sqlmap: automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack

SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack

Every package of the BlackArch Linux repository is listed in the following table. bbqsql, bd2, SQL injection exploit tool. blackarch-webapp. We will be using DVWA, an intentionally vulnerable virtual machine, and Kali Linux to carry out our attack. If you're new to Kali, we recommend. Support to download and upload any file from the database server underlying file system when the database software is MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

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Best free and open source SQL injection tools [updated ]

SQL injection is one of the most common attacks against web applications. This is used against websites which use SQL to query data from the database server. A successful SQL injection attack can read sensitive data including email, username, password, and credit card details from your database. An attacker can not only read, but also modify or delete the data from the database. So, SQL injection can be very harmful.

There are various kinds of SQL injection which are defined based on scope. These are:

  • Classic SQL injection
  • Blind SQL injection
  • Database specific SQL injection
  • Compound SQLI

I am not going into details of these classes. We have covered various tutorials on SQL injection in the past. You can explore our resources by using the search feature.

SQL injection vulnerability exists because developers do not care about data validation and security. Users&#; input must be sanitized before passing into SQL queries, but developers forget to do this or do not properly sanitize. This makes the web application vulnerable to SQL injection attack.

Performing classic SQL injection is easy via browser based attack by injecting queries in various parameters. But it also requires knowledge of SQL queries. For blind SQL injection or another, you need to be an expert with high knowledge of database queries, database architecture and experience. And using manual ways takes a lot of time.

To make the SQL injection attack process easy, developers have also developed SQL injection tools by creating a good detection engine. With every new release, these tools are becoming smarter. These tools take the vulnerable URL as a parameter and then start attacking the target. Based on its detection and attack engine, these tools are capable of detecting the type of attack. Sometimes, a vulnerable URL is protected via session and requires login. So, these tools have also gotten the capability of login into a web application via provided username and password to perform SQL injection in the target application. These tools can perform GET-based, POST-based or cookie-based SQL injection without any problem.

These tools can automatically perform an attack, and in a few minutes, you will get a successful attack result. These tools also allow you to access any table or any column of the database in just a click and attack process. In CLI tools, you can use commands to access data. These tools also let you run SQL queries in the target database. So, you can access, modify or delete data on the target server. These tools also allow attackers to upload or download files from the server.

In this post, we are adding few open source SQL injection tools. These tools are powerful and can perform automatic SQL injection attacks against the target applications. I will also add the download link to download the tool and try. I tried my best to list the best and most popular SQL injection tools.

BSQL hacker

BSQL hacker is a nice SQL injection tool that helps you perform a SQL injection attack against web applications. This tool is for those who want an automatic SQL injection tool. It is especially made for Blind SQL injection. This tool is fast and performs a multi-threaded attack for better and faster results.

It supports 4 different kinds of SQL injection attacks:

  • Blind SQL Injection
  • Time Based Blind SQL Injection
  • Deep Blind (based on advanced time delays)
  • SQL Injection Error Based SQL Injection

This tool works in automatic mode and can extract most of the information from the database. It comes in both GUI and console support. You can try any of the given UI modes. From GUI mode, you can also save or load saved attack data.

It supports multiple injection points including query string, HTTP headers, POST, and cookies. It supports a proxy to perform the attack. It can also use the default authentication details to login into web accounts and perform the attack from the given account. It supports SSL protected URLs, and can also be used on SSL URLs with invalid certificates.

BSQL Hacker SQL injection tool supports MSSQL, ORACLE and MySQL. But MySQL support is experimental and is not as effective on this database server as it is for other two.


SQLMap is the open source SQL injection tool and most popular among all SQL injection tools available. This tool makes it easy to exploit the SQL injection vulnerability of a web application and take over the database server. It comes with a powerful detection engine which can easily detect most of the SQL injection related vulnerabilities.

It supports a wide range of database servers, including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, SAP MaxDB and HSQLDB. Most of the popular database servers are already included. It also supports various kind of SQL injection attacks, including boolean-based blind, time-based blind, error-based, UNION query-based, stacked queries and out-of-band.

One good feature of the tool is that it comes with a built-in password hash recognition system. It helps in identifying the password hash and then cracking the password by performing a dictionary attack.

This tool allows you to download or upload any file from the database server when the db server is MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server. And only for these three database servers, it also allows you to execute arbitrary commands and retrieve their standard output on the database server.

After connecting to a database server, this tool also lets you search for specific database name, specific tables or for specific columns in the whole database server. This is a very useful feature when you want to search for a specific column but the database server is huge and contains too many databases and tables.

Download SQL Map from the link given below:



SQLninja is a SQL injection tool that exploits web applications that use a SQL server as a database server. This tool may not find the injection place at first. But if it is discovered, it can easily automate the exploitation process and extract the information from the database server.

This tool can add remote shots in the registry of the database server OS to disable data execution prevention. The overall aim of the tool is to allow the attacker to gain remote access to a SQL database server.

It can also be integrated with Metasploit to get GUI access to the remote database. It also supports direct and reverse bindshell, both TCP and UDP.

This tool is not available for Windows platforms. It is only available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and iOS operating systems.

Download SQLninja from the link given below:


Safe3 SQL injector

Safe3 SQL injector is another powerful but easy to use SQL injection tool. Like other SQL injection tools, it also makes the SQL injection process automatic and helps attackers in gaining the access to a remote SQL server by exploiting the SQL injection vulnerability. It has a powerful AI system which easily recognizes the database server, injection type and best way to exploit the vulnerability.

It supports both HTTP and HTTPS websites. You can perform SQL injection via GET, POST or cookies. It also supports authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM HTTP authentications) to perform a SQL injection attack. The tool supports wide range of database servers including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase and SAP MaxDB database management systems.

For MYSQL and MS SQL, it also supports read, list or write any file from the database server. It also lets attackers execute arbitrary commands and retrieve their output on a database server in Oracle and Microsoft SQL server. It also support web path guess, MD5 crack, domain query and full SQL injection scan.

Download Safe3 SQL injector tool from the link given below:



SQLSus is another open source SQL injection tool and is basically a MySQL injection and takeover tool. This tool is written in Perl and you can extend the functions by adding your own codes. This tool offers a command interface which lets you inject your own SQL queries and perform SQL injection attacks.

This tool claims to be fast and efficient. It claims to use a powerful blind injection attack algorithm to maximize the data gathered. For better results, it also uses stacked subqueries. To make the process even faster, it has multi-threading to perform attacks in multiple threads.

Like other available SQL injection tools, it also supports HTTPS. It can perform attacks via both GET and POST. It also supports, cookies, socks proxy, HTTP authentication, and binary data retrieving.

If the access to information_schema is not possible or table does not exist, it can perform a bruteforce attack to guess the name of the table. With this tool, you can also clone a database, table, or column into a local SQLite database, and continue over different sessions.

If you want to use a SQL injection tool against a MySQL attack, you will prefer this tool because it is specialized for this specific database server.

Download SQLsus from the link given below:



Mole or (The Mole) is an automatic SQL injection tool available for free. This is an open source project hosted on Sourceforge. You only need to find the vulnerable URL and then pass it in the tool. This tool can detect the vulnerability from the given URL by using Union based or Boolean based query techniques. This tool offers a command line interface, but the interface is easy to use. It also offers auto-completion on both commands and command arguments. So, you can easily use this tool.

Mole supports MySQL, MsSQL and Postgres database servers. So, you can only perform SQL injection attacks against these databases. This tool was written in Python and requires only Python3 and Python3-lxml. This tool also supports GET, POST and cookie based attacks. But you need to learn commands to operate this tool. Commands are not typical but you need to have them. List those commands or learn, it is your personal choice.

Download Mole SQL injection tool from the link below:



These are a few automatic SQL injection tools which you can try to perform a SQL injection attack. In case I missed any, please share it with us via comments. Aew of these tools also come with penetration testing specific operating systems. If you are using Backtrack or Kali Linux, you already have a few of these tools. So, you can try them in those operating systems.

Note: We do not encourage any illegal activity with these tools. Use these tools only for learning purposes and perform only on websites you own. We will not be responsible for any damage you cause with these tools.

Posted: January 11,


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Pavitra Shandkhdhar is an engineering graduate and a security researcher. His area of interest is web penetration testing. He likes to find vulnerabilities in websites and playing computer games in his free time. He is currently a researcher with InfoSec Institute.

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hash +++++++++

The hash column seems to have the password hash. Try cracking the hash and then you would get the login details rightaway. sqlmap will create a csv file containing the dump data for easy analysis.

So far we have been able to collect a lot of information from the remote database using sqlmap. Its almost like having direct access to remote database through a client like phpmyadmin. In real scenarios hackers would try to gain a higher level to access to the system. For this, they would try to crack the password hashes and try to login through the admin panel. Or they would try to get an os shell using sqlmap.

I wrote another post on using sqlmap to get more details about remote databases. It explains the other options of sqlmap that are useful to find the out the database users, their privileges and their password hashes.

What Next ?

Once you are able to scan and gather data from a vulnerable system, its time to exploit it and see if its possible to get access to the system. Sqlmap can do quite a few things like executing sql queries on remote system, starting a remote shell on the system etc.

1. Execute arbitrary sql queries

This is probably the easiest thing to do on a server that is vulnerable to sql injection. The --sql-query parameter can be used to specify a sql query to execute. Things of interest would be to create a user in the users table or something similar. Or may be change/modify the content of cms pages etc.

Another paramter --sql-shell would give an sql shell like interface to run queries interactively.

2. Get inside the admin panel and play

If the website is running some kind of custom cms or something similar that has an admin panel, then it might be possible to get inside provided you are able to crack the password retrieved in the database dump. Simple and short length passwords can be broken simply by brute forcing or alloverlimo.us

Check if the admin panel allows to upload some files. If an arbitrary php file can be uploaded then it be a lot greater fun. The php file can contain shell_exec, system ,exec or passthru function calls and that will allow to execute arbitary system commands. Php web shell scripts can be uploaded to do the same thing.

3. Shell on remote OS

This is the thing to do to completely takeover the server. However note that it is not as easy and trivial as the tricks shown above. sqlmap comes with a parameter call --os-shell that can be used to try to get a shell on remote system, but it has many limitations of its own.

According to the sqlmap manual

It is possible to run arbitrary commands on the database server's underlying operating system when the back-end database management system is either MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server, and the session user has the needed privileges to abuse database specific functionalities and architectural weaknesses.

The most important privilege needed by the current database user is to write files through the database functions. This is absent in most cases. Hence this technique will not work in most cases.


1. Sometimes sqlmap is unable to connect to the url at all. This is visible when it gets stuck at the first task of "testing connection to the target url". In such cases its helpful to use the "--random-agent" option. This makes sqlmap to use a valid user agent signature like the ones send by a browser like chrome or firefox.

2. For urls that are not in the form of param=value sqlmap cannot automatically know where to inject. For example mvc urls like alloverlimo.us

In such cases sqlmap needs to be told the injection point marked by a *


The above will tell sqlmap to inject at the point marked by *

3. When using forms that submit data through post method then sqlmap has to be provided the post data in the "--data" options. For more information check out this tutorial on using sqlmap with forms.


1. alloverlimo.us
2. alloverlimo.us

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SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack id system_allow_only

How to Hack a Website with SQL Injection

SQL Injection Hacking. The use of databases for various data storage management greatly increases in web app development as time goes on. The database facilitates interaction between users and servers. The database (or in terms of Database Management System abbreviated to DMBS) provides various benefits including data input and storage, retrieval of large information, and the ease of compiling and grouping information.

But, besides the ease and features that the database offers, as well as the many uses of databases in the world of Information and technology, especially in the development of a website. Unceasingly Pentesters and hackers are trying to find a gap in the security of the database. This is confirmed by the report issued by Positive Technologies researchers, information security research centers in Europe, in the second quarter ofthe top 10 web application attacks were dominated by cross-site-scripting of % and SQL injection of %. Positive Technologies said the report in the second quarter is not much different from the first quarter.

This is both interesting and worrying because in a database there are a lot of information like credential accounts (admin and user), financial information details (such as credit cards, bank accounts, etc.), and so on. Also, to do SQL injection attacks does not always require expert injecting capabilities, in the sense, kids can do it. Because there are many free applications that are able to perform SQL injection automatically, such as SQLMap. SQLMap is an open-source application for penetration testing activities that aims to conduct SQL injection attacks in a database security hole automatically, SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack. Here I will show you how to do SQL injection using SQLMap in Linux Kali. No special capabilities are required but will be worth more if you master a scripting language or SQL database technology.

This tutorial is recommended for those who are new to SQL injection in Kali Linux, SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack, just for fun, or who want to see how SQL injection works. It is not recommended to those who are highly skilled Penetration Testers already.


Before we are doing the injection attack, of course, we must ensure that the server or target has a database security hole. To find database security holes, there are several methods we can use. Among them, Google Dorking is used mostly by hackers and penetration testers. Luckily there is a tool that is able to do that automatically. But we have to install its tool first. The tool is called SQLiv (SQL injection Vulnerability Scanner).

How to Install Kali NetHunter on any Android Phone without root

Install Kali NetHunter on any stock, unrooted Android device without voiding the warranty. The Kali Linux NetHunter project is the first Open Source Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices, created as a joint effort between the Kali community member ???BinkyBear??? and Offensive Security. NetHunter supports Wireless frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (Teensy like attacks), as well as BadUSB MITM attacks ??? and is built upon the sturdy shoulders of the Kali Linux distribution and toolsets. Whether you have a Nexus 5Nexus 6Nexus 7Nexus 9, Nexus 10 or OnePlus One we???ve got you covered. Our freely downloadable images come with easy to follow installation and setup instructions to get you up and running in no time at all.


Type commands below into your terminal to install SQLiv:




Once SQLiv is installed in your Kali Linux, it is stored in the path /usr/bin/sqliv. Which, you can call directly from the terminal, by typing ???sqliv???. Now lets take a look at SQLIv features.


We will use Google Dorking to scan What is Microsoft Toolkit find the SQL injection hole in targets. Let&#;s take a simple dork, and let SQLiv scan through every single target and look for an eCommerce vulnerability at the following URL pattern ???alloverlimo.us?id=???. To find other patterns just google for ???google dork list???.

~# sqliv -d inurl:alloverlimo.us?id= -e google -p 

By default, SQLiv will crawl first page on a search engine, which on google 10 sites per page. Thus, here we define argument -p  to crawl 10 pages ( sites). Based on the dork given above we got a result of vulnerable URLS that looks like this:

We found eight of a hundred URLs scanned and considered as vulnerable against SQL injection attacks. Save the URLs into a text editor for further steps.

Android Hacking: Exploit ADB using Ghost Framework in Kali Linux

This article is the part of Android Hacking tutorial; it covers step by step guide to exploiting Android ADB to get the persistent connection back to the attacker machine. You can use the Kali SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack as SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack attacker machine, exploit the ADB, and set up the Backdoor channel after hacking android devices.


Once we got at least one SQL injection vulnerable target, next we execute the attack using SQLMap. I take one of them to be a sample here. Firstly, we need to reveal the database name, inside the database has tables and columns, which contain the data.

Target URL:  alloverlimo.us?id=25


Command pattern:


-u / &#;url : Target URL

&#;dbs : Enumerate Database/s name

So, the command compiled would look like this:


From the command above, the result should look like this

We got the database name ???acfurniture???.


Command pattern:


So, the command compiled be like this:


The result should look like this:

So far, we can conclude that the arrangement of data is, the site alloverlimo.us has two databases, acfurniture, and information_schema. The database named acfurniture contains four tables: category, product, product_hacked, and settings. There is no compromised table name, but, let???s investigate more. Let see what is inside the settings table. Inside the table SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack actually there are columns and the data.


Command pattern:


So, the command compiled be like this:


The output should look like this:

The settings table consists of 6 columns, and this is actually a credential account. Let&#;s dump those data.


Command pattern:


So, the command compiled be like this:


Or you can also dump all data inside the table, using the command:


The output should look like this:

Email: [email&#;protected]

Username: Handsome

Password: 9HPKO2NKrHbGmywzIzxUi

Alright, we are done dumping data in database using SQL injection. Our next tasks are, to find the door or admin panel, admin login page on the target sites. Before doing that, make sure whether that password (9HPKO2NKrHbGmywzIzxUi) is encrypted or not, if so, then we need to decrypt it first. That is another topic, cracking and decrypting.

Hacking & Cracking Windows Password by Just a PDF File

Passwords are always our first and, SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack, in cases, sole line of protection from attackers. If an intruder does not possess direct accessibility to a system, they may also use the remote desktop interface to connect to a server or a system. Windows Password hacking and cracking are the most important topic amongst hackers and pentesters. This article discusses the steps to capture NTLM hash of a windows machine and how to crack this password using John the Ripper.

Even here we are not actually hacking into the target site, at least we have SQL Injection Archives - Kali Software Crack a lot about SQL injection using SQLMap in Kali Linux easily and we dump the credentials account. This technique is used mostly by carder (a hacker who is looking for Credit Card account on E-commerce sites) which targeting Financial, banking, shop, or e-commerce sites which store their user credit card information.




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SQL injection has long been an web application security concern and yet there exists a plethora of websites stil vulnerable to SQL injections today. I refrain from any testing on such websites due to lack of explicit permission by owners. However, here’s a demonstration–from one of my penetration testing projects–of how these websites may be hacked if the SQL vulnerabilities are left unpatched.

Tip: Read up a little on SQL injection. For example, start with figuring out what this is trying to do:

The tool sqlmap comes preloaded with both Kali and Backtrack.

If the dynamic parameter in the php script is vulnerable then sqlmap will try to inject code into it.

I’ve blacked out the website’s information for obvious reasons.

First, get the tool to list the available databases:

The DB is where MySQL stores the schema, so I’m not interested in that one. The other one is my target.

I try to grab the ‘tables’ available in this other database:

There are a bunch of tables that get listed, among those the table ‘members’ looks interesting, grab the columns for that table:

 And I see a column with passwords, I’ll get the hashes here (I’ve seen some web admins who are so careless that they store the passwords in plaintext which would require no password cracking):

Finally, I get my hands on the password hashes and the reverse engineering begins from there (use jtr):

Unless you actually know what sqlmap did for you in the background, it is not that interesting and makes you a perfect script kiddie.

Once you crack the password hashes, you can login to the website’s control panel as ‘admin’ and then change html files (alloverlimo.us for homepage). That would be website defacing.

Disclaimer: As stated in the beginning, this excerpt is from an authorized penetration test. If you notice an SQL weakness in a website, please refrain from engaging in illicit activities and inform the web administrator.

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Pranshu Bajpai
Senior Staff Security Architect

PhD, Michigan State University.

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