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Gift Pokémon

While a Trainer is on an adventure, they may be given Pokémon. These Pokémon are known as gift Pokémon. Types of gift Pokémon include starter Pokémon and Pokémon Eggs. They exist in the games, anime, and manga.

Gift Pokémon given by Trainers in the games

As with wild Pokémon, gift Pokémon will have the last four moves they could have learned by level up except under extraordinary circumstances. Normally, the player is treated as the Original Trainer of gift Pokémon they receive from NPCs; however, in some particular cases, such as Webster's Spearow in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver and N's Pokémon in Black 2 and White 2, the NPC is retained as the Pokémon's Original Trainer.

Generation I

Generation II

Generation III

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

FireRed and LeafGreen


XD: Gale of Darkness

Generation IV

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

HeartGold and SoulSilver

Generation V

Black and White

Black 2 and White 2

Generation VI

X and Y

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Starting in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, for gift Pokémon in the Undiscovered Egg Group, if a Pokémon with Synchronize is leading the party, there is a 100% chance that the gift Pokémon will have the same Nature as the Pokémon with Synchronize, as long as they were not received as an Egg.

Generation VII

Sun and Moon

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, for any gift Pokémon, if a Pokémon with Synchronize is leading the party, there is a 100% chance that the gift Pokémon will have the same Nature as the Pokémon with Synchronize, as long as they were not received as an Egg.

Species Received from Location Level Notes
RowletRowletProfessor Kukui SM OD.pngProfessor KukuiRoute 15 Starter Pokémon
EeveeEevee Egg Pokémon Breeder f SM OD.pngUnnamed Pokémon BreederPaniola Ranch1
(after hatching)
Helix Fossil
Unnamed woman Olivia's store in Konikoni City15
(after reviving)
Cover, Skull, Helix, Claw, and Jaw Fossils only available in Pokémon Ultra Sun
Plume, Armor, Dome, Root, and Sail Fossils only available in Pokémon Ultra Moon*
Dome Fossil
Root Fossil
Claw Fossil
Skull Fossil
Armor Fossil
Cover Fossil
Plume Fossil
Jaw Fossil
Sail Fossil
AerodactylAerodactylAce Trainer f SM OD.pngUnnamed Ace TrainerSeafolk Village40
PikachuPikachuBoss of Surf Association Heahea Branch of the Surf Association 40 KnowsSurf and holds a Gold Bottle Cap
Obtained by becoming No. 1 by achieving high scores on all four Mantine Surf Courses
PoipolePoipoleSoliera USUM OD.pngDulse USUM OD.pngSolieraUS
Megalo Tower/Ultra Megalopolis40 After defeating UltraNecrozma
Type: NullType: NullWicke SM OD.pngWickeAncient Poni Path60 Near exit to Poni Grove, only available during the post-game
Wicke will also give the player all 17 of Silvally's memories.
10% Forme
Dexio SM OD.pngDexioRoute 1663 After catching 50% FormeZygarde in Resolution Cave
PorygonPorygonAether Foundation Employee scientist SM OD.pngUnnamed Aether Foundation EmployeeAether House30 After completing Episode RR

Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

Generation VIII

Pokémon Sword and Shield

The Isle of Armor
The Crown Tundra

In the anime

Main series

Ash receiving Scraggy's Egg
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(!device_count)) { return; /* oh well. */ } devices = (PRAWINPUTDEVICELIST)malloc(sizeof(RAWINPUTDEVICELIST) * device_count); if (devices == NULL) { return; } if (GetRawInputDeviceList(devices, &device_count, sizeof(RAWINPUTDEVICELIST)) == -1) { free(devices); return; /* oh well. */ } for (i = 0; i < device_count; i++) { RID_DEVICE_INFO rdi; char devName[MAX_PATH]; UINT rdiSize = sizeof(rdi); UINT nameSize = MAX_PATH; rdi.cbSize = sizeof(rdi); if ( devices[i].dwType == RIM_TYPEHID && GetRawInputDeviceInfoA( devices[i].hDevice, RIDI_DEVICEINFO, &rdi, &rdiSize ) != (UINT)-1 && GetRawInputDeviceInfoA( devices[i].hDevice, RIDI_DEVICENAME, devName, &nameSize ) != (UINT)-1 ) { if ( rdi.hid.dwVendorId == VALVE_DIRECTINPUT_GAMEPAD_VID && rdi.hid.dwProductId == VALVE_DIRECTINPUT_GAMEPAD_PID ) { uint32 ulVID = strtoul( &devName[STEAM_INPUT_VID_INDEX], NULL, 16 ); uint32 ulPID = strtoul( &devName[STEAM_INPUT_PID_INDEX], NULL, 16 ); uint64 ulDeviceHandle = strtoull( &devName[STEAM_INPUT_SIAPI_HANDLE_INDEX], NULL, 16 ); uint32 unGamepadIndex = strtoul( &devName[STEAM_INPUT_GAMEPAD_INDEX], NULL, 16 ); Log( "Raw input device: VID = 0x%x, PID = 0x%x, handle = 0x%llx, index = 0x%x, %s\n", ulVID, ulPID, ulDeviceHandle, unGamepadIndex, devName ); // You can now use either the VID/PID to identify the device directly or use ulDeviceHandle with GetInputTypeForHandle ESteamInputType inputType = SteamInput()->GetInputTypeForHandle( ulDeviceHandle ); switch( inputType ) { case k_ESteamInputType_Unknown: printf( "unknown!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_SteamController: printf( "Steam controller!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_XBox360Controller: printf( "XBox 360 controller!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_XBoxOneController: printf( "XBox One controller!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_GenericGamepad: printf( "Generic Gamepad(DirectInput)!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_PS3Controller: case k_ESteamInputType_PS4Controller: case k_ESteamInputType_PS5Controller: printf( "PlayStation controller!\n" ); break; } } else { // Device is not a controller through Steam Input - use your normal controller ID logic continue; } } } free(devices); }

Setting the Steamworks Settings

The first step is to setup which controllers will use Steam Input in the Opt-in section on the Steamworks settings under Application->Steam Input. For a standard game w/ Xbox controller support we recommend checking all checkboxes other than Xbox:


If your game has flight stick or racing wheel support you'll want to uncheck the box for Generic/DirectInput controllers because Steam doesn't support remapping those devices.

Selecting a configuration

You can choose to create your own configuration or pick from one of our premade templates. It is not necessary to create your own configuration unless you plan tweaking the configurations away from our defaults or labeling individual bindings with what they do in-game. The built-in templates for Steam Input are localized into all Steam's languages so please make sure you also localize your configuration to avoid English being shown to non-English users.

Picking a template

Console controllers do not differentiate between the various gamepad template variants, but these settings are important for the Steam Controller. Here's an explanation of the templates and which type of games they are intended for:
  • Gamepad - This emulates an Xbox controller with the right trackpad being turned into a raw emulated joystick. Perfect for twin-stick, platformer, or sports games.
  • Gamepad With High Precision Camera/Aim - This configuration is the ideal configuration for an FPS or any game using camera controls. Be careful to test that your game supports simultaneous gamepad/mouse before selecting this, including any ancillary screens such as inventory or map screens.
  • Gamepad with Camera Controls - This configuration takes mouse-style input from the trackpad and translates it into flicks of an emulated joystick. If your game can be configured to have very high joystick sensitivity, no deadzone, and a linear acceleration curve this configuration can work well, otherwise please consider using a mouse/keyboard config instead.


Steps for setting the template live for your game in Steamworks can be found here

Creating a custom configuration

Configurations can be auto-converted between most controller types, but you'll at a minimum want to make a Steam Controller and Xbox controller configuration.

Note: if you plan on taking advantage of device specific features like motion controls you'll want to also have one for PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch controllers.

Text Input

On-screen text input is not technically part of the ISteamInput(Steam Input), but is found instead in ISteamUtils. This is currently only implemented when the player launches the game through Big Picture Mode.

Some quick references:

Localizing your configuration
Making a localized configuration is a little bit more complicated when not using Steam Input API but it is still achievable.
  • To start make sure you have not edited your configuration since the last time it was exported. Open the configurator and make an edit (it is ok to make, then revert a change).
  • Go to your Steam\Logs\controller_ui.txt log and look for a string like this:

    Steam Controller Saving Controller Configuration Autosave for [CONTROLLER SERIAL NUMBER]- AppID: [YOUR APPID]. Loaded Config for Local Selection Path for App ID [YOUR APPID], Controller 0: F:\ProgramFiles\Steam\client\userdata\[STEAMID]\config\controller_configs\apps\[YOUR APPID]\[CONTROLLER SERIAL]\guest\controller_configuration.vdf

  • Insert localization tokens for the bindings you want to localize
    • Title/Description:

      "controller_mappings" { "version" "3" "revision" "5" "title" "#title" "description" "#description" ...

    • Button bindings:

      "button_a" { "activators" { "Full_Press" { "bindings" { "binding" "xinput_button A, #abutton" } } } } ...

  • And then make corresponding values for each language in the localization block:

    "localization" { "english" { "title" "This is a localized title" "description" "This is a localized description. The button diamond binding also have localized names." "abutton" "Your name here 1" "bbutton" "Your name here 2" "xbutton" "Your name here 3" "ybutton" "Your name here 4" } ...

  • You can now export the configuration and set it in the partner site with these instructions. You will want to set the "use action block" checkbox for one your configurations.

The example configuration can be previewed in the steam client by entering this URL in your browser: steam://controllerconfig/681280/1744110334 or you can find the VDF file here
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    Steam Input is a service allowing Steam users to play any controller-supported game with the device of their choice. Steam Input will translates the user's input into something the game understands through either Gamepad Emulation, Mouse and Keyboard Emulation, or Steam Input API. Here we will focus on how to best use Steam Input Gamepad Emulation to extend your game's existing controller support.

    What's Gamepad Emulation?

    Over 2000 games on Steam use Gamepad Emulation for at least one controller type, including notable games such as Monster Hunter: World, Ace Combat 7, Dragon Quest XI, Into the Breach, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War though not all of them are following the full list of best practices. Here we'll highlight Into the Breach because they are doing a great job of following each of these best practices.

    Showing device specific art

    We support a few ways to get device specific glyphs with Steam Input Gamepad Emulation – one for games that can load images at run-time that is future-proofed (meaning that when Steam updates Steam Input it will work without any game updates) and two for games which need to bake the images into their assets or want to use the same stylized art from the console ports of their game. Into the Breach uses their own art for Xbox/Steam Controllers:




    and Nintendo Switch controllers:


    Note: Even when using your own art we suggest you fallback to Steam's art when you don't recognize a controller or call our helper function to find the closest option that existed when your game was released so when future devices are added they have reasonable glyphs.

    Showing Steam's Future-Proofed Glyphs

    You'll need to make use of the following functions:

    Example code:

    // Initialize the interface before using individual functions - this only needs to be called once! SteamInput()->Init() // ... // SteamAPI_RunCallbacks() will call the RunFrame functions for any initialized interfaces and most // games will already be calling this periodically. If you aren't doing that you'll need to manually update // the Steam Input interface SteamInput()->RunFrame(); // ... // Replace with the XInputslot you are querying for. This number is between 0 and 3 // If you're using RawInput for device detection before deciding which API to use, please // see the "Using RawInput For Device Detection" section. png" // Replace this with a function from the game that turns a file path into a usable game texture glyphTextureID = loadButtonGlyphTextureFromLocalPath( localGlyphPath );

    Showing Your Own Art - Glyph Palette

    If you are using multiple glyph palettes and choose which one to use based on controller type, you can ask Steam for this info by XInput slot using:

    Example code:

    // Initialize the interface before using individual functions - this only needs to be called once! SteamInput()->Init() // ... // SteamAPI_RunCallbacks() will call the RunFrame functions for any initialized interfaces and most // games will already be calling this periodically. If you aren't doing that you'll need to manually update // the Steam Input interface SteamInput()->RunFrame(); // ... // Replace with the XInput slot you are querying for. This number is between 0 and 3 // If you're using RawInput for device detection before deciding which API to use, please // see the "Using RawInput For Device Detection" section. int nXinputSlotIndex = 0; InputHandle_t inputHandle = SteamInput()->GetControllerForGamepadIndex( nXinputSlotIndex ); if ( inputHandle == 0 ) { // Valid Input handles are non-zero, this is a normal Xbox controller. } else { // Steam will always return an enum value that was valid for your SDK version. ESteamInputType inputType = SteamInput()->GetInputTypeForHandle( inputHandle ); switch( inputType ) { case k_ESteamInputType_Unknown: printf( "unknown!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_SteamController: printf( "Steam controller!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_XBox360Controller: printf( "XBox 360 controller!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_XBoxOneController: printf( "XBox One controller!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_GenericXInput: printf( "Generic XInput!\n" ); break; case k_ESteamInputType_PS4Controller: printf( "PS4 controller!\n" ); break; } }

    Showing Your Own Art - Per Button Art

    If you're using a single look up table indexed by action origins you can use these functions to implement device specific glyphs and translate any unrecognized controllers to their closest equivalents.

    Example code:

    // Initialize the interface before using individual functions - this only needs to be called once! SteamInput()->Init() // ... // SteamAPI_RunCallbacks() will call the RunFrame functions for any initialized interfaces and most // games will already be calling this periodically. If you aren't doing that you'll need to manually update // the Steam Input interface SteamInput()->RunFrame(); // ... // Replace with the XInput slot you are querying for. This number is between 0 and 3 // If you're using RawInput for device detection before deciding which API to use, please // see the "Using RawInput For Device Detection" section. int nXinputSlot = 0; // Replace with the button you are querying for EXboxOrigin eXboxButtonToGetGlyphFor = k_EXboxOrigin_A; EInputActionOrigin buttonOrigin = k_EInputActionOrigin_XBoxOne_A; // If the controller is configured through Steam Input - translate the button InputHandle_t controller1Handle = SteamInput()->GetControllerForGamepadIndex( nXinputSlot ); if ( controller1Handle > 0 ) { // Valid handles are non-zero, this is a controller configured through Steam Input // Note: controllers that are using Steam Input API will not return a handle through GetControllerForGamepadIndex() buttonOrigin = SteamInput()->GetActionOriginFromXboxOrigin( controller1Handle, k_EXboxOrigin_A ); //i.e, k_EInputActionOrigin_PS4_X } else { // Valid handles are non-zero, this is a normal Xbox controller // Continue using the original button } // Steam will continue to add action origins and future controllers will exceed the current range // If you want to test you could fake that Switch/PS5 controllers don't exist and change this to: // if ( buttonOrigin >= k_EInputActionOrigin_XBox360_Reserved10 ) if ( buttonOrigin >= k_EInputActionOrigin_Count ) { // We didn't ship any art in our game for this origin! I guess Steam has added support for // a new controller. Let's get the closest value that was supported by the SDK we built against buttonOrigin = SteamInput()->TranslateActionOrigin( k_ESteamInputType_Unknown, buttonOrigin ); } // Replace this with a function from the game that returns your art for a button int glyphTextureID = getHardCodedButtonGlyphTexture( buttonOrigin );

    Using RawInput For Device Detection

    Some games will use RawInput to support more than 4 controllers or will use it to determine if they have PlayStation controllers connected. This API will also return other non-gamepad devices and doesn't have a reliable index to directly map from Steam Input functions. Instead you can get this info by querying RIDI_DEVICENAME string from GetRawInputDeviceInfo() which is encoded with the USB VID/PID of real device, gamepad index, and Steam Input handle with the following format:
    \\.\pipe\HID#VID_045E&PID_028E&IG_00#{Real device VID}&{Real Device PID}&{Steam Input API handle}#{Steam Input Gamepad Index}#{ProcessID}
    For example, \\.\pipe\HID#VID_045E&PID_028E&IG_00#045E&0B00&00045EB00704DAF3#0#20160 for an Xbox one controller with a VID/PID of 0x45e/0x0b00.

    Example code:

    #define VALVE_DIRECTINPUT_GAMEPAD_VID 0x28DE #define VALVE_DIRECTINPUT_GAMEPAD_PID 0x11FF #define STEAM_INPUT_VID_INDEX 37 #define STEAM_INPUT_PID_INDEX 42 #define STEAM_INPUT_SIAPI_HANDLE_INDEX 47 #define STEAM_INPUT_GAMEPAD_INDEX 64 #define MAX_PATH 260 //... void YourFunction() { PRAWINPUTDEVICELIST devices = NULL; UINT i, j, device_count = 0; if ((GetRawInputDeviceList(NULL, &device_count, sizeof(RAWINPUTDEVICELIST)) == -1)


    When you install Diablo II from a CD, the installer will ask you to enter the 16 digits CD key found inside the box.

    However, if you registered your physical copy of Diablo II on your account, your original 16 digits CD key was converted to a new 26 digit digital license key. You cannot install from CD anymore —your original 16 digits physical CD key will not work.

    You must install Diablo II online. Delete the old CD installer from your computer and download the latest installer from the Blizzard downloads page. The online installer will ask you to enter your 26 digit license key —you can find your key on your Games & Subscriptions page.


    If the online installer doesn't accept your key, make sure you are entering the correct one.

    You cannot use a Lord of Destruction key to install Diablo II. Lord of Destruction is an expansion. To install Diablo II you must enter a Diablo II key.

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