardly liveblogged my new year’s viewing here, the main point is that this early autogyro worsened my anxiety. modern helicopters are death traps!!! they just casually land this thing on a lawn in the middle of a crowd of people!!! PLEASE DO NOT

reading the trouble with doing these weekly roundup things is that i try to go beyond “did i like the thing” and go into “was this successful at what it’s trying to do? how did it go about what it’s trying to do and were these techniques that fit?” while trying to keep this within a reasonable wordcount bc i am not being paid to put out thousands of words of media critique a week. but sometimes i just straight up don’t like a piece of media for no particular reason. and that’s fine too, it just doesn’t make for very interesting reading.

anyway i read Cursed Pirate Girl () and Cursed Pirate Girl Annual (). this is peak- i’m not sure how to succinctly describe this- late-aughts whimsical but sort of dark Alice-in-Wonderland? like steampunk that allows itself to use cool colors? published and re-published in a collection just as steampunk was starting to fall off the mainstream but the tim burton movies were still sort of on a high and weird little non-superhero comics and graphic novels were starting to make it into respected book reviews and bestseller lists?

the draftsmanship in these is beautiful, and they do look like “what if early s comics were held to a modern standard of design”. but i simply do not vibe with the aforementioned trend bc i had a miserable time in high school at the peak of the steampunk/edgy British Empire trend and thinking about high school me makes my soul wither a little bit. anyway this cover slaps

Tumblr media

playing the haunted island: a frog detective game, and frog detective 2: the case of the invisible wizard. this is really the epitome of “i want short games made with worse graphics made by people who are paid more” i would like one of these little bonbons a year please.

Tumblr media

i am startled to find that my opinions on video game length jive with my opinions on tv show and movie length. i don’t want a “forever game” with infinite proc-gen quests (no man’s sky, for example, is not a game for me) and i think tv shows should be like three seasons max. no one iteration of a show should be on the air for a decade plus. this is partly bc i very rarely have the brainspace to get into tv shows, and i certainly do not have time to get into whole new longrunning tv shows at this braintime. i have the time for short self-contained media experiences like movies or video games under six hours.

these two games are really simple and really short- i blew through them both in less two hours- but i was charmed and delighted at almost every moment. it has the kind of straightfaced deadpan humor that some children’s shows have- i’m drawing a blank on specific examples other than vintage sesame street (pre-elmo) perhaps? (”kay why do you have an extensive knowledge of children’s entertainment and animation? you’re 26, sus” well you see i have two siblings that are significantly younger than me, which means sesame street was on constantly in our house well into my teens, and i’ve had at least one babysitting client at any given time since i was eleven)

i wouldn’t say they’re trying to make a particular point about cops/copaganda, esp since they’re from & by an australian team, but you SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games probably get an interesting paper about the portrayal of “crime” and “solving crime” in these games.    

Tumblr media

making cinnamon raisin bread with sourdough discard, it’s on the last rise before it goes in the oven and should be photogenic enough for tumblr by like noon thirty

#tuesday again#tuesday again no problem

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Tumblr media
Tumblr media

Another year gone by and it’s time to pick my personal Game of the Year titles. Finished a record amount of games this year (44!) and there were so many great games it was hard to pick the best of the best. SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games the end of the post for a full list of nominees.

1st place: HITMAN 2 (PS4, also available on PC and Xbox One)

Agent 47 is back, balder and better than ever - 8 sandbox locations and 3 sniper levels filled with lethal opportunities and clever humor. This is a game for individuals of culture. I'll leave you to prepare.

+ Creative assassination gameplay at its finest + Great level design + Lively, vibrant and detailed environments full of fun dialogue, juicy opportunities and room for improvisation + Silly challenges that never cease to make me smile + Includes HITMAN () levels for free if you own the earlier game - Some levels were a bit confusing to navigate for me

See my posts about Hitman 2

2nd place: Baba Is You (Switch & PC)

I'm not much of a fan of puzzle games but Baba Is You blew my mind. I like the game so much that after torturing myself solving puzzles for 56 hours on Nintendo Switch I bought the game for PC too. Now I've played it for 34 hours on PC. The feeling of finally solving a level that you were stuck in for an hour and thought was impossible is immensely satisfying.

+ Wonderfully fun and unique gameplay idea + Great level design that forces you to do abstract logical thinking outside the box + BABA IS CUTE (adorable visuals that just work) + MUSIC IS LOVE + Sometimes too difficult and makes you feel like a genius - Sometimes too difficult and makes you feel dumb

See my posts about Baba Is You

3rd place: Ruiner (PC, also available on PS4 and Xbox One)

Atmospheric cyberpunk shooter with fast-paced gameplay and nice world-building. The moment I stepped to the streets of Rengkok I fell in love with the game. This game felt special and I kept thinking about the game after I stopped playing. The cyberpunk feel was tangible. SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games is fast-paced and fun with a variety of weapons, both melee and ranged. The few glitches I encountered can be overlooked thanks to the impressive marriage of visuals, lighting, audio and atmosphere. I've now finished the game 4 times on two different platforms. I rarely replay games.

+ Fun, challenging gameplay + Incredible cyberpunk atmosphere + Cool visual style and gorgeous lighting + Fitting soundtrack (bought it together with the game) + Skill point distribution is very free + Short and satisfying game experience - Heavy use of quite disturbing strobing lights - A couple of small glitches

Honorable mention: Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (3DS)

Challenging dungeon crawling RPG with plenty of options for strategic team builds to conquer the Yggdrasil labyrinth. Etrian Odyssey V is one of the rare RPGs where I can't plow through boss fights and actually need to carefully consider how to stay alive - I managed to beat the main game last boss on my third try after adjusting my strategy.

+ Fun and challenging boss battles + Light on story, focus is on great and rewarding gameplay + Generous freedom for building your characters + Beautiful art style + Mapping can be set to auto to reduce manual work or you can draw your maps completely by hand - Some skill descriptions were inadequate to illustrate skill's true function - I was left wanting to see my characters' models appear on the screen in combat (à la Persona Q)

See my posts about Etrian Odyssey V

Honorable mention: West of Loathing (PC, also available on Switch)

Absurdly funny RPG enhanced by its black & white stick figure visuals and hilarious animations.

+ Various classes and character builds + Funny writing and characters + Unique visuals + Learning goblin language - Some obscure and tricky puzzles (guide probably needed)

See my posts about West of Loathing

Honorable mention: Wonderful (Wii U)

One of the coolest action games I've had the pleasure to play. The high-octane gameplay fluidly swaps genres from beat 'em up to first person boxing and even shmup.

+ Unique concept and imaginative action gameplay + Great art direction and character designs + Plenty of humor + Catchy music - Unreliable touch controls in Unite Morphs - Very high difficulty

Nominees for my personal Game of the Year

Only games I have finished in have been included.

Baba Is You (PC) Baba Is You (Switch) Cadence of Hyrule ~ Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda ~ (Switch) Control (PC) Creature in the Well (PC) Dead or Alive 6 (PS4) Demon's Tilt (PC) Dishonored 2 (PC) Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (3DS) Everybody's Golf (PS4) Everybody's Tennis (PS4, PS2 Classics) Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard (PC) Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (PC) Gears of War 4 (PC) HITMAN 2 (PS4) Hyrule Warriors (Wii U) Katamari Damacy REROLL (PC) Mario Kart 7 (3DS) Minit (PS4) Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (PC) My Friend Pedro (PC) New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star (3DS) Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight (PS4) Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth (3DS) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice (3DS) Pokémon Link: Battle! (3DS) Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS) Pony Island (PC) Project Zero: Maiden of the Black Water (Wii U) Ruiner (PC, Steam) Ruiner (PC, Xbox Game Pass) Senran Kagura Peach Ball (Switch) SUPERHOT (PC) Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game (PC) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) The Wonderful (Wii U) Wandersong (PC) Wargroove (PC) West of Loathing (PC) Yoku's Island Express (PC)

#hitman 2#baba is you#ruiner#goty#etrian odyssey v#wonderful #west of loathing#game of the year

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Plan on checking out the Indie Megabooth at PAX West ? There's going to be a ton of Switch titles on display, which you can see in the full list below.

* Denotes titles that will be publicly playable for the first time either globally or in North America. ** Titles that will showcase a new demo / content / level / features / environment / etc. Megabooth Lineup A Fold Apart ** by Lightning Rod Games (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) Arcade Spirits ** by Fiction Factory Games (PC, Mac, Linux) Backbone * by EggNut (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Bravery Network Online ** by GLOAM CAKE BASH * by Coatsink / High Tea Frog (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) Cat Lady ** by Rose City Games (PC, Mac) Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! * by Vertigo Gaming Inc. (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Creature in the Well ** by Flight School Studio (Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac) Drawdog [working title] * by Greg Lobanov Dunk Lords ** by Story Fort LLC (Xbox One, PC) Elsinore ** by Golden Glitch Studios (PC, Mac, Linux) Errant Kingdom * by Lunaris Games Ltd (PC, Mac) Falcon Age ** by Outerloop Games (PS4, PC) Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard ** by WORM CLUB (PC, Mac) Get in the Car, Loser! ** by Love Conquers All Games (PC, Mac) Haven * by The Game Bakers (PS4, Switch, PC) Heaven Will Be Mine ** by Worst Girls Games (PC, Mac, SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games, Linux, iOS) Hot Routes: VR Football * by SCREAMING_SNAKE Games (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go) Kine ** by Chump Squad (PC, Consoles) Later Daters ** by Bloom Digital (Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp * by Beautiful Glitch (PC, Mac, Linux) Mutazione ** by Die Gute Fabrik (PS4, PC, Mac) Nibblity * by Leaftail Labs Inc. (iOS, Android) Ninja Legends ** by Coinflip Studios (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) Out of Space ** by Behold Studios (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) PHOGS! ** by Coatsink / Bitloom (PC) Plunge ** by Spooky Buns (Switch, PC, Mac) Praey for the Gods ** by No Matter Studios (PS4, Xbox One, PC) Quantum League ** by NGD Studios (PC) Reigns: The Council * by Nerial (Tabletop) RoboCo ** by Filament Games (PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) Roundguard ** by Wonderbelly Games (PC, Mac, Linux) Skellboy ** by Umaiki Games and Fabraz (Switch) alloverlimo.us ** by Cyberian Studios (PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) Softly, with Teeth ** by Studio Chiffon (PC, Mac, Linux) Spiritfarer ** by Thunder Lotus (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) SUPERLIMINAL ** by Pillow Castle (PC, Consoles) The World Next Door (Rose City Games (Switch, PC, Mac) Touch Type Tale – Strategic Typing * by Pumpernickel Studio (PC) Trials of Fire * by Whatboy Games (PC) TwinCop (Finite Reflection Studios (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games, PC, Mac) UnderMine** by Thorium Entertainment (Xbox One, PC, Mac, SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games, Linux) Until You Fall * by Schell Games (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) Wave Break ** by Funktronic Labs (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) Wooden Nickel ** by Brain&Brain (PC, Mac, Consoles, iOS)

Minibooth Lineup (Friday and Saturday)

Calico * by CatBean Games (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander ** by Walternate Realities (PC) Lumote ** by Luminawesome Games (PS4, Xbox One, SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit PC full crack - Free Download - Repack - Hiu Games, Switch, PC) LUNA The Shadow Dust * by Lantern Studio (PC, Mac, iOS, Android) Neon Noodles * by Vivid Helix (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Nova Drift ** by Chimeric (PC, Mac) Prodeus ** by Bounding Box Software (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Quench ** by Axon Interactive (Switch, PC) Riverbond ** by Cococucumber (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters * by Devespresso Games (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) while True: learn() ** by alloverlimo.us (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS) Wintermoor Tactics Club ** by EVC (PC)

Minibooth Lineup (Sunday and Monday)

A Sound Plan ** by Studio Kumiho (PC, Mac) Aeon’s End ** by Handelabra Games Inc. (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) Catadel ** by Bad Optics Games (PC, Mac) Emily is Away <3 ** by Kyle Seeley (PC, Mac) Minute of Islands * by Studio Fizbin (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Newt One ** by DevNAri LLC (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac) Norman’s Night In ** by Bactrian Games (PC, Mac, iOS, Android) Sail Forth * by David Evans (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux) Sons of Ra ** by Pharaoh Hound Games (Xbox One, PC, Mac) Spring Falls ** by SPARSE//GameDev (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) Super Crush KO ** by Vertex Pop (Switch, PC) The Klaxo Radio Hour ** by Haunted Ephemera (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)

#pax west#pax#switch#nintendo#switch nintendo

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Games that are charming, chill, short, and fun 🖤

Perfect for a rainy or sad day. 🌧

Frog Detective: The Haunted Island

Tumblr media

Frog Detective 2: The Case of The Invisible Wizard

Tumblr media

If anybody wants to add to this, go ahead 🖤

#game recommendations#frog detective

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Dec ‘19


90 Day Fiancé

Nailed It!

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

At Home with Amy Sedaris


Astronomy Club


Kitten Rescuers

Joe Pera Talks With You


Pokemon Sword

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard



The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open

I Lost My Body

Green Room

Psycho Beach Party

The Star Wars Holiday Special (Rifftrax) [half of]

A Very Merry Rifftrax

Feeders 2: Slay Bells [tiny bits]


The Guest



Tights and Fights

Til Death Do Us Blart

Dear Prudence

History of Fun

Waypoint Radio

The Antifada

Citations Needed

Dungeons and Daddies

Not Your Demographic


Coffee with Comrades

Season of the Bitch

It’s Evolution, Baby!

Day Fiancé

Yo, Is This Racist?

Women Wrestling Friends

Feminist Frequency Radio

This Film is Lit


Daily Zeitgeist

Scam Goddess

Very Really Good

Street Fight Radio

Punch Up the Jam

Bon Appetit Foodcast


Nobodies Watching Wrestling

Rev Left Radio

The Short Game

Dr. Gameshow with Jo Firestone

Vegan Vanguard


Oh No Ross and Carrie

Lie, Cheat, and Steal

Books Closed

Be Good and Rewatch It


Matt McMuscles


Not Even a Show

Brutal Moose

Nobodies Watching Wrestling


Thomas Game Docs

Drew Gooden

[video game videos]

Tiffany Ferg

Shannon Creep Show

Hannah Lee Kidder


Scaredy Cats

Haylee Tattooer


Bon Appetit

[Lamb Chop video]

The Big Comfy Couch

Thought Slime

What’s So Great About That?

Some More News

Kurtis Conner


Rachel Oates

[tattoo vids]

Spawn Wave

Abelina Sabrina






Alyssa Nicole


Jamie Paige

Shelby Downey

Luna Oi!

Good Bad or Bad Bad

Maggie Mae Fish

Strange Aeons

Chris Fleming

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard


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Top 3 december releases

This month quite a few big releases and platform specific releases happened. Also, some pretty cool games entered early access on Steam. It was quite easy to select exactly three releases too. It actually was little tricky to find the third one. Let’s keep it short and sweet, here they are:

1. Jamestown+

Seeing a new release of Jamestown made me happy. Another reason to return to gaming in This game was one of the first indies I played and it sparked my affection for shmups. It looked pretty and gameplay was super tight. The setting was interesting. Steampunk wasn't as overused as today and Jamestown wears it like a king. It's subtle and mechanical is there more because you're flying a machine shooting other machines to pieces rather than just an empty decoration. With upgraded graphics and new content this is a must have for me. 

Tumblr media

2. Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

It's a charming little game and a follow-up to a critical acclaimed first Frog Detective. I haven't got around to play that one, but I expect myself to enjoy it and usually I want more of cute little things I enjoy such as raisins or cashew or chocolate eggs and Frog Detective seems to taste very much like these little treats. And there's also hype train from media outlets such as PC gamer or RPS. Apparently, It's a difficult game to write about. The review starts slow and pick ups and starts being really superlative! What a game.  I guess the key word for the game is empathy. And empathy is important to have, especially in often cold environment of internet and games.

Tumblr media

3. XO

XO attracts me because it looks primitive. It's a science fiction roguelike in which you direct your fleet towards earth or something. Sin Vega over at RPS said that it was like Battlestar Galactica but without everyone having an IQ of a frozen potato. So, it's a lot like FTF but instead of managing a ship, you manage crews of a fleet. This changes battles too and for some reasons it looks like things clicked this time in comparison to maybe more narrative and definitely more polished and ambitious Crying Suns.

Tumblr media

#xo#wishlist#frog detective#jamestown

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