Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen

Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen

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All hardware and software terms mentioned in this manual are also registered

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Manual for the game Jagged Alliance


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Manual for the game Jagged Alliance


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trademarks and should be regarded as such.

We have taken all possible care to ensure that the information published in this
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Printed in the EC, ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG, Worms, Germany
System Requirements
End-User License Agreement
Epilepsy Warning
Installation and Uninstall
Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen to Arulco
part one: assemble a Team
part two: travel to interesting places
Part three: meet interesting People
part four: and kill them
Hiring mercenaries at A.I.M.
The A.I.M. Homepage
The A.I.M. Member register
A.I.M. mercenary file cards
Hiring mercenaries per Videoconference
A.I.M. Veterans, History and Legal
Creating a custom character at Psych Pro Inc.
Other Websites
Bobby Ray
McGilliguttys Undertakers
Hammer, Anvil & Stirrup (Insurance)
The Laptop - your Information Center
Personnel/Mercenary Manager
Exiting the Laptop
The Tactical Screen
Mercenary Portraits
Items and interaction
Meeting non-player characters

Tactics: Fighting the enemy
Firing weapons
Hand-To-Hand combat
Interrupts an action points
Explosives and grenades
Wounds and bandaging
Ending a turn
Ending a combat
Advanced Tactics: the rules of war
The map screen
Mercs assignments
Renewing contracts and firing mercs
Using the map
Travel via the map screen
Town loyalty
Appendic A1 - Mercenary index
Appendic A2 - Technical Support
Attention serial number
Technical Support
Frequently Asked Questions
Appendic A3 - Credits



98 / / Me / XP
or above
CPU / Processor with MHz
compatible SVGA graphics
card with 8 MB RAM
compatible sound card
4x CD-ROM drive
MB free hard disc space
Mouse and Keyboard

98 / / Me / XP
or above
CPU / Processor with MHz
compatible SVGA graphics
card with 16 MB RAM
compatible sound card
24x CD-ROM drive
1,0 GB free hard disc space
Mouse and Keyboard


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advise that parents should monitor the use of video games by their children. If
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IMMEDIATELY discontinue use
and consult your doctor.
Sit a good distance away from the monitor, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, as far away as the
length of cables allow.
Avoid playing if you are tired or have not had much sleep.
Make sure the room you are is well lit.
Rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes per hour while playing a
video game.


The game engine for Jagged Alliance 2: WildFire is based on the newest DirectX
technology, which means that DirectX or higher must be installed on you
system otherwise the game will not run. To install, place the CD-ROM in its
If the Autorun is not switched on open Windows Explorer, select the CD-ROM
drive and then double click on the and click the button Install
If Autorun is activated you can click on Install DirectX directly and then fol-
low the instructions on the monitor.
Note: it will be nescesary to restart your computer after installing DirectX other-
wise Jagged Alliance 2: WildFire will not be able to run.
After restarting your computer you are now ready to install the game. Ensure
that the Jagged Alliance 2: WildFire CD-ROM is in its drive and then click on
Install Jagged Alliance 2: WildFire in the following menu.
If Autorun is not active then follow as above and click on the to
follow the same instructions.
Installation requires a minimum of MB free space on your hard disc.
This space is needed for the game itself; Windows swap files and saved
games. After installation the program will place a desktop symbol on your
screen or a Quicklaunch icon on task bar. You are now ready to start
the game, either double-click on the Icon or click once on the
Quicklaunch symbol.
To uninstall the game, click on the uninstall button in the start menu
and follow the prompts.
By de-installation all saved games and screenshots in the Jagged Alliance
2: WildFire directory will be deleted.
Note: If you want to keep this files you have to make a backup (copy
the files to an other location)!
You can also uninstall by clicking on the Start button/Settings/Control
Panel/ add or remove programs and then on the game icon. Then fol-
low the prompts on the screen.


Welcome to ARULCO
And even if it is a totally rotten and corrupt regime, don't suppose for one moment
that you as the liberator will be greeted with open arms
In the small Latin-American country of Arulco an unscrupulous dictator by the name of
Diedranna rules.
In the year a coup-d'etat failed his goal of liberating the land and introducing
democratic elections. No one knows exactly what fate befell the members of mercenary
units operating in the country.
The hard fact is that the small country is now, as it was before, completely in hands
of the originally Romanian wife of the rightful ruler, Enrico Chivaldori who is now in
Now there is new trouble in Arulco! US investigations have brought to light secret drug
US investigations about secret drug trafficking channels have brought to light that in this
already plundered land there is a newly formed and extremely active drug Mafia with
international connections. The drug cartel seems in the meantime to be an all-penetra-
ting power, which is why Arulco has again become the focus of international political
You'll be operating under contract from the Central Intelligence Agency and will be smug-
gled into the land with a troop of mercenaries. It is your task to bring to an end that
which in the year was not achieved and to smash the ever-present drug cartel
in Arulco. Your authorization is a letter that you carry with you from the exiled President
Enrico Chivaldori, whose contacts to the rebels in the country could prove to be very
Believe us when we declare, that there is no easy task awaiting you! You'll need the
strategic insight of a general, the negotiating skills of a diplomat, the financial savvy of
a CEO-and a squad of some of the deadliest mercenaries to ever hit the streets. Should
you fail, your " client" will deny all knowledge of your existence.
This is Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire, an exciting mix of strategy and role-playing that puts
you in charge of a nation's fight for freedom. You'll Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen a core group of skilled pro-
fessionals through A.I.M., the Association of International Mercenaries. You'll win the local
population over to your side by displaying courage and loyalty. You'll train your men
around the clock, then send them into dangerous missions and lethal fire fights. You'll
conquer the depths of underground mines, reap their riches, and discover their secrets.
Each success will bring you closer to total victory; each failure must be overcome with
iron determination. Sometimes a tactical withdrawal can bring more than a battle at any
price. Use the possibility of retreating from one sector only to surprise the enemy by
attacking another flank. Some of your enemy's bases may seem at the begin-
ning to be Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, for example Drassen.

Here you will have to become stronger step by step and slowly gain your ground. In
the end you will prevail, if you remember a few things. Stay focused on your goal.
Keep your men well supplied with both ammunition and inspiration. And keep the cash
flowing--there's nothing, nothing, nastier than a mercenary whose pay check just boun-
To jump into the game, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, just turn the page. This introduction will show you the most
important basic moves in jagged Alliance 2 Wild Fire without explaining every single step.
More detailed information about strategy and tactics needed in the campaigns is given in
the following chapters. The battle for Arulco can begin.
This short introduction will help you to bring some real dynamic into your career
as a mercenary. The basic concepts are: recruiting mercenaries, exploring the
land and winning battles. But not everything will be explained. Comprehensive
information about strategy and tactic is available in the glossary.
When the Initial Game Settings screen
appears, click on OK to accept
the default settings and start the
game. (You'll find the full details
on these settings in the
Reference section.)
After viewing the introduction, you-
'll open your trusty laptop computer, ready to read some important e-
mail that has just arrived. To read it, click on the E-mail but-
ton on the left side of the screen. Several messages are wai-
ting for you. Most are from your employer, John, while the
last is from the mysterious "Psych Pro Inc." This company's personality pro-
filing service allows you to create a custom mercenary, for a small fee.
Jot down the access code, CIA (It's in the second part of the e-
mail message: click on the right arrow button to see the second part.).
After creating your custom character, you'll want to hire some more fire-
power. Return to the Web menu and select "A.I.M." This takes you
to the Website of the Association of International Mercenaries,
where you'll hire your first mercenaries.

It should be at least four to five. Don't
forget to take a medic Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen you and some-
one who is able to pick locks. A good
initial team is Fox, Bull and Barry, but
keep in mind that they might not be avai-
lable. Regardless of whom you do hire,
keep some money on hand to renew their
contracts in the future. It may be a while
before you find a steady source of inco-
me for your team.
While using the Laptop, you may want to make quick visits to some
of the other sites available from A.I.M.'s links page. Also take
the time to read the overview of Arulco contained in your file manager. It's use-
ful background material on Arulco, the country you're about to visit.
When you're ready to head out into the field, select "Shut Down"
on the laptop. The Map Screen will now appear. The Map Screen
contains all sorts of cool functions and features. For now, though, concentrate
on the lower right section of the screen. Click on the small arrow to the right
of the word "Paused." It's time to head to Arulco.
The next thing you'll see is your mercenaries being dropped into the town of
Omerta. Once they're all off the helicopter, you'll be able to give them com-
mands. With the arrival in Omerta, you will find yourself in the so-called "Tactic
Before you face your
enemies you will be in
real time mode. As long
as that is the case you
can roam the complete
sector with a single mer-
cenary or with the whole
To insure that we under-
stand each other from
the very beginning: there will be fire fights. You will meet enemy groups almost
immediately after landing. As soon as one of your mercenaries notices an
enemy the turn based fight begins.
During such a battle you have to control each mercenary singularly, group maneu-
vers and selection modes are no longer active. In the turn based mode each
soldier has so-called action points available, which determine how much he
can do in one turn. Fast and agile mercenaries may be able to shoot several
times or run to cover a great distance. For slower mercenaries it may prove
difficult during one turn to fire single-shot.
To fire at an enemy in your mercs' visual range, hold the cursor
over the enemy, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. A targeting crosshairs Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen appear. Left-click to fire
the gun. For more advanced combat options, such as refining your
aim, throwing grenades, and hand-to-hand combat, see the Tactics section of
this manual.
Any merc standing bolt upright in battle is begging for death, and the enemy
will be happy to give it to him. Your mercs can stand, crouch, or lie prone,
and they'll need to do a combination of these if they want to survive. To make
a merc change stance, hold the mouse cursor over the selected merc. You'll
see one arrow pointing up and one arrow pointing down. While holding
down the left mouse button, drag the mouse up or down, depending on the
way you want to change the merc's stance. Standing and lying prone are
two arrows apart, while standing and crouching are one arrow apart.
The puny enemy forces in this sector are no match for your team. You
should be able to defeat them with only minor casualties. If you have a
merc with medical knowledge and equipment on your squad, you'll be given
the option to automatically bandage the injured after the battle ends.
(You did hire a doctor, didn't you?)
Take a look around after you win the battle. You'll find a young boy
named Pacos just south of where you landed. If you move the cur-
sor over Pacos, a 'moving lips' icon will appear. This is the symbol
for the Talk command. The cursor in Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire will
automatically change to the most logical option in many situations.
If you put the cursor over someone you can speak to, it will
change to a pair of lips;
if you put it over an enemy, it will turn into a crosshairs;
if you move it over a closed door, it will change to a hand, and
so on.
Left-click the Talk cursor on Pacos. A box appe-
ars, offering different stances describing your
attitude toward the boy.
However, Pacos's mother has told him not to talk to strangers-especially stran-
gers with guns! He'll eventually run away Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen matter what you say to him. Follow
him into the building. Pacos will lead you
to his mother, Fatima. Talk to Fatima using
the "friendly" stance. She'll listen to your
mercs, but she's sceptical. You can convin-
ce her of your credentials by giving her a letter you received from Enrico
Chivaldori. This letter you will find in one of your mercenaries inventories. Your
client had contacted Enrico and asked him for a letter as proof of your trust-
Right-click on the face of the first merc in your team, the one on the far left
of the bottom of the screen. This will bring up that mercenary's Inventory Panel.
There you'll see an outline of your team member and pictures of his equip-
ment. One of these items is the letter. Left-click on the letter to pick it up,
and then left-click on Fatima to give it to her.
Fatima will lead your team towards the rebel headquarters after she reads the
letter. Eventually, she'll leave the sector, exiting off the right side of the screen.
To follow her, move your mercs to the edge of the sector, then bring your cur-
sor all the way over to the eastern side of the screen. As long as everyone
is within a few spaces of the edge of the sector, the cursor will change to
an exit sign.
Make sure all your mercs are nearby, then left-click
with the exit cursor showing. An options box will appe-
ar. Click "OK" and your squad will travel to the next
sector (sector A10).
Once you make it inside rebel HQ, listen to everything that Miguel, the rebel
leader says, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. When he's done talking, try to Recruit him. (You'll find the Recruit
option in the conversation window.) You'll be directed to recruit Dimitri, another
member of the rebels' team. Once you have been given a mission and a new
team member, search the rebel base for any useful objects that you can use
in your mission and then recruit Ira. Then leave quickly!
Your mission is to travel to the city of Chizena. You can of course test your
skills on other targets, but believe us; to be successful here; you must beco-
me stronger. To plan your journey, enter the Map Screen by either left-clicking
the triangle buttonor by pressing the M key.
Before you get into any more trouble, it's a good idea to save your game.
First, either left-click on the big button with a picture of a compact disc on it
,or press O. This brings up the Options Screen.
exiting impossible exiting possible
Now click on the button labelled "Save Game" to save your game. You'll enter
a screen with a list of slots in which to save your game. Just left-click on
the second slot, and enter an appropriate description (like "Showing Deidranna
Who's Boss"). The first slot is reserved for the Quick Save feature, explained
in the Reference section.
After your game is saved, you'll return to the Map Screen. There's a lot of
information here, but you can safely ignore most of it for now. It's time to
tell your team to head to Chizena. In the
top-left section of the screen you'll notice a
list of all of your mercenaries. To begin
plotting your trip, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, click in the column mar-
ked DEST for any of your mercenaries. Now
turn your attention to the map itself and
pass with the cursor over sector B2, the
upper right sector of the town Chitzena. Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen path that
your team will take is shown. You will also see that
the road to Chitzena is long and the journey will
cost your troop a lot of energy. Therefore it is
recommended to rest on the way in the small town
of San Mona, which is not occupied by
Diedranna's troops. Information about the town
is available in Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen report XXX. We recommend a double click on sec-
tor C6 six the neighboring sector to San Mona. This will start your squad
off on their expedition.
There's just one small catch. Your mercs won't move because time has
stopped. No, the world hasn't ended-it's just Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen the game automatically
goes into Pause mode when you enter the Map Screen. To get things
moving again, take a look at the time controls in the bottom right corner
of the Map Screen. These controls compress time, so that you can get
events moving at just the speed you prefer. Click on the small arrow
to the right of the blinking word "pause" to speed up time
and start your party walking. Each time you click that button, time moves
faster. It takes some game hours to get to San Mona, so the fast "60
min." setting is best.
You'll see your team, represented as a yel-
low arrow, being their journey. When you
encounter hostile forces while traveling, a
warning box will appear with three buttons:
"Auto-resolve," "Go to sector," and "Retreat
mercs." Don't wimp out-pick "Go to sec-
tor" to begin a battle.
Upon entering the sector, you'll encounter a screen
allowing you to strategically place your mercenaries
along the edge of the sector. For now, just left-
click "Group," and place your mercs with the cur-
sor. Left-click "Done" once you're ready. You'll be
taken down to the battle.
But beware: this Wild Group is harder than the ones
you mowed down in Omerta. You have two possibili-
ties, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, either you fight, or you avoid the confrontation to save your energy for Chizena.
If you decide to fight, then take the time to get the strategy Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Please remem-
ber, that your mercenaries have a long mission in front of them, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. You don't want
them to die of lead poisoning in the first few hours of their deployment, do you?
If you decide to well boy your enemy, then position your squad in the North Western
edge of the sector and then leave towards the West.
As soon as you arrive in San Mona you should again search the town for any
useful objects and help the local population with their problems. That increases the
experience and value of your team. When you are ready to continue your journey,
set off for Chitzena.
One small tip: arriving by night increases your chances of victory.
With the battle for Chitzena begun, you've taken the first vital steps in liberating
Arulco. Consult the respective section for more detailed information about the game.
Or, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, just press the H key at any time to get instant help on the game's features.
Good luck! Between Queen Deidranna and the even more sinister forces that lurk
in the countryside, you're going to need it.
Hiring mercenaries at A.I.M.
The first step in acquiring some good hired guns is by contacting the Association
of International Mercenaries (A.I.M.). A.I.M. acts as the employment agency for the
best of the best in the merc community. To contact them, use your laptop.
The laptop is opened automatically at the beginning of the game. Later, you can
open it by clicking on the laptop symbol in the bottom right of the map
screen. From the Web button on the left side of the
screen, select A.I.M. from your bookmarks.
On the A.I.M homepage you'll find several
useful and interesting buttons. At the
moment we're only interested in the direct
route to the mercenary team of your dre-
ams. Information about other contents of
their A.I.M sites can be found in the chap-
ter XXX A.I.M veterans, history and legal
and other websites.
Now or click on the Members button.
The options available in the A.I.M. Members section allow you to view
available mercs. You can sort the merc roster by Price, Experience,
Marksmanship, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, Explosive, and Mechanical-very handy for making
your employment decisions, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. You can also view the mug shot index, read
individual mercenary files, and read about A.I.M. alumni. After you have
selected the sorting category, there are two possibilities to view the
Register and File Cards of each mercenary:
a) Button : View photo index
b) Button : View File Card
Possibility A is in our opinion the
most practical option. Click on the
button with the letter F and you
come to a Photo Index of all 40
A.I.M mercenaries. Here you have
an overview of everything. If you
have sorted the register in des-
cending order, the photo of
the most able mercenaries
appears of on the top


left of the screen. By clicking on a portrait of the mercenary you come to File Card
with a list of his abilities, a short character Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen and the contract arrangements
and Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. You will discover for example, how much money you need to com-
mit the chosen mercenary for one or two weeks. Right click on the portrait to return
to the Photo Index. You can scroll through the File Cards using the cursor keys
on your keyboard and call up the Photo Index with a right click. If you want to
re-sort the register, click on the Members Button on the lower edge of the screen
to get to the selection of desired abilities.
The File Cards contain a plethora of information.
In case you can no longer wait to engage a
mercenary, then skip this section and go to the
chapter: Hiring Per Video-conference. But we
recommend a careful combination of team mem-
bers. One very important aspect is the careful consideration of the strengths and
weaknesses of your future team members. The scale ranges from 0 to Zero
means that the mercenary is a total loser in this category and makes him a
real whiz-kid. Some mercenaries can improve their abilities through training and deploy-
ment in the field. The value of that soldier then also increases and he will of cour-
se demand more money in return.
SALARY: is the amount a merc charges for his services. A merc charges differing amounts
depending on whether the contract is for a day, a week, or two weeks. A merc's sala-
ry comes directly out of your main bank account, and must be paid in advance. (A.I.M.
Mercs operate on a strictly cash-up-front basis, for obvious reasons.) Don't blow your ent-
ire wad on expensive mercs until you can afford their exceptional talents.
HEALTH: represents both the physical well-being of a mercenary and the amount of dama-
ge he can take before death. A mercenary with health is in perfect physical condi-
tion. A mercenary with 10 health could be Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen by a stubbed toe. Health also influen-
ces the overall performance of a mercenary and the effectiveness of other statistics and
skills. After all, it's hard to perform any job well when your arm is falling off.
AGILITY: measures how well a mercenary reacts physically to a new situation, whether it's
a shotgun blast or a pesky mosquito. Agility affects the speed, coordination and control a
merc displays while recognizing and reacting to an event, as well as the merc's traveling
DEXTERY: measures a mercenary's ability to perform delicate or precise movements cor-
rectly. For certain skills, like medical talents, a high dexterity is very important. Having
read all the books doesn't do much good if your hands shake during surgery.
STRENGTH: represents a mercenary's muscle and brawn. You'll find it particularly impor-
tant in hand-to-hand combat and forcing things open.
LEADERSHIP: measures charm, respect, and presence. Leadership affects your
mercs' performance in the field and their interactions with non-player characters.
WISDOM: affects a mercenary's ability to learn from experience and training. Naturally,
it also affects his interpretation of things. Highly intelligent mercs Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen no difficulty mas-
tering the inner workings of complex military items. Those not so mentally blessed take
more time to absorb the intricacies of a skill or action. (Hey guys! Look at the funny
metal pineapple with the pin in it!)
MERCENARY FILES: Next to the portrait are attributes and skills (described below).
On the far-right side of the File screen is contract information. This tells you the fees
for hiring the merc for one day, one week, and two weeks, as well as the merc's
medical deposit. To find out more about mercenaries, their skills, and their quirks, read
their background information. Finally, near the bottom of the screen, is the Optional Items
section. The merc joins your team with this equipment, if you choose to pay additional
MERCENARY SKILLS: In addition to statistics, everyone on your team has four basic
skills that lie at the heart of the mercenary trade. Like statistics, skills range from zero
to and may increase with practice. A skill of zero, however, will never improve.
Some people just aren't cut out to be doctors or mechanics.
EXPERIENCE LEVEL: is the most important mercenary trait. It reflects the sum of their
abilities: their years in A.I.M., the amount of combat they've seen, and how knowledge-
able they are in the field. As mercenaries gain in experience class, they also gain
certain benefits:
Their ability to detect booby traps and ambushes improves
They become sneakier and their stealth increases
They are able to focus their sights on an enemy target more quickly and
They become more effective at interrupting enemies (and avoiding being inter-
rupted themselves.)
Their overall proficiency in Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen operations increases
Their salary increases (mind you, it's a benefit to them.)
MARKSMANSHIP: A keen eye and a steady hand contribute to the sought-
after talents of the marksman. A mercenary's marksmanship skill reflects his
ability to hit, precisely, any given target with a firearm.
MECHANICAL: Mercenaries use all sorts of gadgets-their weapons, radios, locks,
and so on. Mechanical skill rates a merc's ability to repair damaged, worn-
out or broken items or equipment (such as vehicles), jimmy locks, and to com-
bine existing objects to form new ones.
EXPLOSIVE: A member's explosives skill determines his ability to create, use, and
disarm explosives without blowing himself sky-high. A highly skilled merc could dis-
arm the most complex bomb without breaking a sweat, while an unskilled merc
might destroy the building just by trying to light a sparkler.
MEDICAL: Since they seldom get into firefights near hospitals, injured mercs
must rely Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen one another for treatment. A member's medical skill represents
his current medical knowledge and ability to heal the wounded. A mercenary
with a high medical skill could perform brain surgery with a can opener
and a sewing kit, while a low skilled mercenary would have trouble apply-
ing a Band-Aid correctly.


As soon as you have seen and considered the File Cards, you can employ
one Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen after another. If you want to
offer one a job, simply click left on his por-
trait. If nothing happens, then you have
selected to a mercenary who just happens
to be on a well-earned holiday; or is doing
something else in his own private circles. In
this case you can leave a message by clicking on the message button.
An available mercenary will report to you on the videoconference screen. Now
set the duration of the contract. If the mer-
cenary has an insurance contract, you have
to accept the costs. The possibility of orde-
ring the recommended to equipment for a
mercenary is voluntary. If you have selected
this option, the mercenary brings his equip-
ment with him. This investment usually pays
off, but in the end everything is a question of costs. As soon as you have
made your selection click on "Transfer Money", otherwise you can hang up. With
a right click on the portrait you return to the Photo Index.
After hiring a mercenary a window appears telling you when and where, which sec-
tor, he will arrive in. It may well be that you must wait several game hours befo-
re your man catches the next plane to Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. At the Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, newly hired mer-
cenaries are dropped off in the town of Omerta. If you want, you can have them
arrive at another location. More information to this is available in the section about
the Airspace Filter in the chapter "Map Screen".
Before we continue with the explanation, please note: it is of course completely
pointless placing a single mercenary in a field of operations. There should be at
least four or five of them with at least one doctor and one mercenary who is able
to pick Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen among them. You should always make your selection very carefully
and always hold some money back, because you never know when or if another
source of funds will be available for you. A general rule for beginners of the game:
you should always have at least one third of your starting credit in reserve! You
should also keep money back for the creation of a "Custom Character". See the
chapter on creating a Custom Character.
Do you want to employ a more mercenaries? Good. Then right click on the por-
trait and you will return to the Photo Index. Alternatively, you can click on the
Members Button on the bottom edge of the screen to return to the selection of
criteria. You can also scroll through the member File Cards with the cursor keys
on your keyboard. Done! You have put together a team of mercenaries. Now you
may well ask yourself how and where do I get my people together at their place
of operations? Read the chapter "Exit laptop. Newly hired mercs will initially be drop-
ped off in the town of Omerta, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. If you like, you can have them dropped off at
other locations. See the description of the Airspace Filter in the Map Screen
section of the manual for more information.
Additional to their main function of recruiting mercenaries the A.I.M homepage
has many other elements, which are well worth having a look at. On the Start
Page you will find all the important links, although all the A.I.M connected sites
can also be controlled over buttons on each page in the bottom edge of the
a) Veterans
Click on button K on the A.I.M homepage and then on button V. Now you come
to a list of veterans. Here you will find the life stories of many old retired to A.I.M
b) Story
The button G brings you to a self-presentation of the famous A.I.M mercenary
agency. Here you can read about how it all began.
c) Legal
The button marked "Rules" on the A.I.M homepage leads you to the General
Terms of Business of the agency. Here you can read about insurance and basic
contractual conditions.
Health insurance: for some mercenaries you must arrange a Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen of health
insurance. This payment is compensation for a mercenary laying his life on
the line, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. If the mercenary survives in your service the money is returned.
If he is injured, a part of the payment is refunded. If he comes back
from his mission in a body bag, the whole sum is lost.
d) Links
There is a button on their A.I.M homepage with a double ring, which
links you to the A.I.M connected internet sites. Read more in the chap-
ter "Other Websites".
Creating a Custom Character
Open Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen laptop, click on the button E-mail, and see if you
have a message from Psych Pro Inc. If yes, we can assure
you that it is in no way Spam or any dubious virus. Here you're being offe-
red the chance of creating a custom character, in return for a certain sum
of money, of course. Accept this offer! It is certainly worthwhile. Flip through
to the last page of the mail, where you can find the activation code for
the organization's website, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. The code is CIA Close the e-mail and
remember the code.
It's time to pay a visit to I.M.P., the Institute for Mercenary Profiling.
Click on the Web button and select I.M.P.
from the menu of bookmarks.

Once at the I.M.P. site, enter CIA as the access code and press the ENTER start character creation, click on the BEGIN button. Enter your character's
full name (e.g. "Herman Noodleman"), Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, plus your character's cool nickname (like
"Flayer"). You also select the character's gender at this stage.
The next task is to complete the character's personality profile. While some of
the questions are a bit, um, unusual, your answers will determine the persona-
lity of your creation and influence their behaviour and characteristics in the game.
Be sure to answer the way you feel your merc would.
After outlining his quirks and oddities, you will allocate attribute points to your
character. These determine the character-
's strengths and weaknesses in important
areas such as Health and Agility. While
allocating your points, keep in mind that
a skill of 0 can never be improved. After
deciding on your attributes, choose a por-
trait and style of voice that fits your cha-
Confirm your selection. After you have run
the test you receive a message saying
that your Custom Character is moving to his target location. He or she will arri-
ve at the start sector together with the A.I.M engaged mercenaries.
Other Websites
On your Laptop you will find various other websites. Click on "Web" and then
on "A.I.M". on the A.I.M homepage clink on Links for the following affiliated web-
You'll find a link to Bobby Ray's Gubs 'n
Things on the Links page of the A.I.M. Web
site. It takes a while for Bobby Ray to open
up his shop. Presumably it will take so long
that you will already have Drassen under your
control, a great milestone in your mission,
which is only realisable in an advanced stage
of the game. But when he does you'll find
he sells everything on your wish list.

Once in Bobby Ray's, just left-click on the
items you want to put them in your shop-
ping cart. To remove an item from your
shopping cart, right-click its picture instead.
After you have selected the appropriate items,
go to the Order Form page. Here you'll find
an inventory of the items you're ordering.
Select a destination for your goods, and a
method of shipping.
Then click on the Order-Button.
Your weapons will be delivered to the destination town in a few days. Meduna
and Drassen are the only two towns with airports in all of Arulco, so expect
to pick up your order in one of those two sites. The enemy holds these towns
at the beginning of the game, so you'll have to do some fighting before you
can pick up your deliveries.
Note: Bobby Ray's isn't the only place you can stock up on new items. You can
also buy and sell from characters you'll meet in Arulco. Though they might not
have the selection, you won't have to pay hundreds of dollars in shipping char-
ges or wait several days for your goods to arrive.
It is also possible to place some very interesting orders at McGilliguttys
Undertakers. Take the time to visit the site as often as you like.
At the Insurance Agency Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup you can take out
insurance for your mercenaries. Insurance offers you the possibility to
secure your heavy investment in the mercenaries. For a small premium,
to be paid in advance, each remaining working day that a dead sol-
dier can no longer fight is refunded.
Imagine the following situation, you hire
a mercenary for the duration of one
week, for $1, per day, and the soldier
dies on the third day. If you have taken
out insurance on him you're refunded
$4, that could otherwise have gone
up in smoke. Further information can
be found on the website of Hammer,
Anvil and Stirrup.
The Laptop - Your Information Center
If you have new e-mail when you start up your laptop, you'll be notified. Select
E-mail from the list on the left, and the new messages will be bolded to set
them apart from the rest. Besides giving you information, some e-mail will give
you new Web sites to visit, which then appear as bookmarks in your Web brow-
Over the course of your liberation of Arulco, you'll acquire computer files which
can be read in this viewer. Initially, the only file present is a reconnaissance
report on Arulco.
On the left of the laptop screen you will see the "Personnel" button. Click on
this and you arrive at the Mercenary Manager. The personnel manager provides
detailed information on your mercs and their accomplishments. The main screen
is made up of an index of mercs. You can view the statistics and inventory
of each mercenary. The statistics section compares the attributes and skills of
all your mercs. It also contains miscellaneous personal information on your
mercs, such as the number of kills they have, and information on their con-
tracts and prices. This information can be essential for deciding who to retain
and who to give the old heave-ho.
On the left of your laptop screen is the finance button, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. You should check this
quite often, especially when you want to make some new expenditure and there
is no it's source of foreseeable income. The financial overview determines the
balance of accounts from the credits and debits of the previous day and gives
a prognosis on the balance of the current game day, taking into consideration
the foreseeable income. You know of course that money is all-important to mer-
cenaries in the business of war. What you don't have you can't spend.
Tip: at the beginning of the game you should not invest all your money in the
first group of mercenaries. It is recommended that you keep one third of the
available monies in reserve so that you have the possibility of extending their
contracts. In case you begin hiring soldiers on the A.I.M site, you should remem-
ber to keep some money back to create your custom character.

Leaving the Laptop
and Switching to the Tactical Screen
Surfing alone will not help you win the war in Arulco in the Long Term. To
get your field of operations please close the laptop. To do this click on the
"Close" button on the laptop screen, bottom left. Each time you close
the laptop you will find yourself in the Map Screen. This has many functions
that you will need later in the game. For more info read the chapter "Map
Screen", Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen.
If you engaged mercenaries at the beginning of the game, you will now want to
go to the field of operations to meet your men. To do this you must leave the
map screen and go to the "Tactical Screen". To do this, click on the arrow sym-
bol between the "Pause" and "Game Time" displays in the bottom right
corner of the screen. Wait until the sector has loaded.
Later in the game you must click on the trian-
gle above that to get to the Tactical Screen you
can always switch between the Map Screen and
the tactics screen with the help of the triangle
button. In the Tactical Screen the triangle can
be found above the mini-map in the bottom
right of your monitor.
Please note: as long as you have no mer-
cenaries you will not be able to go to the Tactical Screen.
Calling up the Tactical Screen
You can only switch to the tactical screen if you have at least one
mercenary. Please read the chapters Exit Laptop and Switching to the
Tactical Screen. Please note that you can only call up the laptop over
the Map Screen. The map screen, which has its own chapter, is the
so-called switching centre in jagged Alliance 2 Wild Fire.
Reconnaissance in real time
To complete your liberation campaign, you must explore Arulco thoroughly and
interact with its inhabitants. You'll accomplish these missions from the Tactical
Screen. From the Tactical Screen you can move your mercs, obtain infor-
mation about them, and use the items you find in Arulco. As the name
suggests, the Tactical Screen is also where you'll do your fighting.
As soon as you meet an enemy, the real time mode of the reconnaissan-
ce phase switches to the turn based mode of battle.

From Tacticalscreen to Laptop
and back (over the mini-map)

Along with your surroundings, the Tactical Screen also displays some of your
mercs' portraits, along with their vital statistics.
Portrait: Left-click on a merc's portrait to select him; right-click to bring up
his Inventory Panel.
Name: During combat, the amount of action points a mercenary has left is
displayed to the right of the merc's name.
Indicator: These track the current level of three important merce-
nary statistics, Health, Energy, and Morale.
Health: The red bar tracks the mercenary's current physical state. If a mer-
cenary is wounded, the health bar drops to reflect the damage and leaves an
"injury tracker" in its place. Injuries left untreated are shown in yellow, while
treated injuries show pink. Untreated, injuries have the potential to permanent-
ly lower a mercenary's health rating.
Energy: The blue bar tracks a character's breathing rate and energy. The
bar will fall as the merc performs activities and rise when the character
rests. How quickly a merc regains energy depends on the member's well-
being and how tired he was in the first place. Sleep (or lack thereof) can
greatly affect a merc's available energy. A merc who hasn't been sleeping
will have his potential energy decrease as well, and will eventually collapse
from exhaustion.
Morale: Morale is a measurement of how a merc is feeling. A normal
merc is at the morale midpoint, stable. The higher the morale bar, the
happier the merc is. Though your mercs probably won't quit on you if they-
're unhappy, their performance may suffer, or they may refuse to renew their
The main and the secondary Hand: The items a merc has in his hands
are displayed here. To swap an item from the Secondary Hand to the
Main Hand, right-click on the Secondary Hand. For more informa-
tion, see the section on the Inventory Panel.
Selecting mercs: To get a mercenary to follow your orders, you must first select
him. Mercenaries may be selected by left-clicking on their portraits, pressing F1
through F6, or by left-clicking on their figures on the playing field. A selected
merc's panel is highlighted.
Getting a clearer view: If trees are blocking your view, you can get a better view
by pressing the key to toggle Treetops on and off. (If you toggle Treetops
off, the trees are still there, but only their stumps show on screen.) The key
(for Wireframe buildings) serves a similar function for buildings. For an overhead
view of the entire sector, either press the INSERT key or right-click on the small
map in the lower right corner of the Tactical Screen.
Walking around: In real-time mode, the normal destination cursor is a square. Left-
click with this cursor on the destination, and the currently selected mercenary will
attempt to travel there, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. A mercenary's movement speed depends on their physique,
energy level, and the type of terrain. In combat, it also depends on the number
of action points a merc has. For more information, see the section on action
points later in this manual. You can also make a merc run to his destina-
tion by double-clicking there.
Determining a route: Mercs will avoid obstacles in their path and gene-
rally choose the easiest and shortest route. Of course, what a merc
considers the best route may not be the one you would have cho-
sen! To plan a precise route, hold down the key while choosing
your destination. The key displays the exact path your mercenary
will take. It also makes the cursor "hug the ground." This is helpful in
close quarters, where walls or other obstacles may block the way.
Group Movement: You may select a group of mercenaries by left-clicking
and dragging to draw a box around them. You may also -left-click on
an individual merc's body to add him to the selected group. (If the merc
is already part of the selected group, -left-click will remove him from
the selected group.)
All mercenaries in a team all move at varying speeds meaning that
sometimes you have to wait for the slower members. You should also
note that in a turn based fight you cannot move the whole group.
In the middle of a fire fight you will want to move your men
singularly- believe us!
Sometimes you want all mercs in a squad to gather together at one location.
Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire provides a convenient way to move all of your mercs
to the same destination.
1. Left-click on the destination and hold the mouse button down. A red square
will appear.
2. Press down on the right mouse button. Another red square will appear
inside the first red square.
3. Now release both mouse buttons. All squad members will walk towards
that destination.
Note that the group movement modes don't work during turn-based combat, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. The
mercenaries can only be moved singularly. Ambling along in a nice ordered line
is the last thing your mercs are going to want to do when they're surrounded
by hostile forces.
Continuing an action: During turn-based combat, your merc may pause while en
route to a destination and report on something he's seen. To make the merc con-
tinue on his way, click on the merc's portrait indicates he was interrupted in mid-
Movement modes: Normally, your mercs just saunter along. However, just saun-
tering along in a battlefield will get you your head blown Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, which is why
Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire offers you several additional movement modes.
Stand/Run: When you have the need for speed. Running is the fastest way
to move, but it also depletes the blue Energy bar the fastest, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Running mercs
are less perceptive and more likely to make noise.
Crouch/Squat: Makes mercs less visible and safer from enemy fire.
Prone/Crawl: Hugging the ground is the safest way to travel under heavy
fire. It's also the slowest, and quite exhausting to boot.
1. THE CURSOR: Place the cursor over the merc. An arrow will appear. To make
a standing merc crouch, left-click and hold, then pull the mouse cursor down.
To make the crouching merc lie prone, repeat the process. You can make a
crouching character stand up by holding the cursor over the merc, left-clicking
and holding, and then pulling up instead of down. If you drag up or down far
enough to see two arrows, you can go directly from standing Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen lying
prone, or vice versa.
2, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. THE MERC OPTIONS PANEL: Right-click and hold. The Merc Options Panel will
appear, allowing you to change your movement mode.
3. THE INVENTORY PANEL: Right-click on a mercenary portrait at the bottom of the
screen to bring up that merc's Inventory Panel. From here you can change your
movement mode, along with a number of other options.
4. THE KEYBOARD: The key switches to Run mode, changes to Standing
stance, changes to Crouching stance, and changes to Prone stance.
5. SCROLLING THROUGH MOVEMENTS MODES: This method is only available during
turn-based combat, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Left-click on the destination and hold. Now right-click repea-
tedly to scroll through the different movement types available. An animated cur-
sor will display the movement mode during combat, along with the cost in action
CHANGE FACING: If someone sneaks up behind you with a shotgun, you'll need
to turn around in a hurry. To make a mercenary look in a different direction,
right-click and hold to bring up the Merc Options Panel, then left-click on the
arrows icon. Now left-click again in the direction you want the merc to face.
You may also press the key to bring up the Look cursor directly.
BACKING UP/SIDESTEPPING: Hold down the key while you left click on a
target square, and the selected merc will back up or sidestep all the way
to their destination. This is perfect for times when you're trying to move
away from the enemy while still providing cover fire for your other mercs.
You can perform this movement regardless of whether the merc is stan-
ding, crouched or crawling.
EXCHANGING MERCS: To exchange two mercs (or a merc and a civili-
an), select one and put the cursor on the other.
Then press on the keyboard. This can also be done in combat,
but both parties need enough action points to do it.
CLIMBING: This technique allows you to climb walls or jump fences. Walk
right up to the wall, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, left-click and hold, then pull the cursor up to get
a arrow, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. If you don't get that cursor, you won't be able to climb
that wall. Note that you may only climb onto flat surfaces.
Once a merc has climbed up, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen cursor will raise up to the rooftop level. To
change the cursor elevation level between roof level and ground level, either use
the buttons inside the inventory panel, or press the key.
STEALTH MODE: Sometimes, a merc needs to move as silently as possible to
sneak up on the enemy. Stealth Mode prevents you from raising a racket, but
it comes at a high price in terms of action points. To start sneaking, bring up
the merc's Inventory Panel and press the Stealth Mode button. This button
will be highlighted while Stealth Mode is active. While in Stealth Mode, the
movement cursor will appear in yellow, and a yellow rectangle will appear around
the merc's portrait. You can toggle Stealth Mode on and off by pressing the
Z key, or make your entire squad sneak by pressing + .
SWIMMING: Your team will encounter various streams, lakes and rivers in their
campaign. Mercs can navigate these water hazards, but, unless there's a handy
bridge nearby, it will involve getting wet.
Swimming can be very exhausting, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Before a mercenary takes the plunge, check
his blue Energy bar. As he swims across the waterway, often laden with heavy
gear, he tires and the Energy bar falls. Mercenaries with watery destinations will
tread as long as they can until given a new destination, or they run out Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. When the merc's Energy bar reaches zero, the mercenary drowns and
becomes fish food.
There is always a chance that your mercenary's inventory may be damaged by
the water while swimming. If you are concerned about damaging a particular
item, avoid deep-water areas where the mercenary has to swim with a submer-
ged inventory. After crossing a river, review each mercenary's inventory to get
an up-to-date report on the working status of each item. Check your weapons,
as they are usually the first to be damaged.
MOVING TO ADJACENT SECTORS: If all the mercs in a squad are close to a stair-
way or the edge of a sector, you will be able travel to the neighboring sec-
tor. Move your mouse to the edge of the screen that corresponds with the
edge of the sector, and an Exit Cursor will appear. Left-click to bring up
a window containing several travel options:
This will move only the currently selected merc into
the adjacent sector.
This will move the entire squad into the adjacent sec-
Go to sector: This is useful if you are moving only part of a squad. Check
this box to 'follow' the selected mercs into the new sector. Otherwise, the
screen will stay on the current sector.
For information on making long journeys to non-adjacent sectors, see
the section on the Map Screen.
Each of your mercenaries is equipped with all sorts of gadgets essential to his sur-
vival. To access a mercenary's Inventory Panel, right-click on the item box below the
mercenary's portrait or press the key. The Inventory Panel for that mercenary will
THE MAIN HAND: You equip a merc with new weapons and items by
using the different item slots. The most important of these is the Main
Hand slot. The item a mercenary has in his Main Hand is the item
he will use in play. This is most often a weapon, but it could be a
medical kit, an explosive, or other items.
THE SECONDARY HAND: Mercenaries also have a Secondary Hand where they hold
items that may be called into play. Items in the Secondary Hand can be trans-
ferred to the Main Hand quickly and easily during play by right-clicking on the item
in the Secondary Hand. For example, suppose Hitman has a pistol in his Main
Hand and a grenade in his Secondary Hand. To transfer the grenade to Hitman's
Main Hand so he can throw it, right-click on the grenade in the Secondary Hand.
NOTE: Certain large items, such as rifles and shotguns, require both
the Main Hand and the Secondary Hand to operate. Also, you can
put pistols (or other one-handed weapons) in each hand, and fire them
together for double the fun
There are also slots for headgear, chest armor, leg armor, and a
helmet, plus twelve inventory slots in your pack. Jagged Alliance 2
WildFire will only allow you to place items in their proper places-for
example, you cannot wear a grenade for a helmet, or use a medical
kit as body armor.
EXAMINING AN ITEM: While in the inventory panel, right-
click on an item to get its full description.
NEW ITEMS: Any items that your mercs have recently
picked up will have a glowing aura around them. New items can be
found by searching a terrain for example. To pick up objects ple-
ase read the chapter. "Items and interaction".
SELECTING MULTIPLE ITEMS: Left-click to select an item and pick it up. To pick up
several items in the same slot--three clips of ammunition, for example
left-click on the items.
beneath a portrait in the Inventory Panel to bring up the Inventory
Panels of other squad members.
DROPPING OR THROWING AN OBJECT: select an item that you want to drop or
throw out from the inventory. As soon as you move the mouse over the ter-
rain the cursor changes ton the word "throw". Click on a place to get rid of
it. To drop an item bring the mouse cursor close the body of your merc in
the tactical screen until the word "leave" appears, a left click and then the item
is dropped.
TRANSFERRING ITEMS: While viewing a mercenary's inventory, you may trade items
with other nearby mercs. All mercenaries who are within reach are highlighted,
and mercs who are next to one another will form a chain to pass items along.
Mercenaries who are too far away will be grayed out.
You can also pass or throw an item to another squad member. Left-click on
the item to pass in the Inventory Panel, then put the cursor over another mer-
cenary's body on the Tactical Screen. Beside the target merc's name, the word
"pass" or "catch" will appear below the cursor. Just left-click, and the selected
merc will pass or throw the item to the other merc. (If the words "pass" or
"catch" do not appear, or the recipient merc's inventory panel is grayed out, the
recipient merc is too far away.)
GIVING AN ITEM: This functions just like passing, except the target is a non-play-
er character instead of a merc. (Don't bother trying to butter up non-player cha-
racters with random gifts, as they'll only take certain specific items.)
EJECTING AMMO: Right-click on the gun, to bring up its
full description. Next, left-click on the colored bullet that
shows how much ammunition is inside. This will take
the ammo out of the weapon.
MERGING ITEMS: You can merge two partially used items (e.g. two partially deple-
ted ammo clips) together by putting one item in the merc's Main Hand,
then putting the second item on top of it. You'll be asked if you want to
merge. If you do, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen two items will become one.
ATTACHMENTS: You can enhance the abilities of certain items
by adding attachments. Place the weapon in the mercena-
ry's Main Hand. Select an attachment, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, such as a scope or silencer, and then
left-click on the gun in the Main Hand. You'll see four slots to the right of the
item's picture. Left-click in an empty slot to "attach" the attachment. You can
also add or merge some items together, or apply one to the other. This works
the same way as with weapon attachments.
USING AN ITEM ON YOURSELF: A merc can use some items, such as canteens
and camouflage kits, on himself. Left-click on the item, and then, while it's
selected, left-click on the large figure of your merc's body in the Inventory Panel.
OTHER INFORMATION: The Inventory Panel lists three important pieces of informa-
tion directly affected by the items the merc is using: his armor rating, the weight
he's carrying, and his camouflage rating.
ARMOR: The higher the percentage, the better protec-
ted your mercenary is, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Note that this rating is an ave-
rage for the merc's entire body. Even the best chest
armor won't help you if you take a bullet in the nog-
gin and you're not wearing a helmet.
WEIGHT: Your mercs can only carry so much. As you keep loading
them up with more stuff, you'll notice that their listed weight value
increases. Be sure this doesn't go above %, or your merc will
be hindered by the weight.
CAMO: The higher the percentage, the harder it is for the enemy to
see you. Use a camouflage kit to increase the rating. Camouflage will
eventually wear off, especially if the merc gets wet.
POCKETS: Last, but not least, each merc has pockets where he keeps
his bank card and his key ring. These items are accessed by the buttons
shaped like a dollar bill and a key, respectively.
DEPOSITING AN WITHDRAWING MONEY: If your merc finds himself in
need of a little cash, he can withdraw funds from your main
account. Just click on the Deposit/Withdraw
Money button, shaped like a dollar sign.
This will open up a new window, from
you can choose dollar amounts in units of $, $, and $ Left-click each
of the dollar amounts until you reach a desired total, and then press Done.
(You can right-click to reduce the amount.)
Depositing cash is simple by comparison. Pick up the money, move it over the
Deposit/Withdraw. Money button, and left-click to increase the amount deposited.
(Right-click to reduce the amount.)
Finally, you can divide bills in your inventory into two separate piles of cash.
Just right-click on the bills, and you'll be confronted with an interface identical
to the one for withdrawing money. Just pick an amount of cash, and you'll then
have two piles of bills.
KEY RING: If you pick up one or more keys and want to save space in
your inventory, pick up the key, move it over the key ring icon, and left-
click. If you want to retrieve it in the future, just left-click on the key ring icon
without a key selected.
USING ITEMS: Now that you understand the Inventory Panel, you'll want to try out
all those interesting items your mercs carry. To use an item in Jagged Alliance
2 WildFire, place the item in the selected mercenary's Main Hand then right-
click in the Tactical Screen. (If you have all the squad's portraits showing on
the screen, you can also left-click on the item in the Main Hand to get the
Use cursor.)
Depending on the item's nature, different Use cursors will appear. Firearms, for
instance, will show a crosshairs cursor, a first aid kit shows a red cross cur-
sor and so on. If you try to use an item, but get a "?" cursor, then the item
has no immediate use in the playing field. However, a merc may be able to
use that item on himself, if the merc figure in the center of the inventory panel
glows when you select it with the mouse cursor.
With the Use cursor showing on the field, left-click on the target or object, and
action begins. For instance, a mercenary with a medical kit will attempt to heal
someone who's feeling a bit under the weather. If the target is out of range,
the merc will proceed toward the destination until in range and then perform
the selected action. A small icon will appear on the mercenary's portrait to show
their current activity.
THE HAND CURSOR: You can change the cursor to a Hand at any time on the
Tactical Screen by holding down the key. While holding down the
key, left-click on the object or item you wish
to manipulate, and the mercenary will move into range, then search, open or
otherwise handle the item or object. You can use -left-click to pick up items
on the ground, open and close doors and crates, and more. (Experiment!)
PICKING UP OBJECTS: If you find an object in the field, hold the mouse cursor
over it for a moment and the pointer will change into a hand, also when the
mercenary is standing over it. Left click on the object and the
merc will try to pick it up. Should there be several objects in
a pile, a list of the items will appear. You can either left click
on the one you want or click on "Select All" then left click on the button
with the check mark to pick up your selection.
SEARCHING AN AREA: To have a merc search an area, bring up the Hand Cursor
and move it over nearby items. If there's anything there the merc can pick up
or use in some way, the Hand Cursor will turn red.
Note: These items are very important in Wildfire!!!
DOORS AND CRATES: Doors and crates are a special case. If the
door or crate is locked or already open, left-clicking on it will
cause a small window to pop up, offering a number of icons laid
out in a panel. The options available to your merc will Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen the items he's carrying. For instance, if your merc doesn't
have a crowbar, the Use Crowbar option will be grayed out. During
combat, actions will also be grayed out if the merc does not have
enough action points to perform the action.
OPEN / CLOSE: These options are available on any door or crate,
whether it is locked or unlocked. Of course, if locked, it's not going
to open.
UNLOCK: If you are lucky enough to have a key, this is all you'll
need to open the door. Assuming, of course, that it's the right key.
USE CROWBAR: If you have a crowbar, you can try to pry open a door
or crate with it.
EXAMINE FOR TRAPS: If you suspect a lock is trapped, try this option.
Bear in mind that what your merc tells you might not necessarily be
the truth. Consult an expert.
LOCKPICK: If the merc has a lockpick kit, he will attempt Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen pick the lock.
If you fail, give it a few more tries. Your merc will tell you if he thinks it's
FORCE OPEN: If all else fails, try brute strength. Your merc will give it a
good solid kick. Certainly for this situation physical strength is the decisive fac-
UNTRAP: If Examine for Traps suggests the door is trapped, your merc may
attempt to disable the trap with this option.
USE DOOR EXPLOSIVE: The fun way to get a door open. If you have the
right stuff, you might just be able to blow the door Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen its hinges. Note: A.I.M.
recommends that only explosives experts try this.
CANCEL: If your merc is clueless and the door looks unbreachable, select
this option to give up.
HIDDEN ITEMS: Not all items are immediately visible. Some mercenaries have seen
a lot of hostile territory and tend to take particular notice of bumps on the ground
or strange patterns in the grass.
When mercenaries find what they believe is an item buried in the ground, they'll
place a blue flag over it. Of course, what's actually buried there-if anything at all-
-is anybody's guess. It might be a land mine that'll blow you 40 feet into the sky
. . or the item you've been seeking for days.
To dig up or disarm the item, use the Hand Cursor on the blue flag (and cross
your fingers).
USING VEHICLES: Slogging along on foot can be a drag. Sooner or later, you'll find
vehicles that allow you to zip across Arulco in style. To have a merc enter a
vehicle, select Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen merc, hold down to get the hand cursor, and then click on
the vehicle. (The cursor will change to a steering wheel.) It has to be a working
vehicle, of course-clicking on a bombed-out heap won't work. Once a merc enters
a vehicle, he temporarily leaves his squad, and his assignment on the Map Screen
shows up as "Vehicle." To get out, left-click on the seatbelt icon in the merc's
Secondary Hand slot. Up to six mercenaries can ride in one vehicle.
You cannot drive a vehicle around on the tactical screen. You can, however, drive
vehicles from sector to sector. Just go to the Map Screen, give a squad inside
a vehicle another sector as Express VPN 8.5.3 Serial Key Archives destination, speed up time if needed, and zoom!
off they go. Driving is the preferred travel method for long trips, because it's far
faster than walking.
As any resident of Los Angeles knows, stray gunfire may damage both vehicles
and the people inside them. You may have to repair a vehicle to make it work
Not everyone you'll meet is an enemy. The local population is often friendly,
and is an excellent source of information and supplies. When you run across a
new character on the Tactical Screen, place the cursor over their body. If a
name and the Talk cursor, a pair of lipsappear over the character, you
may speak with them. Walk up to the character and left-click to start a con-
versation. If the selected mercenary isn't in a good position to talk to the other
character, the Talk cursor will flash red and gray.
While talking to a character, you see his portrait plus a list of different attitu-
des and actions you can take during the conversation:
PLEASE?: The NPC repeats the last word or question.
FRIENDLY: Friendly is just that, in the hope that
being nice will get some information.
DIRECT: Cut right to the point. Blunt comments
may offend some people.
THREATEN: Get what you want out of an NPC by force or intimida-
tion. No one likes being threatened, but at least you might have the
chance to get what you want. But beware, the civilians in Wildfire
are particularly able to put up a fight and extremely unforgiving.
GIVE: Choose this option to give an item to a non-player character, and
it will bring up your inventory panel.
RECRUIT: Recruit gives the NPC the opportunity to join your team, or
tell you about someone who will.
REPAIR: Some NPCs don't have anything for sale, but will offer a use-
ful service: repairing your items for a fee.
BUX / SELL: Some NPCs are willing to trade. This button brings up a window
showing the items the NPC has for sale, along with your inventory so you
can sell your own items. Left-click on the NPC's items to put them on the
"counter top". To return an item to the NPC's stock, left-click on it. You
can also left-click on your own items to offer to sell them, and back out
with a right-click. Once you have selected all the items you want to buy
or sell, press the Transact button to finish the deal. Don't forget to
pick up your purchases before leaving.
You won't spend all your time in Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire strolling around tal-
king to the locals and picking up souvenirs. As soon as you encounter an
enemy, things will quickly heat up. Combat begins when one of your mercs
spots an enemy, or an enemy spots one of your mercs.
When combat starts, the game will automatically switch from real-time mode to
turn-based mode. During turn-based combat, everything a merc does costs him
action points. Action points are replenished at the beginning of each turn.
A mercenary's first instinct when he sees an enemy is to fire. To do so, make
certain there's a loaded weapon in the merc's Main Hand. (Of course, to those
trained in the martial arts, an empty hand can be a loaded weapon. . .).
TARGETING ENEMIES: If you move the cursor over a bad guy, a crosshairs
will automatically appear. You can also right-click to bring it up the cross-
hairs at any time. Next, left-click on the item or person you wish to
shoot. Targeting and firing uses up some of the merc's action Xforce keygen,serial,crack,generator,unlock,key for the turn.
The action points required are shown in the center of the target. (For more infor-
mation on action points, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen the section on action points later in this manual).
During combat, you may notice a number in the upper left corner
of a mercenary's portrait. This is the number of enemies he sees
(and can shoot at). To cycle through all the enemies the selected
merc has in visual range, either click on the number in the upper
left corner of the portrait or press the key. To cycle through all
the enemies your entire team currently knows about, press .
If the enemies are tightly bunched together, it may be hard to get a fix on Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen you want to shoot first. Press the key to cycle through targets that over-
lap on the screen.
TARGETING AN ACTION POINTS: Bringing a gun up to a shooting position takes a
certain amount of action points. How quickly a mercenary can do it depends on
his experience and the nature of the gun. A big honking grenade launcher will
take more time, and more actions Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, to draw than a well-oiled Mac
When you first target the enemy, you'll see the minimum amount of action
points required to Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen the shot.

CONCENTRATING YOUR AIM: If you're willing to expend the action points, you can
perfect your aim. To do so, just right-click while targeting. You'll see points being
added. As a result, your mercenary is taking a bit more time to perfect his shot.
Keep in mind, though, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, that for the cost of two good shots, you might be able
to fire off three cheap ones. However, if you can't afford to miss, the extra time
might just pay off. If the gun is equipped with a scope, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, this extra time is requi-
red in order to make use of it. How much can you increase your aim? At
most, four points. After a certain amount of time, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, you've pretty much done all
you can do.
BURST FIRE: If you have an automatic weapon, you can spray a number of shots
into your enemies at one time. Right-click on your merc to bring up their inven-
tory panel, then left-click on the burst button. (Surprisingly enough, this is
the button with the picture of the gun on it.) An even easiesr way to toggle
burst mode is to press the key. Burst mode will stay on for that mercena-
ry until you turn it off. You won't be able to concentrate your aim while using
burst mode. There's no such thing as carefully spraying your enemy with a tor-
rent of bullets.
SPREAD FIRE: Once a merc's gun is in burst mode, you can also spread his
shots out over an area, and a number of targets. While the burst mode
cursor is up, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen and drag the cursor over the area you want to fire
at. A number of little red crosses will appear depicting the target area.
Release the left mouse button to fire; press to cancel spread fire.
PULLING THE TRIGGER: Once your gun is drawn and aimed, left-click to
deliver the bullet to its destination. Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire will let
you know of any damage you've done by flashing the damage inflic-
ted above the target. Of course, the enemy's howl of pain will, too.
REFIRES: Since you've already turned to meet your enemy and readied
the gun, refires typically cost fewer points than first shots.
HITTING THE TARGET: Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen mercenary's marksmanship, his gun's abilities, and the
range to the target all play a large part in his chances of being suc-
cessful, but other factors also come into play. For instance, if you're try-
ing to shoot at an enemy through trees or while you're nearly uncons-
cious, your odds of hitting the target are slim. Accuracy is a matter
of sight, skill and, sometimes, plain ol' luck. (You never know when
your shot will head dead on toward a target, only to be deflected
by a sparrow who happened to be in the wrong place at the
wrong time)
RELOADING: If a mercenary runs out of ammo, the targeting cursor will be repla-
ced by an ammo cursor. Simply left-click to reload. Reloading takes 5 AP, howe-
ver, so you may want to take cover before you put in a new clip. If a merc
doesn't have the right type of ammo or is out entirely, you'll have a grayed
out cursor (and, of course, he'll let you know with a few choice words).
WE'RE JAMMIN': Guns will occasionally jam, especially if they're in poor condition.
A trip to a repair specialist, a mechanic, may be necessary, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. It's also been
reported that the re-firing of a jammed gun sometimes also clears up the pro-
AIMING AT TERRAIN: Sometimes there's a strategic advantage in blowing up objects
instead of people. (And sometimes you'll want to do it for sheer fun.) Move the
aiming cursor over the object and right-click to bring up the crosshairs. If the
crosshairs shows red, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, as it does over an enemy, you can attempt to destroy
it. If the crosshairs is gray, you may still fire, but the shot is unlikely to affect
the object.
AIMING AT OTHER ELEVATION LEVELS: Occasionally you'll find your merc located above
or below an enemy. To change the cursor's elevation level, press or press
the appropriate button inside your mercenary's inventory screen. An enemy on
a rooftop is easily picked out by his yellow glow, compared to enemies on the
ground, who have a red glow.
Your mercs can fight with their bare hands, if the need arises. Simply remove
all items from the merc's Main Hand, right-click to bring up a fist cursor, and
then left-click on the target.
Of course, your merc will need to be quite close to the enemy to carry out
a physical attack. Bullets usually do more damage than a punch, but mercs trai-
ned in martial arts can be surprising deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
Sometimes, you'll want to end a turn even though you haven't used all of a
merc's action points. If a merc is experienced enough, he may be able to inter-
rupt an enemy while the enemy is in the middle of his move. During the
interrupt, your merc will be able to take a shot at the enemy, move away, or
take any other action, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. However, any action your merc takes during the inter-
rupt requires action points. Your merc won't be able to make use of the inter-
rupt if you spent all of his action points in the preceding turn.
Bear in mind that enemies can also get interrupts. If you make a green Level
1 merc dash out in front of a group of experienced enemies, they may all get
interrupts and blow him to pieces before he can escape. This is even more
likely if the merc is running, wounded, or distracted by other enemies.
If you don't use all of your action points in a turn or an interrupt, up to
5 points will roll over to the next turn. If you have more than that left
over, the extra is lost when your next turn begins.
Explosive devices are the play toys of mercenaries. Sooner or later,
you'll run into (or away from) an explosion or a deadly gas. While
certain things, like gas masksmay protect you from the effects
of gases (if you're wearing them), a sudden explosion can easily level
you, your team, your equipment, and the surrounding countryside. The
damage your mercenaries take from explosions and gases depends on
how close you are to them when they detonate, how deadly the explo-
sion or gas is and how well protected you were when the blast or gas
GRENADES: Naturally, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, you'd much rather blow stuff up than be blown up
yourself. To blow something small up (like an enemy), you'll need a
grenade. Put the grenade in your Main Hand. Right-click and a speci-
al cursor will appear to designate that you are throwing the item.
Now just pick a target and left-click, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Be careful. A poor throw can damage your
own team more than it damages the enemy!
Note: While targeting, you'll see a red cursor on the ground. This marks where
the grenade is most likely to land. This information is vital in two cases:
1. trying really fancy moves, like banking a grenade off a wall, and
2. checking that a grenade won't hit the wall and bounce back right on top
of you.
If you try to aim farther with a grenade than its range will allow, the cursor
will stop at the maximum range. If you're trying to put your grenade somewhe-
re in which there's absolutely no chance of it reaching its target, the cursor will
go black.
To blow something really big up, you'll need explosives. To place the explosi-
ves, put them in the merc's Main Hand, right-click to bring up a bomb-shaped
Use cursor, then left click on the spot where you wish Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen place them.
EXPLOSIVES: Explosives come in two main varieties: timed and remotely detona-
ted. When you place a timed explosive, you will be prompted to choose an
amount of time that will pass before it goes off. Be sure to leave yourself
enough time to escape the blast.
Remotely detonated devices come in two parts: explosives and a remote deto-
nator, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. When you place the explosive, the game will prompt you to pick a fre-
quency from one to four. To set off the explosive, have a merc use the remo-
te detonator. It will prompt you to pick a frequency. The detonator will cause
all the explosives "tuned" to the chosen frequency to explode at once.
All of this messing around with explosives will probably lead you to the sub-
jects of wounds and first aid.
GETTING WOUNDED: How much damage a mercenary takes when injured depends
on many factors. If the mercenary was wearing a Kevlar vest, for instance, he
might feel the impact of a bullet, but otherwise suffer no damage. If a merce-
nary is hit in the head with a mortar shell, though, you'll probably be left with
nothing more than a grease spot.
A merc's wounds shown as yellow on his health bar. If left unbandaged, the
mercenary will continue to lose health. Should their health fall below 15, the
member falls down, becomes immobile, and slips toward unconsciousness and
MOST IMPORTANTLY: if he slips below 15, each time he loses a point of
health, it comes off his maximum health permanently.
Once down, a merc can't shoot or move but can perform some very basic tasks
like talking or listening to his teammates. If a mercenary's health drops below
10, he will fall into a state of unconsciousness, and a dark grille will appear
over his portrait. An unconscious member who does not receive treatment quick-
ly may die.
BANDAGING WOUNDS: Any member with some medical skill and a first aid
or medical kit may bandage wounds. First, move the kit to the medic's
Main Hand. Next, right-click to bring up the first aid cursorJagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, then
left-click on the mercenary whom you wish to treat. The medic will
move into position next to the injured mercenary and begin applying
first aid. (To have a medic treat himself, right-click to bring up the
first aid cursor, then left-click on the medic.) As the bandages are
applied, the yellow portion of the injured merc's health bar will begin
to turn pink.
Both the medic and patient are very vulnerable to attack during treat-
ment. A patient may be able to fire off a shot or two, but his aim
will be hindered by the bandaging process.
AUTOBANDAGE: At the end of combat, you'll have the
option to automatically bandage your mercs. The
Autobandage feature may also be invoked by pressing
the key if you're in real-time mode and the sector is clear of enemies.
Keep a good stock of medical supplies on hand. It's embarrassing to win a
battle, only to have your team die a slow death from untreated wounds.
While bandaging stops the bleeding, it does not permanently restore the injured
merc's Health. Permanent healing is done by using the Doctor and Patient mer-
cenary assignments. See Merc Assigments in the Map Screen section.
The checkmark button is used to end your turn. In general, you can do
all you want to in your turn until:
1 All your mercs run out of action points (or have too few to do anything
2 You call it quits because you've done all you wanted to do. (Maybe you
just want to stay out of harm's way)
3 You choose to reserve some action points for a possible interrupt.
Turn-based combat automatically ends when your mercenaries go for a couple
of turns without spotting a live enemy. The game then switches back to real-
time mode. Your mercs will let you know whether you have eliminated all ene-
mies, or if some are still skulking about. If you have defeated every enemy,
then your mercs will have the chance to automatically heal their wounded team-
mates. Another way to finish a combat is to have the computer Auto Resolve
the battle. In that case, the computer controls your
mercs and reports the battle results to you. To Auto
Resolve combatgo to the Map Screen and try to
compress time. (See the Map Screen section of the
manual to learn about time compression.) A message
will appear, telling you whether Auto Resolve is avai-
lable. In certain situations, such as attacking a hosti-
le sector or ambushes, Auto Resolve cannot be used.
If the tide of battle turns against, you can also end
combat by retreating-moving all your mercs to the
edge of the sector and leaving the sector. He who
fights and runs away
There are two simple rules to remember, if you wish to master the art of batt-
le in Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire:
1. All actions, from moving around to firing a weapon, are governed by action
points, and
2. You see what your mercenaries see.
LINE OF SIGHT: While exploring a sector, you'll often come across things you
hadn't seen before-an ammo clip in the grass, say, or an enemy merc aiming
a shotgun at your head. You see only what your mercs see, and each mer-
cenary only sees what's within his line of sight.
Just as in real life, how much a merc can see is limited by the terrain. For
instance, if all your mercenaries remain on one side of a wall, you'll Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen no
idea what's on the other side and it won't show on your screen.
As objects or enemies come into a mercenary's line of sight, they'll appear on
screen. When enemies leave a mercenary's line of sight, they will disappear
from sight. They're still there, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, lurking around the next bush or corner.
If an enemy's position is known, but not seen, he'll be grayed out. This
typically happens when another one of your mercs can see the bad guy,
but the currently selected merc can't.
NIGHT: When darkness falls, so does a mercenary's range of vision.
Special equipment such as night vision goggles and break lights will
aid you in exploring the dark.
SOUNDS: Similar "line of sight" rules apply to sounds. The crack of a
twig might give away even a well-hidden ambush, if your mercs are close
enough to hear it. Of course, if the enemy is four miles away, your
mercs won't hear a thing. Enemies can hear you, too, if they're near
ACTION POINTS: Action points govern all combat actions in Jagged Alliance
2 WildFire. For whatever a merc does, Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire will
continually alert you to the action point cost. You'll see the amount in the
center of your cursor. Action points are a numerical representation of
how much a mercenary can do in a single turn, and are based upon
the experience and overall statistics of the mercenary including his
For example, a mercenary who can run 20 feet in one second would
have 20 action points (he can move quickly).

A mercenary who can only run
only 5 feet in one second would
have 5 action points (and be pret-
ty darn slow). The more the mer-
cenary can physically do Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen a set
amount of time, the more action
points he has. So, a faster mer-
cenary can do more.
However. . certain actions take
a set amount of time, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, no matter
how fast the mercenary is. For instance, if a fast merc and a slow merc both
pull the Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen of identical guns at the same time, both bullets will fire at the
same time and take the same amount of time to head down the barrel. So,
the faster mercenary would expend more points Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen perform the action than the
slower mercenary would. Just because one mercenary is fast doesn't mean he
can make a bullet go down the barrel of a gun faster.
Since their action points are limited, be careful not to run slower mercenaries
all over the place. An action that takes 10 points might not be much to a guy
who has 20, but it's sure a lot to a merc with 12! There's only so much he
can do in the space of seconds, and it would be a pity to have a merc bra-
vely run up to an enemy, eagerly draw his gun. . and then have no time
left to shoot. Leave marathon stealth runs to the fast guys.
Examples: Some quick examples will illustrate the point. Suppose we're both stan-
ding in a gym class. The teacher says, "All right. You've got five seconds. For
every jumping jack you do, you get an action point." During the course of that
five seconds, you do 30 and I do 6 (hey, I've been sick).
Next, he says, "You've still got that same five seconds. Stand still for one
second (i.e. firing a gun which is not all that rare in some gym classes) and
do jumping jacks the other four."
This time, you stood still for a fixed second and did 24 jumping jacks. I stood
still for a fixed second and did 5 jumping jacks. That one second only redu-
ced my action points by one. It reduced yours by 6. If one second is 1/5th
of the time we have, then what we could do in that time is our action cost.
A Sample Look at Five Seconds
(Each shaded number matches a part of the shaded timetable below.)
Each guy takes 2 steps at 2 action points per step. Since the fast guy
can move quickly, it doesn't take him as much time to perform the same
While the slower guy is still walking to his destination, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, the fast guy moves
to a second destination 4 steps away. He reaches his second destination
at the same time the slow guy reaches the first.
They both draw their guns at a cost of 1 action point. The fast guy whips
his gun from his holster, while the slow guy takes more time.
The fast Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen takes time to aim carefully expending 2 action points.
They both fire their guns. The particular model of gun they have takes a
full second to fire. Because the speed of a bullet flying down the barrel
of a gun has nothing to do with speed of a mercenary, it costs the fast
guy a full second (six action points) and the slow guy a full second (two
action points).
Powerful guns and skilled mercs are great, but the real key to winning the
game is having the right information. You'll need to keep track of where you'-
ve been, where you're going, and what the enemy is up to. The Map Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen you monitor all this. It also gives you the low-down on any militias and
mines you may have, and allows you to supervise your mercenaries.
The upper left portion
of the screen contains
everything you need to
know about the merce-
naries in your employ.
Each merc is listed,
along with such vital
information as his
assignment, location,
destination, and when
he will depart. The top
part of the mercenary
display shows the cur-
rently selected merc; to
select another merc, left-
click on the merc's name in the mercenary list. You may also check out a
mercenary's inventory from this screen-just left-click on his portrait.
The Map Screen allows you to change your mercs' assignments. Assignments
determine how a merc spends his day, whether it be on-duty out in the field,
repairing items for his teammates, or training the local population to defend them-
To change a mercenary's assignment, left-click on that merc's entry in the Assign
column. You'll get a menu of assignments to pick from. (To give mercs assign-
ments from the Tactical Screen, left-click on the merc's figure. You can only do
this if the merc has an assignment OTHER than On-Duty, and there are no
other enemies nearby.) These assignment options are:
ON DUTY: Giving a merc an On-Duty assignment status accomplishes two things.
It removes any other chore that merc may have had-training, repairing, etc.-and
prepares him for action. On-Duty can be also used to assign your mercs
to different squads.

SQUADS: AAll of your on-duty mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire are split
up into squads. Squads are tight-knit teams of mercs that travel together, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, fight
together, and complain behind your back together. You can have up to ten mer-
cenaries on a squad. You may hire up to 30 mercenaries at once and spre-
ad them up to 6 squads.
Mercs who are repairing, training, doctoring, or being a patient do not belong
to any particular squad while they are assigned to that duty. However, all mercs
who are fighting or traveling must belong to a squad or vehicle. If you can't
get a merc to move to another sector or confront the enemy, it may be becau-
se he is training or repairing, and doesn't currently belong to a squad or vehi-
cle. (To switch squads from the Tactical Screen, press the Change Squads but-
ton, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Tactical Screen.)
Note: Your mercs need sleep. Ordinarily they'll take care
of this themselves, but if you keep one squad moving
into new sectors and fighting all the time, they'll eventually collapse on you.
Give your team some "down time" by leaving them to their own devices for a
while-don't give them any new assignments.
CHANGING A SQUAD ASSIGNMENT: To assign a mercenary to
a new squad, click on the "Assign" field for that merce-
nary, then select "On Duty." A list of squads will appe-
ar. You can start a new squad by assigning a merc to a squad that
doesn't currently have anyone in it. Of course, you can't transfer a merc
to a squad that's a zillion miles away. To transfer a merc from one exis-
ting squad to another, both squads must Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen in the same sector.
DOCTOR: This assignment is only available if
the merc has a medical skill of greater than
zero and some sort of medical kit. Doctoring will
permanently heal wounds, as opposed to the tem-
porary bandaging done in field. This is the fas-
test way to permanently heal wounds.
Attention: a mercenary qualified as a doctor who has less tha 10 hea-
ling points will be able to do very little.
PATIENT: A patient will receive care from any merc in
the same sector with an assignment of Doctor.
Obviously, a merc must be injured in order to be
a patient. Mercenaries do heal naturally, even if
no Doctor is assigned, but natural healing can be
very slow.
The speed of natural healing depends on what the merc is doing, and how serious
the wound is. Wounds heal more rapidly if the merc is resting, sleeping, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, or has
an assignment of Patient; hiking through the wilderness is not a good Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen to recu-
perate, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Small wounds heal more quickly than big wounds.
VEHICLE: This appears when the mercenary is riding inside a vehicle. You can
make the merc exit the vehicle by giving him a different assignment, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, such as
On Duty.
REPAIR: If you place a merc on Repair assignment, he'll
be able to repair a damaged item or jammed gun. He'll
repair as many damaged items in his inventory as possible,
starting with the item in his Secondary Hand. Other equip-
ment in the same sector may be listed and repaired, such
as vehicles. Mercenaries given the Repair assignment must
have a tool kit in their inventory.
TRAIN -> PRACTICE: Pick the skill or attribute you want that
merc to train in. The merc will practice that skill. Results
can vary wildly, depending on the mercenary. The higher
the skill or attribute is, the slower it will improve. Training
may be ineffectual above a certain point, as well.
TRAIN -> MILITIA: This assignment serves two purposes. If you give a merc this
assignment in a town sector without a militia, he will recruit a militia for you.
If the town's militia is already full, the merc will train the existing militia. Each
time a new militia squad begins training, it costs money for recruitment and
TRAIN -> INSTRUCTOR: If a merc teaches a skill, any other
mercs in the same sector who are practicing that skill will
improve much faster than from practicing alone. A merc must
be fairly competent in a field in order to successfully instruct.
In this case you must set the instructor to Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen trainer and
the student to a recruit.
Depending on their assignments, some mercs may have
two numbers displayed over their portraits. For instance,
a doctor's portrait might have the numbers 23/ This
means that, under the current circumstances, he'll be able to heal 23 points of
damage in an hour. However, at full potential (in perfect health with flawless equip-
ment) he would be able to heal 42 points.
If a mercenary's assignment flashes red, the merc can't
accomplish anything with his current assignment. Examples
include: uninjured doctors without patients, trainers without students, students
without trainers, and militia trainers in towns that are no longer loyal to your
SLEEP: Mercs get tired, just like anyone else. Tired mercs have a
lower Energy level than rested mercs. Mercs slowly recover their
maximum Energy level just by standing around doing nothing, but
sleep is the by far the fastest way to refresh a bleary-eyed mer-
To order a merc to get some shut-eye, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, go to the Map
Screen and click on the column beneath the bed-shaped
icon. The merc will lie down on the spot and sleep until
his fatigue is gone. You can also awaken him by clicking again on his entry bene-
ath the bed icon. Mercs that aren't tired can't be told to sleep.
Also when it appears a little strange, mercenaries are real professionals and your
men are used to sleeping in unusual places at unusual times of day. It can be
worthwhile encouraging them to take a nap every two hours. They will then always
be refreshed when it comes to a fight!
To change a mercenary's employment con-
tract, click on his name on the Map Screen.
Next, click on the column marked Dep (the
one showing how many days before each
merc departs). From here, you can hire the
merc Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen for an additional day, week, or two weeks. This amount
will just be added on to his current contract. You can also termi-
nate the merc's contract, effective immediately.
The map displays the entire country in one grand overview.
As you
can see,
Arulco is
down into
lar sec-
To see intelligence report on a particular sector, right-click
on that sector. Some areas simply provide a general des-
cription ("Road," "Plains") but others have more detailed infor-
mation, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Right-click on a city, for example, Vectric Aspire V 10.3 Crack With Keygen New Full Latest Version 2021 Download you'll learn
about its inhabitants. You'll also Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen the number of enemies
you know (or think you know) are in a sector, plus the
number of known items scattered around in the sector.
For more information on Arulco, use the various map filters. The filters give you
information on specific topics, and can be accessed by using the buttons below
the map.
TOWN FILTER: This explains which sectors are part of what towns, and
the loyalty of the inhabitants to your cause.
MINE FILTER: This shows the locations of the individual mines. Once a
mine is under your control, it also displays the mine's efficiency and the
amount of money it earns per day.
TEAM FILTER: This shows your mercs and vehicles, and their locations on
the Map Screen.
TOWN MILITIA FILTER: Shows militia locations and numbers. You'll need to
turn this filter on to move your militias.
AIRSPACE FILTER: As you take over certain key sites in Jagged Alliance
2 WildFire, you'll "clear" the surrounding airspace. This keeps the areas
clear of SAM attacks. Though the map is all red at first, it will turn green as
you take over the right sectors.
You'll see a gold icon when you turn on the Airspace Filter. This icon repre-
sents the drop-off point for newly hired mercs. To change the drop-off point,
click on the icon to pick it up, then click on another sector to put it back
down. All new mercs you hire will be flown to this location. If the drop-off point
falls into enemy hands, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, the helicopter pilot will land in a nearby friendly sector
ITEMS BUTTON: The box-shaped Items button lets you
see items you've left behind in a sector. Just click
on the Items button, then click on the sector. (You can also
right-click on a sector, then click on the Inventory button.)
If you move the cursor over an item in the sector inventory, its location
will highlight on the small map Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
If your merc is in that sector, you can transfer the item directly to your
merc's inventory from the sector inventory. Grayed-out items are not avai-
lable and can't be obtained using this method.
MAP LEVEL: Use these to change the view from the
normal ground view to Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen of the three underground
views. Map Level 1 is ground level, while Map Level
4 displays the deepest areas of mines.
MESSAGE DISPLAY: At the Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen left of the Map
Screen is a panel which displays recent messages,
conversations, and events. Use the scroll bar to read
older messages you may have missed.
GAME OPTIONS BUTTON: Located below the map, this button takes
you to the Game Options screen. You may also press the key.
You must also click on this button when you want to exit the game.
LAPTOP BUTTON: Takes you to your laptop, where you may contact A.I.M.,
review your finances, read e-mail, and so on.
TACTICAL BUTTON: Click on the button with the triangle icon, or press the
, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. key, to return to the tactical screen for the currently selected sector.
TIME COMPRESSION: This display shows different rates of time com-
pression: Paused, 5 min, 30 min, and 60 min. The larger the num-
ber, the faster time will pass in the game. On the 60 min setting, an entire
day will pass in under a minute of real time.
When something important happens, however,
the game will automatically switch to Paused
If you try to compress time during a battle,
you may be asked whether you want the
computer to Auto Resolve the fight. If you
choose Auto Resolve, the computer handles
the combat and reports the results back to you. Note that time compression and
Auto Resolve are not available in every battle.
MINE INCOME: The Map Screen displays your Current Balance-how
much cash you have on handas well as your Daily Income. The
more working mines you control, the higher your Daily Income.
To gain control of a mine, first eliminate all enemies from the sector the mine
is in, then speak to the Head Miner. He'll give you the mine's earnings each
Mines are your main source of cash, so keep them well-protected. The enemy
can, and will, try to recapture them.
Moving to Another Sector: To send an entire squad to
a far-off sector, choose any of the mercs in that squad,
then click on the DEST. field for that merc. You can
now plot the squad's route on the sector map. By
default, a squad will take the quickest route to a des-
tination. If you'd like your mercs to take the most direct route instead, hold
down the key while plotting the route. A cursor showing a little walking man
will appear. Place the cursor over a sector and left-click once. This sets a way-
point. You may now place additional waypoints, or you may click again on the
same sector to set it as your final destination, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. The cursor will turn into a check
mark to show you are confirming a final destination.
NOTE: If you leave the Map Screen without confirming a final destination, your
squad will not begin their trip.
If you're trying to sneak around an occupied sector, you may want to set seve-
ral waypoints before selecting your ultimate objective.
MORE ABOUT MOVEMENT: Another way to move your mercs is to turn on the Team
Filter, and then left-click on a sector where your mercs are. Select some or
all of your mercs, and then move them (using the waypoint system) as des-
cribed above.
You can cancel the last waypoint you placed by right-clicking on the map.
To cancel the entire route, right-click on the DEST. field for any merc
in the travelling squad.
It may take several hours, or even days, for your squad to reach their
destination. You will probably want to speed things up by using time com-
pression. Remember, though, that traveling mercs eventually become fati-
gued, sleepy, and generally cranky. Rest up before you Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen into
enemy territory.
COORDINATED ATTACKS: A good strategist will often want two or more squ-
ads to attack the same sector from different directions. For example, you
may want squad 1 to attack from the east, while at the same moment
squad 2 attacks from the north. Jagged Alliance 2 WildFire lets you
coordinate your squads for pinpoint precision.
To plan a coordinated attack, place all the squads taking
part in the attack in sectors directly adjacent to the tar-
get sector. Next, give all the squads the target sector
as a destination and compress time. When the first squad arrives at the boun-
dary of the target sector, the game will ask whether you want to wait for the
other squads to arrive, so you can coordinate their attacks.
COMBAT WHILE TRAVELING: If your mercs enter hostile territory while on the road,
a battle may break out. A window will appear which lists the endangered mercs
and the number of enemies they'll be fighting. It also gives you several options
for entering or avoiding combat:
AUTO RESOLVE: Auto Resolve allows you to
avoid dealing with the detail of a fight in the
tactical screen. It is mainly used when the
enemy attacks a sector you control, or during
chance encounters while you're traversing
Arulco. This option is not always available,
especially when attacking known enemy strong-
holds. If you choose Auto Resolve, your
mercs will not use explosive weapons such
as grenades during the fight. At the end of
the battle, your mercs will attempt to
Autobandage their wounds.
GO TO SECTOR: This command takes you to the Tactical Screen for the sec-
tor hosting the fight. You'll be in real-time mode until one of your mercs spots
an enemy.
RETREAT MERCS: Run Away! Retreating will return your mercs to the sector
they were in before they got into trouble. They'll be facing in the opposite direc-
tion, naturally. Of course, the bad guys are still waiting in the other sector (and
probably making very derogatory remarks about your cowardly team.) If the enemy
ambushes you, this option won't be available.
Troop placement is key when
entering hostile territory. The
Placement Screen gives you
the power to put your mercs
where you need them when
they cross the line into an
enemy area. Choose Spread,
and your mercs will be spread
out all over the edge of the
sector. You can press Spread
multiple times, until you get
your mercs into the right positions. If you want your mercs close together inste-
ad, choose Group and left-click on an appropriate location for your mercs. You
can also place your mercenaries individually. Left-click on a merc's portrait and
then left-click on a suitable location in the field. Once you are satisfied, choo-
se Done. The battle will begin.
Note: The Placement Screen will not appear when your squad moves from a
town sector to an adjacent, hostile town sector. Instead, your Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen will auto-
matically appear in the same relative positions they were in when they left
the previous sector.
EXPLORING A HOSTILE SECTOR: You may not spot the enemy immediately
when entering a new sector. You'll be in real-time mode until one of
your mercs sees an enemy or vice-versa. Other than the strong pos-
sibility that you'll get into a firefight, you can treat exploring an enemy-
infested sector just like exploring any other. Just proceed with extre-
me caution.
Town loyalty represents the faith that the people of that town have in
your team. If you keep winning battles, gaining territory, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, and treating the
people well, their loyalty will increase over time. What goes up may come
down, and town loyalty can decrease as well. Loyalty may plummet if
Deidranna successfully retakes sectors you have liberated.
You'll need to earn some town loyalty before you can successful train
a militia, or get income from mines. Depending on the chosen difficul-
ty level, loyalty must be at 10%, 20% or 30% to train militia. The
yield from the mines is not dependent on the difficulty level and is
always possible from a loyalty value of 30%.
To check on a sector's loyalty, use the Town Filter on the
Militias are your main defense against Queen
Deidranna's army. To recruit a local militia, assign
one or more mercs to TRAIN -> MILITIA in any
loyal town.
Your account will be charged a fee for supplies. After
training a militia, you can distribute your troops throug-
hout the town. To distribute your militia, left-click on the
MILITIA FILTER, and then right-click on the appropriate sector. Left-click on the
Auto button to put an equal number of militia units in each sector of the town,
or left-click to pick up a militia element and right-click to place it.
Militias come in three different varieties. Green militias are, of course,
rookies. Aqua militias are regulars, meaning they have some battle expe-
rience or have been trained extensively, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. Blue militias are veterans, and
only get to this stage through battle experience.
Towns need a good militia to defend
them. The enemy might refrain from
attacking while your mercs are in the
sector, but as soon as your mercs leave
the enemy will pounce. Guard your
mines closely, as well-sectors with mines
are especially tempting to the enemy.
The initial game options can be set only once: when you
select the START NEW GAME option at the beginning
of the game. These options set the overall flavor and
challenge of the game.
The choices are EASY, NORMAL, and
HARD. This affects the number of ene-
mies in each sector, as well as many
other factors. The default option is
The two choices are UNLIMITED TIME,
which allows you all the time you want for your mercs to move or fire
in combat, and TIMED TURNS. This picks up the pace a little by giving
you only a limited amount of time to control your mercs each turn.
The choices available are NORMAL and ADDITIONAL GUNS (default).
ADDITIONAL GUNS gives gun experts a wider selection of weapons. If
you appreciate the precise differences between a M24 and a Dragunov,
select ADDITIONAL GUNS. If you don't know, and don't want to know,
about these subtle details, leave it set at NORMAL. (Don't worry,
you'll still get plenty of weapons to choose from.)
The default setting is REALISTIC. If you prefer to encounter more unusu-
al things during an operation, then switch to SCI-FI mode.

In-game options may be changed at any time. To get to the game options
screen, click on the GAME OPTIONS button (shaped like a compact
disc). You'll find in the lower right corner of the Map Screen, or in the lower
left corner of the Inventory Panel. You can also press to reach the Options
and QUIT buttons are located at
the bottom of the options screen.
Clicking QUIT will take you back to
the main menu. Clicking SAVE will
bring up a list of savegame slots.
Select one and type a description.
To load a savegame, just click
LOAD, and select the game you
wish to load.
If you're in the Tactical or Map Screens and
. want to quick-save your game in the Quick-
Save slot, press -. To
quick-load the game in the
Quick-Save slot, press -
L. To bring up the full
Save screen while playing,
press - ; to bring up
the load screen, press -
. .
There are separate sliders for SOUND EFFECTS, SPEECH,
and MUSIC, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen. These sliders allow you to change individual volume
levels to get the mix you desire. Pulling a slider all the way down
will mute that part of the game's sound.
These options are either checked (On) or unchecked (Off). They control various
elements of play such as speech or selecting mercs.
Keep this option On if you want to hear character dialogue. Default setting: On.
Checking Mute Confirmations will disable the mercenaries' verbal "OK" confirma-
tions. Default setting: Off.
Controls whether on-screen text is displayed for dialogue. Default setting: Off.
If subtitles are On, turn this on also to be able to take your time reading NPC
dialogue. Default setting: Off.
If you are playing on a slower computer it is possible to switch of the anima-
ted smoke to improve the performance of the game on your system.
Default setting: On
For those wimpy types that can't stand the sight of blood. Default setting: On
With this option On, your mouse won't automatically move over pop-up con-
firmation boxes when they appear. Default setting: Off.
Turn this On for character selection to work as in previous Jagged
Alliance games (which is the opposite of how it works now). Default
setting: Off.
Turn this On to display movement paths in Real-time mode. If you
leave it Off, press the SHIFT key when you want to display move-
ment paths. Default setting: Off.
Turn this On to have the game show you where your bullets end up
when you miss. Default setting: Off.
REAL-TIME CONFIRMATION: Real-time confirmation will require
an additional "safety" click for movement in Real-time mode. Default set-
ting: Off.
With this option "on" you get a message telling you when a mer-
cenary is asleep or working. Default setting: On
When On, the game uses the metric system for measurements. Otherwise, it uses
the Imperial system. Default setting: Off.
When On, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, the merc will light the ground as he walks. Turn this Off if you
have performance problems during night missions. Default setting: On.
When On, moving the cursor near your mercs will automatically highlight them.
Default setting: Off.
When On, moving the cursor near a door will automatically position the cursor
over the door. Default setting: On.
Items on the ground will be highlighted with a pulsing glow when this option
is On. Default setting: On.
When On, you see the leafy tops of trees. When Off, you only see the trees'
trunks. Default setting: On.
Shows the wireframe outline of structures, even when you're inside them.
Default setting: On.
Displays the cursor as a 3D box. Very handy when aiming at
rooftops. Default setting: Off.
Appendic A1 - Mercenary index

Henning von Branitz
SK1/2: Automatic/Heavy weapons
W: Claustrophobic
A.I.M German ___ Rudolf Thor ___ Numb 7
Rudolf Steiger
SK1: Night operations
SK2: Teaching, W: Heat sensitve
A.I.M German Turkish
Gasket Grunty Bull 6
Carl Reaper Sheppards
SK1: Prowling, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen, SK2: Good hit
Chances from roof
A.I.M American ___ ___ ___ ___ Numb 6
Earl Magic Walker
SK1: Prowling
SK2: Picking locks
A.I.M American Danish
Buns ___ Bubba 5
Robert J. Scully Sulivan
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Knife
A.I.M British ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 5
Dr. Laura Colin
SK1: Automatic weapons, SK2:
Prowling, W: Heat sensitve
A.I.M Rumanien ___ Rudolf Buzz Victor Fox 5
Kyle Shadow Simmons
SK1: Prowling
SK2: Camouflage
A.I.M American Russian ___ ___ ___ ___ 5
Trevor Colby
SK1: Electronics
SK2: Picking locks
A.I.M Australian American ___ Fidel Thor ___ 2
Ivan Dolvich
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Heavy weapons
A.I.M Russian ___
___ ___ Bubba 4
Rudy Lynx Roberts
SK1: Electronics
SK2: Night operations
A.I.M American ___ Ice Buzz ___ ___ 4
Luc Lucky Fabre
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Close combat
A.I.M Belgian French ___ Malice Barry Flo 3
Ron Raider Higgens
SK1: Teaching
SK2: Teaching
A.I.M American ___ Raven ___ ___ ___ 4
Viktoria Vicki Waters
SK1: Dexterous, SK2: Throwing
W: Claustrophobic
A.I.M Jamaican ___ ___ ___ Spider
Charlene Raven Higgens
SK1: Night operations
SK2: Automatic weapons
A.I.M American ___ Raider ___ Spider ___ 2
Henning von Branitz
SK1/2: Automatic/Heavy weapons
W: Claustrophobic
79 86 82 78 76 96 92 32 42 28

Rudolf Steiger
SK1: Night operations
SK2: Teaching, W: Heat sensitve
80 76 87 68 69 90 94 32 36 46

Carl Reaper Sheppards
SK1: Prowling, SK2: Good hit
Chances from roof
81 92 92 79 46 81 97 38 52 24

Earl Magic Walker
SK1: Prowling
SK2: Picking locks
95 99 98 92 38 80 94 78 48 8

Robert J. Scully Sulivan
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Knife
90 90 96 85 70 93 92 64 66 17

Dr. Laura Colin
SK1: Automatic weapons, SK2:
Prowling, W: Heat sensitve
78 67 85 70 37 87 82 33 53 57

Kyle Shadow Simmons
SK1: Prowling
SK2: Camouflage
95 96 83 88 35 80 94 24 22 24

Trevor Colby
SK1: Electronics
SK2: Picking locks
95 77 98 79 27 97 81 99 88 16

Ivan Dolvich
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Heavy weapons
92 88 90 83 35 79 92 23 55 13

Rudy Lynx Roberts
SK1: Electronics
SK2: Night operations
81 82 86 77 46 78 99 32 50 14

Luc Lucky Fabre
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Close combat
78 86 71 82 58 85 88 35 33 30

Ron Raider Higgens
SK1: Teaching
SK2: Teaching
80 71 78 80 68 76 88 28 24 21

Viktoria Vicki Waters
SK1: Dexterous, SK2: Throwing
W: Claustrophobic
79 85 72 72 33 85 84 56 28 28

Charlene Raven Higgens
SK1: Night operations
SK2: Automatic weapons
85 76 92 68 31 79 94 8 22 22

HP: Health
AGI: Agility
DEX: Dexterity
STR: Strength
LEA: Leadership Quali.
WIS: Wisdom
ACC: Accuracy
TEC: Technology
EX: Explosives
MED: Medical
PpD: Price per day
PpW: Price per week
Louisa Buzz Garneau
SK1: Heavy weapons
SK2: Automatic weapons
A.I.M American Arulcaner ___ Lynx ___ Lynx 4
Dr. D. Danny Quinten
SK1: Dexterous
SK2: Night operations
A.I.M Canadian ___ ___
___ Biff 3
Kirk Static Stevenson
SK1: Picking locks
SK2: Night operations
A.I.M American Swiss
Stephen ___ Razor 4
Victor Monk Kolesnikov
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Camouflage
A.I.M Russian ___
Ivan ___ Conrad 4
Lennart Scream Vilde
SK1/2: Automatic weapons/
Night-OPs, W: Heat sensetive
A.I.M Estonian ___ Brain Dr. Q Monk Lynx 4
Fidel Dahan
SK1: Picking locks
SK2: Prowling, W: Nervous
A.I.M Cuban Irish Razor ___ Haywire Flo 4
Igor Dolvich
SK1: Prowling
SK2: Automatic weapons
A.I.M Russian ___
___ ___ ___ 3
Dr. Q Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire crack serial keygen Art of war
SK2: Night operations
A.I.M Chinese ___ ___ ___ Vicki ___ 3
Graziella Grace Girelli
SK1: Throwing SK2: Teaching
W: Non swimmer
A.I.M American Scotts ___
Sidney Nettleson
SK1: Throwing
SK2: Teaching
A.I.M British Australian Scope ___ Stephen
Ice Williams
SK1: Teaching
SK2: Automatic weapons
A.I.M American
___ Blood Bubba 4
Dr. D. Spider Houston
SK1: Night operations, SK2:
Camouflage, W: Afraid of bugs
A.I.M American ___
___ Raven Buns 1
Thor Kaufmann
SK1: Close combat
SK2: Prowling
A.I.M German ___
___ Spider ___ 3
Janno Brain Allik
SK1: Picking locks
SK2: Heavy weapons
A.I.M Estonian English Scream Sidney Grace
Edgar Nails Smorth
SK1: Picking locks, SK2: Night
operations W: claustrophobic
A.I.M American ___ Fox Biff Bull ___ 4
Louisa Buzz Garneau
SK1: Heavy weapons
SK2: Automatic weapons
71 84 78 68 32 88 88 16 22 9

Dr. D. Danny Quinten
SK1: Dexterous
SK2: Night operations
99 76 88 82 24 91 72 22 8 68

Kirk Static Stevenson
SK1: Picking locks
SK2: Night operations
79 66 95 59 15 60 86 82 34 12

Victor Monk Kolesnikov
SK1: Automatic weapons
SK2: Camouflage
74 92 90 78 39 84 94 32 22 38

Lennart Scream Vilde
SK1/2: Automatic weapons/
Night-OPs, W: Heat sensetive
81 82 78 79 67 83 76 37 23 34

Fidel Dahan
SK1: Picking locks
SK2: Prowling, W: Nervous
88 86 82 83 12 78 87 39 97 18

Igor Dolvich
SK1: Prowling
SK2: Automatic weapons
92 89 78 82 34 83 83 27 26 17

Dr. Q Huaong
SK1: Art of war
SK2: Night operations
88 92 81 78 26 92 76 24 20 64

Graziella Grace Girelli
SK1: Throwing SK2: Teaching
W: Non swimmer
78 76 77 67 62 82 69 22 16 26

Sidney Nettleson
SK1: Throwing
SK2: Teaching
80 70 91 76 27 78 92 26 15 18

Ice Williams
SK1: Teaching
SK2: Automatic weapons
90 78 87 84 63 78 86 27 26 22

Dr. D. Spider Houston
SK1: Night operations, SK2:
Camouflage, W: Afraid of bugs
81 56 76 68 16 90 68 8 14 92

Thor Kaufmann
SK1: Close combat
SK2: Prowling
96 83 84 89 48 97 74 35 12 59

Janno Brain Allik
SK1: Picking locks
SK2: Heavy weapons
94 82 79 94 38 88 78 76 43 28

Edgar Nails Smorth
SK1: Picking locks, SK2: Night
operations W: claustrophobic
72 60 88 90 24 79 84 63 78 7

Bobby Steroid Gontarski
SK1: Electronics
SK2: Picking locks
A.I.M Polish Russian ___
Grizzly ___ 1
Norma Meltdown Jessop
SK1: Dexterity
SK2: Heavy weapons
A.I.M American ___ ___ Biff Stephen Flo 3
Ernie Red Spragg
SK1: Teaching
SK2: Electronics
A.I.M Scotts Danish ___ Buns ___ ___ 4
Steve Grizzly Bornell
SK1: Close combat
SK2: Heavy weapons
A.I.M American Chinese
Dr. Q ___ ___ 3
J. P. La Malice Viau
SK1: Knife
SK2: Close combat
A.I.M Canadian British
___ Meltdown ___ 3
Monica Buns Sondergaard
SK1: Teaching, SK2: Teaching
W: Afraid of bugs
A.I.M Danish ___ ___
Sidney Gumpy 2
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