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If you want to keep abreast of the everchanging interactivewntertainment industry, but don't have time to read a pile of magazines or visit your local retailer several times a week, you now have another option— if you'te online, that is. Via Real Audio, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, you can hear up-to-theminute gaming news while you surf the Web. Simply visit the world's only radio centre dedicated to PC, Mac, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, and TV~onsoie gaming, the All Games Network, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, and eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen from up to eight different shows to hear through your computer's speakers. Some shows are regular segments, updated daily, such as Game Time! and Video Game Time! Most impressive, however, are those covering individual game-genres: Mondays are Sports d ays; Tuesdays highlight S imulations; Wednesdays transmit t h e Action/Adventure bulletin; Thursdays are Strategy and Role-Playing Games; and on Fridays, you can hear the Internet and Multiplayer show. There are also hardware specials scattered throughout each month. Each show is roughly 30 to 45 minutes long and the broadcast quality is quite good (I' ve been listening to them on a / Kbps modem during regular business hours, with little or no "buffering" snags). Other notabks at this site indude a demodowtthad page of all the hot PC titles,a reviewer's corner, and a Game Time! chat atea.'Ihe All Games Network is worthy of a boohnark for any computer- or TV~ ent h usiast.

The neet best thingto beingthere One of the most exciting turns in recent PC gaming is the technology to support multiplayer competitions over the Internetlhis has

revolutionized the computers industry, since you can now replace predictable Al (artiScial intelligence) with human responses, against anyone in the wotttl Major online netwotks have sprung up over

the past year, such eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen Mplayer,llÃ, and DWANGO,which allow for tea&me,heatko4tead battles using your favourite CDROMs. For roughly $10 to $20 a month, you can engage in multiplayer Duke Nukem 3D, Warnajt II, or Command 6 Conquer: e Rd Alertacdon. Many of us feel, however, that we spend enough per month forour Internet connection as it is. Thankfully, a few game manulactuters have quiddy responded with various free online networks to support their own CD-ROM titles, or have spawned new sites whereby you don't even need a CD to play. Blizzard's Batt!eeet provides an arena for their customers to chat, challenge opponents, and initiate multiplayer games, at no cost whatsoever — no hourly or monthly fee, no setup or initiation charge. To play a supported game over the Internet with other players worldwide, select the Internet option ftom withinthe game and away you go. Two games were supported on at ptesstime: the popular CRPG Dtablo, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, and high, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. ly antidpated Starnujt (Warcnsjt inspace!). 'ihe next free place to visit, and boohnark, is The BeZerk Network.'Ihe folks at Berkeley Systems have opened their doors to PC and Mac players who get a kick out of their popular You Don't Know Jack CD-ROM series. Download a small Sle that tesides on your hard drive (approximately 8 MB) and you can phy either You Don't Know Jack: TheNet Show or You Don't Know Jack: Sports Edttton — online, in real time. Pop Culture trivia questions change twice a week to keep things fresh, and top scoters compete for$5, in cash and prizes per month. You' ll be happy to know all the hilarity and witty humour from obnoxious host Nate Shapiro is intact. Software gaming giant Sierra has also built a free network on which to phy its games, aptly called The Sierra Internet Gaming System (SIGS).All you need to pay for are the CD-ROM games and, of course, your basic Internet time. PlayBlackjack, Tmpby Bass 2, Poker, Amer Chess,and Dr. Brain 4, against many other Sierra hns. Future games to be supported by SIGS intdude Football '97, Earth Siege 2, Birtbrtgbt, Mutton Eercet Cyberstotvn, and Sbttjerz2.

F eatu r e garne manufacturers who have acknowledged the rising costs of PC entertain-

c o n t i n u e d f r o m p a g e 1 4I lastly, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, I wanted to highlight the Internet Gaming Zone. Maintained by Microsoft, the Zone offers visitors dassic games such as Chess, Checkers, Hearts, Bridge, Spades, Go, and Reversi. By the time you read this„you should be able to locate opponents to play mote complex Mictosoft retail games: (xfose Coznbat,lffonster Truck hfadness, Hellhemter, and Golf This is a sleek site with much to see and do, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. Thanks and aPPreciation go out to the

ment, and have taken steps to make it easier for t hose of u s w h o e njoy p laying against real people!

HooragforHollgojood? Ah, the evolution of PC gaming graphics: text adventures grew into blocky EGA and CGA giaphics, then mote colourful but still pixel-ish VGA developed into smoother SVGA graphics, which in turn have matured into live-motion video. Six months ago, I m ight have argued that hand~ o r com -

Titehaketyscene fremIfetnrSjif!/atoll.

puter-genetated animation was much bener than seeing real people in PC games, due to the generally poor acting and lack of true i nteractivity. With t h e i n t r oduction o f Hollywood actors — and budgets — however, these problems seem to be annoyances of the past. Some Tally ERP Crack with Activation Key Free Download Latest Version {2021} the more popuhr games of late not only feature real actors and actresses, but fairly big names as well. The list includes Christopher boyd (Toonstruck),T'(m Curry ( Frankenstein/ Through th e Eyes of a


: No Surcharge

Tel: 2 7 9 Fa X: www Simpson Rd, Richmond, BC Canada, V6X 2R2 w w•

x w •




$ Toshiba CS

$ Toshiba CDT

$ Toshiba COT

Asus T2P4 Pentium PCI MB, k PB cache, IDEIO $ Asus TVP4 PentiumPCI MB, k PB cache, IDEIO $ Asus Pentium Pro Mhz PCI MB, IDEIO $ Asus Dual Pentium Pro Mhz PCI MB, IDEIO $ Intel Penlium /I 20//I 50/I 66/MHz st 75/21 5//// Intel Pentium Pro CPUs /MHz $/'I 30 Pin RAM 4MB $35 ?2 Pin RAM 4/8/16/32MB $30/55// •


' •

• e



$ each

Lease $

Lease $

$55 academic (post secondary)

$ each


Plus Accounting

Daytek //'tlt?31/t?04/ $///// ViewSonic 14 /15 /15 // $//// ADI 15 4VI17"SV $/ NEC CROMA-Clear 15"M/17"M?00 $/ Sony SVGA monitor I rSX/t 7 SF/20st2 $//

All Video BaostlXpression IMB/2MB $99/1 09// ATI 3D Xprrwsion+ 2MB/4MB $/ ATI 3D Xpressian+ PC2TV 2MB/4MB $! ATI 3D Pro Turbo PC2TV, 4MB/8MB $/ Matrox 3D Accelerator w/2MB Wram hlystique/Millsnium $/ Miro Video Ca ure boanl DC20/DC30 $/1


s•w WD 12//// Seaerte Hawk SCSI-2 //GB Seagate Banacuda Ultra SCSI //GB Quantum Fireball Ultra SCSI-3 /GB Adaptec SCSI/Ultra/Ultra Wide


• I

$//// $// I st /I 61 9/ $/ $//



ACCP LC'fgr Witidgtj(fs

ACC()LIIltlflg x

$ PR Lease$

$ AE Lease $



• •

$1 AE Lease$70

Areas of Ex ertise Computer Systems Components


Peripherals Software LogitechSeri alorPS2 mouse

USR Sportster fax/modem internal/voice (OEM)

USR Spoitster tax/madam internal/voce (OEM) HP C ink)et color printer HP Laser Jet SU5P HP Scan Jet 4 Color HP CD-ROM Writer (require SCSI card) CD-ROM Drives 6X/12X Heavy duty tower case with W PS 19 /25


$/ $/

$ $/t $

$7?5 $/ $/

ENTERPRfSE HUB with ableton serial number Archives - keygenfile digital modems NETSERVER modems 8l16 NETSERVER I modems N16

Multimedia Technical Service ACCPAC Accounting


$57, $4,/8, $10,60N15+80

AN (f)IiiRIjRR - Pentium Pro CPU - 32MB 60ns RAM - KB cache - MB floppy drive - GB WD EIDE HD -8x IDE CD-ROM - Built-in EIDE controller - ATI M64 2M Xpression - I T Sony sx manitor - 19 heavy duty case - W Power supply - Enhanced keyboard - Microsoft mouse — SoundBlaster t6 PnP - Amplified speaker sel - Windows 95 on CD

• Inlet Pentium CPU - 32MB 60ns EDO RAM - KB PB cache - MB floppy drive - GB WD EIDE HD - 8x IDE CD-ROM

- intel Penlium CPU - 16MB 60ns EDO RAM - KB PB cache - MB floppy drive

- Built-in EIDE controller - Matrox Millenium 3D - 17 ViswSonc monaor • 19" heavy duty case

- Builtnn EIDE controker -ATI M64 2M MPEG Xpr. - 15 Daytek monitor - 19' heavy duty case

- W Power supply - Enhanced keyboard - Microsoft mouse - Soundelaster 16 PnP - Amplified speaker set - Windows 95 an CD

- W Power supply - Enhanced keyboard - Microsoft mouse - Soundelaster 16 PnP - Amplified speaker set - Windows 95 on CD




P L A Y E R!

Network Installations

Windows95 & NT Office Connectivity USR Total Control Remote Access Remote Control We do on-site service and support. Call our friendly staff for all your hardware and software needs.

F E S R U A RV 1 9 9 7

-'"'.„':.;":;";-':;—F e a t u r e .„':;,; .F:-''"

Obviously, game manufacturers are hoping

arnealleleven games pictured onthefront cover ef thismonth's

ComputerPlayer! and qualify towinacepyof

end us your answers as weil as your name, address

Sand telephone number to:GamingContest fax: (I inai: 99 Atlantic Blvd. tf(,Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3J8

Deadline: February10, 'l

Bliuarfl's DiaMa.,




to the Departtnent of

labor,jobs for computer service

technicians will be up by 58% in the next 10 years. Isn't it about time that you looked into NRI trainingy You don't need any experience to get started. You can depend on NR I, a division of The McGraw-Hill Compatlies.

g You train with antI keep lJ lhe self-hooting ForeFrnnl Trouhleshoo(er™ software aud (.'I)ROM, coluprehensive diagnostics


P %'ith NRI's nev'PC %J Options Plan, you c;ul purch;Lse low-cos( computer upgrade! «nd peripherials for your customized PC.

You put theory into practice with hands-on projects.

download supplemental materials, participate in

You work one-on-one with an


You establish a solid foundation with a review of basic electronics.


You train with theNRI Discovery lab to experience circuit design and modification. You train with a digital multimeler,

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You can call our toll-free number

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Pentimu' or better PC to train with and keep!


Often in a casual conversation «bout I'C games, I' ll spew uut some words that will cause my friends to i n terrupt "Wait a minutewhat the hell is a frag! I kttov, I'm guilty of assuming everybody plays computer games as much as I do (nr at least I'd like t<i believe that!), but I guess a short list of definitions is in order for some of the more common. or trot-so-corn. mon, terms heard amongst us die-hard PC or Mac gaming enthusiasts:

g Acrobat pro 11 get the skills and

hour answers to your questions.



tips on resume writing,a(idmore.

I Yo u can call NRI's M Teleservice hotline, for

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You can prepare for Cs I the A+ Certification exam with NRI's, t c „ exclusive CD-ROM!

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experienced i~ructor.


According 1 2 3 4

for increased sales hy slapping a famous name on the box cover, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, bul does it make for a better game? We all know a familiar I'ace, or voice, will not salvage a game with a weak plot, lousy controls, or monotonous game. play. After completing well put-together productssuch as Tbe Pandora Directire,Sgg crap; Tbe Great Garrre,and Gabriel Knight 2 Tbe Beast Within, however, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, it seems it certainly can be done with the some finesse. It is fascinating lo see this recent amalgamau<>it and I'm curious to see who may star in upcoming products. Personally, I'm waiting for a comedy CD-ROM game with Adam Sandier or Iim Carrey, or an intera<cive advenrttie/action game with good 'ol Arnold. C'mon, Activison, are you listening? Sierra? Virgin! Anyone?

cont i n u e d f r o m p a g e 1 % cvlonster), Christopher Walkett and Anthony Burgess (Ri/r/rer), Dennis Hopper (Hell: A CyberPuntr Thriller), Mark Hamill (Wing Commander IV The Price of Freednm),Tia Carrere (Tbe Daedalus Encounter), Margot Kidder (Under A Killing .rtfoon), and Barry Corbin (The Pandora Directive).

Al (Artificial Intelligence): an attempt lo model aspects of human thought on computers. CRPG (Computer Role-Playing Game): a game that relies more on character develop. ment (usually involving statistics), conversation, interaction with NPCs (non-playing characters), and strategic combat rather than puzzle-solving skills. Huge epic quests and fantasy worlds are common, and storylines are not always as linear as in traditional computer adventure games.

g Yourcompanymay W payforallorparl

of your tuition.

coul pa(liesdo!)

lJ maintain today's sophisticated PCs.


You explorethe features

I you' ve chosen for your


computer, from the memory

chips to the high-speed CD-ROM drive.

' i



$ Q You learn howlo .I00 Water Street Ns oho oto~si.i"~oi/y9~ I R ta ke advantage of I A F calalog only. High school diploma or 6KD g Pc conlnlunicationsandthe I Qo/Check oue trRKK In(erne(.

' oatOid


g Y o u use your %N new computer's

28, baud orfaster fax/

modem in conjunction with NetscapeNavigator™ Web

.~ d " » f7l &

Anthony Surgessstars in Ripper.

5ok forKttf

I recommendedtoeallcourses,required for degree programs. i 5I ICROCPUTKR SERVICIN6 3 X etworking ttith Windows XT i Computer Programming D Bookkeepingand Accounting i lV /Video/Audio Semcittg D Visual Programming in 6++ I i De sktop Publishing J Masierittg Microsoft Oace with PageMaker 2 Welrmaster

browser software.

' •


Q AAS Degreeln Accolllltlilg

D AAS Degreein


You explore the applications and hottest graphical user interface.


PL A Y E R !

I Gty



A Dnmion ofThe compunia


Busines sManagement I

Ipte~ pnnl)

1g '% accessories ofWindows95, today's


Province Accra5ad Edoaoioooot rrrioioscooodt

Code 1st soror •

Easter Eggs: a hidden feature ur novelty that the programmers have pul (it their software. This can be anything: hidden jokes, pictures, movies, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, animations, a list of the developers, hidden commands. and more. Many games contain these bonus treats and they' re often tough (bul rewarding) to find. If you want to know if there are any in your games, or know of one to contribute, take a peek at The Easter Egg Archive on the Web. Frags: a point system for online muitiptayer "Deathmatch" games, such as Doom, Duire /Vukem 3D, and Quaiie. You get a frag when

• 0 •

• • • • •

4~'";-;,' Fe a t Lire -';;:.&#39.' -~,"'

cont i n u e d

f r o m pa ge 1N

you take a life, and lose one if you die. The person at the end of a level/map with the most frags wins. These multiple-player combat rounds axe also suitably called "F ~ ." Hybrid: a CD-ROM that works on both a Mac and a PC. Latency: the time it takes for a packet (any unit of data) to cmss a network connection, fmm sender to receiver. Relevant in online multiplayer games. See Ping. Ping:a term for a small network message sent by a computer to check for the presence and alertness of other words, prior to playing a head-to-head game over the Net, you are urged to measure the "ping time of a server to make sure it isn' t too large (therefore slowing responses, which will result in incxeased lags and slowdowns). You can "ping" others with various utilities available at most major software sites on the Web. So, the smaller the ping time between computer, the better/faster for online gaming! Pixel Hunt: a slang, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, often derogatory term for those adventure games that xectulxe you to slowly move your mouse around a screen until it hits a "hot spot," which you have to dick to complete an action. Games like this axe often frustrating, since they rely on your spending time caressing the screen with your pointer looking for small or hidden objects rather than on more cognitive puzzle solving.

continued from page 1A canteachyou abouthuman nature:how people behave when they win or lose,and how they deal with conflict They can bring people together in the spirit of good-natured competition, or bruise friendships through bitter competitiveness. I, like many people, have progressedfrom board games to computer concerns me is

thatkids, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, now growing up in a world where computers are far more common, will skip board games and go straight to Dukehlukem, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, I lived through the Atari, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. I know it can happen. It's good to be board I think its important that we preserveplaces in our lives for board may not be asvisceral an experience, but they are stilt DJay Pro 2.2.9 Crack Archives appealing, if given half a chance.

I' ve played board games my entire life, from the dasstcs(Monopoly, Careers,Battleship, Risk, life, Que, PayDay—the list really does go onandon) to the more obscure(King Oil, Bermuda Tn'angle, KerPlunk, Scotland yard). I' ve played role-playing games (kind of like board garnes without the board} such as Dungeons andDragons and Tiuveller,and "simulations" like SquadLeader, War

She re ware/Free ware/Demos; different types of eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen available online. Shaxessraxe games are free to play and distribute, but if you choose to continue using the product, a small donation to the game's author is expected. Shareware is based on the honour system, which pmvides the gamer with an opportunity to "try before you buy." Freewaxe differs in that it is completely free to play, and a feeis not expected, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. These games are usually made by independent pmgxammers looking to gain experience or recognition. Demos are similar to shaxewaxe games, but they aren't usually the complete game (a few levels, for example). There is also no cost to the user. Commercial game companies axe banking on you getting hooked on the playable demo so you' ll purchase the full version in xetall stores. In some cases, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, you can download the full version online if you pay by credit card over the phone. +

THINGS TO L)O: 1, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. CREATE WEB SITE Z. MAINTAIN WEB SITE


httrn//wwwalaomeLcor n/ http: //alloverlimo.usr,corn/ http: //alloverlimo.ust/ DWANCD http: // zrettre,net http: // The DeZerkNetwork httin//alloverlimo.uscom/ The Sierra Internet ComingSystem http: //~.a corn/Ng / internetcomm azona http: // The EasterEgaArchive http: //alloverlimo.usn atmLerrn/~ / o NDhtnN

a printed directory of business internet addresses categorized listings oi conadianbusinesswebsites lor about ' ger day I

I ' I


I ' I



l I'



a creation by zeven enterprises inc. C OMPU TE R

P L A YERI F E B R UARY 19 9 7

. w a


Pentium Systems

PentiumPlusSystems Pentium Pro Systems Upgrade Options

Cyrix 6x86PI?&/ISO+/+CPU Triton Chipset MBw/Built-in EIDE Ctrl tt FastVO,KPBCache

htel Pentium 75/ IN/1?0 MHzCPU Triton CbipsetMBw/Built-in EIDE Ctrl k FastVO,KPila>linc Barst EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen Pentium ///?N MHzCPU Triton Chipset MBw/Built-ia BDE Ctrl tt FastVO,KPipe-linc BmstCache

8MBRAM(esp. MB)


I2 GB EIDEHardDrive

I?GB EIDEIbadDrive MBFloppyDrive PCI VideoCardw/IM Memory(cxp. to?M) 14'I, LR, SVGA,xMonitor Mini-towerCmew/?NW PS Win'95EnhancedKeyboard Logitek 3BMouseman

GBHDEHardDrive MB Floppy Drive ATI Mach64 VideoCardw/IM DRAM 15" NI, LR,SVGA,Daytck Monitor Mini-towerCasew/?30WPS Win'95EnhancedKeyboard

MB FloppyDrive PCI Video Canl w/IM M


csp. to?M)

14" I, LR, SVGA,x76$28Monitor Mini4owerCasew/W PS

I04 Win'9E5ahmccdKeyboard Logitck 3B Mooseman

$/ $/$1$$8 $1IIOS/$/$ Memory

72 pin 16M$78 72 pin 32M. $ 72 pin 4M EDO $21

72 pin SM EDO$38 72 pin 16MEDO,$7S 72 pin 32MED.$ pm16M/ED$99/$

Motherboard vr/ CPU Sx86 75/ MHz $/ Pentium 75/ MHz $/ Pentium / MHz $/ Pentium /MHz $/ P?00/6x86/Pentium pro$/Call

VLB EIDE Controller$27 Adaptec /SCSI Ctrl $$5/$90 Adaptec DSCSI Ctrl $ Adaptec WSCSI Ctrl $ Adaptec SCSI Ctrl,$

alloverlimo.usDE Hard Drive $ GB EIDE Hard Drive $ GB EIDE Hard Drive $ GB EIDE Hard Drive $ GB EIDE Hml Drive$ GB EIDE Hard Drive$

Tape/Zip/Jaz Drives lomega Zip Drive, IOOMB,SCSI/Para.$ Iomega JazDrive, I G, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, Int/Ext$/$ Zip IOOMB/Jaz I GBDisk$18/$ Colorado T,SDOMBht/Ext$/$ Colorado Jumbo GB$ Corner Int. MB/SDDMB$/$

GBSCSI-2HardDrive $ 2. IGB SCSI-2 Hard Drive .$ GB SCSI-2 Hard Drive $ GB SCSI-2 Hard Drive $ •

• • m •

• •


m • m •

Iatc inctPackage$?6 Fax Modem $69 Psnaassis aNg/snsss/irN/ssssrkof ical GsrP.


Proview 14"/I 5"/17" $/$/$ Daytek 14"/15 "/17" $/$/$ Acer 14"/15 "/17" $/$/$ MAG 15" DX/T „$/$ MAG 17" DX/T$/$ ADI 4V 15 "/SV 17" ,$/ NEC 15XV+/XEIS/XPIS $/$/$$45 NEC IS" CSDO/M$/$ NEC 17XV+/XE17/XP/$/$ NEC 17" M,,$ SONY ISSF II/SX$/$ SONY 17SF II/SE ,$/$

16 Bit PnP SoundCard $39

SoundBlaster 16PNP/IDE$S9/$99 SoundBlaster32AWE/PNP$/$ PanasonicCD-ROM8x$ Mitsumi CD-ROMSx$ ToshibaCD-ROM8xS Sony CD-ROMSx. $1 4 5 Pioneer10xSCSICD-ROM$1$9 NEC 4xSCSICD-ROM,$ HP Surestom i CD-Writer Sony S CD-Writer,$ Blank recorrhble CD., eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. .$11 .

Video EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen Trident VLB/PCI, IM $75/$33 Cirrus Logic VLB/PCI, IM $79/$39 S3 Trio 64, I M/?M D $49/$69 S3 Virge 3D, 2M/4M.$99/$ ATI Mach 64, IM/2M D $79/$99 ATI 3D Xprcssion, ?M DRAM$ All 3D+, 2M/4M SDRAM$/$ ATI 3D+, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, PC/IV, 2M/4M SDRAMSS9/$ I All 3D+, ProTurbo, PC/TV, 4M/SM$/$ ATI Mach 64, 2M/4M V $/$ ATI TV Tuner Card$ Diamond Sil 64, I M/2M D $95/$ Diamond Stl 64, 2M/4M V $/$ Diamond 3D 2MEDO RAM,$ Diamond Edge 3D IM/2M D,$/$ Matrox Millenia 2M/4M W$/$ Matrox Mystique 3D?M/4MS?29/$

Modems KbpsInt. Fax/Data KbpsInt. Voice/Fax/Data$ KbpsInt. Fax/Data,$89 & Kbps Int, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. Voice/Fax/Data S Supra Int. Voice/Fax/Data .$

USR KbpsInt. Fax/Data,$ USR KbpsInt. Voice/Fax$

Cases/Keyboards/Mouges Windows 95keyboard $2D

Fujitsu /$30/$55 LogitechMouseManSerial $33 Logit echMouseMan Bus$89 13 "/15"TowerCasew/?DDW$47/$57 19"l25" TowerCasew/W.„. $67/$97



IKE par ing lot

• • ot



• m•• •

A •


8 $.

8 8 •






HD Controllers

Hard Drives

I 44MBFloppyDrive A11 Mach64VideoGml w/?MDRAM 15" I, LR, SVGA,DaytekMonitor Mid-TowerCasew/W PS ID4 Win'95EnhancedKeyboard Logitek 3BMouscmm

$13 78/$/$/$ $/$??48/$

Canon BJ/?40C/C$/$/ Canon LBP laser$ HP DeskJet /6$0/69OC$/$3$8/$ HP DeskJet Cxi/C$4$8/$63$ HP LaserJet SL/SN,$/ HP LaserJct 5/SM/SSi$// HP LaserJet SMP/4M+ $/$ HP 4V/4MV/C$/$3$19/$ HP 6P/6MP,$/$ Brother HL44I, dpi, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, 6ppm$3$9 Brother HL, 60Ddpi, 6ppm.$ Brother HL, dpi, 12ppmS DRDO Anti Covid Drug (2DG Medicine) Approved, Efficacy, Price, Name Stylus IIs//Pro$/$/ OkiData e/e/$10e$/$/$ HP ScanJet4S/4P/4CS?69/$/$ Logitech PageScanner„$

30 pin 4M $24 72 pin 4M $21 72 pin 8M $3$



Printers / Scanner

30 Pin IM,$

SMB to16MB. .$39 16MB to 32MB $IN 1.?GB->GB->2,0GB HD$31$30 ?.IGB->25GB->3,0GB HD.$3OIO 14" to15"monitor UseGiabytn Ann MI $40/SD QatthaediI'a12IISX IOL$23I/27INS lacbagag SX/I?X/ISX CD-ROM 16 BitSoundCard MultimediaStereoSpcakcis 48 CD titleswith encyclopedia

Intel Pentium Pml50/ISO/MHzCPU Triton Cbipset MBwIuilt-ia EIDE Ctrl R FastI/O, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, KPipe-line Burst Cache 32MB



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. DYSTOPIAN DELIGHT • • By WILLIAM A. WOOD • • ll games want atmosp here, an d m o s t v claim it. Syndfcfgte Wfgts Is cganuned sa full of it, it pmctically leaks out of the box. The concept of the original Syedfaage was deceptively simple — and deli'ghtfuily a junkhr exercutive in the Eutf>Corp syndicate (a multinatklhal quasicompany intent on nothing short of wodd dominatian),you were phced in charge of guid. ing a gmdl fagce of brakhwaslml automatons,er, volunteers thtough various teal@me missions in urban settings. Most stories involved eliminating agents of enemy syndicates, bgainwashing useful ciilians, or pgatecting your symgcate's property (human or othetwise).

tists to join my researCh team, or lmock over a bank for some capital ht?); flyi n vehicles; complex and dynamic ndssion maps (egset)tgrhftgg can be destgoyed,

with enough Egefwywer); and a geamy nasty, unfoggivmg AI. And ance you gecanquer Ihe wodd, you can play the game all over agahh —as a Zealot

(death to the Syndicate!). With the addition of multiplayer mayhem, what more could you want? Get this game — or do you need a little mage persuasion? +

The easiestway to do your taxes. You betl Flam the makers of Quicken and QuickEcokg, QuickTax is the fastest and most gtraightfotwafd way h> do your taxes. QuickTax guides yau tluaugh a simple slap-by~ ptacess, much hke an accountant would — but without the expense! Your Iesponses are entered on the right forms, on the right lines — ttutt>ttttfticttgy. QuickTax analyzes your unique tax situation, seeks out deductions and gives you helpful advice on how ta save money on your taxes. QuickTax'0 Final Review even double-chedm your ietttrn to make suge iYs cf>mplete.

E asy as 1, 23 ! s I


Answer g?ukkkvux'e eaeyetktnutenthtntd hheftrtewuseeaene. t t>nce you' ve gathered up eii your mceipts, QoickTex gcrirhs you thmugh ail the stuesttons you oruri to answer. Qui«kTes then puts your answws in eii the right places end performs ail riw eeocsuuy ut stkxrx

no cars tna n uht teeyhu m bmksupwweri

A limited amount of Iesource manafpment wag requited: Ieseagching weapons and cybernetic modi6cations in video strip poker hd to create more awesome agents,mosdy. The bulk of the game took place in the Seld, and the action could get Sst and furious. Well, guess what? Your syndicate took over the warkLToo bad yaur control is starting to slip, though. Zealots fgam the Church of the New Epoch ate challenging your domination. Ibe "unchipped" (citizens who have been geleased from your electronic mind canthal) are starting to revolt.%me to ga back into the fray. SyadfirdggeWats wisely keeps the basic structure ftom Syndfcfggeintact (topdawn view, decent ' s p rites), but a teal di5erence can be seen and heard in the vastly impmved SVGA graphics and the incnxlible CD sound. Other improvements include: a mimion scteen that is now fully gotational (so your agents won't disappear behind buildings anymore/); fun new weapons (Nuclear grenades! Iazar whel); more hhtitude in choosing missions (should I go persuade" a couple scien-

r I II


~its':"-'0 .,

qutekTax nwtewe yeta saturn Rtetetagtty.

gurgkk sus

Your tenon is donbtecludred kx' enms end omhrkus to hdp you make «enam riut rxehhg hss been iea ont m overtoohxk Yon'ca even ahrtsd to mbacd deducgcns that msddmsu>vru money m missedentries gwt maid trigger s Revenue Canada audit.



rs u m swal. ssssnsu • ssrrsesseseuesar Vw «Sesswsswsrslsssswns 'sssl Sssseuxuunwusswvrsrsu I', t

res x j js r. ! If.

3 tsffut yetu akaulyttsee tenue tfLrftt aunt yetu fetukeg

Weh Quids Tax, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. yuu can paint your 6nsi tax fonna fprnri wmioni smwry dot msuix, ink jet or laser primer ime sign your mbnn end dmp it m theuvnl. no amus hmshwt

lh' errfrrskuQrricksrr Easygtrpru inkvfau sulksyeuthroughyour en return rtxtcktyexd unity.

RRSP Analyzer! •m

The ciikics agree. QuickTax is 41!

Nuw, with the new QuickTax RRSfsAnnlyaey, determining your uphmai RRSP cuntfibufion hag never been easier, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. New! The ~ Tnx S uuunfny svindow mrntihm your tax situation as you prepare your ietum. Yt>u gei a tan>cise iuok at the elect of diffetent iax strategies — ynu'g knew where yuu stand every ~ - t h e-way. QuickTax also indudes SnnutAutat that jcrnke iur etmts and fhtnltuagen fkutey — for any deducfir>na you might have misseL They'te added featunaa that make it a snap in gei the most uuk uf your iax tekutn!

QuickTax will do for your taxes what Quicken did for your cheque book.

1 revhwed each [taxi padaee twtm. Qukhyax nremhands

dowa .- FILE SCAVENGER 4.3 crack serial keygen was emaniy puckagauus pmduced acmmd rehem Ihe fhst arne. FfaenciriPast. Masch

Ihe dnsr whuwr eu asm af twe by auumuy fngu QnickTax. CSC TV, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. Onawa, Mauh ts Iax plnglnnl elsec

ml tgey

Tke Cemyten' alloverlimo.usy y.



This ymer's Qm'ckTsx Dehue is Ihe sbdusb foihnt


QuickTax Deluxe offem you ail gw pmmr of QuickTax pha ukimedie bor advae on CMtf>M m help yeu save money now end in du yuus to mmri

Wuh Qutcklhr Drimvr you get an ~ Wrr k nmsy with cwmnnn vmsioru of Brest rk Young's Mousing Your Pcrssnri Teus, aswell askicks mliar grrstegsend Ittf Nbys ts gecesn Tsom by Evdyn jacks. Find answem to aii your ssx pustions with the cbdc of yaur maned

You'll eho gnd over video dips with tas aevbafs trahtgrm

eem nsmrriri eapsstsMmshsii loch. former managingeditor of

Fortuneswgerinr, end Cene Ketz, Senkrrprindpsi in ese National i kx Cmup et EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen rk Young.

Jfnfgam gjjjsgkfyaka guÃkae hukhkgtttng LtkL NISjtiihd5 axial. gigkf4% (gfythst). rur eyes

'B thuds,

Sygtehn refiahumentu ~ I X 4 / l N kygtgm rftannwn eeledI, S?CAtftdee ce4 Ae. iduayeal akgfRR, yR Mhggrdrihhtagyegkh4W R Au (Ig IO kded j .

Aod re top it og. QoirhTsx fhbne indudss eenarwh ahhui Steri. erdhsuuc You1t be abh to compue, sort and rank ebnost evwy nmtnei hmd m Csnsch — avegsbh only with Qsocklex Dshnsri

%sit your local retailer todayI

Or call now to onler: 1-$D ext, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. %% vsvtrtsrr sert chcNsarvvo su ssstnsst rntrsurh vt Ixrut Ior rrg vera srtsrsuh sn rsv rvtprstr ci their sstvcrov owens, t> tots istsir inc.



FE BRU A RY 1 9 9 7

• ooeee e o o e



f e a t u r I.-',:,' ';=directors, or only those whh still photos of

cont i n u e d

people orSlms on the CD. You can add a

f r o m pa ge 1R

of various entertainment Sguxes sorted byday and months and a glossary of Slm and sehsed tenne(what'sa B ~ Once you' ve made it to a browser screen, you get mene choice+ You can have the tide list stay on screen or disappear when a selection is made, Slter the list by Smous peolde,

movie tide to your own pcrtnmml database under the lscadings of very good, average. poor or rent, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, ptuchase, own. You can aho add annotations so a tule. You can look up movies via timeline, access the Criteria Slter for more xefinesnent,aek the pxogram to pstwidc a list of Slms based on matching content to thc lnovlc bdc currently

on scxeen (this can be a long pxoccss), or you can ask it to suggest films that match ymu pcx sonal categories. Inst, but by no means least, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, theAN Movte Gatdde includes hothnks to xnovie Wcb sites and See,quarterly updates of its datatxme Smn Cocci's Web she,as well as a movie txfvia game axad a movie cxosswoxd puzzle — each of which can be EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen SItexed by category, genre, and a host of other criteria. h single


woaddescxilstion of the Core/AS!lfor4e GsxQ'e may as wefi be "exhaustive." %he nunc AS Nosde Gxxfxfe 2 CD works under Windowst5 or NT) and Mac operabBg systems.

Reccnnrnended selection For a couple of years now, Microsoft's Cf rerxxsasia97 bas been the leader of the pack when it came to CDbsscd movie databases, and it feels alloverlimo.usm Multimedia's Bhohf'McsforGrade's inted'ace is stgl rough in spots, but mell still give it marks Sir ehtalthough it appears overpriced. ZbeConsdAS Notch Gsnhh2, despite its lack of video dips, is our choice of the best of bxeed for this season — not only because of its overwhdming list of tlfies and lowest price, but also because of tbe number of ways you search for tonight's

entertainment. + in the world of tnonitcne different needs dictate different features. Priorities vary, and budgets change. Staying in tune with these variations, Sceptre an international ISO manufacturer, strives to consistently design monitors that ofter real solutions rather than dictate fixed market specs.

iI,si ,'iiJ'i ':i' ::;5'


AU arash Ctddc2, from Carel Cinp. USQL9$. for mme hfetnmthm, call () 7$04?00, fas (), orvhlthttp://wwwcereLcem/ Nttkhahr Sthstnhatstd 6nhh to Noshsaat tadmrr Zaf rtfidan, fvom Creative NnlthnedlL U$Q98L for nmse hfotmathn, csl tj, or ($03) $1, faa ($03)or vtdt httpt// thsmanh 97, fram hgaosoft Canada. EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen kfj} riii

Sceptre's WINplay~ series is a complete line of Windows'95 CRTs that provide the quality, features and functions coinparabie to those offered by other leading manufacturers while lnaintmning very competitive pricing.



The latest introduction is the J73S. This inch multimedia model is complete with two speakers, earphone jack, and sensitive built-in microphone. With high resolution ( x ), low radiation the J73S provides the best of S c eptre's a w a rd-winning WINplay~ series and goes a few steps further to accommodate the growing multimedia market.

(Oh$1$ sehote andlahh from sgaosoft). lor morehfennathn, call $ (hfo) or $0 (sahs), fax (90$) $, or shit httpur/

e ••e• • • •

• • • • • e• • • • • • • •

Are computer games replacing

Whatever application, general business, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, small/home office, or just rackir@up frequent flyer miles on the web, Sceptre's WINplay™ series has a monitor to suite your need.

cont i n u e d f r o m

a el F

in fssape, andI!yar af the Ring.I' ve played boald gamtm that were good, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, dteesy fun (AivfulGreen Things' Itnsm Outer Space Snit tsRevenge) and ones that were deadly serhus (Gipianxatyl. I have no deslse IB slop phylng board games. I really enjoyed phying Saabhfr with my dad aver Otnsbnas. And have you ever tried playing Saupftmwith a compulery You won't leam much. I somehmeswonderifmmpuler games alert'tsim-

ply a cndch, d sgulslng the fact that we often hck humansIBphy against. Thanagain,mmputar games havean unmntdted power IB fasdrmte people for hng periods of time. I phyed ilnmfly nnd Sanfts Tat (in cooperation with a fnand, mme IB think of dl), several days0 week, fur manlhs and months, SlmGIy, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, Gvtratien, and fSteatlfs Rybferwesemnstantcompanions for yean. In fact, I can still eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen my filst axnpuler game, a Titfie boxing tiext game from or so ( pick 1 IB throw 0 jab, pick 2 to thew an uppercul, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, pick 3 IB bhck ). I was amazed,and hooked. So, if you hok up at my window at AM, and!! tnt' Sly J7ss Monitor o Reduced„Compact Casing

• Smaller Sacstprlnt • Iullt-ln Speakers, Microphone • Low radlatlnn • Wmdows $5 compatible • On-screen dlaplny o fllgh reanlntlen • Small dot pitch • Energy Star compliant

Con nowand we will send yott a RlUU ono yaor tnombsrship to am SCUf lltgTRN%LCUNS(vakmd at l. Use yourmembership enn tsdiately to take advantageof exchaivo discounts unnvailablo to lho general


«i e

Vyhothoryourplansinchdo business ar plesstso travel you will benefit frominshnt worldwide travel saving on aafnies, hotch, car mnlals, tours and cnssss.

•New, user-friendly design o 3 year limited warranty

8+V4 ®

For dealer nearest you cail:


CO s,rU. '[Et,P,LA,VEtl F,E:S, I,Fir,


i. THE 0R Lrs'1'0 ' " httpl/

the fight's still on„ I'm either a) up finishing this aiti-

de (oops), or b) shii trying la conquer the galaxy in Master of Onan if. I'm just playing unS I get my

next saenlTiic advance, though. Honest.e

":~.:;" ':, '"&#39.; ';. G a m e s .„'„.:,&quot.':;,-; = '

en arne • • By MARC SALTZMAN • •

e m s i n a r a i n i ns

games place you, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, the protagonist, through a dimensional portal in onler ta fight the evil Demon Loni and its gothic henchmen. Bonus: both games are also supported by the Virtual I/O VR headset for the ultimate experience. Pick up these games individually for $20 each, or packaged together for $

With the price of a new CD-ROM mughly four or five times the cost of a regular music CD, game shopping can really wallop your wallet. So soon after the holiday season, who has that kind of money to blow? Of course, most computer retail stores have their socalled "bargain bins," overflowing with overstock, unwanted, and older titles, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, but are there enough worthwhile games in there to bother looking for the needle in the haystack? The answer is, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, most definitely yes. Although you will find deals in all genres of computer games, I found the best tides were in the action, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, RPG, and advennue categories. Remember, prices may vary slighdy, but all of my research was confined to Electronic Boutique,Compucentre, Radio Shack, and The Office Place locations.

What's nly role

lines, characters, and overdl gamephy. Sierra/Dynanux's Betrayal at Krorufor is another worthy catch. Based on Raymond E. Feist's Rfftiuar series, this addictive game casts you as a traveller exploring the large world of Midkemia, and takes you on a number of epic quests. The floppy disk version () is still floating amund and doesn't differ too much fmm the $20 CD-ROM version (only e n hanced music has been added). The game features many characters and towns, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, and uses turn-based combat scenes for you and your party. PS: This awesome, unofficial Betrayal at Krtrndor Web will help you along on ur journey: http: //www. ' /ktondor/ ndorktml P'",:.&#39.":1 ,;:,t,&#39."'y.,ygi;,g~,"„'"


After a two-year draught, we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for the RPG (role-playing game) genre for the I waited, I blew the dust off of older boxes and have since seen these same hidden gems in bargain bins city-wide. Most computer game hns are fiuniliar with Origin's bestmfiing Ulema series. Since the origitLd game ineGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, created fiom the mind of Richanl "Loni British" Gamott, many chapters have resided on plenty a hanl drive, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. These thtee htter titles, ybe B/ack Gate,The Serpem Isle,and Hogan, aie all deserving RPGs — especially for under $20 each. Don't expect dazzling graphics or superior sound, but you will find yourself absorbed by theirmtriguing ' spiry-

e'et in on the action Since GTE has recently released their PX Pigbter Turbo edftfon, you' ll be able to scoop up the original PX Pfgbter CD-ROM for as low as $ One of the better fighting games for the PC, you' ll be amazed at the beautiful graphics, fluidity of animation, and heart-pounding techno soundtrack. Magic Carpet and Magic Carpet B Ihe Neuenaorldsare both outstanding first-person perspectivefantasy games wheteby you fly thmugh many 3-D-tendered worlds on — you guessed it, a magic carpet. FWBullfiog's moody

Road aie both hilarious and challenging titles fmm the folks at LucasArts. Both cartoon games are well written, with good plots, and hours and hours of puzzles. Dayof tbe Tentacle is the s equel to Ma nfac Mansion and features the voice ofWKRP In Cincinnati's Les Nesman (actor Richard Sanders), while Sam N Max Hft the Road is based upon Steve Purcell's wacky underground comic book series. You can fina them packaged inthe LucasArts Archers Volume I Pack,or individually for only $20 each. Adventure gaming and Sierra go hand-inhand. Forapproximately $25, you can own the Sierra Game Pack containing six classic games: the hauntingGabriel Knfght, Lefsure Suit Larry fn tbe Land of tbe Lounge Lfzards (the one that started it all); Roberta William's popular Kings Quest V; Quest for Glory; the strategic Caesar; and the awardwinning flight sim, Red Baron. OK, I' ve been saving the best for last. Talk about a steal — look for the complete CDROM version of Return to Zork bundled with the Zork Anthology (text adventures Zork, Zork II, Zork III, Beyond Zork, Zork Zem, and bonus: Planetfall) — all for $ Activision distributes these Infocom hits that will keep you warm until the snow melts. Remember tokeep your eyes open for"bargoons," because you' ll find a lot of manuiacturers bundling and reducing prices of older titles. Good luck and happy gaming! +

e the adventurei e popular adventure of computer games minates the retail "sale" bins, and there aie many c o mmendable CD-ROMs from which to choose. Day o f the Tentacle and Sam'N Max Hft Tbe

~>; :i':-~":.' '-:,"" ~

iNTkiN'm0K t3NTNNN

Directory List Medium

Citation preview

# # # # # # # # # # # # # Copyright James Fisher This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, Second Street, SuiteSan Francisco, California, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen,USA. Priority ordered case sensative list, where entries were found on atleast 2 different hosts

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laugh out loud so much since Art's Day of The't be fooled by the character's lovable clay appearance (handcrafted by EartbruonnJim's creator Doug TenNapel) and l ight-hearted storyline, though —The Neverbood is a tough game to finish. This leads me to the only problem I have with this game: some of the latter obstacles in the game are quite far-fetched. Don't get me wrong I don't have any beefs about a hard or challenging game, but I found some of the puzzles ambiguous and obscure. Despite this o n e s h ortcoming, Th e Neuerbood is a must-have CD-ROM for any adventure gamer's collection. It has all the elements of a worthwhile product: appeal-

f r o m pa geZ4

Cyan'I Myst Eat your heartout, Chost You control The Klaymen as he sets out to tackle over 60 puzzles in crisp SVGA graphics and, if your system is powerful enough, very smooth animation and fluid character are over 50, frames of animation and three tons of day used here, and the game took over one year to complete. The scenery is gorgeous and the voices and jazzy/folky music is professionally executed. Setup is a snap, utilizing Windows 95's auto-play feature and automatic sound and video detection, and the rest of the game is controlled effortlessly via the mouse. The Necerbood is downright hilarious — I don'tthink a computer game has made me

ing characters, simple controls, a juicy plot, a unique visual experience (TikeMysr), memorable music, high replayability, and a gratifying conclusion. This product marks the first release from DreamWorks Interactive — a collaborative effort from the talents of Stephen Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jerry Katzenberg. +

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nraNererfaua( rrum DraemwerksInteractive. Wtn91 CD NM. Iapap to (stmat). systesnsnrtthrements:penttum7SMlle, 8 Mb RAM(16 IS recnnnnendad),stead-speedCMOM, 9%A monllor, a 1st Wlndaeacampatndesoundrani and speak«s (16 btt rmmnmesded), 10 Marsardddre space

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I'I'vt'i'ss-"r'zn ~ AniteC COmputer TeChnOIOgyHours: r'r'lofti ' a z ss' e ' s e ' l' : I Non. to5af.: 10om to 6pm




5un.: 11amto 4pm

Power Series

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in the followingwordsfor the desiredeffect DNCORNH OUO:GodMode(and unlimited jetpack) DNKROZ: sameasabove, just fewer wordsto type DNVIEW:sameasthe F7 keyin the game, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. (with the message"You'retoo good to be cheatingl") DNHYPEILputs you in SteroidsMode DNITEMS:givesall inventey items and keys DNWEAPONS: gives all weaponsand ammo DNKEYS: gives all the keys DNSTUFF: givesall weapons,keys,inventoiy items DNSCOTIYxyk level warp where x isthe episode number, and yz isthe level number DNSKILIJcchangesthe dilculty mode to x (can be 0 to 3) DNUNLOCK:opens all doorsand unkxks all locked doors DNMQNSTERS : turns on/off the monsters in the game DNCUP:walk through walls DNSHOWMAP:showsthe entire map DNCASHMAN:spewsmoney eveywhere whenyou press spacebar DNCOORDS: shows detailed map coordinate/ level information

BUBBLEBOY: boundingsphereson/off CRAZYSE YX COOL infinite jumpjets on/off BEHOLDMYGLORY: free eye modeon/off ANlljOLT: time expansion enabled/disabled FIASHYFIASHY: autcHgrouping enabled/disabled WALKTHISWAY: leading reticle enabled/disabled

I know, I're not interested in mere strategy tips or techniques. Youdon't have time for any subtle hints, nor are you patient enough for any long teche&abble answ6s as to how to conquer your favourite CD-ROM games. You craveanswe/s, and you want theseshortcuts now. What you need are the programmer's cheat codes so you can crack into your game and change it to make it easier, more fun, and to dazzle your friends with some

Quake Hit the - key (called a tilde) to enter the Consolemode. Type the desired code„p/essENTER /RETURN to record

often keyboardtricks. Well, hereyou go.

it, and thenpressESCto return to thegame. Enjoy:

Med$wanlor 27 Mereencufes Activision's hit gamecan get quite tough at times, so

GOD: makes you invincible FLY: enablesyou to fly —press Dfor up and Cfor down IMPULSE 9: armsyou with all weapons,

enter the following commands while holding the CTRL+AL T+SHIFTkeysduring the game(i.e., TYPE THIS: get this);

IMPULSE 2SS: turns on quaddamage

SUPERF UNKICALIFRAGISEXY: turn invulnerability on/off ISEENFIRE ANDISEENRAIN: unlimited ammo on/off OOOHHHLLIAAALLIAAk heat tracking on/oN

GIVE weapon": adds aparticular weapon to your arsenal(¹5 l-9) GIVE Item" "amount": setsammunition or health points =energy cells, etc.) (S=Shells, N~ls, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, R=rockets, C

MAP ExMy: jump to any level in Quake,where x is the


jets Duke Nukem 9D You mayhaveheardof afew of these, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, but I'm sureyou don't know 'emall. At any point during thegame,type

ONTIMEE VERYTIME: time compression keyenabled/disabled

HATCHET/AXE/SAW: inaeasesharvesting Df lumber IT IS AGOODDAYTO DIE invulnerability with ZSSdam-

age bonus MAKE ITSO:buikfings, units, upgrades built quicker NETPROF: watch a lass show NEVER AWINNER removesvictory NOGLUES: disables magical traps

ON SCR EEN:uncoversmap(also workswith modemplay) TIGERULY: skip leveh in campaign play ORCn / HUMANn:jumps tolevel n (type TIGERULYfirst) SHOWPATH: aswith ON SCREEN, displays v/hole map THERE CANBEONLYONE jump to final movie TITLE units travelfaster UGA cfisplays"Go Bruins" on the soeen UNITE THEOANS: instant victory

VALDEZ/SPYC OB: addsSolr y r Iesouices YOU PITIFUL WORM: instant defeat

DNRATEshowsyour frame rate onsoeen DNBETA:prints the message"Pirates Suck!" DNALLEN:prints the message"Buy Major Stryker"

Bonus Came: Command 6r Conquer Well, there's bad news and good news for fansof Westwood's popular C k Cseries. The bad newsis

DNTODD:prints the message"Register CosmoToday!"

that there are no official cheat codes — they were

taken out of the game by the pmgrammers prior

.w:iY" s .

UKETHECOMST ARBABY: end mission successfully

FASIDEMO:demo scenesat main menu start faster GUlTERINGPIZES:adds gold and lumber to your

DNDEBUG: showssome debug information

desiredepisodeandy isthe desiredlevel

WEDIDITAG AIN: coming at chaagain (Daressaeen)

EVERY UTlE THINGSHEDOES:magic usengiven all the spells

Nansei ll

to beta testing. The good news is that some peo-

Whether you play asthe evil Ores or noble Humans, try

ple don't take no for an your browser to http: //

out thesecodesto add somespice to your game: DAY:displays"fief" on the screen DECKMEOUT: upgradesall technologiesinstantly

mand. html tn find out how it's done. +




Ill I





II 5 1 20 $1 ' ONLy) iPS S ANID Dx Pcl/IsAI $6 INT FAXMODEM IP $17$8eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, ' 16MBRAM,BBDEHDp iP @1 2 1 .4 4MB FDD,1MIT YIDE0 14' Nj LRGR SVIli (MMX CPU +, +1 00) ',

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1. ZIP D I S K 1 O OM B O N L Y 0 16. $ 9 I E A 2. T4M I M $ 5 0 M B W R I T A B L E G D o N L Y 4 1 0 l } $ / E A •2


PL EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen Y ER I


F E B RU A RY 1 9 9 /r

• FI • IILLI11 • • P • • II11



~ HIG H E N D ~

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MS Office Pr(OEM)

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o r/esse $39/mon

Cyrix + $

Modem 33,6 Fax/Data/Voice int$ Supra 33,6 w/Voice int $ USR Voice / Full Duplex int-- $/$ USR Voice, Full Duplex ext $


Intel Pentium P CPU PCI/ISA Mother Board Built-in EIDE Ctrl,k pp Cache 16MB EDO RAM PCI 64bit Video Card 13CB Hard Drive MB Floppy Drive 14" Monitor 15" Mid-tower Case, % PS Win'95 Keyboard, Mouse SorlOx CD ROM, fax/modem 16Bit Sound Card, 60W Speakers

$ $49/mon C yrix +

$1 3 63

Sx CDROM Hitachi/ Panasonic — $/$ 12x CDROM — $

Sound Card / Speaker — — - $45 Stereo Sound Card — — - $89/$99 Sound Blaster 16 PnP/IDE Sound Blaster 16 3D $ Sound Blaster 32 PnP/AWE retail-- $/$ Sound Blaster 64 AWE retail — —— — $ Speaker 7W/60W/W-$15/$24/$42 —


Software w/system only: Windows'95 Full Ver.-

-$ $ $85

MSice EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen.

Corel Word Perfect Suite

Video Card Trident PCI, I M/2M w/sfMPEG —$49/$66 S3 Trio 64bit PCI, IM/2M — - $49/$69 S3 3D Virge 2M/4M w/Games- — - $99/$ ATI Mach 64D, IM/2M eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen $79/$99 ATI 3D+ 2M/4M wMPEG - $/$ ATI 3D+ 2M/4M wMPEG„PC2TV —$1$3/ ATI 3D Pro Turbo 4M/SM, PC2TV - $/$ Diamond Stl 64D,1M/2M - $95/$ Matrox Millenia 2M/4M %RAM — $/$ Matrox Mystique 3D 2M/4M $/$

Others PCI Digital Camera, Full Src, Full Color — $ TV Tuner / wVideo Cap $/$2$5 ComputerEyes, PCI, Video Cap. $ Joypad / Joystick $18/$25 Microphone $12 Earphone w/Microphone $20

Limited quantity. EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen are cash discounted and subject to change without notice. Call for thecurrent prices.

North Rd, Coquitlam, B.C. (LougheedHwy & North Rd) TEL() FAX:() Mon.-Fri. Sat. Sun.

Keyboard Mouse Win'95 Keyboard Fujitu / Logitech Mouse 2B/3B MicrosoA Mouse

Case 13" /15" w/W PS 19" /24" w/W PS Desktop Case

$20 -$29/59 - $20/35 $35 $48/$58 $6$/$ -$59

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BllmlllB alloverlimo.usIIE:

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how fast canyou seewhoowesyou how I much, and how long they've owedit? Faster than yctu can iead this paragraph. QuickBooks~ for Canada is the

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ra ~

I •

lf you' re becoming a serious gamer, you' ll hike down to your local computer store for some serious shopping.%he first thing you%i discover is that joysticks have changed — a lot —since the last time you paid attention. %he simple twobutton stick with flimsy moveable grip doesn' t cut it any more, gaming contmllers cost mole than ten bllcks, and to mund oilt the smprise tour, you%I find that joystick has ahnost become a retired term. Today's market is filled with flightsticks and gamepads, not to mention more esoteric specialty devices for flying simulations, driving simulations, and pinball simulations.

y did you really make anymoneyonthat job? That's on1y one of the things you' ll know with QuickBooks Pin, an entnely



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for Canada The fastest,easiestway to manage your business. Guaranteed. Models ate d i stinctly military' in flavour — named after combat jets and helicopters (F, Cobra), eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, missiles and other weapons (SideWinder, Mortar), or just phin intent (Assassin). Ihat should get you in the right mood to consider the prices for today's nationally advertised bxandname game Iiardw'ue, Rom amund Cdn for the MicmsoR SideWmder Gamepad to Multimedia Tools Archives - Page 7 of 8 - MASTERkreatif USS for the 'lhrustMasterF Pru or USS for its F. 16 FLCS Limited Edition.

Nt t t tttwe RlgSIAg(

Fubne Shop Business Depot

QUICKBOOKS IS AVAILABLE AT THESE AND OTHER RETAIL STORES COMPUCENTRE Computer City Staples Office Depot Electronics Boutique Compusmart Oifice Place ldmdnn Drugs

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C a n ge S

con t i n u e d

year. Look for compatible products from Advanced Gravis, Logitech, and Microsoft to hit shelves first. Progrunmability is a hot issue with game controllers. It "s offered by a variety of companies, particularly those with game'pads in their lineups. Software such as Microsoft's Game Pmfiler aUow you to program various buttons to take on certain keyboard tasks (including running macros to allow you to enter "cheat codes" quickly). You' ll need to be ruiming Win95 to take advantage of most of these.

f r om pa g eZQ

Making choices If you' re anything like some of the serious PC garners Iknow, you don't stick to one game; you gobble'em up like candy and switch among severd — so one of your prime concerns will be compatibility. Although the PC's pin game port hasn't undergone many changes since the first IBM PC, operating systems and game sophistication have, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. Off the top, you' ll find products from ThrustMaster and C a nadian-based Advanced Gravishave the widest range of support in both Windows and DOS. For example, only drivers for their products are included in Windows 95 along with a generic " joystick" driver ( n o t even Microsoft's SideWinders are explicitly supported in the August commercial version). If you' re interested in digital joysticks (as opposed to analog types using potentiometers), then your choices are narrowed to two contenders for now: Microsoft's SideWinder 3D Pro and Logitech's Wingman Acronis True Image 2021 Crack + Keygen Final [LATEST]. Universal Serial Bus (USB) isn't in wide use yet, but it will begin to be part of new PCs shipping this

Ont from the crowd Everybody's gotta have a

gimmick and the game controller market is no e xce p t ion .


The logltech Nntjisan

Some of the neat tricks that stood out in my survey included:

~ i ii

The ability to gang pads together to allow multiple players at the same console (Microsoft SideWinder Gamepad, Gravis GRiP system, ThrustMaster Phazer). • A knob that allows you to whirl in a degree circle as fast as you can twirl it with your left hand while con-


o Ashanced Cmvts. Wide range of gamepah and lnystkhL Contact: $ or () $0%; bttp://alloverlimo.uscom/ CB range of fggbt slnmhtnr prodoch far PC and Nac. Contact Ri-$ or () $90 1$10; http: // yhst Pwsan Csmlny. Assassin3-D a&h an to your jaystkh, controls tum and ghnces upsnddnwn, lmt hosesthing and fennel and bach move. ment toyour inystkh. Contact$ ; http: //alloverlimo.usngA,om/ aye Intematlnnsl (Cenhs) lower psked rangeof joystkhs and gsmepah with endeashg names such as gesgh, Condor, and Nester. Contact 10 $$93 o r () 9 3 3 .3$10; http: // n/ alloverlimo.usn, Wingman Extreme, and Wingman alloverlimo.ust or ($1ej 79$0$Nk http: // Nksosnlt Canada QdeWlmhr, QdeWlnder 3D Pio, QdeWlnder CamePad. Cantact: WOO-$ (info); $0 (sshn); (90$) $; http: //alloverlimo.usftcom/canada/ Noose Systems. Cobra jnystkh. Contact ($10) 6$; http: //alloverlimo.usystemLcom/ 1hnntNmter. Extenshe gne of bossy~ (aml bessplnked) game cautrogws hchdhy spechlhed units for ilyhg, dibthnh plnbag,snd jmt gen• ragy shnothg the hegaut of eswythhg. Contact ($03) 61$ http: //

tinuing to fire with your right — especiagy good if nasties with sharp pointy teeth or big guns are coming up on your right, left, and rear (Logitech Wingman Warrior). 602 Pro PC Suite 99a.03 crack serial keygen "hat" switches (as opposed to the more l imited 4-way switches

that were popular last week) aaowing you to look in many directions quickly — the alternative to the Warrior's SpinControl (Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro, Gravis Firebird 2, Mouse Systems Cobra). • A special button that allows you to instantly flip degrees to save you if you hit the wrong switch (Wingman Warrior). • Suction cups to hold the joystick down (Cobra) — most eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen merely weight the hase. • A detachable joystick handle to aUow you touse a gamepad as a pad or stick (Gravis GamePad Pro). +

• •

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E A S T 3 R D S EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen R E E T N GRTH V A N C OU Y E R EARTH

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Norland Ave. Burnaby, B.C. C OMP U T E R

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Fax: M35

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() 9 8 7 - D I S C

(34 7 2 )

¹45 East Broadway Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1V4

Rock Computer Ltd. West 6th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1A6

Tel: () SS59 Fax: () Tech: () http:I/ Mon.-Sat.: am - pm

Intel Pentium mhz$ Intel Pentium CPU 47g Intel Triton2 VX, K PBC +/ KIDK, 2x, Parallel SM EDO 72Pin 60ns Shoo floppy drive P ' GB hard drive mode 4 IM 64bit PCI EGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen (? M +$20) 14" SVGA x NL LR. 13" tower case w/ CSA power Win'95 enhanced KB 3 button mouse with pad

+C fy •

Intel Pentium mhz$ Intel Pentium (P5} CPU Intel Marl w/Triton2 HX, 2$6K PBC KIDK, 2x, Parallel 16M EDO72pin 60ns gg® S®0 floppy drive ~ o GB hard drive mode 4 ATI M64 PCI 2M DRAM w/MPEG 15" x 28 LR Nl digital 17" ATX tower case w/ CSA power Win'95 enhanced KB Logitec mouse with pad

PS/ / OSIS// P//$//1$7 0 PS// $// P 0// $// I /1$$ 69$0/ 9 6 9 BI06P~/+ /11$0

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w/ 16M82M EDO+$40/ 60W +$20 w/G/G .+$30/70 W +$55 w/ WD//25/ +$30/85// w/ Monitorl5/NEC15/+$// w/ Sx/12s CD-ROM +$/ w/ 16bit sound/ SB16PnP. +$35/82 w/ Voice / USR voice, +$/

w/ Sx/12x CD-ROM • +$/ w/16bit sound/ SB16pnp +$35/80

RAM I CI'U 4M/EDO 72pin $22/22 $M/EDO 72pin $42/40 16M/EDO 72pin $85/80 32M/EDO 72pin $/ 64M/EDO 72pin $/ 1M/4M 30pin „$9/28 Parity 4M/8M 72pin$35/50 Parity 16M/32M 72pin $/ DIMM SM/16M pin$60/90 DIMM 32M/64M pin$/ SO DIMM 8M/16M $85/ INTEL MMX /$/ AMD KS// $58// Intel PS//$// Intel PS//$// Intel P k/k$/

w/32M EDO +$88 w/2 .1G+$50 w/ WD///+$20/60// w/17" monitor/NEC15&quot. +$ 3 00/

w/SB32PnP /SB64AWE +$/ w/ Voice / USR voice +$/

MOTHERBOARDSIFD Triton2 VX k PBC/DIMM$11Q *o T2 HX k. MMX m/b$ GAVX k PBC/DIMM$ GAHX k PBC$l95 Asus VX k PBC/DIMM$ Asus T2 HX k PBC $ Asus T2 ATX k PBC$ Tyan S/dimm, k $ Tyan Tomcat III/ Dual P5/$ Intel Marl T2 ATX k„$16$ Intel Tucson T2 ATX s 16,k.$ Intel FX VSP6/PRP $/ Dual P6 Supro Natoma $ Dual P6 Tyan Natoma$ CPU fan /PS/P$7/8/16 k/k PBC,$20/38 ,$30 FD .

6x86P ISO+/+ $/

PRINTER Pnnasonic24P/OKI T$/ Canon BJC/$/ Canon BJC$ HP C/C$/ HP Cxi/Cxi$S IO/64Q

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HP SL dpi,$ HP 6P/6MP, 2M,Sppm.„.$/ HP 5/5N/ 5M $// HP 4V/Ssi/SsiMx$// HP 4P scnner$

HP 4C scnner$ Microtek E3/$/ Logitech pagescaner$


Tel: () S Fax: () Mon. - Sat.: am - pm

Intel Pentium Pro (P6) CPU/k Intel Venus w/Natoma FX KIDK, 2x, Parallel 32M EDO 72pin 60ns floppy drive GB hard drive mode 4 Quantum ATI M64 PCI 2M DRAM w/MPEG 17" ATX tower case w/ CSA power Win'95 enhanced KB Logitec moueeman/MS v.2 with pad

u'rare-soo ssslem

w/Adaptec /UW +$/$ w/WD 2S /32G aide+$40/70 .+$1&0/ w/2G scni /4GWscsi. w/MGA Millenam 2/4M +$/24l

QuantumFB /G$/ SB16Pnp/$78/ ZipDrive (US$50 rebate)$ Zip disk/Jnz disk$18/ USR voice/SpeakerPone$ VoiceFnxModem$ Flate 15" x digital$ Brother Laser dpi DX.$ WD G/G ,$/ e are the First: ln Vonconoerto sdl: .Intd PS-I20,l33,l$0,systenss. BOO and PBC. Endeavor Sertds. Aarrora and Venus. Inld P6 IOOl CPUseGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. Intel Dnd PSIP6 systems

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Windows'95fall ver, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. on cd(w/systetn only):$ DiscoverySx/SI32 n 12 titlcs5 kers $

-' Hard Drives t Controllers

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T a pe t 2ip Drive

l. G/G/2. I G$// WD $//G$// WD G/3. I G$/ Quantum //$// Quantum /G.$/ Scagate /I.7/$// Scagate G,$3SO Quantum 2. I scsi/W/UW$// Quantum G Wscsi/UW$/ Seagatc4G UW scsi $ Scagate 9G wide scsi $

HP colorado T I /E $/ HP T/E $/ ZIP IOOM scsi int/ext $(us$50) ZIP M Parallel $24$(us$50) Jaz I G scsi int/cxt,$/ Ditto M int/cxt$/ Ditto 2GB Traven int/ext$/ DC/XL $18/25 Traven TRl/TR3 tape ,$36/70 Zip disk M $18 Jaz disk IG$

ISA 16bit super VO 2x $35 VESA 32bit 2x,$35 Adaptec / scsi$85/95 Adaptec /ultra$/ AdaptecW/UW$/ scsi /wide scsi cable,$15/35

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CQ-ROIII Sound Card

Sx Acer/Panasonic$ 12x EIDE CD ROM$ NEC Sx SCSI int. SCSI $

Viewsonic 17PS/GS. „.„$/

FaxVoiceMod/ USR$/

NEC P/Sony$/ PCI 64b I M/2M$40/58 PCI 64 w/MPEG I/2M$50/70 ATI 64 I M/2M DRAM$65/85 ATI Xp 3D/Diamond 3D 2M.$ ATI 3D Rnge2 PC2TV 2M$ ATI 3D Pro Turbo 4M$ Millenum 2M/4M $/ Misteque3D 2/4M $/ SOJ RAM for Video IM$15

QuantumFB /GB$/

es ooo


$// Acer 15 "/17" digital$/ MAG DX I ST/I e$/ NEC C/MS$/ NEC XV I 7+/M$/ NEC P 17" $ Sony SX/SF 15"$/ Sony SX/SF 17"$/ 14"I I Sa/17a


intel Pentium Promhz

16bit sound card/SB16pnp$35/78 SoundBlaster 32 Pnp$

SB64AwcPnp retail box$ 60W/80%/W Speaker$20/25/60

Fax Modem Voice retail int/$/

Supra VoiceFaxModem $

Mouse ICase/Keyboard Mouse/logitech ,$$/20 Logitech3B/MS v$32/40 13"/15"/19" w/power$4$/53/65 ATX 17 "/ Full tower$/ KB/Fujitsu/$20/30/60 Microsoft Nature Kbd ,$85

CD Writer

NETWORKS 16bit ISA Combo Ethernet$35 32bit PCI Combo Ethernet$60 Intel ISA Ethernet Pro 10+$99 Intel ISA Ether Pro 10+ Combo$ Intel PCI Ethernet Pro $ 3Com Etherlink 16 comb/10B.$/

3Com Ether PCI B (IOB)$ 3Com Ether PCI (Combo)$ BNC/Terminator/T $5 Coax Cable 10fl/2DII/SOII$15/20/35

Netware 5/10 users$/ NT Server 5 /10 user $/ NT Workstation $ We provideDealer PricePmtcctiorr (nll Prices listedare cashdiscounted nadtbc prices nndspncigcntions aresubject to

change withoutnotice )

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Great colour printing, perplexing marketing • • By PAUL ANGYAL •

The relentless pursuit of happiness (as in photo-realistic colour reproduction on inkjet printers) took yet another upturn whenHewlett-Packard introduced the newest family member in its "family" printers, the II90C, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, featuring HP'snewproprietory "photo-resolution enhancement technology."



r e


This is a new way of creating dots of colour for an image: instead of the industry standard three-colour~plus-black (CMYK) process, the technology works with six shades. HP achieves this by, substituting the black ink cartridge (the C is a dual cartridge machine) with a special "photocartridge" that adds light blue, light magenta, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen, and black to the palette, eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen. The photo-kit is interchangeable with the black asthe need company is betting on the anticipated rapid proliferation of digital cameras, scanners, and


other means of acquiring and working

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eGames for Windows v1.10 for Win95 crack serial keygen

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