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JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen

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List of film and television accidents

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In the history of film and television, accidents have occurred during shooting, such as cast or crew fatalities or serious accidents that plagued production. From tothere were 37 deaths relating to accidents during stunts; 24 of these deaths involved the use of helicopters.[1]


  • Across the Border (). On 1 Julywhile filming on location in Canon City, Colorado, cast member Grace McHugh was filming a scene where her character was crossing the Arkansas River in a boat. When the boat capsized, camera operator Owen Carter immediately jumped into the river to save her. He dragged her onto a sandbar that was reported to be quicksand. The rest of the film crew watched helplessly as they were sucked into the sandbar and drowned.[2] Carter received a posthumous Carnegie Hero Award for his rescue efforts.[3]
  • The Birth of a Nation (). Future film director Erich von Stroheim fell off a roof and broke two ribs in one scene as an extra.[4]
  • The Girl of the Golden West (). Actor House Peters Sr. suffered serious burns to his face JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen hands when a prop pistol exploded upon being fired.[5]
  • The Captive (). During filming of a scene where soldiers were required to break down a locked door, the extras fired at the door using live ammunition to give the scene more realism. Director Cecil B. DeMille then ordered the extras to reload with blanks in order to film the next shot in which the door is broken down. One of the extras inadvertently left a live round in his rifle which discharged, shooting another extra, Charles Chandler, in the head, killing him instantly.[6]
  • The Woman God Forgot (). In one scene, extras were required to be thrown over the side of an Aztec pyramid. The 'pyramid' was built of wood XenArmor Social Password Recovery Pro 2020 - June 2020 crack keygen covered in paper on which sand had been glued to create the appearance of stone. The extras were 'sand-papered' as they slid down the side of the structure. Having expected such injuries, a crew member was waiting at the bottom with a bucket of iodine.[7]
  • The Valley of the Giants (). Silent-era star Wallace Reid was badly injured in a train crash during filming in Oregon. His injuries caused him severe pain and the studio supplied him with increasing quantities of morphine so he could keep working. Addicted to morphine and also suffering from alcoholism, Reid died in at the age of [8]
  • Unidentified Henry Lehrman comedy (). Comedian Billie Ritchie, while working on a short comedy film, was kicked in the stomach by an ostrich and sustained internal injuries, which eventually caused his death.[9]


  • Haunted Spooks (). On the set of a publicity shoot that took place while filming, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, actor and comedian Harold Lloyd picked up what he thought was a prop bomb with the fuse lit but realized too late the bomb was real. It detonated, blowing off the thumb and first finger of his right hand and also temporarily blinding him. For the rest of his career, Lloyd concealed his missing fingers with a prosthetic glove.[10]
  • The Skywayman (). Pilots Milton Elliott and Ormer Locklear were killed on 2 Augustduring filming. Their plane crashed at the DeMille Airfield, along Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, while filming night scenes.[11]
  • Manslaughter (). Stunt man Leo Noomis was required to crash a police motorcycle into the side of a car at 45 miles per hour (72&#;km/h), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Noomis suffered six broken ribs and a fractured pelvis while performing the stunt.[12]
  • The Eleventh Hour (). Stunt pilot Dick Kerwood suffered a severe concussion during filming. He was to parachute from a Standard-J biplane which was loaded with explosives set to go off after he bailed out of the aircraft. However the timer was faulty, causing the explosives to detonate when Kerwood was still on board. He was thrown clear and, although dazed, managed to open his parachute in time.[13]
  • Souls for Sale (). Actress Barbara La Marr injured her ankle during filming and doctors prescribed not only morphine but also cocaine to control the pain and enable her to continue filming. Working on the production left La Marr addicted to drugs, a factor that contributed to her premature death three years later.[14]
  • Sherlock Jr. (). While hanging from a water tower, Buster Keaton pulled a rope that released water from the tower, knocking him to the ground. In the scene, he stood and ran into the distance. During a routine physical examination 11 years later, an X-ray revealed that Keaton's neck had been fractured.[15]
  • The Warrens of Virginia (). On JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Novemberwhile working on location in San Antonio, Texas, Martha Mansfield was severely burned when a match, tossed by a cast member, ignited her Civil War costume of hoopskirts and flimsy ruffles. Mansfield was playing the role of Agatha Warren and had just finished her scenes and retired to a car when her clothing burst into flames. Her neck and face were saved when leading man Wilfred Lytell threw his heavy overcoat over her. The hands of the chauffeur of Mansfield's car were badly burned while he tried to remove the actress' burning clothing. The fire was put out, but she sustained substantial burns to her body and died the following day.[16]
  • Ben-Hur (). An early filming attempt of the chariot race was done on location at the Circus Maximus in Rome. It brought about the death of one stuntman when a wheel of his chariot broke.[17]
  • The General (). During filming of the epic comedy in Oregon, there were a number of incidents. Several National Guardsmen, employed as extras for the Civil War battle scenes, were injured by mishaps caused by misfired muskets or explosions. Director and star Buster Keaton was knocked unconscious when he stood too close to a cannon firing. Assistant director Harry Barnes was accidentally hit in the face by a blank charge. Train brakeman Fred Lowry sued the production for US$2, after his foot was crushed when it was run over by a locomotive wheel during filming of one of the railway scenes.[18]
  • Wings (). During filming of the World War I aerial combat scenes, stunt pilot Dick Grace was required to deliberately crash-land a Fokker D-VII, specially modified to "crumple" on impact. When the Fokker struck the ground, the landing gear failed to crumple, making the impact a heavier one than planned. This caused Grace's safety straps to break, sending his head through the instrument panel, leaving him with four crushed vertebrae and a broken neck. Amazingly, Grace spent only six weeks in the hospital and was again performing stunt work within a year.[19]
  • Noah's Ark (). Three people died, one man lost a leg and a number were injured in a scene where several hundred extras were caught in the "Great Flood." The deaths were instrumental in the introduction of film safety regulations the following year.[20]
  • The Aviator (). During aerial scouting for locations, an aircraft crashed, killing cameraman Alvin Knechtel and actor and stunt pilot William Hauber.[21]
  • The Godless Girl (). The filming of one scene required cast members Lina Basquette and George Duryea to be trapped in a burning building and both actors had their clothing, hair and exposed skin covered with an asbestos coating. During filming, Duryea, concerned that the pyrotechnic flames were getting too hot and too close, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, retreated from the set but Basquette, eager to impress director Cecil B DeMille, insisted on remaining until the scene was completed despite the intense heat. The actress suffered serious burns and blistering to her forearms and her eyebrows and lashes were singed.[22]
  • Unknown film (). Strongheart, a German Shepherd film star, was accidentally burned after coming into contact with a hot studio light. The burn became tumorous, leading to his death later that year.[23]


  • Hell's Angels (). Three pilots were killed during the filming.[24] The sole Sikorsky SA, owned by Roscoe Turner, which portrayed a German Gotha bomber, crashed during filming on 22 March when stunt pilot Al Wilson put it in a spin for its final scene and was unable to recover. He was ready to bail out and called back to his mechanic Phil Jones (who was in the rear of the plane dumping lampblack to simulate smoke) to jump, but Jones did not hear him and went down with the plane. Only one brief shot of the spinning Sikorsky was used in the film.[25][26] Two other stunt pilots, Al Johnson and Clement Phillips, were killed in separate accidents. Producer-director Howard Hughes was badly injured when he personally piloted a low-altitude aerial maneuver after the professional stunt men informed him it could not be done safely or successfully. They were proven right when Hughes crashed and suffered severe head injuries. Hughes underwent plastic surgery to undo the damage to his face, but his left cheekbone could not be repaired.
  • Such Men Are Dangerous (). During aerial filming off the coast of Southern California near Santa Monica on 2 Januarytwo Stinson Detroiter aircraft, employed as camera-planes, collided over the ocean. All ten men on board the two planes were killed, including director Kenneth Hawks (brother of Howard Hawks), assistant-director Max Gold, cinematographer Conrad Wells, director of photography George Eastman, cameramen Otto Jordan and Ben Frankel, two property men and both pilots. Only five bodies were recovered. As it was one of the final scenes to be filmed, the movie was still completed on schedule. Families of the men who were lost took legal action against Fox Film Company but the courts ruled in favour of the latter.[21][27][28]
  • The Viking (). After completion of filming in Canada, producer, co-director and real-life adventurer Varick Frissell decided that more footage of the Labrador ice floes was required. He and a small film crew joined the real ship The Viking on a seal-hunting voyage in order to obtain the footage he wanted, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. On 15 March, the ship became trapped in ice near Horse Isles and dynamite stored on board (intended for breaking up ice floes) accidentally detonated, destroying the vessel and killing 27 men, including Frissell and cameraman Alexander Penrod.[21][29]
  • The Little Minister (). John Beal nearly lost his sight when an extra accidentally stabbed him in his eye during the filming of the mob scene.[citation needed]
  • Four Frightened People (). During filming in Hawaii, actress Claudette Colbert was required to stand up to her neck in a real swamp. This scene was shot on her first day on set after having undergone an emergency appendectomy and Colbert and the director disregarded concerns raised by the on-set nurse. Filming in the unsanitary conditions while not yet fully recovered led to Colbert being hospitalized with a severe fever two days later.[30]
  • The Lost Patrol (). During filming in high temperatures in Buttercup Valley near Yuma, Arizona, Director John Ford insisted his cast and crew only work in the early mornings and late afternoons to avoid the most intense heat of each day. Under pressure from RKO to speed up filming, Producer Cliff Reid insisted that the midday break be shortened. Ford refused, believing that many of the crew would be at risk of heatstroke in the degree F conditions. Reid tried to prove his point by walking around in the open in the midday heat and soon collapsed with heat exhaustion, requiring hospital treatment.[31]
  • The Crusades (). While filming a battle scene in which horses fall into a moat, four stunt JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen sustained serious injuries which required hospitalization. All four of their horses were injured so severely they had to be euthanized. It was recommended that the injured stunt-men Jogos de Social Deduction de Graça para Baixar extra pay but director Cecil B DeMille refused, saying that the riders had "bungled a simple scene".[32]
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade (). During the filming of the charge sequence, a stuntman was killed when he fell off his horse and landed on a broken sword that was lying on the field, unfortunately wedged in such a position that its blade was sticking straight up. Also, due to the use of trip wires, three dozen horses had their legs broken and had to be shot during filming, resulting in the U.S. Congress passing laws to protect animals used in motion pictures.[citation needed]
  • Saratoga (). Lionel Barrymore broke his hip after tripping on a cable on the set of that film.[33]
  • Jesse James (). A horse was killed during the scene where it was ridden off a cliff into a river. JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen incident led to the American Humane Association opening a Hollywood office in and monitoring the treatment of animals in films.[34]
  • The Wizard of Oz (). Margaret Hamilton was badly JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen during a scene in which her character, the Wicked Witch of the West, "vanished" in a burst of flame and smoke. An elevator was to lower her under the stage, after which a gout of flame would be released; during one take, the pyrotechnic device went off too soon. Hamilton suffered second-degree burns on her face and third-degree burns on her right hand. The studio physician was called in and Hamilton was saved any further injury.[35] Her stunt doubleBetty Danko was also injured in a scene involving a smoking broomstick.[36]Buddy Ebsen suffered a severe reaction to the aluminum powder which was dusted over his Tin Woodman makeup and aggravated a congenital bronchial condition.[37] He was unable to continue working on the production and was replaced by Jack Haley.
  • Hotel Imperial (). Actor Ray Milland was seriously injured while filming a cavalry charge scene through a small village. While making a planned jump over an obstacle, the horse's saddle came loose and Milland fell into a pile of masonry. He spent a week in hospital with concussion, a three-inch gash to his forehead and a badly injured left hand.[38]


  • Citizen Kane (). While filming, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Orson Welles tripped down a staircase and chipped his anklebone, forcing him to use a wheelchair for the next two weeks. Welles also gashed his own hand during a scene where he destroyed a room.[39] Welles quickly improvised, grabbing a curtain and using it to cover his bleeding hand while he completed the scene, which appears in the film.
  • My Life for Ireland (). An anti-British propaganda film made by Nazi Germany. During the epic final-battle scene set during the Irish Civil War, several extras were killed when one of them stepped on a live land mine. The footage is said to have been included in the release prints, although no proof of this has been established.[citation needed]
  • They Died with Their Boots On (). Three horsemen perished during the cavalry charge, one of whom was extra Jack Budlong, whose horse tripped as he rode alongside Errol Flynn. As he fell forward, he had the foresight to toss his sword ahead of him. Unfortunately, it landed handle down and stuck in place. Budlong was impaled on his own sword, and died in a Los Angeles hospital a few hours later.[40]
  • Reap the Wild Wind (). According to a biographer, actor John Wayne suffered a chronic inner-ear condition for the rest of his life after filming under-water scenes in this production.[41]
  • Signed with Their Honour (unfinished, ). This was to have been a British war film based on the novel of the same name by James Aldridge. But during filming in Cheshire, a pair of Gladiator biplanes collided, injuring both pilots who managed to escape by parachute. After this incident, the film project was abandoned.[42][43]
  • The Royal Mounted Rides Again (). Addison "Jack" Randall was killed at Canoga Park, California, while riding a horse past the cameras at full speed on 16 Julyfor a Universal Picturesserial, when he fell from the saddle while trying to retrieve his hat which had blown off his head, and struck a tree. He died shortly JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen (). During the filming of the historical adventure, nine extras suffered burns including one man who had his hair partially burnt off because director Cecil B. DeMille insisted on using real fireballs and flaming arrows for Tally ERP 9 (2022) Crack Patch V6.6.3 + Serial Key Free [32/64 Bit] of the battle scenes.[45] In another incident, stunt woman Polly Burson was filming a scene that required a canoe to go over a waterfall. She missed the tree limb she was supposed to grab onto and fell into the safety net which was below the water's surface. Landing face down in the net, she nearly drowned and was only barely able to struggle upright in time.[46]


  • Summertime (). In one scene, the character of Jane Hudson falls into a canal as she steps backwards while photographing a shop in Campo San Barnaba. Leading lady Katharine Hepburn, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, concerned about her health, was disinclined to do the stunt herself, but director David Lean felt it would be obvious if he replaced her with a stunt double. He filled the water with a disinfectant that caused it to foam, which added to Hepburn's reluctance, then required her to film the scene four times until he was satisfied with the results. That night, Hepburn's eyes began to itch and water. She was eventually diagnosed with a rare form of conjunctivitis that plagued her for the remainder of her life.[47]
  • The Conqueror (). The exterior scenes were shot on location near St. George, Utah, miles (&#;km) downwind of the United States government's Nevada Test Site. Inextensive above-ground nuclear weapons testing had occurred at the test site, as part of Operation Upshot–Knothole. Director Dick Powell died of cancer in JanuaryPedro Armendáriz was diagnosed with kidney cancer inand committed suicide in after he learned his condition had become terminal. Susan Hayward, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, John Wayne JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Agnes Moorehead all died of cancer in the s. Cast member actor John Hoyt died of lung cancer in The cast and crew totaled people. By91 of them had developed some form of cancer and 46 had died of the disease. Several of Wayne and Hayward's relatives also had cancer scares as well after visiting the set. Michael Wayne developed skin cancer, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, his brother Patrick Wayne had a benign tumor removed from his breast and Hayward's son Tim Barker had a benign tumor removed from his mouth. It is not clear, however, that the cancer rate for this film crew was significantly higher than in the general population. Further, while the cast members noted developed a wide variety of cancers, according to The New England Journal of Medicine, leukemia is the JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen form of cancer known to develop from exposure to fallout radiation.[48][49]
  • The Ten Commandments (). Cecil B DeMille overcame a minor heart attack while climbing down by ladder from the top of the Ancient Egyptian city gate set while filming the "take three" of the Exodus sequence. In another incident, during filming of a sand-storm scene, an extra carrying a flaming torch tripped over and the torch set fire to the clothing of a young girl standing next to him. The girl only suffered minor burns thanks to the quick thinking of make-up artist Frank Westmore who raced over and tore off her burning costume. During the filming of the same scene, several Egyptian extras were stung by scorpions, or bitten by cobras, both of which had been blown out of their burrows in the sand by the artificially generated storm.[50]
  • Varan the Unbelievable (). Minor injuries, exhaustion and dehydration are common hazards for suit actors of the kaiju genre, but during the filming of 'Varan' suit actor Haruo Nakajima (who also portrayed Godzilla for 18 years) was severely burned due to a pyrotechnics mishap. This was the only time in his career that his injuries forced him to be replaced for the JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen of the shoot.[51]
  • Ben-Hur (), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Joe Canutt, who was Charlton Heston's stunt double, sustained a gash on his chin after being flipped out of his chariot during a chariot race scene.[52]
  • The Horse Soldiers (). Fred Kennedy, a veteran stuntman and bit player, was killed in a horse fall on location in Louisiana. Director John Ford was so upset he closed the set and had to film the rest of the scene later in the San Fernando Valley, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, and in a cut-down version.[citation needed]
  • They Came to Cordura (). Dick York suffered a severe back injury during the filming that caused him great pain in his later years, so much so that he was forced to resign from his longtime role of Darrin Stephens on the s television program Bewitched. In York's own words, "Gary Cooper and I were propelling a handcar carrying several 'wounded' men down [the] railroad track. I was on the bottom stroke of this sort of teeter-totter mechanism that made the handcar run. I was just lifting the handle up as the director yelled 'cut!' and one of the 'wounded' cast members reached up and grabbed the handle. I was suddenly, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, jarringly, lifting his entire weight off the flatbed—one hundred and eighty pounds or so. The muscles along the right side of my back tore. They just snapped and let loose.[53]


  • The Alamo (). Actor Laurence Harvey, who played Colonel W. B. Travis, was injured when a cannon recoiled while firing, with one of the wheels rolling over his foot, fracturing it. He did not reveal his injury until filming of the scene was completed.[54]
  • The Siege of Sidney Street (). British actor Leonard Sachs was injured while filming a scene which took place in a burning building. The room and all the props were coated with fire-proof jelly, as was the actor's shoulders and arms. However the special-effects crew neglected to apply the jelly to Sachs' head because to do so would have taken 20 minutes and the production was on a tight schedule. As a result, Sachs suffered burns to his hair and scalp while filming the scene.[55]
  • Spartacus (). Actor Charles McGraw suffered a broken jaw on the set of the Roman epic. During the revolt at the Gladiator school, Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) is seen forcing the head of evil trainer Marcellus (McGraw) into a cauldron of soup, drowning him. McGraw's jaw struck the rim of the pot, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen a fracture but he managed to continue the scene nonetheless.[56]
  • The Unforgiven (). Actress Audrey Hepburn was thrown off a horse while rehearsing for a scene. Hepburn suffered from two broken vertebrae, and later suffered a miscarriage, which has since been attributed to the accident. Hepburn was flown out of set and spent six weeks recovering at a hospital. When she returned, Hepburn wore a back brace for the rest of production, and her wardrobe was redesigned in order to hide the brace.[57]
  • The Guns of Navarone (). Actor David Niven almost drowned during filming of an ocean storm scene inside a large water tank. He sustained a cut lip that led the actor being hospitalized with sepsis, which halted production on the film for a month. He insisted on returning to complete filming of his scenes before he had fully recovered, later causing a relapse of his illness that resulted in another seven weeks in hospital.[58]
  • Cape Fear (). According to Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck accidentally punched him for real during the final fight scene. Mitchum felt the impact for days afterward.[59]
  • Flower on the Stone (). Soviet actress Inna Burduchenko suffered third-degree burns while filming in a burning barracks on 30 July She died in the hospital on 15 August. Burduchenko was three months pregnant at the time of her death.[60]
  • How the West Was Won (). Stuntman Bob Morgan, husband of Yvonne De Carlo, was seriously injured and lost a leg during a break in filming a gunfight on a moving train. Chains holding logs on a flatbed car broke, crushing Morgan as he crouched beside them.[61]
  • Lawrence of Arabia (). Actor Peter O'Toole was nearly killed when he fell from his camel. He also injured his hand during filming by punching through the window of a caravan while drunk. A brace or bandage can be seen on his left thumb during the first train-attack scene, presumably due to this incident.[citation needed]
  • The Manchurian Candidate (). While filming a fight scene with Henry Silva, Frank Sinatra broke his little finger during a movement where he smashed through a table. This resulted in problems with his hand for several years and is said to be one of the reasons why he pulled out of a starring role in Dirty Harry, having to undertake surgery to alleviate pains.[62]
  • The War Lover (). During aerial filming over the English Channel, parachutists jumped from a vintage B to simulate a bail-out, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. One of the jumpers, Englishman Mike Reilly, drowned in the sea below.[63]
  • Dr. Strangelove (). Peter Sellers was originally to have portrayed a fourth character, Major "King" Kong. However, Sellers injured his ankle while filming a take as Kong. As a result, Slim Pickens played the role of Kong, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Scott Simon claims the titular character is in a wheelchair because of Sellers' ankle injury.[64]
  • Goldfinger (). Harold Sakata burned his hand while filming the fight at Fort Knox, where his character, Oddjob, gets electrocuted, but continued to act as the scene was still being filmed.[65]
  • The Horror of Party Beach (). For the filming of the motorcycle and car chase, members of a local motorcycle club were hired to play a bike gang. Not wanting to be in the back of the field, one of the members sped up to the front and collided with the actor playing the gang leader, triggering a pileup that injured the actor and several bikers. Meanwhile, a police car responding to the incident was involved in its own crash.[66]
  • The Flight of the Phoenix (). On 8 Julypilot Paul Mantz crashed and was killed on a second take making a low JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N. (). Cameraman Robert King Baggot was killed during filming in Kauai when a huge wave hit his boat and washed him overboard.[21]
  • Thunderball (). While filming the scene where SPECTRE agent Angelo crashes the Avro Vulcan into the ocean near The Bahamas, the stunt double for Angelo nearly drowned when the stunt double for Emilio Largo accidentally disconnected both the prop oxygen line and the double's actual oxygen line underneath.[68]
  • High Jungle (). On 28 SeptemberRawhide star Eric Fleming was filming in Peru. During the final stages of shooting, Fleming's dugout canoe overturned in the Huallaga River. Actor Nico Minardos managed to swim to safety, but Fleming was swept away by the current and drowned. Fleming was 41 when he died. His body was recovered three days later.[citation needed]
  • You Only Live Twice (). While filming an autogyro flight scene in Miyazaki Prefecture, cameraman John Jordan, who was standing on the landing strut of the camera helicopter, was struck in the foot by the autogyro's blade. Although doctors in the area were able to reattach the foot, he had it amputated when he returned to the UK.[69] A few years later Jordan was killed during the filming of Catch.
  • Pontiac commercial (). Cameraman Raffael John Esposito and actress Brenda Lee Meinsenheimer were killed in Thousand Oaks, California, when a camera boom suspended from an oncoming camera car crashed through the windshield of their car.[21]
  • Night of the Living Dead (). Crew member Gary Streiner accidentally caught himself on fire while attempting to ignite a prop with gasoline. Actor Bill Hinzman managed to put out the fire, saving Streiner's life.[70][71]
  • Where Eagles Dare (). Derren Nesbitt was injured on set whilst filming the scene in which his character is killed. The blood squib attached to Nesbitt exploded with such force that he was temporarily blinded, though he made a quick recovery.[72]
  • Battle of Britain (). Spanish Air Force pilot Don Federico Eglesias Lanzo was killed in a crash at Tablada, Seville.[11]
  • Director (). Soviet actor Yevgeni Urbansky died in an accident while performing a stunt during filming on 5 November [citation needed]
  • Shark! (). A stuntman was mauled to death on camera when a shark, which was supposed to have been sedated, suddenly attacked.[citation needed]


  • Barquero (). On 28 AugustDirector Robert Sparr was killed in a plane crash while scouting filming locations with cameraman Gerald Finnerman. The single-engine plane they were riding in went down near the Brush Hollow Reservoir outside of Penrose, Colorado. The pilot was also killed in the crash, but Finnerman survived. One of the film's stars, Lee Van Cleef, was scheduled to accompany Sparr and Finnerman on the scouting trip, but he backed out at the last minute.[citation needed]
  • Catch (). Second-unit director John Jordan was killed when he was sucked out of a B Mitchell while filming a bombing scene. He refused to wear a safety harness while the plane was in flight.[73][69]
  • Golden Eagle (). Thai star Mitr Chaibancha was killed while starring as his popular character, the masked crime-fighter Insee Daeng (Red Eagle). On the final day of shooting, Mitr was required to grab a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter. However he only managed to grab the lowest rung. Unaware of this, the helicopter pilot took off and Mitr finally lost his grip and fell to the ground. The accident was caught on film and appeared in the final theatrical release. The fall was removed from the DVD release version.[74]
  • Tora! Tora! Tora! (). During aerial rehearsals prior to shooting in Oahu, Hawaii, a Vultee BT, modified to resemble a Japanese Val dive-bomber, crashed in a sugar-cane field in Ewa, killing pilot Guy Thomas Strong.[75]
  • Zeppelin (). During aerial filming over the Irish Sea, a replica SE5 biplane and an Alouette helicopter camera-ship collided in mid-air. Assistant-director Burch Williams (brother of producer Elmo Williams), cameraman Skeets Kelly and pilots Jim Liddy and Gilbert Chomat were all killed.[21][76]
  • A Clockwork Orange (). During the film's pivotal brainwashing scene, Malcolm McDowell suffered a scratched cornea and temporary blindness from having his eyes propped open for so long.[77] McDowell also suffered a broken rib in the scene in which an actor taunts and attacks him to demonstrate his rehabilitation.[citation needed]
  • Kamen Rider (). During a scene for Episode 9 ("The Terrifying Cobra-Man"), lead actor Hiroshi Fujioka fractured his thighbone in a motorcycle stunt when he rode into a telephone pole at 50&#;mph (80&#;km/h), forcing him out of action. Producers had to use stock and unused footage, which was dubbed by Rokurô Naya, for the next four episodes, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, causing a dip in the ratings. Producers eventually had no choice but to substitute him with a second character played by Takeshi Sasaki. Fujioka made a return in Episode 53 ("Monster Jaguarman – Deathmatch by Motorcycle Fight"). As neither actor could be axed, the show ended up having two heroes.[citation needed]
  • Von Richthofen and Brown (). Stunt pilot Charles Boddington was killed during filming when the vintage biplane he was flying crashed at Weston Airport near Dublin. The following day, another aircraft crashed, injuring pilot Lynn Garrison and actor Don Stroud.[78]
  • Matlock Police (). During the filming of a pursuit-sequence for episode 36 ("End Of The Road"), a vehicle driven by a cast member struck and killed a member of the camera crew after losing control while negotiating a gravel bend.[79]
  • Deliverance (). Burt Reynolds injured his coccyx while canoeing.[80][81][82]
  • The Godfather (). Gianni Russo broke two ribs and cracked his elbow after James Caan threw him over a fence and slammed a garbage can on him during a fight scene.[83]
  • The Last Lion (). Sound technician James Chapman was mauled to death by a lion during production on this South African film.[citation needed]
  • Napoleon and Samantha (). Jodie Foster was mauled by a lion on the set. The event has since caused Foster to suffer from ailurophobia.[84]
  • The Bell from Hell (). On the final day of shooting of this Spanish/French horror film, director Claudio Guerrin Hill died after falling from the bell tower for which he named his film. He either jumped or fell accidentally. Juan Antonio Bardem came in to take care of the post-production duties after Hill's death.[citation needed]
  • La Cloche Tibétaine (). On 18 June, during the filming of episode 4, "L'escadron d'or" ("The Golden Squadron"), of this French mini-series, actor Roger Delgado and two Turkish film technicians were killed when their car went off of the road and fell into a ravine. Delgado, who was known for his role as the Master in the British television series Doctor Who, was 55 at the time of his death.[citation needed]
  • Enter the Dragon (). During a fight-scene, Robert Wall accidentally slashed Bruce Lee in the arm with a broken bottle. After the wound healed, Lee legitimately kicked Wall during the re-shoot with such force that an extra broke his arm trying to catch Wall.[85]
  • The Exorcist (), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Linda Blair suffered a spinal fracture due to a mechanical failure while filming a scene where her character Regan MacNeil levitates and thrashes violently. The fracture later developed into scoliosis years later after Blair reinjured her back during a motorcycle scene in another film.[86] In addition, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, actress Ellen Burstyn seriously injured her back while filming a scene where she falls over backwards after her possessed daughter backhands her. The scene was left in the film.[citation needed]
  • Earthquake (). Stuntman Bennie E. Dobbins suffered a concussion when knocked off his feet during the filming of a flood scene (which was used in the film). Multiple stunt people suffered minor injuries during filming of a crashing elevator. [87]
  • Primal Man (TV, ). Actor/stunt performer Janos Prohaska, his son Robert, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, and 34 others died in an airplane crash while filming this television series.[88]
  • The Eiger Sanction (). A number of accidents occurred during the filming of The Eiger Sanction. A year-old English climber, David Knowles, who was a body double and photographer, was killed during a rock fall, and mountaineer Mike Hoover narrowly escaped with his life.[89]
  • The Great Waldo Pepper (). Experienced stunt-pilot Frank Tallman, during filming of the aerial scenes, managed to perform two planned crashes without injury. However a third (accidental) crash occurred while landing a Nieuport biplane when a rudder bar broke at feet, sending his aircraft nose-diving into a hill. Tallman survived but suffered two cracked vertebrae, required 58 stitches, and had to be taken off filming for two weeks.[90]
  • Carrie (). Actress P.J. Soles, who played Norma in the film, ended up with a ruptured eardrum after pressurized water from a hose sprayed her directly in the ear during the filming of the prom scene. She made a full recovery and the director decided to leave the shot in the movie.[91]
  • Hand of Death (). According to his book I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action, Jackie Chan was knocked unconscious when he did one of the stunts on this film.[citation needed]
  • No Deposit, No Return (). Dale Van Sickel, first President of the Stuntmen Association, was driving a car that was supposed to go off the end of a wharf in the Disney film. Oil had been applied to the wharf to facilitate the stunt, but too much was put down. The car went out of control and hit an abutment. Van Sickel suffered brain damage, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, and remained an invalid for the rest of his life. Before the accident he had been semi-retired, only taking a few jobs a year "to keep from getting stale". His family sued Walt Disney Productions.[citation needed]
  • The Omen (). Gregory Peck accidentally slammed a car door on the hand of Guglielmo Spoletini, who portrayed the Italian taxi driver. According to Bloody Disgusting, Spoletini's finger was almost amputated.[92]
  • A Bridge Too Far (). Stuntman Alf Joint was seriously injured while performing a stunt in which he jumped off a roof. Joint said of the experience that he felt he was being "pushed." In addition, special effects director John Richardson and his assistant Liz Moore were involved in a car crash which killed Moore. Both the crash and Joint's injury are alleged to have been attributed by the "curse" of the film The Omen, which Joint and Richardson also participated in.[92][93][94][95]
  • Hi-Riders (). Stuntman Vic Rivers was killed when he drove his vehicle off a ramp into a pond on the Paramount ranch. He drowned before assistance reached him.[citation needed]
  • Attack of the Killer Photoshop cs6 keygen,serial,crack,generator,unlock (). The Hiller UH helicopter crash involving Jack Riley and George Wilson was entirely unintentional, but having not been seriously injured, both actors continued by ad-libbing the rest of the scene, and ultimately it was included in the film.[96]
  • Comes a Horseman (). Filming the scene where Jason Robards' character is dragged (presumably) to his death, his stunt double Jim Sheppard was killed when a horse that was dragging him veered from its course and caused him to hit his head on a fence post. The scene made it into the film, although it was cut right before the horse passed through the gate that killed Sheppard.[citation needed]
  • Grease (). During the filming of the "prom" scene several cast members, involving Michael Tucci, came down with heat related illnesses during filming in the gym, which lacked windows in a room that reportedly reached up to degrees. Another incident during the "Grease Lightning" scene left Jeff Conaway on opioids after falling and injuring his back mildly.[97]
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (). While filming a scene of his character running, Donald Sutherland was struck by a car.[98]
  • Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (). Actor Hwang Jang Lee knocked off one of Jackie Chan's teeth after kicking him in the face during a fight scene. Chan's arm was also slashed by a sword that was supposed to be blunt, but the camera kept rolling as he was screaming in pain.[citation needed]
  • Apocalypse Now (). In the film's opening scene, Martin Sheen cut his hand after smashing a mirror; he was too drunk to realize that his hand was streaming in blood. During filming on 5 MarchSheen suffered a heart attack. He returned to the set six weeks later.[citation needed]
  • Charlie's Angels (). While filming the episode "Angel in a Box" at Indian Dunes in Valencia, California on 3 Januarystuntman Bobby Bass was high on cocaine and drove a car that the stuntwomen Julie Ann Johnson and Jeannie Coultar were supposed to jump out of, faster than instructed. Coultar suffered multiple injuries and a concussion. Johnson was injured far worse; though knocked out, Johnson was writhing on the ground. Stunt coordinator Ronnie Rondell had to pin her down to stop the chance of her further injuring herself.[99]
  • CHiPs (). While filming an episode, Erik Estrada lost control of his motorcycle and was hurled into a parked car before the pound motorcycle landed on him. Estrada sustained fractured ribs, partially collapsed lungs, a fractured right wrist, and a cracked sternum and clavicle.[][]
  • Revenge (). Director Gordon Parks, Jr., cameraman Peter Gilfillian, and two others were killed in a plane crash while filming in Kenya.[21]
  • Steel (). A.J. Bakunas died doubling for George Kennedy in a fall from the Kincaid Towers in Lexington, Kentucky. Bakunas had successfully performed a fall from the ninth floor of the construction site, but when he learned that Dar Robinson had broken his record high fall for a non-film-related publicity stunt, Bakunas returned to perform the fall from the top of the foot (91&#;m) construction site. Bakunas performed the fall expertly, but the airbag split and he was killed.[]


  • The Dukes of Hazzard (). Assistant cameraman Rodney Mitchell was killed and eight other crew members were injured when their camera truck flipped while rehearsing a chase scene.[21]
  • Kolilakkam (). Indian actor Jayan was killed during a stunt scene when the helicopter he was boarding crashed.[]
  • Magnum, P.I. (). Cameraman Rob Van Der Kar was killed in a helicopter crash while filming an episode.[21]
  • That's Incredible! (). On 6 July, stunt motorcyclist Steve Lewis suffered extensive foot and knee injuries while attempting to jump over two cars speeding toward him at over &#;mph (&#;km/h).[] On 15 September, while performing a foot (52&#;m) jump over the fountains of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, stunt motorcyclist Gary Wells missed the landing ramp and crashed into a parking lot wall. He sustained a tear in the main artery of his heart, along with broken legs, a fractured pelvis, and a concussion. In addition, six spectators were injured when a foot (&#;m) section of the wall gave way upon impact.[]
  • Das Boot (). While filming a scene in which the U is caught in a storm, actor Jan Fedder lost his footing and was nearly swept off the conning tower set. Actor Bernd Tauber noticed Fedder was suddenly missing and cried out, "Mann-über-Bord!" ("Man overboard!"). With the cameras still rolling, Tauber helped him to the conning tower hatch. Director Wolfgang Petersen did not realize at first that it was an accident and said, "Good idea, Jan. We'll do that one more time!" before it came upon him. Fedder was hospitalized and his role was partially rewritten so that he was bed-ridden for a short portion of the film. The footage was developed and the scene in which Fedder's character is nearly swept off the submarine is one of the most memorable moments in the film.[citation needed]
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark (). Actor John Rhys-Davies nearly died after suffering from cholera and a &#;°F (&#;°C) fever while shooting on location in Tunisia.
  • The Cannonball Run (). Stuntwoman Heidi von Beltz was left a quadriplegic after being thrown from her car during a crash.[][] She died in October35 years after the accident, aged []
  • The Five of Me (), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Camera assistant Jack Tandberg was killed when he was struck by a driverless stunt JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen during filming of this made-for-television film.[21]
  • For Your Eyes Only (). While filming a high-speed chase in the bobsleigh run, the four-man bobsled came out of the run at the wrong place and hit a tree. One of its occupants, a young stuntman named Paolo Rigon, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, was killed.[] In the scene where James Bond and Melina Havelock are dragged across the ocean, the stunt doubles for both characters suffered cuts and lacerations when their backs scraped against the coral reef in the Bahamas.[68]
  • Roar (). A film about a wildlife preservationist whose family comes to visit him only to be met with his co-habitats, his vast collection of wild animals, which unfortunately attacked the film crew and actors who had to work alongside with them, leaving over 70 of them injured on set[][] including cinematographer Jan de Bont, who had his scalp lifted by a lion, resulting in stitches. Lead actress Tippi Hedren fractured her leg and also had scalp wounds after being bucked off by an elephant while she was riding it in addition to being also bitten in the neck by a lion and required 38 stitches. Melanie Griffith (Hedren's daughter) was also attacked, receiving 50 stitches to her face.[] Because of the injuries on set, crew turnover was high as many never returned to the set.[][][] John Marshall was bitten by one of the lions and required 56 stitches.[][][][]
  • The Sword and the Sorcerer (). Stuntman Jack Tyree was killed while doing a high-fall stunt at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. While performing a foot (24&#;m) fall in heavy costume and makeup, Tyree fell short of his airbag, resulting in a fatal impact.[]
  • Blade Runner (). Daryl Hannah chipped her elbow in eight places during a scene where she accidentally slipped on the pavement and smashed the window of a parked car.[]
  • Conan the Barbarian. () Actress Sandahl Bergman was filming a sword fight when her finger was almost severed; Bergman was rushed to hospital, where the finger was successfully reattached.[citation needed]
  • First Blood (). Sylvester Stallone suffered numerous serious injuries during filming. For example, in the scene where John Rambo escapes being pursued from Deputy Art Galt (Jack Starrett) by jumping off a cliff and into a mass of tree branches. Stallone performed the stunt himself and broke several ribs after filming the scene three times. He suffered bruises to his back after filming 19 takes of the jail scene where Galt clubbed Rambo with a nightstick. Also, while filming for the scene where Rambo first runs into the abandoned mine shaft to elude the guards firing at him, Stallone seriously injured his hand after failing to realize that his hand was on the top of a gunfire squib that went off after. The injury was so severe that Stallone almost lost his JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. After performing for a stunt in a deleted scene, the stunt driver for Brian Dennehy, Bennie E, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Dobbins, suffered a lumbar compression fracture. Dobbins would later pass away from a heart attack in while filming Red Heat.[85][]
  • Fitzcarraldo (). The production of this West German film was affected by the numerous injuries and deaths of several indigenous extras who were hired as laborers, as well as two plane crashes that resulted in five critical injuries and one paralysis. A Peruvian logger was forced to amputate his own foot after being bitten by a venomous snake.[]
  • Pink Floyd – The Wall (). During the filming of the scene for the song "One of My Turns", in which the main character tears apart his hotel room, Bob Geldof injured his left hand while ripping off pieces of a wooden closet door; he can be seen briefly looking at his hand. Later in the scene, he is then seen with a shirt wrapped around his hand.[citation needed]
  • World War III (). During filming for this made-for-TV movie, director Boris Sagal was fatally injured when his skull was fractured as he walked into the tail rotor blade of a helicopter.[]
  • Untitled Australian TV commercial (). Cameraman Garry Hansen and two others were killed in a helicopter crash.[21]
  • Coolie (). While filming a fight scene with Puneet Issar, Amitabh Bachchan was critically injured when he jumped over a table and the corner of the table struck his abdomen, resulting in a splenic rupture and blood loss. Filming was delayed for several months for Bachchan to recover from his injury.[]
  • High Road to China (). During filming in Yugoslavia, a helicopter crashed en route to location. All three on board–copter pilot Nigel Thornton, stunt pilot David Perrin and mechanic Jaron Anderson–were killed in the crash.[]
  • Midnite Spares (). Focus-puller David Brostoff was killed when, during filming of a motor-race scene at Granville, Australia, one of the sprint-cars swerved off the track and struck him, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, driving his body through two fences. The filmmakers were criticized for a lack of a proper stunt coordinator at the scene and for allowing non-stunt drivers to drive at race-speed.[]
  • Peterborough Jump (). On 5 SeptemberCanadian stuntman Ken Carter attempted to jump a pond in Peterborough, Ontario, with a rocket-powered Pontiac Firebird. He overshot the target landing ramp and was killed when his car crashed on its roof.[]
  • The Right Stuff (). Stuntman Joseph Leonard Svec died while performing a parachute jump that recreated Chuck Yeager's escape from a stalling NF In real life, Yeager's flight helmet had caught fire on colliding with the ejection seat's heated exhaust in mid-air. Svec carried a smoke canister during his freefall to simulate such fire. However, this may have intoxicated the stuntman, causing him to lose consciousness. He failed to open his parachute and fell to his death.[]
  • Scarface (). Production was stalled for two weeks because Al Pacino accidentally burned his hand by holding a barrel of a gun that had been fired.[][]
  • Twilight Zone: The Movie (). On 23 Julytwo children, Myca Dinh Le (aged 7) and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (aged 6), and actor Vic Morrow were killed by a helicopter during production when pyrotechnics struck the tail rotor, causing the helicopter to spin out of control, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. (8 metres).[73][] Morrow and Le were struck by the main rotor and Chen was crushed under the helicopter.[] The accident led to one of the most prolonged lawsuits in film history and resulted in some major changes in filming codes.[]
  • City Heat (). Burt Reynolds suffered a broken jaw after being hit on the face with a metal chair while filming a fight scene. The injury left him restricted to a liquid diet; he lost 30&#;lb (14&#;kg) by the time filming wrapped.[]
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (). In Junewhile filming in London, Harrison Ford herniated a disc in his back, forcing him to fly back to Los Angeles for an operation. He returned six weeks later.[][]
  • Cover Up (). While waiting for an episode filming to resume, actor Jon-Erik Hexum played Russian roulette with a Magnum loaded with a blank. The gunshot fractured his skull and caused massive cerebral hemorrhaging when bone fragments were forced through his brain. He was rushed to Beverly Hills Medical Center, where he was pronounced brain dead.[]
  • Dune (). Jürgen Prochnow suffered first- and second-degree burns to his face while filming a scene where his character laid unconscious and spewed green gas from his torn cheek. To achieve this effect, a tube connected to a pump was attached to a prosthetic cheek over Prochnow's face. However, a malfunction caused heat to build up inside the fake cheek and spill near molten goo on Prochnow's face once it was torn open.[][]
  • Pepsi commercial (). While Michael Jackson was filming a television commercial with his siblings at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, a faulty pyrotechnic went off too early and set his hair on fire, inflicting second- and third-degree burns to his scalp and body. Jackson sued PepsiCo for damages and received a US$ million settlement, which he donated to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California, to establish the Michael Jackson Burn Center for Children. It is widely believed by unnamed sources[who?] that this accident resulted in Jackson's addiction to painkillers and obsession with plastic surgery until his death in []
  • Airwolf (). Stuntman Reid Rondell was killed in a helicopter crash.[]
  • Police Story (). During the film's famous pole-sliding scene, Jackie Chan suffered third-degree burns on his hands, nearly broke the seventh and eighth vertebrae on his spine, dislocated his pelvis, and was nearly paralyzed. Also, in the scene where Jackie Chan stops a double-decker bus, the actors were supposed to be thrown through the front window of the second level and land on a car below, but instead they landed right on the hard surface of the road, missing the car. The scene still went into the film.[citation needed]
  • Rambo: First Blood Part II (). During filming in Mexico, FX man Cliff Wenger, Jr. was accidentally killed by one of the film's explosions.[citation needed]
  • Rocky IV (). Demanding a sense of realism in the boxing match between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago, Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren agreed to legitimately spar with each other. Stallone was airlifted from Canada to St, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California, and placed on intensive care for eight days after Lundgren delivered a hard punch to his chest, causing his heart to swell and his blood pressure to exceed [][]
  • Runaway Train (). During filming in Alaska, a helicopter en route to location struck power lines and crashed, killing pilot Rick Holley.[]
  • Armour of God (). During the filming of a scene in which Jackie Chan jumped from a wall to a tree branch, the branch snapped off and Chan fell 15 feet to the ground below. He hit his head on a rock, causing part of his skull to crack and a fragment to lodge in his brain. He now has a plastic plug in a permanent hole in his skull and hearing-loss in the right ear and has since called this stunt "the closest (he) had ever come to death."[citation needed]
  • Vendetta dal futuro (Hands of Steel, ). During filming of the Italian sci-fi action film in Arizona, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, a helicopter attempted to fly beneath the Navajo Bridge but crashed, killing the pilot Dan Nasca and Italian actor Claudio Cassinelli.[]
  • Maximum Overdrive (). Director of photographyArmando Nannuzzi was seriously injured when a radio-controlled lawnmower used in a scene went out of control and struck a block of wood used as a camera support, shooting out wood splinters. The splinters were fired at Nannuzzi's face, resulting in him losing an eye. Nannuzzi sued Stephen King on 18 Februaryfor $18 million in damages due to unsafe working practices. The suit was settled out of court.[citation needed]
  • Top Gun (). On 16 Septemberaerobatic pilot Art Scholl crashed his Pitts S-2 camera-plane off the southern Californian coast near Carlsbad. Neither the aircraft nor Scholl's body were ever recovered.[35][73][][]
  • The Wraith (). During filming of a car-chase scene in the low-budget sci-fi action film in Arizona, assistant cameraman Bruce Ingram was killed when an overloaded camera car crashed on a mountain road.[21][28]
  • Full Metal Jacket (). Actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who had deliberately increased his weight to pounds in order to play the overweight U.S. Marine Corps recruit, twisted his knee during filming of the boot-camp scenes, injuring it so badly, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, it required surgical reconstruction.[]
  • Million Dollar Mystery (). Stuntman Dar Robinson died in a motorcycle accident after a dangerous stunt had been filmed and the medics on the set had been dismissed. Robinson, famous for his jumps off Toronto's CN Tower, drove his motorcycle off a cliff.[73]
  • The Squeeze (). Veteran stuntman Victor Magnotta drowned while performing a car stunt in which he drove the vehicle off a Hoboken pier and plunged into the Hudson River. He was pinned in the car, and could not escape before drowning.[]
  • The Untouchables (). While filming the first take of the scene when his character is riddled with bullets from Frank Nitti (Billy Drago)'s tommy gun, Sean Connery caught dust in his eye and had to be hospitalized. Film director Brian De Palma recalled having to beg Connery to do a second take of the scene.[][]
  • Braddock: Missing in Action III (). On location in the Philippines, a helicopter hired by the Cannon Group crashed into Manila Bay, killing four Filipino soldiers (who were working as extras) and wounding five other people on the ground. This helicopter accident occurred the same day the "not guilty" Twilight Zone verdict was handed down in a Los Angeles Superior Court.[citation needed]
  • Die Hard (). Bruce Willis lost two-thirds of his hearing after firing a gun loaded with extra-loud blanks from underneath a table.[]
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (). While filming a rooftop scene, Ellie Cornell accidentally slipped and her torso was cut by a large nail. She lost a large amount of blood but recovered, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, going on to continue on with the film.[citation needed]
  • Red Heat (). Stuntman and director Bennie Dobbins suffered a fatal heart attack while filming a fight scene in freezing conditions outdoors in Austria. The scene required Arnold Schwarzenegger and another actor to fight near-naked in deep snow. Dobbins over-exerted himself trying to install fan heaters in the snow to prevent the actors suffering hypothermia.[]
  • The Abyss (). Actor Ed Harris almost drowned during an underwater sequence. Despite him yelling "Cut" when he ran out of air, the production crew did not give him oxygen until he passed out. The trauma caused him to break down in his car on the way home.[]
  • Back to the Future Part II (). During a "hoverboard" stunt scene, stuntwoman Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon was accidentally bounced off a pillar before falling thirty feet onto concrete, sustaining serious facial and wrist injuries.[]
  • Cyborg (). While filming, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Jackson "Rock" Pinckney lost an eye during filming when Jean-Claude Van Damme accidentally struck him in the eye with a prop knife. Pinckney sued Van Damme in a North Carolina court and was awarded $,[][]
  • Gone in 60 Seconds 2 (, unfinished). Director/actor H. B. Halicki was killed in Buffalo, New York, when a water tower he was planning to topple fell prematurely, hitting a telephone pole that then struck him in the head. The film was scrapped as a result of the accident.[]
  • Hired to Kill (). Stuntman Clint Carpenter was killed and three others and the pilot were injured in a helicopter crash in Corfu, Greece.[]
  • The Karate Kid Part III (). Actor Sean Kanan suffered internal bleeding after doing 20 takes of being thrown out a door and landing on his stomach. He collapsed at a Las Vegas hotel four days after shooting the scene and was discovered to have two quarts of blood pooled in his abdomen.[]
  • The Return of the Musketeers (). On 20 SeptemberRoy Kinnear suffered a broken pelvis in a horseback riding accident and died of a heart attack the following day.[73][][]
  • The Sword of Tipu Sultan (). The largest number of on-set deaths in film history took place during the filming of this Indian made-for-TV movie. A total of 62 extras and crew members died after a fire broke out and they were trapped inside the burning film studio. Director and star Sanjay Khan suffered major burns and spent 13 months in hospital undergoing 72 operations.[]


  • Back to the Future Part III (). In the scene where Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen and his gang roped and hanged Marty McFly, Michael J. Fox lost consciousness for a few seconds from being hanged before an extra realized he was legitimately being asphyxiated and the noose was lowered. He recounted this event in his autobiography, Lucky Man.[][85]
  • Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (). Five people were killed in a helicopter crash during filming in the Philippines.[73][] The fatalities here were: Jojo Imperiale (pilot), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Geoff Brewer (actor), Gadi Danzig (cameraman), Mike Graham (key grip) and Don Marshall (gaffer).[21][]
  • Bikini Island (). Stuntman Jay C. Currin was killed on the first day of filming when a stunt fall off a foot (17&#;m) cliff went wrong and he landed on some rocks instead of the airbag that had been placed to break his fall.[73]
  • Highlander II: The Quickening (). Christopher Lambert and Michael Ironside both suffered injuries during filming. Lambert chipped one of Ironside's teeth during a fight scene, while Ironside inadvertently severed part of Lambert's finger during a sword-fight scene.[]
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (). Linda Hamilton suffered permanent hearing damage in one ear during filming when she fired a gun inside an elevator without using her ear plugs.[] She also injured her knees from falling on the ground during multiple re-shoots of her character being hit with a nightstick by actor Ken Gibbel. Frustrated by Gibbel's refusal to hit her properly, Hamilton legitimately knocked him out with a broom handle during the escape scene.[]Arnold Schwarzenegger nearly broke some fingers while twirling his shotgun with one hand. While there was a shotgun with a lever loop lengthened to fit Schwarzenegger's hand, he mistakenly picked up a standard-sized unit and injured his hand while attempting the stunt.[]
  • The Bodyguard (). A worker died when he was crushed between two lighting-equipment cranes during filming.[]
  • Patriot Games (). While filming the climactic speedboat fight scene, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Sean Bean sustained a gash above his left eyebrow after Harrison Ford struck him with a metal hook.[]
  • Wind (). Australian stuntman Chris Anderson had to have a leg amputated below the knee after he was severely injured when a foot (&#;m) yacht collided with the jet-boat on which Anderson was eating his lunch during a break in filming.[]
  • (). While recreating a real-life near-fatal parachute incident in which a parachutist tangled his equipment with the aircraft's landing gear before freeing himself, veteran stuntman Tip Tipping leapt out of a Cessna and crashed into woods near Ellingham, Northumberland, he was pronounced dead when medical staff JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Mario Bros. (). Bob Hoskins was stabbed four times, electrocuted, and was nearly drowned. During one scene, Hoskins broke a finger when the door of a van slammed on his hand.[]
  • Crime Story (). Jackie Chan's legs were crushed between two cars during a dangerous stunt scene.[citation needed]
  • The Fugitive (). Harrison Ford damaged some ligaments in his leg while filming a chase scene in the woods. Because he refused to have surgery until filming was wrapped, his character Dr. Richard Kimble walked with a limp throughout the film.[]
  • Gettysburg (). During filming of the battle scenes on Little Round Top, Bradley Egen, an extra playing a Union soldier, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, was unintentionally struck in the head by the butt of a musket and suffered a mild concussion.[]
  • Sliver (). Cameraman Michael Benson suffered lung injuries after a helicopter crash left him trapped for two days inside a Hawaiian volcano crater. The crew aboard the helicopter was flying over an active volcano to shoot the film's original opening sequence, but the footage was lost in the crash.[]
  • The Crow (). On 31 MarchAmerican actor and martial artist Brandon Lee was accidentally shot and killed in North Carolina with a magnum gun that was intended to fire blanks but contained a bullet left behind after a dummy round had been inserted and removed.[35][67][73][][] Also, on 1 February on the opening day of filming, a carpenter was severely shocked and burned when his scissor lift struck power lines.[]
  • Friends (). In the Season 3 episode "The One Where No One's Ready", which originally aired on September 26,there is a scene in which Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc) quickly leaps into a chair as part of a plot where he and Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry) fight over said chair. While LeBlanc was able to leap into the chair without issue for three takes, upon shooting a fourth take, he tripped over a coffee table and hit the chair in such a way that he dislocated his shoulder. The injury required LeBlanc to wear a sling, temporarily postponing production of the episode and requiring the injury to be written into the show for the following two episodes, humorously explained as an injury Tribbiani received while jumping on his bed.[]
  • L.A. Heat (). Stuntman Paul Dallas died when he missed the airbag for a foot fall.[]
  • Mortal Kombat (). There were a few injuries to the lead actors when filming commenced. During filming of the battle between Liu Kang and Reptile, actor Robin Shou fractured his ribs after multiple takes of hitting the pillar. Actress Bridgette Wilson also got injured, after dislocating her shoulder while performing a stunt, but was quickly able to continue working when paramedics put it back into place. Actor Linden Ashby recalled urinating blood after being kicked in the kidney.[]
  • Rumble in the Bronx (). Jackie Chan injured his right leg while performing a stunt where he jumps onto a boat. He spent much of the remaining shooting time with one leg in a cast. When JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen came to the film's climax, the crew colored a sock to resemble the shoe on his good foot, which Chan wore over his cast. The lead actress Françoise Yip and several stunt doubles were also injured during the shooting of a motorcycle stunt, with several people suffering broken limbs and ankles.[]
  • Seven (). In a scene where Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt) chased John Doe in the rain, Pitt fell and his arm went through a car windscreen, requiring surgery. This accident was written into the script to explain Pitt wearing a cast over his arm. Coincidentally, the original script did call for Pitt's character to be injured during this sequence but not to his hand.[]
  • Vampire in Brooklyn (). Angela Bassett's stunt-double Sonja Davis fell JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen her death in a stunt gone wrong.[] Her death led to a $50 million wrongful-death lawsuit against Paramount Pictures.[]
  • Waterworld (). During production, actresses Jeanne Tripplehorn and Tina Majorino were thrown overboard from the trimaran they were on when its bowsprit snapped. Nearly NCH Debut Video Capture Software v1.68 crack serial keygen dozen rescue divers jumped in and brought them back on board. Kevin Costner nearly died when he was caught in a squall while tied to the mast of his trimaran. In addition, several cast and crew members suffered from seasickness and jellyfish stings.[] Costner's stunt double, Laird Hamilton, was lost at sea for a few hours when his jet ski ran out of fuel after the filming of a jet ski scene.[]
  • Ah Kam (). In Octoberactress Michelle Yeoh, who usually performs her own stunts, was seriously injured during shooting of the film about the life of a stuntwoman, when she misjudged an foot (&#;m) jump off a bridge onto a truck. She fractured a vertebra and was in traction for a month. The sequence can be seen at the end of the film.[]
  • Black & Decker commercial (). Veteran pilot Michael Tamburro died after suffering a broken neck and head injuries in a helicopter crash caused by hitting a main rotor blade on a rock on the side of a desert butte. Co-pilot Alan Purwin suffered a broken arm, and flying debris from the crash injured a crew member. Producers Propaganda Films had not obtained a permit to use a helicopter when filming, which the firm claimed was due to an unintentional oversight.[]
  • Love Serenade (). During the filming of a scene on a grain silo, stuntman Collin Dragsbaek (doubling actor George Shetsov) died when he fell onto a faulty airbag.[]
  • Gone Fishin' (). Janet Wilder was killed and four other people, including her husband, were injured when a speedboat driver misjudged a ramp and the speedboat landed in a crowd.[][]
  • Pleasantville (). Cameraman Brent Hershman died when he fell asleep driving home after a hour workday on the set of the film. Hershman's death resulted in a wrongful-death suit, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, claiming that New Line Cinema, New Line Productions and Juno Pix Inc. were responsible for the death as a result of the lengthy work hours imposed on the set, and spurred a call to limit filming hours.[][]
  • Titanic (). Several extras were injured during the film's climactic sinking scene where passengers fell and hit parts of the ship. Injuries ranged from a broken ankle to cracked ribs, a fractured cheekbone, and a ruptured spleen.[]Kate Winslet suffered hypothermia from filming the water scenes after she refused to wear a wetsuit under her dress. During the scene where Jack and Rose were running away from an ocean wave in the hallways, Winslet's coat snagged on a gate, pulling her down and nearly drowning her.[] On the final night of shooting in Nova Scotia, 80 cast and crew members were hospitalized after pranksters spiked the clam chowder at the catering area with PCP.[]
  • Blues Brothers (). While filming a stunt scene, a car rolled onto two crew members, one of whom needed a leg amputation. Three months later, during filming for a car-crash sequence, stuntman Bob Minor suffered severe injuries to his head.[]
  • The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (). A JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen explosion went wrong during filming on 15 Augustwhen stuntman Marc Akerstream was struck on the head and killed by flying debris.[]
  • Galápagos: The Enchanted Voyage (). Noel Archambault, the film's camera operator/stereographer, was killed in an ultralight aircraft crash along with the pilot, William Raisner Jr., while filming in the Galápagos Islands. The men were found at an elevation of 3, feet on Cerro Azul, one of the two most active volcanoes in the archipelago.[]
  • Mighty Joe Young (). Director of photography Don Peterman and camera operator Ray de la Motte were injured while preparing a crane shot in July in Thousand Oaks, California. Both suffered extensive neck and head injuries.[]
  • Walker, Texas Ranger (). Stuntman William Charles Skeen suffered a fatal heart attack when the GMC Suburban in which he was riding in made a rough landing after hurtling feet through the air in a state park. The landing of the vehicle broke all the axles.[]


  • Cast Away (). While filming, Tom Hanks cut his leg. Two weeks later, the swelling on his leg persisted, and Hanks was confined to a hospital for three weeks to treat a staph infection that could have killed him from blood poisoning.[]
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (). During a fight scene, Michelle Yeoh tore an ACL on her knee after a bad landing and had to be flown from China to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, for surgery.[]
  • Dinosaur (). A crew member was killed and another seriously wounded when a camera boom struck a cross-country power line.[]
  • I Dare You: The Ultimate Challenge (). Stuntman Michael Brady died while preparing his stunt equipment in Benson, Arizona. He accidentally slipped off a train boxcar and hit his head on the rocks below. Brady was in a coma for several days and finally was taken off life support.[]
  • Proof of Life JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. David Morse's stand-in, Will Gaffney, was killed while riding on a truck that drove off a mountain road.[][][]
  • Taxi 2 (). A Peugeot was supposed to land in a pile of cardboard after a stunt, but missed and hit several crew. Cameraman Alain Dutartre later died of internal injuries while his assistant Jean-Michel Bar broke both legs.[]
  • Exit Wounds (). During filming in Hamilton, Ontario, a van was being towed along a street upside-down as part of a chase scene; stuntman Chris Lamon and another man were supposed to roll safely out, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, but Chris struck his head, dying six days later.[]
  • Pearl Harbor (). A stunt plane dressed like a Japanese fighter crashed during a flight over the movie set. The pilot survived the crash escaping serious injuries.[75][]
  • The Messenger (). Russian actor and director Sergei Bodrov, Jr. and 42 film crew members were killed in the Kolka–Karmadon rock ice slide after finishing the second day of shooting on 20 September.[]
  • XXX (). On 4 AprilVin Diesel's stunt double, Harry L. O'Connor, was killed during filming,[] in a scene where he was supposed to rappel down a parasailing line and land on a submarine. Instead, he struck a bridge at high speed and died immediately.[73][]
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not! (). While filming an episode near Kingman, Arizona, a filming-helicopter flew into a power line. David Gibbs, the helicopter pilot, had his pilot's license suspended for the accident. He would later on be involved in another helicopter accident in that killed him and two passengers.[]
  • The Osbournes (). Ozzy Osbourne was seriously injured at his home after an accident Prima Cartoonizer 3.1.5 With Crack Download riding a quad bike. Ozzy broke his collarbone, eight ribs, neck vertebra. Ozzy had to be resuscitated at the scene. He was rushed to a hospital where he had his collarbone lifted to release a major artery. This left the future for the show uncertain.[citation needed]
  • Video Option (). Whilst competing in the Silver State Classic Challenge, Daijiro Inada&#;[ja] managed to walk away with hip pain after his modified &#;bhp Nissan Z left the road and rolled over seven times following a tire blowout at about &#;mph (&#;km/h). In addition to misaligned tire setup which contributed to the blowout, he tried to downshift dropping into 3rd gear at &#;mph (&#;km/h) which caused the accident.[]
  • CrossBones (), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Cinematographer Neal Fredericks was killed when the Cessna from which he was filming crashed near the Dry Tortugas off the coast of Florida on 14 August Although the director, pilot, and two other crew members were able to escape, Fredericks could not free himself from his harness and drowned.[21][]
  • Kill Bill: Volume 2 (). While filming a driving scene in Mexico, Uma Thurman sustained a concussion and injured her knees when she lost control of the car and crashed into a palm tree.[]
  • The Passion of the Christ (). In playing the role of Jesus Christ, Jim Caviezel sustained gashes to his back from multiple whippings, hypothermia, and a separated shoulder from carrying a giant cross. He was also struck by lightning before filming the Sermon of the Mount scene.[77]
  • The Phantom of the Opera (). A worker suffered severe injuries when he was thrown from scaffolding that was not properly secured on the set of the film. Actor Patrick Wilson fell off his horse approximately three times while filming his own stunt scene, riding the horse bareback. He also nearly drowned while filming the water scenes in the lake.[35]
  • Troy (). Brad Pitt, who played Achilles in the film, tore his left Achilles tendon during production.[35] George Camilleri, a bodybuilding extra, broke his leg while filming an action sequence at Għajn Tuffieħa. He was operated on the following day but suffered complications and died two weeks later.[]
  • Æon Flux (). Charlize Theron was performing backflips during filming and landed on her neck, herniating a disc close to her spinal cord. Production was shut down for eight weeks.[]
  • Syriana (). During a torture scene where he was tied to a chair, George Clooney suffered head and spinal injuries and memory loss when he hit his head on the floor after the torturer knocked his chair over. The impact ruptured his dura mater, resulting in loss of cerebrospinal fluid. The injury was so painful that he contemplated committing suicide while recovering.[]
  • Casino Royale (). While filming the Madagascar fight-scene in Barbados, Daniel Craig knocked out two of his front teeth. The damage was so severe that Craig's dentist had to be flown in from London to fix caps into his mouth.[citation needed]
  • Jackass Number Two (). During filming of the closing JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Ryan Dunn was performing a stunt with Bam Margera in which both of them are pulled out of shot by a running horse with a rope tied around their feet. Dunn dropped straight onto his shoulder, causing damage to the muscles and leading to a life-threatening blood clot near his heart and brain. While recovering from that injury and lyme disease, Dunn fell into depression and reclusion, isolating himself for two years before returning to Jackass.[]
  • Ocean's Deadliest (). On 4 SeptemberSteve Irwin was fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray spine while snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, at Batt Reef, which is located off the coast of Port Douglas in north Queensland. Irwin was in the area filming the documentary, but weather had stalled filming. He decided to take the opportunity to film some shallow water shots for a segment in the television program his daughter Bindi was hosting when the ray suddenly turned and lashed out at him with the spine on its tail.[]
  • Top Gear (). While filming a challenge for Series 9 Episode 1 in Yorkshire, Richard JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen crashed a dragster at &#;mph (&#;km/h), seriously injuring his brain.[] His front-right tire failed on the seventh run that caused him to hit the grass and roll the Vampire he was driving. During the roll, Hammond's helmet had embedded itself into the ground, flipping the visor up and forcing dirt into his mouth and left eye, damaging the eye. Rescuers felt a pulse and heard the unconscious Hammond breathing before the car was turned upright.[] Hammond also hurt his neck in the "Cheap Car Challenge" of Series 8 Episode 8 when his Suzuki Super Carry rolled over.[]
  • Wowowee (). JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen stampede occurred at PhilSports Football JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Athletics Stadium, where the Philippine game show was filming its first anniversary episode. The stampede killed 73 people and injured others.[] The incident is cited in the Guinness World Records as "the greatest death toll in a game show."[]
  • Past Tense (). During the production of this Lifetime film, Gabrielle Carteris suffered from partial facial paralysis and a speech impediment from a scene where her character was choked and dragged down a flight of stairs by actor Adrian Hughes. She sued the film's producers for medical expenses, loss of earnings, and various damages.[][][][]
  • Charlie Wilson's War (). A special-effects assistant was critically injured when a prop missile exploded.[]
  • Fifth Gear (). During the filming of Series 12, episode 7,[] presenter Tom Ford broke his foot and several toes when he crashed a modified Bedford Rascal van while recording a piece about drifting.[]BTCC driverJason Plato suffered multiple burns when a Caparo T1 he was driving at Bruntingthorpe proving ground burst into flames.[]
  • The Final Season (). Cameraman Roland Schlotzhauer was killed during filming when the helicopter he was on hit power lines and crashed into a field. The helicopter pilot and one of the film's producers were seriously injured.[21][]
  • Live Free or Die Hard (). Bruce Willis was injured during a fight scene when he was kicked above his right eye by Maggie Q's stunt double, who was wearing stiletto heels. Willis was hospitalized and received seven stitches that ran through his right eyebrow and down into the corner of his eye.[] Willis' stunt double Larry Rippenkroeger was knocked unconscious when he fell 25 feet (&#;m) from a fire escape to the pavement. Rippenkroeger suffered broken bones in his face, several broken ribs, a punctured lung, and fractures in both wrists. Owing to his injuries, production was temporarily shut down. Willis personally paid the hotel bills for Rippenkroeger's parents and visited him a number of times at the hospital.[]
  • Time Team (). Reenactor Paul Allen, 54, died in a jousting accident after a splinter from a broken lance penetrated his eye socket and lodged in his brain.[]
  • The Dark Knight (). Cameraman Conway Wickliffe was killed in on the set of The Dark Knight, as he rode in a pickup truck driving parallel to a stunt car; the pickup missed a degree turn and crashed into a tree.[21][73][]
  • Jumper (). Set dresser David Ritchie was crushed to death by frozen debris as an exterior set was being dismantled.[]
  • Law & Order: JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Victims Unit (), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. While filming an action scene, Mariska Hargitay suffered a collapsed lung after landing wrongly, requiring multiple surgeries to correct the injury.[]
  • Red Cliff (/). While filming a scene in which a small boat was set on fire and was to ram a larger boat, the fire spread quickly out of control, killing stuntman Lu Yanqing and injuring six others.[]
  • Valkyrie (). During filming, the side of a vintage truck detached as the vehicle turned a sharp corner, causing a number of extras on board to fall out. One man was seriously injured and ten more suffered minor injuries. The extras involved later filed a lawsuit against the production.[][]
  • 63rd Tony Awards (). After performing the opening number with his band Poison, lead vocalist Bret Michaels was struck in the head by a descending set and knocked to the floor. He suffered a fractured nose and a split lip that required three stitches.[] Michaels subsequently sued the event's organizers, claiming that the collision led to his brain hemorrhage. The suit was settled in May for an undisclosed amount.[][]
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (). During an explosion-effects misfire, Sienna Miller's suit caught fire, igniting the area between her breasts.[77][]
  • Nitro Circus (). Johnny Knoxville was attempting to do a back flip on a Moto X bike. He was halfway into the rotation when disaster struck. He bailed, hit the ground hard and the bike landed on top of him. The handlebars hit his crotch, leaving him with serious genitalia injuries (tearing his urethra). As a result, he had to flush his bladder periodically by means of a catheter. Knoxville said the process prevented scar tissue from forming.[] Motocross racer Jolene Van Vugt broke her wrist after coming short of a foot (20&#;m) triple jump. She needed a metal plate attached with seven screws on her wrist and had to wear an arm-cast throughout the second season.[]
  • The Tournament (). In a botched attempt to turn over a semi-trailer truck with an air cannon for a chase scene, a piece of iron debris flew toward the production crew and hit assistant director Shero Rauf. Rauf broke both legs in that accident; he took almost two years to walk normally again.[]


  • The Expendables (). Sylvester Stallone injured his neck while filming a fight scene with Steve Austin. He required a metal plate inserted into his neck during surgery.[][]
  • Harry Potter and JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Deathly Hallows (/). During production at Leavesden, Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double David Holmes suffered JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen serious spinal injury during the filming of an aerial sequence, which left him a paraplegic. Holmes fell to the ground following an explosion that was part of the stunt.[][][][]
  • Lost (). While filming a fight scene for the series finale "The End", Terry O'Quinn mistakenly stabbed Matthew Fox with a real knife instead of a collapsible one. Fox's life was saved by the kevlar vest underneath his shirt.[]
  • Wetten, dass.? (). In the 4 December episode of this German entertainment series, stuntman Samuel Koch attempted to powerbock over five moving cars in succession when his head hit the windshield of the fourth car (driven by his father), causing him to crash to the ground head-first, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, fracturing two vertebrae and rendering him quadriplegic.[citation needed]
  • Campus PD (). Cameraman Greg Jacobsen was killed in a helicopter crash while filming at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.[21]
  • The Eagle (). When filming in a freezing river, actors have a mixture of JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen hot water and river water poured down their suits to stay warm. A crew member forgot to mix the hot water with the river water during filming; as a result, Channing Tatum was scalded with boiling water that burned the skin off the tip of his penis.[][]
  • The Hangover Part II (). Australian stuntman Scott McLean suffered critical brain damage while filming in Bangkok after a taxi he was leaning out of the window of failed to dodge another vehicle, causing McLean's head to collide with it. Warner Bros. then issued a statement stating McLean was put into a medically induced coma, and were reportedly paying his hospital bills. McLean soon recovered, stating he had suffered "likely permanent brain and physical injuries" before suing the studio for unspecified damages.[]
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon (). An extra was seriously injured during a stunt in Hammond, Indiana. Owing to a failed weld, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, a steel cable snapped from a car being towed and hit the extra's car, damaging her skull. The extra, identified as Gabriela Cédillo, had to undergo brain surgery.[] The injury has left her permanently brain-damaged, paralyzed on her left side and her left eye stitched shut.[][] In Mayit was revealed that a $18 million settlement had been reached between Paramount and the Cedillo family.[] As a result of this accident, recycled footage from one of Michael Bay's previous movies, The Island, was used instead, with CG robots inserted into the footage.[]
  • Agneepath (). Hrithik Roshan suffered numerous injuries during production. He sustained burns on his hands when Priyanka Chopra's lehenga caught fire. He suffered an eye injury from Holi colors thrown to his face during a musical scene. He also sustained a major back injury from lifting a &#;kg (&#;lb) man during an action scene.[]
  • The Avengers (). While performing a foot (&#;m) fall from a building, stuntman Jeremy Fitzgerald slammed into a pile of bricks and tore off a chunk of his scalp.[]
  • Django Unchained (). During a tense argument scene Leonardo DiCaprio smashed his hand on a table, inadvertently slicing his hand on a crystal cordial glass. Though the slice would require stitches after shooting the take, the actor managed to continue on in character and even used the profuse bleeding as a prop. Director Quentin Tarantino chose to include this scene take in the final cut of the film.[]
  • The Expendables 2 (). While filming in Elin Pelin, Bulgaria, a stuntman was killed and another was left in critical condition during a staged explosion on a rubber boat. The surviving stuntman underwent a five-hour operation that reportedly left him in stable condition.[] In addition, both Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger required shoulder surgery after filming.[][]
  • The Good Wife (). Kristin Chenoweth sustained a skull fracture, broken nose, spinal and rib injuries, and cracked teeth after a piece of the lighting rig fell on her, forcing her to require years of physical therapy.[][]
  • The Hobbit (–). As many as 27 animals were killed during the production of this film, mainly from the hazardous conditions of the farm they were housed in. Several goats and sheep fell into a sinkhole under the farm. One horse was hobbled and left on the ground for three hours. Another horse was killed after falling off an embankment of an overcrowded paddock. One horse had the skin and muscles of her leg torn off by wire fencing. Several chickens were mauled to death by unsupervised dogs or trampled by larger animals. This led to a global protest against the film by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).[][][]
  • Nitro Circus: The Movie (). Mountain-biker and freestyle rider Jim DeChamp sustained a broken vertebra and severe head trauma as a result of a car stunt gone wrong.[]
  • Premium Rush (). While filming in the streets of New York City, Joseph Gordon-Levitt lost control of his bicycle and collided with the back of a taxicab before flying towards its rear windscreen. He required 31 stitches after his right forearm was slashed by the impact.[][]
  • The Sessions (). John Hawkes suffered a severe disc injury on his back.[] Hawkes has confirmed that his "spine now has not enough movement."[]
  • Poseidon Rex (). In Januaryactor Corin Nemec was involved in a boating accident while being transported to set by the Belizean Coast Guard, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. The boat ran into a semi-submerged barge, shattering the right side of his body. He required multiple blood transfusions to save his life, and underwent five surgeries.[][]
  • Dangerous Flights (). On 24 Februarycameraman/director John Driftmier and conservationist Dr. Anthony King were killed in a plane crash in Kenya. Driftmier was shooting footage for the documentary when the plane, an Aeroprakt ALultralight (registration 5Y-LWF) crashed into the east face of Mount Kenya. Although only a preliminary report has been published thus far, it is believed that a large downdraft forced the ultralight into an unrecoverable descent into the mountain. Driftmier and King were the only occupants.[21][][][][]
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation (). A crew member was killed while dismantling a set in New Orleans, Louisiana, when the scissor lift he was on tipped over, causing him to fall to his death.[]
  • The Green Inferno (). Lorenza Izzo nearly drowned while filming the escape attempt sequence, where her character runs into the river near the village and is pushed downstream before being recaptured. It was not until one of the crew realized that her screams for help were real, that she was rescued. Some footage of this scene was kept in the film.[citation needed]
  • Kick-Ass 2 (). While filming a fight scene, Chloë Grace Moretz's stunt double suffered a head injury when she was thrown into a wall by Olga Kurkulina.[]
  • Lone Operator (, unaired). During filming of this planned Discovery Channel series, cameraman Darren Rydstrom, cast member Michael Donatelli, and pilot David Gibbs were killed in a helicopter crash in Acton, California. Gibbs was not authorized by the FAA to fly during the morning hours, and he had his pilot's license suspended twice prior to the accident.[21][]
  • The Lone Ranger (). Crew member Michael Bridger drowned while cleaning a foot-deep (&#;m) water tank to be used in the film's underwater scene.[]
  • Now You See Me (). While filming the water-chamber escape scene, Isla Fisher nearly drowned when her shackles got stuck in the grate below and she was stuck in the chamber for less than three minutes.[]
  • Nurse 3D (). During filming in Toronto, Paz de la Huerta was struck by a reckless ambulance driver. She suffered a broken tailbone and spinal fracture, which JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen more than 20 surgeries.[]
  • Thor: The Dark World (). Jaimie Alexander suffered severe injuries when she slipped off a metal staircase during a rainy morning on the set. The fall caused her to slip a disc in her thoracic spine and chip 11 of her vertebrae, as well as dislocate her left shoulder and tear a rhomboid on her right side. The injuries took her out of filming for a month.[][][]
  • Cops (). While filming a shooting incident at a Wendy's in Omaha, Nebraska, audio technician Bryce Dion was accidentally shot by Omaha Police Department gunfire. He and the suspect were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.[][]
  • The Expendables 3 (). Sylvester Stallone suffered a serious back injury from a bad fall, requiring surgery that involved adding metal plates to his spine. In a separate scene, Antonio Banderas sustained a knee injury.[] While filming in Varna, Bulgaria, a truck driven by Jason Statham lost its brakes and fell into the Black Sea. Statham was able to swim out of the accident unharmed.[]
  • Fury (). During filming in Oxfordshire, a stuntman was accidentally stabbed in the shoulder by a bayonet during rehearsals.[]
  • Midnight Rider: The Gregg Allman Story (, unfinished). Second camera assistant Sarah Jones was struck and killed by a freight train, and several crew members were injured, on 20 February when they attempted to shoot a scene with a hospital bed on an active railroad trestle at a location outside of Savannah, Georgia. The railroad company responsible for the tracks has claimed that the production crew did not have permission to film there.[21][][][] As a consequence, the Safety for Sarah movement was launched to campaign and demand for increased safety in future film productions.
  • Top Gear (). During the Burma special in JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen 21 Episode 6, Richard Hammond fell off a horse and had to be rushed to a hospital. In the Patagonia Special, James May cracked three ribs while attempting to mount a horse.[]
  • (). During filming of the battles of the series, 18 extras collapsed due to wearing large woollen winter coats in the middle of summer where temperatures reached 43 degrees Celsius.[]
  • Dropped (). During the shooting of the French reality TV series on 9 March, two helicopters collided, killing ten people. The helicopters were reported to be heading to a gorge in northwestern Argentina for the French broadcaster TF1. Eight French passengers and the choppers' two Argentinian pilots died in the midair crash near the town of Villa Castelli in La Rioja province, Argentina's state news agency Telam reported, citing local authorities, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. The dead included the famed sailor Florence Arthaud, who in broke the record for crossing the North Atlantic alone; the swimmer Camille Muffat, who won three medals at the Olympics in London; and the boxer Alexis Vastine, who won a bronze medal at the Olympics in Beijing.[][][]
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (). On 12 JuneHarrison Ford fractured a bone in his leg while filming at Pinewood Studios after a hydraulic door fell on him, and was subsequently taken to a hospital to receive treatment. Filming was initially expected to continue as planned as Ford received treatment,[] though it was later revealed that production was suspended for two weeks to accommodate Ford's injury.[] Ford's son Ben released details on his father's injury saying that his ankle will likely need a plate and screws and that filming could be altered slightly with the crew needing to shoot Ford from the waist up for a short time until he recovered.[] Director J. J. Abrams also injured his back while helping lift the hydraulic door off Ford's leg.[]
  • Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru (). G. V. Prakash Kumar and RJ Balaji were injured in a car crash during the filming of an action sequence near Tindivanam.[][]
  • Masti Gudi (). On 7 Novemberactors Anil Kumar and Raghava Uday drowned in Thippagondanahalli Reservoir near Bangalore, when they took a foot (18&#;m) plunge from a chopper while shooting the film's climax scene. A rescue motorboat scheduled to pull the actors out of the water did not start, resulting in immediate drowning of both the actors.[]
  • Shooter (). On 6 Julywhile filming a scene at Agua Dulce Airpark, actor Tom Sizemore accidentally ran over a stuntman. Sizemore was supposed to enter the Cadillac Escalade and stay there until the scene ended. The stunt coordinator told him not to pull out, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, but he did so regardless, not realizing that the stuntman was behind him.[]
  • Silence (), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. On 30 Januarya brick and wood house on the film's set in Taiwan suddenly collapsed on three construction workers who had been reinforcing the structure. One of the workers, Chen Yu-lung, was pronounced dead in the hospital while the other two sustained head and leg injuries.[][]
  • Skiptrace (). JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen 17 Decembercinematographer Chan Kwok-Hung drowned when a motorized sampan he was on capsized during filming in Sunny Bay off Lantau Island in Hong Kong.[]
  • American Made (). Stunt pilot Alan D. Purwin and Venezuelan co-pilot Carlos Berl were killed when their aircraft crashed during filming in Medellín, Colombia. A third person on board the aircraft survived.[]
  • Blade Runner (). On 25 Augusta construction worker was killed while dismantling one of the film's sets at Origo Studios in Budapest, Hungary.[]
  • A Dog's Purpose (). Ina video was released of filming inwhere a German Shepherd named Hercules was submerged under a rushing current while the crew rushed towards him. This was also the subject of controversy as the video shown by TMZ
Источник: []
Battle Tendency
# Image Episode Title Original Air Date 11 Episode pngThe Game Master
Gēmu no Tatsujin) December 14,


As expected, Straizo recovers from Joseph Joestar's attack and uses the same high pressurized blood laser eye attack Dio used. Joseph dodges this attack using a mirror trick prepared in JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen and, manages to attack Straizo with the JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Straizo absorbs it using a scarf woven from beetle muscles, but JoJo manages to sneak some grenades onto his person. Despite being blown apart, the vampire pulls himself together. Smokey asks Joseph if he has some plan, but Joseph simply says to run away and does so. Straizo catches up with them in a bridge and takes a woman hostage in order to goad JoJo into facing him. After Joseph becomes provoked, Straizo once again attacks with his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, but JoJo manages to reflect it back at him using Ripple charged shot glasses. Joseph finishes Straits off with a punch and sends him flying off the bridge. Before he falls ,though, Joseph grabs his hand. He tries to get information out of him, but Straizo warns JoJo about a Pillar Man who will soon awaken before killing himself with his own Ripple. Meanwhile, it is revealed Speedwagon is alive and is being held captive in Mexico, where a German military general named Rudol von Stroheim interrogates him about the Pillar Man, which they have excavated from the cave and intend to revive. Meanwhile, JoJo also makes his way to Mexico, unaware that he is being followed by a strange assassin.

12 Episode pngThe Pillar Man
Hashira no Otoko) December 21,


Joseph is confronted by one of Stroheim's men, Donovan, but manages to subdue him, learning that Speedwagon is still alive in the process. He sneaks into the Nazi Base after attempting to seduce the guards by dressing as a girl. When that failed, he knocked them out and puts on their uniform. Meanwhile, Stroheim manages to awaken the Pillar Man, naming him Santana, after the winds of Mexico. To test him, Stroheim sends JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen vampire after Santana, which he absorbs into his body to feed itself. To Stroheim's shock, Santana manages to escape his cell by contorting his body through the air vents and launches himself into the body of one of his men. The possessed Nazi becomes bloated and begins firing bullets from his finger. Just then, Joseph, who had managed to sneak into the base, reveals himself and tears out some of Stroheim's hair. Santana emerges from the body he had taken over and begins firing more bullets from his fingers. Joseph infuses Ripple into Stroheim's hair and throws it into the air, causing them to deflect all the bullets. WinRAR 5.91 Crack Final Full Version Free Download removes JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen coat and confronts Santana.

13 Episode pngJoJo vs. The Ultimate Life-Form
(JOJO vs.究極生物
JoJo tai Kyūkyoku Seibutsu) January 4,


At first, Joseph attempts to make peace with Santana, but is instead greeted by an attack from Santana's ribs; this almost neutralizes Joseph had he not blocked the attack with his Ripple. Joseph realizes his attacks are not effective, so he feigns unconsciousness, and attacks Santana from the inside after the latter attempted to absorb him. With the Pillar Man in half, Joseph chains the upper portion and tries to drag Santana to the entrance of the base to destroy the body using the sunlight. Unfortunately, Santana grabs hold of Joseph's leg and immobilizes him just before reaching the door. Stroheim comes from behind to help, but he too is ensnared. Joseph is forced to chop Stroheim's leg off as a request allowing Stroheim to open the door. However, Santana avoids the sunlight by seeping his way into the stub where Stroheim's leg was cut off. Stroheim walks on one leg into the sunlight and pulls out a grenade. From there, he tells Joseph that the Germans had uncovered other Pillar Men in Europe and that he must go to Rome to learn how to defeat them. With that said, Stroheim ignites the grenade and destroys his own body. As a last ditch effort, Santana attacks Joseph and the two go flying into a well. Joseph reveals that the water at the bottom of the well acts as another light source due to its ability to reflect sunlight. Being hit by sunlight in two directions, Santana turns into stone and is defeated.

14 Episode pngUltimate Warriors from Ancient Times
Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi) January 11,


Speedwagon brings the statued remains of Santana to the headquarters of his foundation in Washington, D.C., where it is shown he is still alive and has scientists keep his body under UV light. Realizing from Stroheim's words that there are three more powerful Pillar Men somewhere in Europe, Speedwagon takes Joseph to Rome to meet Zeppeli's grandson, Caesar, who is also skilled in using the Ripple. As Caesar questions Joseph's abilities, he fights against him using his own Ripple abilities formed from clothes filled with soapy water, encasing Joseph in a bubble, but Joseph manages to break free using a sneak attack. As Caesar makes plans for Joseph and Speedwagon to be taken to see where the Pillar Men are being kept, one of the Pillar Men, Wamuu, breaks free, killing a group of German soldiers and awakening his masters, Kars and Esidisi, a Pillar Man destroys half of Caesar's friend Mark's body simply by bumping into him as he is walking past. As Caesar is forced to use his Ripple to peacefully end Mark's suffering, he vows vengeance against the Pillar Men.

15 Episode pngA Hero's Proof
Hīrō no Shikaku) January 18,


Caesar engages Wamuu in battle for killing Mark, using his Bubble Launcher technique to surround the Pillar Man in Ripple infused bubbles. Once Wamuu realizes he is facing a Ripple user he uses his mysterious headgear to unleash a wind that bursts all of the bubbles. However, his attack is not yet over, as the movement created hundreds of miniature tornadoes that shred Caesar's skin, leaving him incapacitated and temporarily blinded in one eye. His Maneater Truth Quest Download FULL PC GAME that he need not see to fight the Pillar Men amuses them, as Ripple users of two millennia past said the same things to them before they killed them. Kars and Esidisi head to the surface, allowing Wamuu to finish Caesar off as the only Ripple user left, only for Joseph to make himself known, proclaiming that he has developed his own special Ripple technique using a pair of clackers that he channels the Ripple through. Wamuu allows him to fight, slicing through his wrist to the artery to make the battle last only a minute. His first attack, the Ripple Clacker Volley, appears to miss its mark, embedding a steel ball into a pillar behind Wamuu, but this is all part of a ploy to engage his other technique, Clacker Boomerang, where he has thrown another Ripple empowered pair of clackers behind Wamuu, catching onto the original clacker, and actually landing a blow on Wamuu. Angered, Wamuu allows Joseph to continue to strike him with the clackers while he prepares his counter, the Holy Sandstorm. Wamuu claims his attack has been hindered by his eyesight and a pillar blocking Joseph, but Joseph is left barely alive. Playing dead, Joseph tries to run away, seemingly stranding Caesar and Speedwagon, but it is all a ploy to lure Wamuu away before he can kill the others. Joseph JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Wamuu on a mine cart ride through the ruins, intending to use a stick of dynamite to destroy him, but Wamuu anticipates these events and sends them flying, intending to kill Joseph for his insolence. However, Joseph proclaims that he could possibly be even stronger in a month's time, intriguing Wamuu, who decides to let Joseph live to get stronger with the Ripple in only a month, implanting a "Wedding Ring" in Joseph's body around his aorta that will release a deadly poison in thirty-three days' time, unless Joseph can get the antidote held in his lip piercing by killing him in battle. Esidisi, who has come to see what has been holding Wamuu up, also decides to enter in on the wager (after consuming the stick of dynamite before it explodes), implanting another poison-filled ring around Joseph's windpipe, with the antidote in his own nose piercing. Kars, however, passes on the game, and the Pillar Men leave in search of the Red Stone of Aja, and Joseph passes out from the strain of the battle. Caesar, who has been watching the whole time, realizes Joseph's resolve and promises to also get stronger with him.

16 Episode pngLisa Lisa, Ripple Coach
Hamon Kyoushi Risa Risa) January 25,


Wanting to teach Joseph to control his Ripple powers, Caesar takes him to Venice to meet his teacher, Lisa Lisa, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Lisa Lisa orders Joseph to wear a mask that limits his breathing for the duration of his training. To start their training, Lisa Lisa tasks Joseph and Caesar to climb the Hell Climb Pillar, a meter pillar covered in oil, using only the Ripple or else starve to death. Observing Caesar's efforts, Joseph learns to climb up by focusing Ripple energy in his fingertips. As the days pass as they struggle to climb, Joseph assumes there's an easy break when he spots a crack in the pillar, but this turns out to be a trap, causing the pillar to start spewing oil at high pressures from its meter mark. Caesar manages to break through the barrier by using Ripple energy to simultaneously grip the pillar with his feet and repel the barrier, eventually reaching the peak. Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives eventually manages to get past by traveling across the barrier to its weakest point so he can leap over it. As Joseph ends up running out of breath at the last meter, Caesar helps him up. As Joseph becomes pleased with the results of his training and asks for the next test, Lisa Lisa brings in JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen servants, Messina and Loggins, to teach them how to master the Ripple over the next few weeks.

17 Episode pngThe Deeper Plan
Fukaku Wana o Hare!) February 1,


Lisa Lisa explains to Joseph and Caesar how the creator of the Stone Mask, Kars, is seeking a gem known as the Red Stone of Aja to power the Stone Mask and become the ultimate life-form. Lisa Lisa reveals she herself possesses this gem which can amplify the power of the Ripple into a powerful beam, saying that it is needed to defeat the Pillar Men. With a week left until the rings inside Joseph dissolve and kill him, Lisa Lisa pits Joseph and Caesar against Loggins and Messina respectively for their final lesson. However, when Joseph reaches his destination, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, he finds Loggins has been killed by Esidisi. Angered, Joseph decides to confront the Pillar Man over a bed of spikes. Thanks to an intricate trap, Joseph manages to use a wire set-up on Loggins to sever Esidisi's arm. However, Esidisi manages to repair himself by taking Loggins' arm before attacking Joseph with his burning blood. Despite nearly falling for a trap himself, Joseph manages to ensnare Esidisi in conductive wool thread and hit him with the Ripple, managing to destroy him and retrieve his antidote, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, safely dissolving the ring around his neck. Relieved, Joseph heads back to the castle, unaware that Esidisi's brain is clinging onto his back.

18 Episode pngVon Stroheim's Revenge
Shutorohaimu tai no gyakushuu) February 8,


After his fight with Esidisi, Joseph heads back to the manor without realizing that Esidisi's brain had latched onto his back. Meanwhile, Lisa Lisa prepares for her bath while Suzi Q has trouble deciding on which blouse her master should wear. Suzi Q runs into Joseph downstairs, not recognizing him due to lacking the mask he'd been wearing the past few weeks. She informs Joseph that Lisa Lisa had asked to see him and advises him to wait for her to finish her bath. Suzi Q leaves and Esidisi is shown to have left Joseph's body. Joseph goes upstairs and notices Suzi Q handing off a package to a mail boat at the docks. Joseph decides to peep on Lisa Lisa bathing through the keyhole and sees Suzi Q inside, to which he expresses confusion as he had seen Suzi Q down at the docks only moments before. Lisa Lisa notices that the Red Stone of Aja is missing, and Esidisi (inside Suzi Q's body) reveals he had mailed it away in order to get it to Kars. Joseph comes in, but Esidisi intends to stall them by holding Suzi Q hostage, as in order to kill Esidisi they would have to kill her. Caesar returns and is told by Joseph and Lisa Lisa to catch the mail boat before it arrives in Venice. Esidisi attacks Caesar and blocks the doorway, preventing anyone from leaving. Joseph and Caesar used their combined Ripple to force Esidisi out of Suzi Q and neutralize any damage to her. Esidisi is disintegrated by the sunlight and Joseph admits his respect for him. Suzi Q reveals that the Stone is aboard a train headed to Switzerland and Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa, and Messina drive off to catch the package before it reaches its destination. Meanwhile, Kars wonders why Esidisi had not reported back to him and assumes that something must have happened to him. A dog is nearly run over by a pair of drunk drivers, but Kars uses his Light Blades to kill them. Joseph wakes up to find that the train had been stopped by customs and that Nazi's have retrieved the package from the train, stating that they are taking it for research. A Nazi who speaks to Joseph as if he was familiar with him tells the group to talk with him in a log cabin up ahead. Later on that evening Kars approaches the cabin and senses the body heat of several soldiers inside, killing them with his Light Blades shortly afterwards. When he enters he notices that there is still one soldier left in the room, the one who addressed Joseph. Confused as to why he can't sense his body heat Kars attacks the soldier, who blocks with his hand. The soldier's glove rips from Kars' attack and reveals that it is mechanical underneath. Joseph enters the room and identifies the solider as Stroheim, much to his JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Episode pngA Race Toward the Brink
Shi no Gake e Tsuppashire) February 15,


Stroheim starts using his new mechanical body, which was designed to surpass Santana and to fight against Kars. However, it proves futile against Kars' blades, which cuts him down to size. As Kars attempts to retrieve the stone, Stroheim fires a beam at him, sending the stone sliding towards a cliff edge, forcing JoJo and Kars to chase after it. JoJo pulls off a trick to grab the stone, but Kars pulls him off the cliff with him. JoJo manages to save himself by using the stone as a shield and prevents his fall with help from Caesar. The next day, Caesar and the others discuss ambushing Kars' hideout before Wamuu arrives, but JoJo objects to it, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, believing it unwise to fight on their home turf, leading to him and Caesar getting into a fight. Feeling a sense of duty to his grandfather, Caesar decides to go alone, with Messina ordered to follow him, whilst Lisa Lisa explains to JoJo that Caesar has a secret past.

20 Episode pngYoung Caesar
Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun) February 22,


Lisa Lisa tells JoJo of Caesar's childhood, in which he took to crime at a young age after being abandoned by his debt-ridden father, Mario. However, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, when Caesar turned 16, Caesar came across the wall containing the Pillar Men, which was booby-trapped by Kars. Mario saved Caesar from the trap, getting absorbed into the wall, but lived long enough to tell Caesar to find Lisa Lisa and learn the Ripple. As Caesar arrives at the hotel, he is attacked by Wamuu, who is using streams of moist air to both protect him from the sunlight and reflect the light around him. Caesar launches an attack on Wamuu after he drags Messina into the hotel, but Wamuu manages to retreat inside the hotel, prompting Caesar to go in after him. Using a series of refractive bubble lenses, Caesar manages to redirect the sunlight inside the hotel to pin down Wamuu. However, Wamuu takes advantage of the split-second the sun is blotted by Caesar's attack to deliver a critical counter-attack. Too injured to continue for the fight, Caesar uses the last of his strength to steal the piercing containing the antidote for the ring around JoJo's heart. He then uses his Final Ripple to create a blood bubble to deliver the piercing and his bandana to JoJo before being crushed by the collapsing ceiling. Wamuu, finding Caesar's fight and loyalty to be admirable, allows the bubble to remain. JoJo and Lisa Lisa are attracted to the hotel after Messina does not return, and unknowingly see the light of Caesar's Final Ripple. They discover the state of the hotel, finding the bubble with the antidote and Caesar's scarf, and soon realize that Caesar has died, and weep over the loss of their friend and ally.

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Hulu Stone Ocean JoJolion
  • Adorkable:
    • If you aren't disturbed by Doppio having a conversation into a frog's belly, then yes. Even Diavolo thinks he's cute.
    • For a supposed assassin, Pesci is oddly soft-hearted and endearing; he looks up to Prosciutto as a Big Brother Mentor, and his drink of choice is milk instead of espresso. Even so, Bucciarati nearly dies outright learning what happens when Prosciutto is killed, and we're shown just how much of himself Pesci's been holding back.
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Even for a divisive and vile main villain, some readers felt JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Diavolo's fate of being subjected to an infinite death loop is too excessive. Considering his track record, that's something.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Does Cioccolata legitimately care about Secco or does he just see him as a slave or a pet? While the manga was ambiguous, in the anime, he sounds sincere when he tells Secco he loves him in his voicemail; however, it's not as if earlier he was treating him like an actual person. The same could be said for Secco, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. While he did say he never really liked Cioccolata, the anime almost makes it look and sound like he's in denial and he's simply trying to convince himself that he never liked or cared for the other man, only being interested in his wealth and power.
    • DIO's reason for allowing Giorno's mother and a few others to live instead of eating them like his other victims and eventually give birth to Giorno himself, which even the Driver Easy Pro Crack Free & Serial Key With Keygen Full Latest Version Download 2021 isn't contently sure as to why. Was it out of a whim to see what would happen if he let one of his women live to have kids to see the results?A desire to have an heir/backup aid to Pucci to fulfill his ultimate plans in case he died? A genuine desire to be a father, but feeling that he's worried that he would be as abusive to his potential children as his own father was to JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen wanted them to live out the lives free and content? On the other hand, the ambiguously canon novel Over Heaven says DIO deliberately picked women opposite of his mother so that his children would become stronger, suggesting a more pragmatic reason behind conceiving them. The former two options are taken if one sees DIO as a Complete Monster with no redeeming qualities, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, while the latter is if one believes DIO himself has enough depth of character to actually consider the well-being of his children. And the fourth, might be a mix of all potential possibilities depending on how you view the character.
    • Diavolo himself, and by extension, Doppio, can be read very differently depending on how you view their relationship and with others.
      • Was Diavolo always a bad person who came up with Doppio as a guise, but with with a very flawed perspective on what makes a normal person given how much of a Cloudcuckoolander Doppio is? Was Doppio the original personality and Diavolo himself is an embodiment of all of Doppio's suppressed negative emotions from a traumatic eventthat gradually began to usurp the original until he was a shell of his former self to be used a guise to go out in public. Or were they always there in the same body with Diavolo being the Evil Twin and Doppio being the more unassuming positive personality? Or perhaps neither were, with the original having aspects of both until a traumatic event in his childhood split the psyche into two in order to coupe with the aftermath. The fact that Doppio and Diavolo end up in different bodies during the Chariot Requiem encounter, but Diavolo ends up more or less a secondary spirit inside Trish and can only act by using King Crimson, makes it possible Doppio was the original person, but had a split personality that became its own being in the form of Diavolo after he was pierced by the Stand Arrow. The ambiguous nature of their background makes the actual aspect of their relationship and what each is mysterious, enough to be pointing to all suggestions at once.
      • Does Diavolo simply speak through King Crimson like other Stand users, allowing him to communicate without revealing his own appearance? Or is King Crimson some type of sapient Stand, similar to Cheap Trick, and the true "Diavolo" personality controlling Doppio? It's simple to argue for the former; notably, Diavolo stops speaking through King Crimson once his identity is revealed. There is some evidence for the latter, however. Notably, when Chariot Requiem switches the souls of everyone and puts them into different bodies, it is revealed that Doppio and Diavolo are separate souls in the same body, and there are several depictions of Diavolo carrying on internal monologue with the appearance of King Crimson, even after Diavolo's reveal.
      • Some claim that Diavolo is not merely a Satanic Archetype, Video Editor Archives - proapkcrack a literal demon. This theory grew in popularity thanks to the Adaptation Expansion from the anime: it's mentioned that Doppio's mother suddenly went from normal to heavily pregnant within the span of a day, after spending two years in prison away from any male, and the newborn Doppio's eyes JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen flash a demonic red. Diavolo also demonstrates unusual knowledge of how souls work (for example, instantly being able to tell that since Bucciarati is undead, he can only see soul energy, and manipulates his soul to help disguise Doppio's). His ability to physically transform Doppio's body when he takes over can be chalked up to a demonic power. All this, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, on top of the large amount of religious symbolism surrounding him and the part as a whole, makes it easy to interpret Diavolo as a demon, or even Satan himself.
      • How much did Diavolo care for Donatella? On one hand, he hid his true name from her, vanished from her life and viewed his relationship with her as a hindrance for potential exposure via Trish's being a potential candidate to track him down. On the other hand, he kept a photograph of her, which doesn't fit with his paranoid personality about remaining anonymous. Did he see her as a one night stand and took her picture for sentimental reasons of nostalgia or did he genuinely love her once, but decided to keep her out of the dangers he would later face in his life out of love for her? It's possible that over the years, as he became a cruel mafia boss with extreme paranoia at any perceived attempt on his life, his thoughts on his love were twisted into a potential threat and nuisance.
    • Fugo's reasons for not joining the Gang in their rebellion against the Boss. Was it just a sense of dutiful obligation to the boss in spite of what he learned of his true nature as part of Passione, a fear of going into a situation that would guarantee death, or did it stem from a fear from acting on emotion instead of rational thought spelling doom for them, especially with his background of an impulsive action of anger ruining his life in the first place?
    • This video paints Chariot Requiem as an exhausted warrior doing his last, final task, rather than being a rampaging monster on the loose.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Polnareff doesn't seem too bothered by his ultimate fate of being sealed inside Coco Jumbo. Being able to walk again after being only wheelchair-bound beforehand might be a big factor in this.
  • Ass Pull:
    • The Metallica fight has a few:
      • When Risotto had a weakened Diavolo pinned down and was ready to manipulate Narancia's Aerosmith via Metallica's blood being on it in order to kill and the very least take the Boss down with him, King Crimson suddenly demonstrates the ability to temporally become intangible, allowing the bullets to miss and hit just Risotto. While Diavolo states he erased seconds of time and caused the bullets to hit Risotto only, this still flies in the face of how King Crimson works since even when erasing time, Diavolo still has to move or act within it to make the effect occur, as shown by him nearly killing Bucciarati, Polnareff, and him killing Narancia. By contrast, this moment shows him using his ability to flat out evade an attack by doing nothing, and it gets somewhat contradicted later when he has to use King JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen to deflect Mista's bullets. It served as a very contrived way for Risotto to lose and have the Big Bad remain alive until Giorno finished him off. It also served as a large reason for why King Crimson was so hard to explain due to this additional ability.
      • The aftermath of the fight. King Crimson isn't shown to have any inherent healing properties, so it's not clear how Doppio/Diavolo's wounds (including needles through his cheeks and a pair of scissors through his neck) were able to be patched up without any gaping, wounds of visible blood in time for him to go unnoticed by a group of kids playing soccer.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Following the multiple bouts of censorship afflicting the anime adaptation, such as blacking out Stroheim's Nazi salute in Battle Tendency, Jotaro's underage smoking in Stardust Crusaders, or bloody gashes and decapitated limbs in Diamond is Unbreakable, the anime adaptation for Vento Aureo finally rips off the bandage and leaves everything uncensored. For better or for worse.
  • Awesome Music:
    • In WISO steuer Sparbuch 2020 crack serial keygen anime, "Il Vento D'oro", a bombastic piece focusing on guitars and the occasional chant of "Jo! Jo!" or "Golden wind!"
    • There's Bucciarati's theme, "Nella Cerniera", which encapsulates his burning, passionate resolve in an absolutely fierce rock track.
    • "Canzoni Preferite" (colloquially known as the "Torture Dance" song) is a very catchy tune, and the infamous dance only helps to cement it as a banger.
    • "Modern Crusaders" by Enigma, a catchy, heavy-hitting art rock song that perfectly encapsulates the mood of Vento Aureo's second half.
    • And of course, "Fighting Gold" and "Uragirimono no Requiem"/"Traitor's Requiem", keeping up the anime's track record of having stellar opening themes.
    • "Fierce Fight", the song that plays when Bucciarati faces off against The Boss's Stand, King Crimson and finds a way to counter its almost invincible ability.
    • "Un'altra Persona", aka Diavolo's theme, a fantastically eerie and mysterious tune. It even manages to sound like time flowing anomalously.
  • Awesome Art: This part has some stellar art from Araki, who mixes his detailed character work with some great camera angles and framing. The White Album and Oasis/Green Day fights are standout examples of this. On the anime side of things, the Metallica fight has some incredible animation and character JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen throughout the entire episode.
  • Badass Decay: As the manga shows, Jean-Pierre Polnareff would never be the same after a horrific 8848Soft Convert Doc to PDF for Word v3.0 crack serial keygen that rendered him an utter cripple; costing him an eye, an arm, and JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen his lower legs. He's left unable to stand up or even walk, let alone fight.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Giorno is this in spades, with fans often either citing him as one of the best JoJos or the absolute worst depending on JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen you're speaking to. Fans in favor of him often cite his cold, tactical personality, and the fact that he inherits both Jonathan's righteous and idealistic personality as well as DIO's ruthlessness and callousness, while those who are against him find that personality flat and boring in favor of the more upbeat JoJos like Joseph or Josuke. Others don't mind that much due to this part's tendency to have a balanced Ensemble Cast, with much of the focus on Bucciarati's crew interacting with one another and working as a group. But these points aside, Giorno has an obvious lack of front-line fighting compared to most of the other JoJos also ties into the base-breaking, as does the nature of Gold Experience and how overpowered it is—especially by the end.
    • Diavolo is probably the most divisive Big Bad of the franchise. One camp of the fanbase appreciates the mystery surrounding his character which leads to many Epileptic Trees, his relationship with Doppio, and how genuinely intimidating and mentally damaged he really is. On the other hand, he's disliked by many for being mysterious for the sake of it, to the point where nothing about his character truly stands out. It also doesn't help that he has very little actual screentime and, adding to that, the majority of the fandom still can't quite understand how his Stand or Epitaph ability truly works.
    • In spite of how beloved the entirety of La Squadra di Esecuzione is, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, there's a little bit of discourse on how enjoyable Melone actually is. Is he a charming Playful Hacker with an attractive design and a memorable catchphrase of, "Di molto," or are his actions too predatory and uncomfortable, akin to the likes of Forever and Alessi, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen fully enjoy the situations he puts himself in?
    • To a lesser extent, Leone Abbacchio also counts. Some fans enjoy his asshole tendencies and his chemistry with Bucciarati. Other fans are annoyed by his Jerkass attitude, and the fact that he essentially hates Giorno for existing. It doesn't help that he dies before he gets the chance to like Giorno or undergo any major development.
  • Better Than Canon: While mashups of Stands and the music that inspired them aren't uncommon online, many who've listened to Black Sabbath's reveal synced to "Black Sabbath" from the Self-Titled Album by Black Sabbath agree that it makes the reveal all the more frightening and unsettling.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Polpo eats his own fingers and then they magically grow back. It's never explained JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen and doesn't seem to be related to the abilities of his Stand, Black Sabbath.
      • Speculation among fans makes note that the lighter Polpo gives to Giorno appears without second notice, leading many to believe that this is Black Sabbath's summoning ritual.
    • Narancia, Mista, and Fugo's weird dance, which they abruptly start without a word of explanation while in the middle of torturing an enemy Stand user. The anime heightens this even further by incorporating weird visual shifts and strange music. As an astute YouTube commenter pointed out, not only does it just suddenly happen, with no leadup or explanation, but afterwards they go back to what they were doing without a word, implying that it happens often.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Doppio turning out to be the Boss, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. It's not helped that immediately before his introduction that the Boss (in silhouette) says that he was going to fight the protagonists himself then pretends that the Boss and Doppio are two different people.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Cioccolata establishes himself as one of the more depraved villains of the franchise that even Diavolo despises. His long and drawn out death culminating in a seven-pageNo-Holds-Barred Beatdown by Giorno is considered by many to be the most satisfying moment in the franchise since Steely Dan's beatdown in Stardust Crusaders or Angelo's fate in Diamond is Unbreakable.
    • For those who don't feel that Diavolo's ultimate fate of dying in an infinite loop was undeserved, this can qualify for all the heinous actions that he committed throughout the series.
  • "Common Knowledge": Bucciarati's hairstyle is frequently referred to as a bowl cut by fans. It's actually a bob cut.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Diavolo is the mysterious "boss" of Passione, who was ruthless enough to be able to edge out all the other Mafia families. However, he causes his more conscientious employees to rebel by rejecting the ethics adhered to by other Mafiosi and selling hard drugs to minors. Driven by extreme paranoia, he resolves to erase all traces of his past identity and kill anyone who has seen his face. Years ago he attempted to kill his mother by sewing her mouth shut (a torment he later inflicts on a young boy) and burying her alive. He then burned his village to the ground, intending to kill everyone and being listed as a casualty; at least seven people are killed by this, and Diavolo intended to kill more. He rules his organization with an iron fist and makes a gruesome example of two of his elite assassins, Gelato and Sorbet, when they breach his privacy. He dismembers Sorbet alive—which causes Gelato to commit suicide to avoid a similar fate—and then sends the bodies to their comrades as a macabre warning. When he learns that he has a teenage daughter, he responds by plotting to murder her, almost doing it himself before Bucciarati intervenes. Additionally, it was Diavolo who sold the Stand Arrows to Enya Geil, making him responsible for the outbreak of empowered villains that has driven the events of the series from Part III onward. Heartless, paranoid and grandiose, Diavolo believed himself to be a rightful emperor over the whole world and stopped at nothing in pursuit of power.
    • Cioccolata, the most sadistic member of Passione, is a Serial Killer whose main joy in life is seeing pain and fear expressed on the face of someone about to die. He volunteered in aged care for the chance to drive vulnerable people to suicide by poisoning them and breaking their spirits by telling them that nobody would come to visit them. Inspired to become a doctor after filming the deaths of the elderly, Cioccolata would then purposefully kill the patients that fell under his knife by operating on them while fully conscious. From this cruelty was born a gruesome power: His Stand, Green Day, inflicts people with mold that causes them to die in agony as their bodies fall apart. While waiting to ambush the heroes, he kills several bystanders in this way. Rather than finishing off his targets while they're at his mercy, he waits while his similarly depraved partner Secco records their anguished expressions for posterity. He then takes a helicopter to pursue his foes and kills everyone else in sight. The anime adds to his list of crimes by having him be the one who butchered Sorbet. As a sadist unconstrained by morality and reason, Cioccolata earns the contempt of everyone he encounters.
  • Contested Sequel: Vento Aureo used to be among the most hotly contested parts of the series among Western fans, due to bad translations. Originally considered one of the weakest parts, nowadays Vento Aureo has many supporters who feel it doesn't get enough love and is unfairly judged, and some fans who outright state it as their overall favorite part like in Japan, there are still others still stand by it being one of the weaker parts. Vento Aureo has gotten praise among the fandom for being Darker and Edgier than most of the other parts with more emphasis on the fights than anything, raising the stakes with overpowered Stands to create intense and often long fights, the protagonists being anti-heroes and Araki taking the Anyone Can Die rule to the extreme. As such the fans felt that Vento Aureo had a fresh feel to it compared to other parts that allowed it to explore ideas and plots other parts never touched upon such as moral ambiguity while having a generally likable cast of characters. Those who aren't fans often criticize this part for having needlessly complicated Stands, the Villain of the Week format getting stale (especially due to how long the fights can get), many of the more interesting plot points such as the moral ambiguity of the protagonists and Giorno's relationship to Dio never being explored, not using many of the protagonists or supporting characters to their fullest potential, being mostly disconnected from the greater narrative of the other parts, and an underwhelming villain alongside of a cop-out finale. Some of the detractors even admit to giving up on reading this part and skipping it altogether.
  • Crack Pairing: Some fans jokingly ship Bucciarati/Kakyoin, based on Kakyoin's supposed preference for mothers and Bucciarati's motherly attitude toward his team.
  • Creepy Cute: Although Purple Haze is one of the most dangerous and terrifying Stands due to its ability to inflict a swift, painful death to everyone around it, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, its obsession with cleaning itself can make it oddly endearing.
    • Risotto's Stand Metallica's effects are horrifying and painful to those unfortunate enough to get on Risotto's hit list, but the Stand themselves are considered surprisingly cute by a good portion of the fandom. Helps that they're partially based on the Hattifattener from The Moomins.
  • Critical Backlash:
    • The part has gotten this reaction after the new translations. For a long time, Vento Aureo has been one of the most criticized and controversial parts in the series due to a number of factors and after improvements done with the translations, many fans have come to realize that criticisms were mostly unfair. With the new anime announcement, the positive hype has overtaken the majority of fandom, even becoming Worldwide Trend Topic on Twitter for an entire day after.
    • Diavolo also seems to be getting some of this. There's been more defenders of him in recent times as a more thematically appropriate villain who gets his most negative flaws from a writing point overblown. It may not be enough to fully redeem him as a villain to many, but there are notably more people who will come to his defense.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Zucchero's Cold-Blooded Torture scene. His severed head hung on a hook? Humiliating. Eyes slowly getting roasted by the sun's rays? Horrifying. Narancia, Mista and Fugo dancing in what is considered one the most memorable moments to grace this part? Hilarious.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Part 5 might have the most instances of this trope out of any JoJo part, given that nearly all the important characters are mafia members.
    • La Squadra may be among the more sympathetic antagonists of the series, but they are still ruthless assassins in the mafia who are more than willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. Yet fans like to bring their humanizing traits Up to Eleven and downplay their more unpleasant ones. Sorbet and Gelato get a great deal of the leather-pants treatment and are nearly always portrayed as a sweet loving couple, for two reasons: we never see them do anything evil on-screen (though that's because of their limited screentime), and their horrible, agonizing deaths make it easy to feel bad for them.
    • Diavolo gets this to an extent, though not nearly as much as Dio, Kira, Pucci and the others. His more ambiguous relationships are given a more sympathetic edge like with Doppio and occasionally his other minions. Though it's more common to play him up as a comedic character rather than a sympathetic one; his Kick the Dog moments treated as Crossing the Line Twice.
    • Secco has fans who find him Ugly Cute and he's often seen as a victim of Cioccolata, or at least significantly less evil than him, even though he willingly worked as the mad doctor's assistant and filmed Sorbet getting hacked to pieces as Gelato was tied up and forced to watch.
    • Even Bucciarati's team gets this treatment from fans who forget that, despite being sympathetic, they're still gangsters willing to torture and kill their enemies if necessary, often in brutal ways. In particular, the fandom has a tendency to exaggerate Narancia&#;s childlike traits and portray him as incredibly innocent and adorable, forgetting that he has a pretty aggressive nature and a hot temper and kills no less than four people (Formaggio, Tiziano, Squalo and Risotto) by the end of the part.
  • Ending Fatigue: The final battle for this part is one of the longest final arcs in the entire franchise. Unlike the battles against Kars, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, DIO, and Kira, this fight has multiple phases and keeps throwing new obstacles at the protagonists. It begins immediately after the protagonists defeat Cioccolata and Secco with Diavolo's introduction and a brief fight between King Crimson and Silver Chariot while the other protagonists attempt to find Bucciarati. Then Chariot Requiem awakens and the protagonists spend multiple chapters trying to figure out the body switch and stop Diavolo from getting the arrow, and then comes the final chapters of Giorno trying to claim the arrow. And once the final battle concludes, the story still has an additional five chapters about the gang's encounter with a Stand user before Bucciarati met Giorno.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Though Pannacotta Fugo receives a fair amount of development and characterization in the first half of the story, he is the least focused-on of Bucciarati's gang, only getting to participate in a single fight across the entire story. Purple Haze only appears once as a result, and he leaves halfway through the story, long before the next member dies, and never to return outside of a flashback, but he was well-liked and developed enough to become the star of his own very well-received light novel.
    • A Stand-specific example, Polpo's Stand Black Sabbath is amongst the most popular Stands in the series for its slick design, interesting role and fight, and for being the first sign of Vento AureoGrowing the Beard. It helps that it has the name of an incredibly influential Metal band. Also adding onto this was a fun boss battle on the PS2 gamewith a menacing song to amp up the urgency.
    • Another Stand-specific example would be Abbacchio's Stand, Moody Blues. While the Stand itself is the very definition of JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, but Impractical, serving next to no fighting capabilities, it's beloved for its incredibly creative uses, from replacing parts of Abbacchio's body when Man in the Mirror transports them to the mirror world, to being used to fly a plane via recreating a pilot when none of Team Bucciarati has the ability to pilot a plane, to flat-out recreating the events of a suicide tape. The anime also furthered Moody Blues' popularity, thanks to both its holographic metal paint job and its oddly satisfying phone receiver noises.
    • Risotto Nero and many members of La Squadra are well-liked among fans often being considered some of the best minor villains in the franchise. The Evil Is Cool, Evil Is Sexy, and Rooting for the Empire tropes explain why. Prosciutto and Pesci are the most popular in particular for their memorable arc and camaraderie, but all have their fans. Needless to say, it was immediately well-received when the anime gave even more screentime to them actually showing them as a group, making even clearer the close bonds that were mostly implied in the original.
      • Like already mentioned above, Risotto is possibly the most popular secondary antagonist in the series for being A Father to His Men, Tragic Villain and a worthy opponent for Diavolo to compete of the leadership of Passione. His memorable arc and fight scene with Doppio is considered one of the best and most intense arcs in the part due to high stakes and Doppio not having the Plot Armor on in a similar way Bucciarati or Giorno does. Many fans even hoped that Risotto would have eventually joined Team Bucciarati in a fight against Diavolo. Adding to that, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Risotto's popularity is certainly helped that he has one of the most terrifying Stand abilities in the series which is named after an influential thrash metal band.
      • Pesci is one of the most popular members of La Squadra, and possibly one of the most popular minor JoJo villains period. On top of being oddly endearing JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen his un-gangster-like mannerisms and soft-heartedness, he goes through an incredible amount of growth in a short time period, culminating in him going from a soft-hearted "mammomi" into a stone-cold assassin who nearly wiped out every member of Bucciarati's group. And given how likable he was up to that point, it was hard for a lot of people tonotroot for him.
      • Prosciutto is another popular one for being a the complete opposite of Pesci, a hardened, ruthless, determined gangster and a supporting mentor and big brother figure to Pesci who kills without hesitation and has very memorable inspiring words on how a stone-cold assassin gets a job done. His mannerisms and appearance are also the most gangster-like of La Squadra which is why many find him so memorable which is helped by his terrifying Stand ability.
      • Ghiaccio, despite being a minor antagonist, is rather popular thanks to his interesting design and his creative use of his Stand, White Album which make his fight one of the more JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen ones. The anime increased his popularity, thanks to his bizarre Seinfeldian Conversation-style ranting being voiced and hilariously ridiculous.
    • Diavolo's right-hand man and split-personality Doppio is regarded very warmly for his hilarious yet simultaneously creepy mood swings and his Adorkable nature. For some it's even enough to make them enjoy Diavolo more to an extent thanks to their interesting relationship.
    • Cioccolata is one of the most popular villains from this part due to his unapologetic cruelty, banter with Secco, dualism with Giorno, horrifyingStand ability, and memorable death scene. The anime exclusive Early-Bird Cameo of him being the one who sliced Sorbet up was a welcome addition to many. Another reason for Cioccolata's popularity is that, unlike most other enemy Stand users in this part, he has a fleshed-out backstory which exists just to showcase how awful of a person he really is.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • Many fans have been theorizing whether Leaky Eye Luca was a Stand user or not, with some even suggesting that his shovel itself is his Stand, similar to Hol Horse having a gun Stand.
    • Due to a lot of Diavolo's past life being barely touched upon and deliberately left up to interpretation, fans like to bring up many theories surrounding him:
      • These twovideos bring up the theory that Doppio may in fact be the original personality of the Boss, and that Diavolo is Doppio's Split Personality rather than the other way around.
      • Another minor theory is that King Crimson is actually a sentient Stand like Anubis or Cheap Trick, and could also possibly be Diavolo's personality manifested into a Stand. This is because how Diavolo always speaks through King Crimson as shown in his fight with Bucciarati and having his soul swapped by Chariot Requiem.
    • Some fans speculate that Polpo and Risotto Nero are related in some way. This mainly comes from the fact that they're the only people seen in the whole with black sclera (both of them also have red irises in the manga) and they have names related to cephalopods, Polpo is Italian of octopus and Risotto Nero is a rice dish dyed black through cephalopod ink.
    • A common theory is that the members of La Squadra di Esecuzione are representative of the Seven Deadly Sins. Some comparisons are easier to make than others, but these are the most likely representations.
      • Envy: Formaggio. His Little Feet Stand is often touted as worthless by the other members of La Squadra, and he only ever feels comfortable beating up people smaller than him.
      • Gluttony: Illuso. Being a Serial Killer, he can never get enough of killing others, even if he were to have a My God, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, What Have I Done? moment.
      • Pride: Prosciutto. He takes extreme pleasure in touting his The Grateful Dead Stand as being end-all be-all, and while he does care for Pesci, he insists that he's overall better than him.
      • Sloth: Native Instruments FM8 crack serial keygen. He has an incredibly versatile Stand, but doesn't ever muster up the courage to use it on a frequent basis. That, and he's often willing to give up on a task very early into it.
      • Lust: Melone. He's incredibly aroused by the sight of women's legs, licking his lips whenever he sees any, and his Stand Baby Face is analogous toa rape case.
      • Wrath: Ghiaccio. He's a stickler for proper grammar, losing his cool over the word "Venezia" being opted out for "Venice", and when he doesn't understand metaphors, he loses his temper out of confusion.
      • Greed: Risotto. Being the leader of La Squadra, he's indicative of what the group's main goal is: to kill Diavolo and inherent his fortune through Passione's drug and narcotics division.
  • Even Better Sequel: Although Contested Sequel is very much present here, as both the story and characters are still at the center of debate whether they match the charm of the previous part, most people certainly agree that in terms of the JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen adaptation, Part 5 outshines Part 4 and even Part 3 in many ways. While Part 4 anime was a strong package overall and was generally better paced than Part 3 (especially in later arcs where the flow was significantly altered to make it feel less tedious than in the manga), it was also criticized in spades for its art style change and having notable drops of quality when it comes to animation. Part 5 animation has a higher budget and is easily the best looking season so far, combining art styles of the preceding parts and putting much more attention and detail for pleasing both fans of the manga and newcomers. Examples include better visuals and sound design, additional scenes of fan favorites such as members of La Squadra interacting with one another, having a magnificent score with each of the characters having their own leitmotifs and most notably, utilizing the detailed animation for illustrating King Crimson's powers so that they make some actual sense as the concept of time is generally much more difficult to understand using still images of the original source material. These welcome additions make sense as Part 5 is the most popular part in Japan to this day.
  • Evil Is Cool: Given that this part's main antagonists lack the usual incompetence and overt cowardice of the previous two parts, the majority of Passione are a legitimate threat to the heroes due to their abilities and resourcefulness.
    • Risotto Nero's Assassination Squad have a large fanbase for their cool designs, ruthlessness, powerful Stand abilities and their camaraderie with one another.
    • Unita Speciale, while not as popular as La Squadra, manage to be just as deadly a threat, if not more so. Squalo and Tiziano are a Battle Couple whose teamwork manage to corner a few of Buccelati's team while having genuine camaraderie, Carne in spite of dying instantly- makes up for it for a terrifyingly invincible Stand that led to the debut of the first truly competent female protagonist Stand, and lastly the duo of Cioccolata- who in spite of being an utterly repulsive monster, is a gleefully over-the-top psycho with a nightmarishly deadly Stand, but is also resourceful enough to exploit it beyond its initial ability, and Secco, a seemingly animalistic slave that proves to be exceptionally cunning enough to put Buccilati to a corner.
    • Diavolo himself in spite of his usualtrack, manages to be prove to be a subdued yet barbarically ruthless, no-nonsense, brutal and terrifying force of dark and conflicting origins to reckon with when he actually manages to succeed- having a nightmarish looking Stand with violent precision and incomprehensible ability that leaves the majority of his enemies baffled as they die.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Considering how infamous this part is for garish fashion this trope is inevitable. Affects Illuso, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Prosciutto, Melone, Squalo, Tiziano, Risotto Nero, and Diavolo in particular.
  • Fanon: Due to the sheer popularity of the minor characters this time around, people take it upon themselves to fill in the blanks with their personalities.
    • Melone and Ghiaccio having a Red Oni, Blue Oni dynamic and being Vitriolic Best Buds due to their short interaction between chapters.
    • La Squadra having a more family-esque Corel PaintShop Pro 2021 Crack + Keygen Free Download than shown in the actual manga. Additionally, Risotto Nero being a Father to His Men or an outright Team Dad.
    • Risotto and Abbacchio having an Interservice Rivalry with each other, mostly due to the similarities between the two, such as being stoic and no-nonsense badasses, having white hair and a similar fashion sense.
    • Prosciutto being a chain smoker is very common, coming from how his Stand emits a gas when it activates.
    • Due to them only introduced to motivate La Squadra and show how JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen the Boss is: Gelato and Sorbet have fans fill in blanks of their personalities BullGuard Antivirus 2020 serial key Archives relationships. The fandom mostly agrees that they are Stand users, but with Stands that aren't combat focused and prefer using more "traditional" methods of assassination. Sorbet is often portrayed as a Knife Nut and Gelato preferring firearms. Some fans also (jokingly?) believe that Sorbet is the top and Gelato is the bottom in their relationship, because gelato has milk in it while sorbet doesn't.
    • Scolippi and Melone being related, based on their similar hair colors and facial features, although Melone's hair is blonde in the manga and only purple like Scolippi's in the anime.
    • Abbacchio having a soft spot for Narancia to counter his hatred of Giorno.
    • When Abbacchio is drawn in fanart, he almost always wears black nail polish.
    • There is a popular theory that Hol Horse from Stardust Crusaders is Mista's dad. They have similar gun-related Stands that let them control the direction of their bullets (and they also tend to get hit by their own bullets on multiple occasions). The canonical timeline makes sense for this theory; Mista was born in and Stardust Crusaders takes JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen induring which Hol Horse appears to be in his late 20s or early 30s, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. He is also a ladies' man who says he has "girlfriends all over the world", as well as a mercenary with no permanent residence who travels all over the world to find work, making it plausible that he could have ended up in Italy at some point.
    • Extrapolating Prosciutto's care towards Pesci to turn him into a Bucciarati-like Team Mom for La Squadra.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain:
    • Diavolo stands out for looking incredibly garish even in the highly glamorized Part 5. He appears to wear what looks like lipstick, a body net, and trailing nets attached to his pants.
    • This applies to a good deal of the other villains in Part 5, with special notice given to Risotto Nero. With an even more Stripperiffic version of Sephiroth's outfit, and a hat that looks like a piece of cloth with little balls dangling from it.
  • Fetish Retardant: It's not as severe of a case as Lucy from Steel Ball Run, but Trish's incredibly skimpy outfit and noticeable bosom have become a bit off-putting for fans who are aware that she's only
  • Friendly Fandoms: Similar to the case between Diamond is Unbreakable and Persona 4, this part and Persona 5 are particularly friendly, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Not only are they the fifth numbered installment of their respective series, but both involve a group of young Anti-Hero criminals who intend to improve society by punishing other criminals.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: JoJo is already popular in Italy as it is, but this part took it to new levels, with Italians finding the odd naming of characters a great example of Narm CharmBilingual Bonus.
  • Growing the Beard: The introduction of La Squadra is where fans feel the part begins to pick up especially in regards to how likeable the members of La Squadra are and how much effort is put into making the fights climactic.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Abbacchio's Start of Darkness into becoming a member of Passione started with his job as a police officer, when taking a bribe Ytunnel pro 2.0 362 crack serial keygen a seemingly innocent lawbreaker resulted in his partner being killed. Now, how does Abbacchio end up dying? He getsdonutted.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Risotto's fearsome Stand "Metallica" is based on magnetism. About a decade later, the band Metallica released an album called Death Magnetic.
  • King Crimson's reveal in the anime was on February 22nd, This video, dealing with the memetic subject matter of explaining how King Crimson works, came out on February 22nd, 6.
  • In Stardust Crusaders, Kakyoin's death was aired on June 7th, National Donut Day in the U.S. Likewise, the episode where Polnareff "dies" in a similar manner was aired on the same holiday.
  • Cioccolata and Secco's Stands being named Green Day and Oasis becomes this when taking into consideration the similar memes between the two bands of appealing to edgy or depressed teenagers. Mind you, their introductory arc was released inwhich was far before the likes of American Idiot, which helped cement this idea in the common masses further. Looking at the comments section of this mashup of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Wonderwall", two songs from the respective bands that are infamous for their shared simplistic, moody chord progression, a majority of the comments are JoJo references.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Bucciarati's idea of intimidating Giorno involves tasting his sweat by licking his face.
    • Invoked with the infamous scene where Narancia walks into Giorno healing Mista, where the latter is moaning and telling Giorno to "be gentle" and "not to take off his clothes."
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: Shipping all of Bucciarati's gang together as one giant polyamorous sextet is called "Polyssione".
  • Inferred Holocaust:
    • The fact that people retain their previous state of conscience after King Crimson's time skips would cause a lot of problems, especially for motorists who are trying to focus on the road or construction workers trying to avoid serious workplace mishaps.
    • Trish knocking Notorious B.I.G into the Tyrrhenian Sea causes it to become a kraken-esque creature of legend that causes the destruction of quickly-moving ships. Question is, how many ships have attempted to cross the Tyrrhenian since B.I.G started inhabiting it?
    • Green Day's mold spores end up infecting a vast majority of Rome; not just the protagonists, but it's never explicitly shown how much of a body count Cioccolata was able to amass as a result of it; not even when Chariot Requiem is set loose.
  • Iron Woobie: Most of the members of Bucciarati's gang who have had hardships throughout their life and stick to the gangster lifestyle because it's all they know. Abbacchio, however, gets it the worst as he lived a relatively normal life as a cop until his closest ally died and still hasn't come to terms with the fact that he's gone in spite of his rather stoic demeanor.
  • It Was His Sled:
    • The name and appearance of the leader of Passione, Diavolo, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. While the actual story treats it as one of the biggest mysteries, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, most adaptations no longer bother hiding it, and he's already recognizable to most of the West because of the many memes surrounding his Stand, King Crimson. Thankfully, these are mostly surface-level information and people spoiled on that aspect usually don't know his link with other characters or what his Stand ability is (outside of "just working").
    • If you hang around forums where Hypothetical Fight Debates are held, there is a good chance you're already aware that Gold Experience evolves into Gold Experience Requiem, which has the power to nullify any attack. Due to the Story-Breaker Power nature of this ability, it's very often brought up in these discussions, with "Can this character beat Gold Experience Requiem?" being a commonly asked question.
    • The fact that Polnareff shows up late in the story, and his fate of having his soul swapped into Coco Jumbo's body, due to the constant jokes surrounding it.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Pesci becomes this after Bucciarati kills Prosciutto, his closest ally, and is motivated to continue fighting just to avenge his friend even if he knows he doesn't stand a chance against Bucciarati and his gang.
  • Jerks JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen Worse Than Villains: Fans often love the likes of Risotto, Cioccolata, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, and Secco for how unabashed they are in their JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, but very few fans will admit to liking Zucchero, Sale, or Leaky-Eye Luca. The former two are simply greedy jerkasses who are only minor roadblocks to Team Bucciarati, whereas for the latter, he antagonizes Giorno for a reason that he seems to have made up on the spot, making Luca come across as an obnoxious equal-opportunity asshole.
  • Karmic Overkill: The fate of the Big Bad is often considered excessive due to how horrifying it is compared to his actions: he's trapped in an infinite loop of dying in increasingly painful and humiliating ways by Gold Experience Requiem's ability, which is by far the most unpleasant fate for a JoJo villain despite him not being the most evil.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Among the Vento Aureo cast, Bruno Bucciarati has arguably the most number of ships, ranging but not limited to Giorno, Abbacchio, Trish, Risotto Nero, Prosciutto, Diavolo, etc.
  • Love to Hate: Cioccolata is probably the most depraved villain to ever grace the franchise, being a Mad DoctorSerial Killer and all. But his wanton cruelty, nightmarishly horrifying Stand ability and his surprisingly hilarious and over-the-top dynamic with Secco also makes him enjoyable to watch at the same time. His extremely memorable beatdown at the hands of Giorno is one of the most satisfying moments to grace the series proper.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Giorno Giovanna, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen main protagonist, is DIO Brando and Jonathan Joestar's son. Born Haruno Shiobana and growing up in an abusive background, Giorno, inspired by a gangster who saved him from the abuse out of gratitude for saving his life, developed the ambition to reform the mafia and free it from drug dealing and oppressive operatives. Attracting the attention of Bruno Bucciarati after the death of Leaky-Eye Luca, Giorno strikes an alliance with him and joins his team. Giorno then proves to be an invaluable asset, either outwitting his enemies when he's in the frontlines, providing support or figuring out the enemy's abilities, providing vital information to the team even if he's beaten himself. Following Bucciarati when he and most of his team betray Passione's Boss Diavolo, Giorno later outsmarts Diavolo himself, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, figuring out the latter's plan to reach the Stand Arrow before Team Bucciarati does. Upon getting the Arrow first thanks to a team effort, Giorno defeats Diavolo with its power and becomes the Boss of Passione. Inheriting Jonathan's heart of gold and DIO's ruthlessness and charisma, Giorno earned both ally and enemy's respect and fear through his many brilliant feats.
    • Bruno Bucciarati is a charismatic gangster working for the Italian mafia, with hopes to upend the current vile system and replace it with his own organization, free of addictive drugs and monstrous operatives. Rising to the rank of Capo through his own tenacity and cleverness, Bucciarati uses his insanely loyal gang and allies with Giorno Giovanna to combat La Squadra Esecuzioni, outwitting all the enemies they face. Betraying "the Boss" Diavolo himself when the man tries to kill his daughter Trish, Bucciarati keeps a step ahead of powerful Diavolo in protecting Trish, survives a lethal blow for days through a combo of his own will and Giorno's power, and personally screws over Diavolo in the gang's climactic battle with him, Bucciarati using his last moments of life to secure Giorno's victory and urge him on in creating a new crime syndicate. One of the greatest partners a "JoJo" ever had, who inspired a familial care in his entire gang through his compassion and levelheadedness, Bucciarati played the largest role possible in helping Giorno secure his dream to be a "gang-star."
    • Risotto Nero is the leader of La Squadra Esecuzioni, Passione's rogue assassination team. After his team was sent the mutilated corpses of two of their members as a warning, Risotto and his team decide to betray Passione. Finding out about Trish, the Boss' daughter, Risotto comes up with a plan to kidnap her to find out about the Boss' identity. Risotto tracks down the heroes at every turn, torturing a Passione member to reconstruct a photo of their next location when he temporarily loses track of them. Later when all of his men are killed, Risotto hides out at Sardinia, correctly deducing that Trish will be returning there. Upon confronting Doppio, Risotto brings him to near death with a variety of tactics before the Boss tricks Narancia into shooting the unexpected Risotto. However, even upon death's door, Risotto takes control of Aerosmith attempting to have it shoot both him and the Boss to death, a move that even the Boss praises him for.
    • Prosciutto is a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni, and the mentor of the timid Pesci. Tasked with kidnapping Trish, Prosciutto tracks Bucciarati's team to a train and uses his Stand to rapidly age everyone on the train to draw out the heroes, knowing that Trish will be spared due to her lower body temperature slowing down the aging. Aging himself up to disguise himself as a helpless victim of the stand, Proscuiutto ambushes Mista right when he's about to kill Pesci and rapidly ages and incapacitates him, shooting him in the head to ensure Mista's death. Even when on the brink of death after his fight with Bucciarati, Prosciutto uses the last minutes of his life to hang on to the bottom of the train and continue using his Stand, entrusting Pesci to finish the job. Cunning and inspiring, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Prosciutto's belief in Pesci leads him to gain confidence in himself, resulting in Pesci nearly killing all of the heroes.
    • Tiziano is a member of Passione's elite subdivision. Tasked alongside Squalo to kill Bucciarati's group, Tiziano attaches his stand, Talking Head, to Narancia's tongue, controlling his speech to mislead the heroes. Using this in conjunction with Squalo's Stand, Clash, Tiziano incapacitates Giorno, ensuring that he can't heal the others, before leading all of them into an explosive trap. When Narancia finally discovers their location, Tiziano sacrifices himself to protect Squalo while simultaneously providing liquid for Squalo's Stand. Calculative to the end, Tiziano proved to be one of Passione's most dangerous members.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Thanks to Gold Experience Requiem being one the most, if not the most broken Stand in the series, Giorno has become this in the eyes of the fans. People like to pit him against other powerful characters from different fanbases such as Superman and Goku, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Without Requiem, Giorno still qualifies as a Memetic Badass as long as "Il vento d'oro" is playing, leading to jokes about how Giorno playing the piano is omnipotent.
    • Guido Mista is a cool guy in canon but among the fandom, he is the greatest being who ever walked the Earth. His popularity has given him god-like status among the fandom and many fan portrayals often give him a personality akin to that of Deadpool. And then there's the fact that he has a harem comprised of every female character in the series and Narancia. This reputation increased in the anime adaptation where during the flashback scene has him dodging all the bullets by pure instinct, making jokes of him having Ultra Instinct. That being said
  • Memetic Loser:
    • Mista's tendency to be hit by his own bullets is something that hasn't gone unnoticed by fans, to the point where he's a bigger danger to himself than the enemy Stand user is. Especially so when Sex Pistols is shown to be able to block bullets for himnote the gangsters' inability to shoot him during his backstory is implied to be an early manifestation of Sex Pistols' ability, and Number 5 blocks bullets when Prosciutto shoots Mista, yet he rarely ever does this for most of the story. Comparisons to Part 3's own Hol Horse inevitably followed.
    • Fugo gets laughed at by the fandom for his suit looking like Swiss cheese and is considered cowardly by some for his decision not to join the rest of Bucciarati's squad in taking Diavolo down.
    • Diavolo gets this too due to his tendency to grab the Villain Ball as well as his stunning display of Bond Villain Stupidity right before the climax. The fact that unlike the other Big Bads, he doesn't get an 11th-Hour Superpower doesn't help his case at all.
  • Memetic Molester: Due to the "taste of a liar" meme, many fans have portrayed Bucciarati this way especially if they ship him with Giorno.
  • Memetic Mutation: Has its own page.
  • Moe:
    • Narancia as a child in flashbacks, especially in the anime, is this to a vocal portion of the fanbase. Doesn't help that he's a major woobie, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Even year-old Narancia is considered adorable, labeled by fans as the "baby" of Bucciarati's group.
    • The Sex Pistols, but namely Number 5 due to how he acts.
    • Notorious B.I.G. is a terrifying Stand, but the scene where he punches the soft clock over and over looks similar to a baby playing with an inflatable toy, which stops once he JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen a much larger and nightmarish appearance.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Diavolo seemingly crosses it after he has Bucciarati bring Trish to him, only for him to immediately attempt to kill her. But in reality, he crossed it years before when he buried his mother alive under his floor as a teenager before burning down his home village.
    • Prosciutto crosses this when he activates his Stand The Grateful Dead in an express train despite causing numerous civilian casualties in the process, and just so he could flush Trish out.
    • At least in Bucciarati's eyes, Pesci crosses it when he tries to murder the rest of the gang out of spite. It's that point that whatever respect Bucciarati had for him had flown out the window.
    • Melone crosses it when he uses a random woman as a host for his Stand, Baby Face, to reproduce itself and give birth to its child before having her disposed after the child has learned enough and got enough nutrients from her. He would have done this again if it weren't for Giorno and it's implied he has done this many times before.
    • Cioccolata crossed this years before his proper introduction when he voluntarily attended elderly care, just so he could gaslight and torture vulnerable people to death. And this was just the beginningfor his depravity.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • As of the anime adaptation, Giorno's MUDAs count as this combined with Gold Experience punching effects which sound like a combination between machine gun and cash register.
    • Moody Blues' telephone sound effects to the point that many fans want a "Moody Blues ASMR".
    • Even non-dub watchers admit that the voice Kellen Goff uses for Diavolo is amazing. Listen for yourself.
  • Narm:
    • During the Man in the Mirror arc, Giorno and Abbacchio end up arguing over saving Fugo. It would have been a dramatic scene if not for the fact that Abbacchio starts poking Giorno's "cleavage", which would make a lot of fans giggle. The anime doesn't help at all by giving a close up of him poking Giorno.
    • In the anime, Epitaph is drawn with less details than King Crimson, so people started to poke fun at the "quality". Some find it as Narm Charm, alongside King Crimson's weird faces.
    • In the anime, Risotto gets shot by Aerosmith which would have been a dramatic scene if not for the awkward pose that made him look like he's t-posing.
    • Once Gold Experience Requiem is born, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, the undoing of Diavolo's time skip is portrayed by having afterimages of his past selves stand in a line. It's really difficult to take this seriously, especially once he turns around and reacts to the sight with a "Wha-" and all of his copies mimic the exact same motion, complete with an echo of his voice line. This scene ended up getting turned into a meme very quickly.
    • Vento Aureo already pushed the boundaries just a smidge with the names of the characters being Italian foods and adjectives, but for the most part, they make sense. That is, until you get to Doppio. His last name being the Italian word for double makes sense considering he's Diavolo's Split Personality, but it's hard to take that point seriously when realizing that his first name is Vinegar.
  • Narm Charm: When Abbacchio summons Moody Blues for JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen first time in the English dub, he adds "Let's jam!" just before it appears. It's cheesy, but it's also bomb, and Mick Lauer did a great job delivering the line.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • Sorbet's Cruel and Unusual Death, in which his body is dissected into 36 parts and preserved in formalin frames to be sent to his teammates. The anime takes it up a notch by showing a silhouetted Cioccolata slicing Sorbet up, and we get to see a close-up of Sorbet's preserved body parts.
    • In the anime adaptation, when King Crimson punches a hole through Bucciarati's abdomen, you can hear his ribs starting to crack.
    • During Doppio vs. Risotto, due to Metallica sucking out Doppio's iron, his blood slowly starts turning into a puke-yellow color.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Some fans have never quite forgiven Abbacchio's Jerkass attitude towards Giorno throughout the part, despite Giorno taking it in stride and never treating Abbacchio with any less respect than the rest of the gang. It doesn't help that he never gets the chance to get over this attitude and openly get along with Giorno due to his death at Diavolo's hands.
    • In spite of later translations doing a better job in explaining how King Crimson's powers work, King Crimson will be forever known as the Stand with the most convoluted ability due to the memes surrounding it.
    • Narancia gunning down Risotto Nero with Aerosmith before he was able to kill The Boss was this for some. As he unwittingly saved the very enemy they were supposed to kill, this made him indirectly responsible for Abbacchio's and his own death later on. Never mind that in the context of the situation, Risotto JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen going after Bucciarati's gang anyway for killing his team, Metallica's power made Doppio invisible to Aerosmith's radar due to the lack of CO2 exhaled (otherwise Narancia would have gunned The Boss down without even realising it) and Risotto himself had the misfortune of placing his severed foot in the same trajectory as Bucciarati's gang when Doppio threw the knives effectively giving away their position in the first place which caused his downfall.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Both King Crimson and Epitaph's faces were deliberately meant to be Nightmare Faces. Unfortunately the anime constantly gives them over-the-top and Off-Model expressions that make them look like they just stubbed their toe as opposed to frightening.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: The PlayStation 2 game was well-received when it first came out, even from English gaming journalists who imported it. The game was praised for its visuals, and for being faithful to the manga, especially with no anime adaptation at the time to reference from. The only major criticism it got was that the gameplay itself was repetitive. When JoJo Sports Archives - Ocean Cracked gaining popularity in the West a decade later, views on the game remained mostly positive, and the game is considered a cult classic, if a bit flawed. The game was even given a Fan Translation in time for the anime.
  • No Yay: The real traction of some of Diavolo's quotes have this going with him and Doppio, calling his other personality "My Doppio Oh, Doppio My cute little Doppio!" It sounds either endearing or creepy considering how insane he is. It doesn't help that some of Araki's art has them together ratherintimately.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Carne is one of the antagonists with the least characterization of the series (rivaling Arabia Fats from Stardust Crusaders), and only appears in a brief scene in which he's easily killed by Mista. It tells you something when even Leaky-eye Luca (a non-Stand user) had more screentime and more lines than him. However, his bizarre appearance coupled with the comically short amount of time it took to defeat him, unlike his Stand, Notorious B.I.G, have make him the source of memes and parodies over the Internet. Even Araki himself seemed to like him, as he said in the book compilation JOJOVELLER that he enjoyed drawing Carne more than B.I.G itself.
  • One True Threesome: Some fan works after the part ship Giorno/Mista/Fugo together, as the last surviving members of Bucciarati's team.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • It's Zucchero's sheer effectiveness with using his Stand to stay hidden while attacking that makes him paranoia-inducing. It takes Moody Blues to actually find out why the rest of the team is disappearing one by one.
    • Squalo's Stand in the Tiziano/Squalo arc: "There's a shark in the soup!"
  • Portmanteau Couple Name:
    • Giorno/Mista = GioMis.
    • Bucciarati/Abbacchio = BruAbba.
    • Bucciarati/Giorno = BruGio.
    • Giorno/Abbacchio = AbbaGio.
    • Narancia/Fugo = FugoNara.
    • Narancia/Mista = NaraMis.
    • Fugo/Giorno = FuGio.
    • Sorbet/Gelato = Sorgel or Sorlato.
    • Risotto/Prosciutto = RisPro.
    • Diavolo/Doppio = DiaDop.
    • Melone/Ghiaccio = MeloGhia.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • In the past, the only English scans available for Golden Wind were of very low quality, featuring a rough translation which, on top of featuring quite a few grammar errors, often failed to capture the gang's personality. For this reason, Giorno was one of the most widely hated JoJos, being considered a bland protagonist who is overshadowed by his teammates, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. Once better scans were available, some fans started to rethink their opinion of Giorno, and the anime adaptation left his haters in the minority.
    • Similarly, Diavolo upgraded from The Scrappy to Base-Breaking Character thanks to the new translation making King Crimson's abilities easier to comprehend.
  • Rooting for the Empire: There are a lot of fans who would have liked to see the members of La Squadra take down The Boss or become an ally force to the protagonists. This isn't due to fans disliking the protagonists, but rather because the antagonists are very well-written, with distinct and memorable personalities and designs. The best example of this is during Bucciarati's fight with Pesci, where he nearly succeeds in completely wiping out the gang. Combine this with his endearing personality, strong friendship with his teammate Prosciutto, and the incredible amount of Character Development he undergoes in these few short chapters or episodes, and some fans end up finding themselves rooting for the assassin and even joking that Pesci is the "real" protagonist of Part 5.
    • Very minor considering how much of a Hate Sink he is, but some fans wished that Diavolo had gotten an 11th-Hour Superpower from the Requiem Arrow much like his predecessors, Kars, DIO and Kira had done instead of not only not getting it, but being the test rat for Gold Experience Requiem's power. Him being a Memetic Loser for most of the Part did warrant this considering what he went through.
  • Self-Fanservice: While he's not actually as ugly as most examples that go through this trope, and it's more because of his expression and posture that make him look a bit like a Gonk, Ghiaccio still fits this where a good number of fanart, especially form Pixiv, portray him as a straight-up Megane wearing Bishounen.
    • His teammate and bigger Gonk, Pesci is often the subject of a variation of this. Instead being made to look sexy or beautiful, he's often drawn to be cuter. This is done mainly by giving him a define chin and neckline, but made round and childish.
  • Ship Mates:
    • People who like Bucciarati/Trish tend to also be fans of Giorno/Mista or vice versa.
    • Bucciarati/Abbacchio, Giorno/Mista and Fugo/Narancia shippers all tend to go together because it neatly pairs everyone in the gang with no leftovers, except for Trish. A less common alternative is to simultaneously ship Giorno/Fugo and Narancia/Mista.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Downplayed. Risotto and Prosciutto are part of the same assassin team, but have very little interaction together; it is common for fans to ship them while portraying Prosciutto as Risotto's Number Two.
  • Shocking Moments: Even more apparent in this Part than others. Almost every Stand in this part takes about two pages to explain how it works, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, and are ridiculously overpowered. In the case of Epitaph we're not even given explanation of how it works other than. it just does. Gets even crazier in the final battle where Polnareff awakening to Chariot Requiem causes the protagonists to switch bodies and the world around them to crumble, and Giorno awakens to a Requiem Stand and by that point good luck understanding the story.
  • Signature Scene:
    • Bucciarati licking Giorno's face.
    • Mista, Narancia, and Fugo dancing while Zucchero is forced to watch. This scene became even more iconic with the premiere of the anime, where the handful of panels from the manga were expanded into a music video.
    • The infamous scene with Giorno healing Mista, due to the incredible amounts of Ho Yay and Accidental Innuendo invoked when taken out of context.
    • Giorno lying to Cioccolata about sparing his life and then subjecting him to a seven page longNo-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • Giorno awakening Gold Experience Requiem and subjecting Diavolo to an infinite death loop.
  • Song Association: Comes from the music references within the Stand names rather than actual music though.
    • Aerosmith has made a lot of songs, but the one JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen gets associated with Narancia the most is "Dude Looks Like A Lady", owing to his androgyny.
    • Any King Crimson song with Diavolo, but the most prominent are "In the Court of the Crimson King" and "21st Century Schizoid Man"; the former is usually reserved for the confrontation Serial number download pubg license key Bucciarati and Diavolo, while the latter is used to summarize Diavolo's personality.
      • There exist edits of Doppio's death set to "Epitaph", with some saying this is the song that should have played during that scene.
    • Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" is strongly associated with Golden Wind. Before the anime aired, it was one of the most popular suggestions for an ending credits song, so much so that even though it wasn't used after all, many fans still think of it as the part 5 song, giving it the name "Gang-star's Paradise".
  • Squick: Araki's penchant for Body Horror is at its highest yet in this part with Stands displaying some really horrifying and disgusting abilities.
    • Cioccolata is one of the worst with his mass infection of people with mold Dr. Hardware 2001 Premium 2.0.0e crack serial keygen them to graphically fall to pieces should they change altitudes. It gets worse when he cuts himself apart, animating his limbs all the while his spine hangs loose.
    • Bucciarati goes through some skin crawling punishment throughout the story which his newfound lack of pain allows him to treat casually. It starts with him accidentally running a nail through his hand without noticing and goes even further with him at one point having a broken wrist with the bone sticking out and him still using the hand freely.
    • But the worst would have to be Risotto's Metallica, whose power can manipulate the iron in one's blood. We get to see the pleasant sight of razors, scalpels and scissors bursting out from Doppio's body, including his throat. Ouch
    • In a non-Stand-related example, when Abbacchio first meets Giorno, he pees into a teapot, pours Giorno a cup and makes him drink it. Granted, Giorno turns out to have used Gold Experience to make a jellyfish absorb the urine, but it's still rather disgusting to see him drink it.
  • Stoic Woobie: Risotto Nero fell into a life of crime due to tragic circumstances, yet he and his team never got any respect from The Boss, and just keeps losing his teammates one by one. He then dies an ultimately futile and unfortunate death just as he was about to kill The Boss. Despite all that, he keeps his emotions under a stone cold facade to the very end.
  • Superlative Dubbing: The English dub has been highly praised for its all-star cast, expressive dialogue, colorful inserts of fluent Italian, and for doing many of the characters and most iconic scenes justice, even outperforming the Japanese dub for some. Kellen Goff's violently intimidating portrayal of Diavolo is considered to be the MVP of this dub.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The song that plays during the dance scene in episode 7 has been compared to the song "Pussy Control" by Prince. Considering that Araki likes Prince and "Pussy Control" is featured in the album The Gold Experience, it's unlikely that this wasn't intentional.
  • That One Level: The Cioccolata and Secco segment in the PS2 game has the dubious honor of being one of the most annoying parts of the game, especially the first part with Mista navigating through the seaside village to escape Secco. The layout of the map is labyrinthine, Green Day's mold is constantly draining your health if you're doing anything except running, Secco's attacks are sporadic, almost too fast to react to, and stun you for a long time, and he can even just randomly grab you and drag you to another part of the level.
    • Comparatively, Cioccolata's solo fight against Giorno isn't too bad, but Secco is way worse to deal with. His unpredictable and fast attacks return, and added to them is an overwhelming propensity to stunlock you and avoid getting stunlocked. Going for secret factors for completion's sake is also annoying because one of them requires you to stand still and put yourself at risk from an unguarded attack, another is heavily reliant on Secco's positioning and a bit of luck, and to top it off, it's one of the very few fights where the secret factors cannot be done out of order.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Giorno's color scheme in the anime, particularly his magenta outfit, has drawn some divisive reactions from the fanbase, since prior JoJo material like the colored manga and CyberConnect2 games have favored a dark blue outfit. Some find it unique in how it contrasts previous JoJos' preference for dark colors, while others find it too bright and tacky.
    • Some people were disappointed that the nameless old man during the Black Sabbath fight no longer was wearing the red clothes that earned him the nickname of Mario. Some call him Luigi, though.
    • Fugo's anime backstory flashback wasn't well-received by part of the reader of the spin-off novel by Kouhei Kadono, claiming that presenting his assault on his teacher as a justifiable attack against a sexual assault attempt says virtually nothing about his character, compared to Purple Haze Feedback painting it as an act of Disproportionate Retribution towards his dead grandmother being mentioned.
    • Melone being apathetic to the deaths of Prosciutto and Pesci in the anime wasn&#;t well-received, the dub even more so as he outright insults them. This was in contrast to his actual reaction in the manga, where he was noticeably trembling when he saw their bodies. Fans of the manga felt that this undermines the camaraderie that the members of La Squadra shared, as well as their motivation to avenge their comrades&#; deaths.
    • There has been a small bit of outcry for the dub changing Giorno's usage of "Gang-Star" into "primo mafioso". Not only does it relate less to Giorno being a descendant of the Joestar bloodline, but the latter sounds rather silly coming out of his mouth.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • When Pannacotta Fugo was first introduced, he was established as a mentor figure towards Narancia and the serious guy in the group. This opened up a lot of potential for an interesting dynamic between him and Narancia and having a major role among the protagonists. Also, the abilities of his Stand Purple Haze are ridiculously powerful. Unfortunately, Fugo only gets ONE major fight in the whole story and is Put on a Bus after Bucciarati betrays Diavolo.
    • This part's secondary antagonist Risotto Nero. Initially established as a major threat in the first half of the story, many felt he was going to get a major battle with the protagonists at some point. Unfortunately, he's immediately forgotten after Diavolo tries to kill Trish, and when he does finally appear his fight is with Doppio instead of the protagonists. In fact, he doesn't even get to fight the protagonists since Narancia unknowingly kills him using Aerosmith while attempting to kill Doppio. Some fans also lament that he never formed an Enemy Mine with the protagonists and take down Diavolo. It's especially embarrassing when you consider that Hol Horse had a more active role as secondary antagonist.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Many fans would have liked to see Araki's original plan of Fugo being The Mole come into action since it would have taken the story into a radically different direction and given character development to most of the main protagonists. Though some have defended Araki's decision on this as Fugo's Stand is so overpowered the fight between him and the others would have been a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Giorno being the son of DIO is almost never explored throughout the entire part. This plot point doesn't go beyond Giorno being ruthless and deceiving towards his enemies. A lot of fans would have liked to see this ruthlessness be used to make Giorno a morally gray protagonist and have a contrast between the other protagonists. The fact that he is technically half-vampire is also never addressed and he doesn't seem to show any vampire-like characteristics. Also, the fact that Giorno being DIO's son is never brought up again is especially egregious considering that Polnareff, one of only three people who fought DIO and lived, appears in the story and could have easily provided a springboard for that plot element to return.
    • Koichi's initial escapade of coming to Italy in the early chapters. What could have been an interesting plot that brought more of the past mythology into the story just ends up being a framing device used to introduce it to the main storyline.
    • Exactly what happened to Giorno, Mista and Trish after the defeat of Diavolo is never explored. After a flashback arc, all we get is a cut to Giorno as the kingpin of Passione with no explanation and not even a word on what happened to Trish. Unfortunately, unlike the ending of the Part 4 anime which added a much-appreciated epilogue where we got to see what happened to the characters, the Part 5 anime did not add anything to the ending.
    • The premise of Giorno infiltrating Passione and help Bruno dismantle the organisation from the inside is dropped once Bucciarati's team (minus Fugo) collectively turns against Diavolo after the latter attempting to kill Trish.
  • Too Cool to Live: Risotto Nero, despite him only being the secondary antagonist, has a cool design, a genuinely horrifying Stand power and nearly ends up killing the Big Bad right there and then. So of course he had to die before the final arc in Rome, through a series of contrived misfortunes no less.
    • Bruno Bucciarati, the part's Big GoodDeuteragonist. While he died in his fight with Diavolo, he still managed to technically stay alive through a mix of resolve and Giorno's Gold Experience's healing, and dies for real via Heroic Sacrifice before Giorno awakens Gold Experience Requiem to defeat Diavolo.
  • Unfortunate Character Design:
    • The giant zipper on the front of Sticky Fingers' crotch.
    • The design on the forehead of Mista's hat is supposed to be an arrow, but that's not what it looks like
  • Ugly Cute:
    • Some fans have this opinion towards Pesci. Although not good-looking like his comrades, fans found his Cowardly Lion personality, and dynamics with Prosciutto endearing.
    • Mista's Sex Pistols are absolutely adorable even though they don't look remotely cute in the conventional sense, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. They act like small children, demanding food, playing around and being enthusiastic about their job. Especially Number 5, who tends to be a crybaby because he's bullied by Number 3.
    • Mixed with Creepy Cute, Secco can give off this impression as well, what with his exaggerated facial expression, slurred language and downright animalistic behavior, which can end up looking oddly endearing instead.
    • Once Notorious B.I.G/Chase solidifies into a tangible form beyond a fleshy blob, it becomes weirdly cute with its diminutive size with oversized mitten like forelimbs. Its larger blob like form averts this completely.
  • Uncanny Valley: Some of the characters look off.
    • Diavolo's eyes that either look like fragmented pupils or a small dot with a noticeable triangular light attached to the pupil are drawn differently than anyone else's in the manga, and it does look pretty unsettling. His Stand isn't any better; King Crimson's eyeballs are placed outside the eye sockets. Its perpetual sadistic glare doesn't help either.
    • Gold Experience Requiem has realistic looking eyes on a cross stalk peaking outside of empty black slits like King Crimson's, giving the evolved Stand, an unnaturally, otherworldly feel that is made more frightening when it shows angered expressions as it does a pummel rush.
    • Both Polpo and Risotto Nero have black sclera that give them a very unnatural vibe, making them appear distinctly off from the rest of the cast.
  • Unexpected Character: As Vento Aureo becomes very stand-alone from the other Parts when Jotaro and Koichi left the scene, seeing Polnareff from Stardust Crusaders returning much later on is unforeseen at least.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Illuso. While he's seen as one of the more ruthless and unpleasant members of La Squadra, a lot of fans thought that his gruesome JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen horrifying death at the hands of Purple Haze was undeserved since he's nowhere as nasty as Hate Sinks like Cioccolata or Diavolo. That said, readers of Purple Haze Feedback may think otherwise due to his characterization of being a serial killer who was responsible for the murder of Sheila E.'s sister.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Cioccolata is despised by absolutely all Passione members, including his partner Secco. This doesn't stop him from being one of the most popular villains in this part.
  • The Un-Twist: It really should come as no surprise that Diavolo had Bucciarati bring Trish to him just to kill her. Right from the beginning its established that the Boss doesn't want anyone to know his identity and even killed two of Nero's men for knowing too much about him. When Trish is introduced we immediately know that she is the Boss' daughter so naturally you can assume JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen his ulterior motive is to kill Trish since as his daughter she would know the most about him. Even if you don't catch on JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen this, the fact that the Boss is clearly established as this part's main antagonist should be a dead giveaway that he was manipulating Bucciarati's gang.
  • Values Dissonance: It's not by much, but Western fans are often confused as to why so many characters in Vento Aureo — criminals, gangsters and mafia members, at that — view drug dealing and trafficking as such a heinous evil; by comparison, a lot of other (Western) fiction about the mafia and organized crime might mention drugs as a way to pay the bills and leave it at that. This can be explained by Japan's much firmer stance on drugs; as our own page on the Yakuza explains, even the organized crime in Japan views drug dealers as the lowest of the low.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Part 5 notably scaled back the importance of the main Jojo and put forth much more of an Ensemble Cast. Giorno is still important and his motivations play a major role in the story, but he's also very much a Supporting Protagonist with a lot of fights having the main focus on his teammates. Bucciarati's status as the Deuteragonist is the most notable, however as his character arc and role in the story as the team's leader often pushes him into the spotlight.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Many readers were caught off guard when they learn that Narancia is actually a boy, especially since he has a feminine sounding name, wears spaghetti straps and Skirt over Slacks, and also has a feminine voice in the video games. This is diminished in the anime, which gives him more defined muscles and a deeper voice.
  • Viewer Name Confusion: Some viewers seem to believe that Giorno's last name is "Giovanni" rather than "Giovanna," probably because they're more familiar with another Giovanni.
  • Vindicated by History:
    • Vento Aureo has gotten more support among the fandom due to a better translation being put out. There are also some fans who even believe that an anime adaptation can fix some of the issues the manga had. Started becoming even more apparent in early as many popular JoJo YouTubers have spoken very highly about this part and the fact that an anime adaptation later in the year is looking likely. As of Junethe color scans are now fully available in English with many fans now giving this part a second chance.
    • As ofit's been cited as a favorite by many fans on several platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr and even 4chan. When the anime was announced, the entire fandom was rejoiced to a point it became worldwide trend topic on Twitter.
    • A major facet of this is the original, quite bad, translations. The original scans are somewhat infamous for their poor quality. With both the anime airing and the colored translations long complete, most fans have come around to Part V. One of the biggest examples of this are accusations that MacBooster 8.0.5 Crack + License Key 2021 [Latest] is a dull, boring protagonist who barely emotes, which the anime beautifully counters by depicting his often terrifying Tranquil Fury with gusto.
    • Diavolo himself was an extremely divisive antagonist back when the manga was being published due to lacking the traits that made DIO and Kira popular. However, he started getting more fans in later years who genuinely appreciated the mystery surrounding his character and thought the hate towards him was overblown. By the time he makes his first in-person appearance in the anime, he was met with open arms by the fandom.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Bucciarati has brought Trish to Diavolo, and Bucciarati has no idea what Diavolo plans to do with her, killing her.
      You'd Expect: Diavolo to simply wait for Bucciarati to leave the building and then kill Trish himself - no, really, that's all he had to do. He still would have had to eventually deal with Giorno's ambitions, but he would have been in a much better place to deal with them. It would only be a minute wait at most.
      Instead: Diavolo decides to try and kill Trish right in front of Bucciarati, someone he knows is altruistic and an experienced Stand user.
      Result: This starts a series of events that leads to Giorno's Gold Experience gaining its Requiem form, Diavolo getting sent into an infinite loop of death, and Giorno taking over as The Don of Passione.
    • As Team Bucciarati is trying to leave Venice, an enemy Stand user attacks Narancia from the water, while another one attaches itself to Narancia's tongue and forces him to lie to the group about the former's whereabouts, often suddenly changing what he says to mislead the others.
      You'd Expect: The others to realize that something's wrong with Narancia, and that an enemy Stand is involved.
      Instead: They assume that he's seeng things or messing with them.
      The Result: The team ends up being led on a wild goose chase and becomes increasingly frustrated with Narancia. When Giorno finally starts to piece everything together, Clash nearly kills him.
    • Trish gets a huge one while in Mista's body. She uses her Stand to launch previously-fired bullets straight through Diavolo/King Crimson's hand, causing him to lose his grip on the Stand Arrow. Diavolo gets REALLY confused on what happened, to the point that his focus has momentarily shifted away from the arrow.
      You'd Expect: Trish keeps her mouth shut for the time being, at least until Giorno or someone can grab a hold of the arrow. It's even flying over Mista, with him pointing out that King Crimson is far enough that even if he could skip time, he wouldn't be able to reach the arrow before them.
      Instead: Trish immediately reveals on what she did to Diavolo.
      Result: An enraged Diavolo wishes that Trish was never born, and mortally wounds her soul, with the force of the impact sending Mista's body (which he was inhabiting too) to fly towards the arrow. If it wasn't for Bucciarati's Heroic Sacrifice, Trish's spirit would have passed to the great beyond and Diavolo would have most probably unlocked King Crimson Requiem.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: While the franchise has had many instances of this trope before, Vento Aureo takes it to a whole new level. The story of this part would feel right at home in a gangster film like The Godfather or Goodfellas especially when it comes to the brutal violence, graphic blood and gore, and unapologetic deaths. In spite of the increased maturity of this part, this still got serialized in Shonen Jump (and so was Stone Ocean, which was hardly any gentler).
  • Wheelchair Woobie: Polnareff already had it rough in Stardust Crusaders. Here, however, he ended up unable to walk after losing a battle to Diavolo and while trying to help the protagonists Diavolo ends up killing him only for him to survive because of Chariot Requiem causing him to switch bodies with a turtle. After Diavolo is defeated he's left to live the rest of his life in the turtle's Stand.
  • The Woobie:
    • Trish, who grew up without ever knowing her father's identity. As it turns out her father is Diavolo, the boss of Passione and even though she was lead to believe he wanted to protect her, he really wants her dead. There's also the fact that JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen had to see so many people die, including three of her new friends because of her relation to Diavolo.
    • Narancia's mother died of eye infection when he was very young and was then left growing up with his neglectful father. Trying to live his new life as a hoodlum with his "friends", Narancia's life was then turned upside down when said friends betrayed him and made him a scapegoat to one of their robberies. Beaten up by police officers, Narancia lived for a year in correctional facility, where his untreated eye wound worsened. After being released, his friends had turned their backs even more to him, claiming that he got his infection from his late mother. He then lives for a year in the street before being picked up by Bucciarati, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. It only gets worse for Narancia when he has to leave Fugo behind following the betrayal and after all he's gone through he's killed by Diavolo when all he wanted was to return home.
    • Fugo in the anime adaptation and Kouhei Kadono's Purple Haze Feedback spin-off. While his backstory (or the lack of it) didn't reveal that much in the manga, his Adaptational Expansion reveals that he beat his university professor due to him either molesting him (anime) or mocking him for having his grandmother's death affect his grades (Feedback), JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen. This resulted in him being arrested and charged for an assault, which ended up in him being abandoned by his parents. His Stand Purple Haze is what Fugo seems himself as: an uncontrollable monster that rots everything in its presence, be it friend or foe. Adding to that, Fugo has several self-esteem issues and cannot act on emotional level which ends up in him being the only one not to join Bucciarati in his quest to overthrow the Boss. Purple Haze Feedback goes further and reveals that he is now suffering from Survivor Guilt due to not joining Bucciarati and blaming himself from Narancia's death.
    • Doppio. He might be a Jerkass Woobie considering the fact that he's the underboss of Passione and rather brutally kills LicenseCrawler 2.3 Build 2562 Crack Full Version Download, but he's the split personality (or perhaps twin) of Diavolo and doesn't realize it, and dies in an extremely painful and sad way.
  • Woolseyism:
    • The English dub made the choice to incorporate several instances of Gratuitous Italian, moreso than the Japanese original. Fans found these uses great, adding depth to the Italian setting.
    • When activating Moody Blues for the first time in the dub, JoJos Bizarre Adventure Bloody Stream Full crack serial keygen, Abbacchio says "Let's jam" after saying his Stand's name. Since his Stand contains a genre of music in its name, even if changed to Moody Jazz, it fits his character and was seen as a good addition by the script writers.
    • The dub gives each of Sex Pistol's bullets a different voice direction, helping them be more distinct. For example, one of them has a more cowboy voice, another has a deeper but still high pitched voice, while another has a more whiny and very high pitched voice.
    • During Bucciarati and Secco's fight, Secco mentions how the word "Colosseum" sounds similar to "Koroseyo" (Japanese for "kill them") before trying to kill Bucciarati. Because this wouldn't work when directly translated into English, Secco instead points out how the former instead sounds similar to "Mausoleum", which is what he says he'll put Bucciarati in. Helps that both of them are buildings associated with death, the Colosseum being where people die in battle and the Mausoleum being where the dead are buried.
    • King Crimson being renamed Emperor Crimson for the English localization makes sense for the setting in Italy, since the leader of Rome, Italy was usually called an emperor and the Boss is the shadowy ruler of Italy as a whole, it makes sense within the context of the country it's based. and also makes it clear how high Diavolo's superiority complex goes in regards to himself.
    • In the Italian localization, Doppio's first name is changed from Vinegar to Aceto, which itself is the Italian word for vinegar. Given that the word vinegar is derived from French language rather than Italian, this name change makes much more sense and doesn't come across as tryhard or ill-informed when paired up against other Italian names in Part 5.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?:
    • Even in the highly glamorous Part 5, Fugo's outfit is incredibly tacky. It has holes all over it, even on the pants, Fugo isn't wearing any undershirts, just a necktie, and if Word of God is to believed, he even wears a thong so the underwear wouldn't be shown through the holes.
    • With the coming of the anime, there has been a small but recurring debate about Giorno's costume. Not the costume itself but the color, which is now magenta, in contrast to most adaptations which had the costume being blue. Some don't like the color, others would prefer to keep the "traditional" blue, and others think magenta doesn't fit the contexts of Giorno's personality. Another side doesn't mind the change. A third faction likes that the anime is fully embracing the Camp aspect of the series and argues that a magenta Giorno has its legitimacy in the numerous artworks of Giorno in pinks and purples. Some of the first faction was already aware of this, but didn't expect the anime to actually go with it.
    • One can only feel that Araki was somewhat self-conscious with his characters designs this time around. Bucciarati states early on that most members of Passione like to remain passive and to not draw focus to themselves. This is immediately contrasted with the rest of Bucci's group, who wear some of the most out-there costumes in the franchise. Special note to Fugo's latex suit with holes in it? And Mista's hood/hat hybrid with a symbol on the front that looks oddly like a dick. He even keeps spare bullets in there!

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The Very Best TV Shows to Stream on Hulu Right Now


We know your habits. After a long day, and with an endless well of streamable television to choose from, you hit the couch and flip on Law & Order: SVU reruns. Not a jab at Law & Order (love you, ‎Olivia Benson), but there's so much out there! And for TV junkies, few destinations are as expansive as Hulu. Here are the shows—and only the stickiest series that will get you totally hooked, and plenty of fresh plotlines to keep you guessing over the course of a single weekend—just waiting to be discovered by your random scrolling.

Looking for good movies on Hulu? We have those queued up, too. 

The Act ()

The Act takes a deep dive into the true case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother, Dee Dee, whose story gained notoriety following the publication of a viral, mind-boggling Buzzfeed long read on the case. Starring Joey King and Patricia Arquette as the daughter/mother pair, The Act follows Gypsy’s realization that she is a victim of her mother’s abuse—a Munchausen-by-proxy situation, which might sound familiar for people who watched HBO's Sharp Objects—and wants to escape, leading to a controversial plan. The story may have also been the subject of a HBO documentary, too, but it’s one that true-crime fans can’t shake.

Adventure Time (–)

Adventure Time is a masterpiece in its surprisingly deep exposition of a seemingly straightforward premise. The heroic duo of Finn the human and Jake the shape-shifting dog traverse Ooo, a post-apocalyptic landscape full of monsters, dungeons, and races of kingdoms that covers everything from candy people to cats under boxes with drawn-on faces. The kids' show that's not really a kids' show at all cultivated a multigenerational cult following as it explored the backstories of Ooo and its (sometimes interdimensional) inhabitants in its eight-year lifespan.

Alone Together ()

Freeform series can be hit or miss (and mostly miss), but this comedy series following best friends and comic hopefuls—the enormously basic Esther and the unmotivated Benji who mooches off his wealthy older brother—in LA nails what it means for two obnoxious people to be meant for each other. Those eulogizing Difficult People will find relating to the two's mishaps among SoCal's luxury set a comfortable task.


If you’re staying in, you’re gonna need some serious streaming options. With Hulu having thousands of shows and movies, you have access to a multitude of shows for every possible mood. Find new titles or revisit the classics. Plus, with the wide variety of Hulu Originals, you might even find your next fave series to binge watch with your friends. All you have to decide is what you’re watching tonight.

American Horror Story (– )

Why do people love Ryan Murphy shows so much? Because they're infused with equal parts camp, drama, suspense, and humor—even this ostensibly scary one. Whether you're watching the Murder HouseFreak ShowHotel, or Roanoke installment, you're in for unforgettable characters, stomach-curdling gore, jaw-dropping plot twists, and brutal finales. 

Arrested Development (–)

There's always money in the banana stand, and there are always laughs to be found in Arrested Development, Mitchell Hurwitz's sly, self-aware family sitcom. Though you'll have to jump to Netflix for the most recent seasons, the show's original run still satisfies. Arrested Development established a freewheeling comic sensibility that many of your favorite sitcoms—Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock,Community, Archer, Kroll Show—were influenced by. Don't hold the show's obnoxious fans against it. After watching a few episodes, you'll be quoting Tobias Fünke, too.

Atlanta (– )

After stints writing for 30 Rock, starring in Community, and rapping as Childish Gambino, Donald Glover found time to create, star in, write, and direct several episodes of this half-hour series. Atlanta is a rare species: a deeply funny show offering pointed social commentary. Whether it's casting a black actor as Justin Bieber, lambasting social media obsessives, or just making a freaking great rap song, Glover's massive endeavor manages to feel effortless, capturing a specific mood and experience with wit and precision.

Baskets (–)

Baskets stars series co-creator Zach Galifianakis as a clown struggling in the California suburbs. His character Chip Baskets is a dunce, and if it weren't for the harsh reality and morose filmmaking style employed in the series, he'd have us in stitches. But the FX show refuses to be that digestible. Pratfalls roll-jump into—ta-da!—existential dread. Wordplay gags loop from comical to manic to funny again. As Chip's mother, Louie Anderson parades around in a muumuu but plays the role entirely straight. Baskets is a breakthrough work of parody, heartbreaking, hilarious, and odd—everything a portrait of a sad clown should be.

The Bernie Mac Show (–)

Bernie Mac's FOX sitcom was founded on the concept that parenting is war. It's an idea that the late Chicago-born comedian explored in his hilarious stand-up performances—particularly his movie-stealing routines in Spike Lee's hit concert film The Kings of Comedy—and one that the show, which was created by future Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore, found new ways to twist over five seasons. Before series like Arrested Development became critical darlings, The Bernie Mac Show was a sneaky experimental joy, ditching the laugh track for fourth wall-breaking scenes, gags with on-screen graphics, and emotionally real humor. It was the rare family sitcom that didn't pull any punches. 

Bob's Burgers (– )

What a treat. The earliest episodes of Loren Bouchard's pun-, song-, and fart-filled family sitcom toon are aging like a fine wine, and the new ones rarely disappoint. Though the title would have you believe this show is all about the ever-schlubby Bob (deadpanned by H. Jon Benjamin), it's become way bigger than that. As the show's writers have learned what makes their world tick, it's become increasingly populated with quirkily relatable side characters, relationships, and problems. Watching this show, no matter the episode, is always a fun and immersive—if only for a bit—experience.

The Bold Type (–)

The Bold Type is to media as Younger is to publishing: batshit plotlines that do not at all reflect the reality of the industry it's portraying, and yet we can't stop watching. Jane, an implausible up-and-coming writer, Kat, the glass-ceiling breaking biracial and bisexual head of social media, and Sutton, a girl with an innately on-brand fashion sense, are best friends working at the women's magazine Scarlet, a facsimile of Cosmopolitan—unsurprising, since the show was produced closely with people from the magazine, including former editor-in-chief Joanna Coles. For all its crazy hyperbole, The Bold Type manages to talk about important women's issues, from sexuality and fertility to gun rights, with unexpected finesse. The pitch-perfect karaoke scenes, however, are pure fantasy.

Broad City (–)

While plenty of shows revolve around something BFFs living in New York City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer's madcap buddy comedy is the freshest and funniest take on city life we've seen in eons. If the friendship between these two lovable, sex-positive, stoner Jewesses is the heart of the show, NYC is the third bedfellow in their platonic love triangle—with Bed Bath & Beyond standing in as their heaven and Penn Station as their purgatory. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (–)

This sitcom, created by Dan Goor and Mike Schur, is a goofy, big-hearted affair starring Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, a NYPD detective with Die Hard fantasies. But it's not just the Samberg show, even though he is great. The ensemble is amazing: From Andre Braugher's fastidious Captain Holt to Stephanie Beatriz's deadpan Rosa Diaz. The show is so beloved that despite getting canceled by its original network FOX, NBC picked it back up because fans just can’t get enough of the Nine-Nine. You'll get why as soon as you start your binge. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (–)

A sacred text of geek culture debuted on March 10, , almost two years before The Sopranos kicked off the much-lionized "difficult men" period of Golden Age television. But if you were clued in to this wickedly subversive WB (and later, UPN) action-drama from the start, you knew the revolution of modern television was already under way long before Tony and his ducks. Anchored by Sarah Michelle Gellar's star turn, the show got deeper and darker as it went, turning a comedic riff on horror-movie tropes into a soulful meditation on the nature of bravery. Plus, it's got werewolves and stuff.

Castle Rock (–)

Stephen King's prolific canon of spooky fiction comes to a head in Castle Rock, Hulu's spooky anthology inspired by the characters from his work. Season 1 tells the story of Henry Deaver (Andre Holland), a lawyer who returns to his childhood home after a mysterious prisoner, named "The Kid" (Bill Skarsgård), is found trapped in a cage underground. His return to the city sets off a chain of events, unleashing clues to the town's sordid past, which also brings Deaver's own personal demons to the surface. You don't necessarily have to stream Season 1 to hop into Season 2, which is even greater than the first installment, seeing a stellar Lizzy Caplan taking on King's nightmare nurse from hell, Annie Wilkes from MiseryCastle Rock is stuffed with King references galore, bringing his canon of work to a singular creep show.

Casual (–)

Michaela Watkins, after getting booted from Saturday Night Live, finally got to show off in Casual, the Jason Reitman-produced series about an idiosyncratic family in the vein of Transparent and Parenthood. The series is funny, but also heavy, tackling subject matters like cancer and death. Watkins is excellent as a single mother raising her daughter after a family scandal, and Tommy Dewey, as the charming but romantically inept brother she moves in with, is a scene-stealer, too. Casual may not be flashy, but it tells very human stories with a unique tenderness. 

Cheers (–)

For the days when you want to hang out at the bar without changing out of pajamas. Starring Ted Danson as the ex-Red Soxxer and reformed alcoholic slinging drinks, Cheers had a long run— episodes!—so you'll invest a ton of time if you're a completist, but luckily, you'll feel like a regular in no time.

Thrillist TV

Community (–)

There’s a reason Dan Harmon’s community college ensemble comedy amassed a devoted cult following for its six-season run, despite it nearly always being on the brink of cancelation. The series focuses on a lovable study group of misfits played by both comedy veterans and those then just on the brink of breaking out—including consummate cool guy Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), lovable ditz Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), TV-obsessed Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), anxious genius Annie Edison (Alison Brie), tough-but-firm mother Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown), high school jock Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), and the baffling, bored, former CEO Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase)—as they navigate their way through Greendale Community College. It’s a sitcom that’s goofy and delirious, but forever a lesson in how to become a better person. 

Dawson's Creek (–)

Oh, Dawson, isn't growing up tough? This new millennium teen drama that aired over on The WB laid the blueprint for many of the coming-of-age series that followed with its earnest portrayal of adolescence. Even if the precocious teens of the fictional New England town of Capeside don't always have it easy, or you're filled with anxiety watching the will-they-won't-they unfold between Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and his best friend Joey (Katie Holmes), it always feels a little bit like coming home tuning into this late '90s/early aughts classic.

Devs ()

Alex Garland, the filmmaker behind sci-fi psychothrillers Annihilation and Ex Machina, made his TV debut with this miniseries, inspired in part by the director's obsessions with determinism and free will. It's a mystery, so without revealing too much, the show follows a computer engineer (Sonoya Mizuno) who looks to the strange quantum computing company called Amaya where her boyfriend worked for answers once he disappears. The series is equally odd and alluring, and Nick Offerman is a scene-stealer in his role as the engineer who runs Amaya. You need not be a quantum physicist to be perplexed and blown away by this inventive miniseries. 

Difficult People (–)

In this Hulu original, Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner are mean-spirited and petty New Yorkers who live by the "no hugging, no learning" Seinfeld-ian code, which makes them our favorite kind of platonic power couple. But with every exploitative adventure anchored by their best friendship, the jokes they make at the expense of others (interns, New Jerseyans, Method Man) seem downright sympathetic.

Drunk History (–)

Since its inception a decade ago, Jeremy Konner and Derek Waters' Emmy-winning web series-turned-TV hit has paired blasted comedian narrators with top-tier actors to recreate our country's most iconic moments, making for one of the smartest dumb shows in recent memory. If you're unsure where to start, take a look at our favorite segments.

Empire (–)

In this record-industry Dynasty, it's easy to get wrapped up in the Lyon family's batshit schemes. Thanks to constantly shifting power dynamics, Taraji P. Henson's scene-stealing (and Golden Globe-winning!) performance as meddling matriarch Cookie, a catchy Timbaland-produced soundtrack, and countless music-world cameos, the seasons will fly by.

ER (–)

If you really want a project, why not get into ER? The foundational medical show lasted for 15 seasons and is one of the most acclaimed series of all time. Of course, half the fun of watching ER is seeing George Clooney in his nascent stardom before he was Movie Star George Clooney, but don't let that stop you from further appreciating whole scope of the show.

The Eric Andre Show (– )

Comedian Eric Andre has nothing but contempt for late-night talk-show conventions. While Jimmy Fallon and James Corden have turned network TV's late-night landscape into a glad-handing frat-party singalong, Andre has carved out his own punk nightmare gabfest on Adult Swim. Whether he's making Lauren Conrad squirm, dressing up as a cop for absurd man-on-the-street bits, or trading one-liners with co-host and fellow comedian Hannibal Buress, Andre filters everything through his own surreal vision. You'll never look at a talk-show desk the same way again.

The Exorcist (–)

FOX's spiritually fucked-up reboot takes the movie's soul-saving concept and turns it into something like a more serious Ghostbusters TV show. In Season 1, two badass priests—one in better standing with the church than the other—try to prevent one family from descending into total hellish chaos. It's a riveting and surprisingly touching roller-coaster ride. It's also extremely, and lovably, gross. In Episode 2, one of the protagonists barfs what looks like two bottles of Green Machine and then yanks a near-never-ending centipede out of her mouth—almost like the Santa Clarita Diet pilot without comic relief. The rest of the show takes after its big-screen predecessor—with more contemporary makeup and effects—to show that head-spinning demonic possession can do the body a lot of bad.

Fargo (– )

Noah Hawley's bold adaptation of the perfect movie sometimes tries too hard to shoehorn in allusions to the source material and other Coen brothers films, but a crackerjack premise and an inspired performance by Billy Bob Thornton elevated Season 1 well above mere facsimile. The impressive casting holds the convolution plot together in Season 1 and the following installments (Kirsten Dunst! Jesse Plemons! Ewan McGregor! Chris Rock!), each telling a different contained story in the frigid, crime-filled Fargo world. 

Frasier (–)

Finished Cheers? Okay, no go watch the equally good Cheers spinoff: Frasier. While Frasier Crane began as a character on the Boston-set sitcom, he truly flourished when he moved back to Seattle, started a radio show, and shacked up with his dad and his dad's Jack Russell Terrier, Eddie. (Remember when Eddie was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly? Yeah, Frasier was a big deal.) It's also one of the most wonderfully acted sitcoms there ever was with the likes of John Mahoney and David Hyde Pierce. Let the persnickety pretension of Frasier and Niles lull you into a sense of calm.

Freaks and Geeks (–)

Like its awkwardly dressed and perpetually yearning protagonists, Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's ode to the pain of adolescence was destined to be an outcast from the start. Its presciently selected cast—including Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco, John Francis Daley, and Martin Starr—anchored a show that was perhaps too prickly and personal to catch on with NBC's mainstream audience, but it lives forever on Hulu. So, like Starr's achingly joyful Bill Haverchuck watching Garry Shandling after school, make yourself a grilled cheese, grab a glass of milk, and get ready to find some pockets of transcendence amidst the misery.

Friday Night Lights (–)

Sure, the television adaptation of the movie adaptation of the book veers frequently into sentimentality, outright conservatism, and cheap melodrama, but it's these qualities that make it an essential piece of American television. High-school football serves as the perfect medium to explore the 21st-century American experience, and the qualities above are part of the deal. With knockout performances from Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, it's almost too easy to get sucked into the Dillon Panthers' football life.  

Futurama (–; –)

Understandably, Futurama looks and feels like a little sibling to Matt Groening's Simpsons. The sci-fi toon imitates its big bro with a similar penchant for wordplay, pop-culture parody, political satire, and visual gags. But after a seven-season run, the story of Fry, a New York City pizza guy who becomes an interplanetary delivery worker after he's transported from to , has come to boast an immersive, outrageously fun universe all its own.

The Great (– )

Russian empress Catherine the Great is one of the most fascinating, and tantalizing, characters in history. Meaning, she's perfect for The Favourite screenwriter Tony McNamara to make the subject of a salacious, satirical, period piece comedy. Elle Fanning takes on the role of the Austrian royal who was married off to Peter III (played by a hilarious Nicholas Hoult), and organized a coup to take hold of power of Russia as she ended up falling in love with her new nation more than her husband. Forget the stuffy biopics and series on the ruler that came before this, The Great is witty, playful, and impeccably designed, and it all goes down like it's been spiked with a little bit of Vodka. 

The Handmaid's Tale (– )

After racking up several Emmys, including for Best Drama Series and Lead Actress, Drama (Elisabeth Moss), this adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel showed Hulu means business. Now's your chance to see what had the Emmy voters all worked up over a dystopian world in which women are kept as childbearers for a wealthy, oppressive elite. 

Hannibal ()

The arch and evocative reinvention of author Thomas Harris's cannibalistic super-villain Hannibal Lecter, was a wild, daring experiment conceived by showrunner Bryan Fuller, the writer behind quirky-and-cancelled cult shows like Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls. With its baroque visual style, florid dialogue, and stomach-churning flashes of violence, Hannibal won't be mistaken for comfort viewing—unless you find images like a body covered in mushrooms or an unnerving stag-man beast oddly soothing. 

Happy Endings (–)

In a perfect world, this joke-a-second ABC sitcom about six neurotic best friends living in Chicago would have blossomed into a generation-defining, Friends-like hit. Instead, it was cancelled after three seasons. Was it too weird? Too manic? Was the world just not ready for "Elisha Cuthbert, sitcom star"? Now is your chance to find out.

Harlots (–)

Hulu's original programming doesn't get the same amount of attention as that of Netflix or Amazon, but you shouldn't overlook Harlots, which has perhaps the best production design and and premise of any Hulu original (yes, including The Handmaid's Tale). Centered on 18th-century British brothels, Harlots is much more than a titillating show about sex, though that's in there too; it delves deep into life on the outside of "acceptable" society, tackling questions of sex, gender, class, and taboos along the way. Don't sleep on Harlots.

High Fidelity ()

It would be an understatement to say people were apprehensive of this TV adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel and film of the same name. When the show was ordered, it was planned that Rob, the lead record store owner who explores where his breakups went wrong, would become a woman named Robin—and fans were worried it would strip the material of its essence about shitty dudes being shitty. Zoë Kravitz stepped into the role, though, and revived Rob and her lists (er, playlists) to be ultra-cool for a new generation. It's a rom-com series that's both charming and poignant, giving the story a more nuanced angle of showing a woman unraveling as she faces her own flaws and heartbreak. 

Homeland (–)

The moment you know the CIA has creative input on Homeland, arguably Showtime's biggest hit, comes early in the first season. Deputy director David Estes (David Harewood), in a moment that feels totally out of place, tells Carrie (Clare Danes) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin), "America needs to understand we're still at war." Roger that. The ensuing violence, subterfuge, personal demons, and intrigue may titillate and entertain, but it also acclimates audiences to the necessity of perpetual war, the quotidian nature of constant surveillance, and the inherent goodwill of armed Americans.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (– )

Few shows make us consistently laugh-cry like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a dark cringe-comedy about a group of depraved jerks (comedy heavyweights Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito) doing horrible things to each other and the people around them. There are 14 seasons available here, but don’t worry about binge-watching—It’s Always Sunny is the perfect show to drop in and out of. Even decade-old episodes keep the lovable dirtbags of Paddy’s Pub up to recognizable, juvenile antics. It's a show about physical harm, drinking until puking, and wantonly setting things on fire.

Key and Peele (–)

Over the course of five seasons, the duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele created some of the funniest, smartest, and most visually striking sketch comedy of the new millennium that's still being memed today. If you haven't watched, it's absolutely time, even just to chart the path of Peele's sensibilities from sketch genius to an Oscar-winning horror director.

Killing Eve (– )

This spy-thriller-comedy-romance from Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) has quickly become one of the most acclaimed series on TV today. Exploring themes of obsession in a cat-and-mouse pan-European setting, Killing Eve finds Sandra Oh's Eve as an American spy dead set on tracking down Villanelle, a sociopath assassin who develops an oddly touching relationship with Eve as they try to maybe kill each other, maybe fall in love. It's weird, messy, but most of all fun, a combination that felt rare and refreshing in a time when weird and messy often portended bad results. 

The L Word (–)

One of the most well-known and impactful LGBTQ-focused TV series, The L Word did necessary work quenching a drought in lesbian representation on television. The series, which lasted for six seasons during its original run, followed the lives of a group of predominantly lesbian friends who live in West Hollywood. Its full cast of queer characters was notable back in when it began airing, and is frankly still notable today. Although certain elements of the show haven't aged well, it's still a crucial part of the history of LGBTQ representation on screen.

Letterkenny (– )

"There are 5, people in Letterkenny. These are their problems," so begins every episode of this comedy. Co-created by Jared Keeso, who stars as the small town's resident tough guy Wayne, this web series-turned-Canadian comedy/Hulu original focuses on best friends shooting the shit about whatever’s going on in their hometown. While both a lot and nothing at all happens in this sitcom, the series has developed its own language over the course of its eight seasons and is known for its speedy exchanges and relentlessly recurring in-jokes. The attention to detail and expertly crafted dialogue makes Letterkenny a must-watch sitcom, which isn't something you might expect from a show set deep within the grassy farmlands of Ontario.

Lodge 49 (–)

Lodge 49 is a seemingly low-stakes dramedy that's as perpetually laidback as its protagonist, Dud (played charmingly by Wyatt Russell), an aimless Southern California beach bum who joins an old-school fraternal club after the death of his father. But the show's small, cultish army of faithful viewers know that Lodge 49 has steathily built out a vibrant world populated by quirky characters solving tantalizing mysteries about the secretive organization and, well, life, man. It can accurately be described as "Northern Exposure meets Inherent Vice," and nothing beats that. 

The Looming Tower ()

Based on the Lawrence Wright book about the events that led up to the 9/11 attacks, this gripping miniseries stars Jeff Daniels and Peter Sarsgaard as dueling FBI and CIA investigators.

Lost (–)

Long before Damon Lindelof's The Leftovers bludgeoned viewers with its bracing emotional intensity, or J.J. Abrams became the crown prince of Wookieepedia, there was a show called Lost. While it has become increasingly hip to condemn the show's later seasons for any number of faults ranging from mawkish sentimentality to an over-dependence on wonky sci-fi tropes to gooey Touched by an Angel spirituality, the show itself retains all its brilliant power when viewed in a streaming hatch, free of recaps, fan theories, and backlash. If you've never seen it, there's no better time to get wrapped up in its mysteries. And if you have—well, as Jack would say, we have to go back!

The Mindy Project (–)

When Mindy Kaling's rom-sitcom hits, it hits hard. Her Indian-American Dr. Bridget Jones will have you in stitches, which makes sticking around for the misses—see: Mindy's dubious pregnancy—worth your time. The titular character is continuously navigating kooky fertility clinic coworkers and new romances, no matter how much chemistry she has with her curmudgeony co-worker Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), and learning to grow up, even as she becomes a mother herself. Hulu saved The Mindy Project from cancellation doom at Fox, exclusively producing and airing the final three seasons. Thanks, Hulu!

Mrs. America ()

Considering the Equal Rights Amendment saw bipartisan support and nearly passed before Phyllis Schlafly mobilized a conservative opposition, watching history unfold in this drama from Mad Men and Halt and Catch Fire writer Dahvi Weller about the women's movement in s America and Schlafly's rise may have you screaming at your TV at times. Less about Schlafly, who is played by a scathing Cate Blanchett, and more about the larger movement at the time, the series is a sprawling period piece about various women who tried to push an agenda of equality forward. Big stars play historical figures, like Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem, Uzo Aduba as Shirley Chisholm, Margo Martindale as Bella Abzug, and Tracey Ullman as Betty Friedan, to give you a history lesson about heroes and antiheroes of the 20th century that’s just as entertaining and mind-boggling as it is informative. 

My So-Called Life (–)

If Daria doesn't have enough feelings for you, try out this '90s teen-angst drama that made big names out of Claire Danes and Jared Leto. You'll feel like you're right there with Angela in the girls' bathroom as you follow all the trials and trivialities of sophomore year's fracturing friendships, family tension, and awkward romance.

Nathan For You (–)

Is "the thinking man's Punk'd" a reality show? A clever Shark Tank parody? A dark, existential narrative about an ambitious anti-hero who will do anything to get rich and find love? It's all of the above and more, with the most recent season finale even revered by goddamn Errol Morris. Most episodes are about host Nathan Fielder meeting a small-business owner around LA who is struggling to get by. He makes them a pitch: Follow my proposed plan and I'll improve your business. He's here to make dreams come true. The only problem? The proposals are often overly elaborate and borderline insane. Cringe and learn, people.

Nine Perfect Strangers ()

What does relaxation really mean? Who can afford wellness? These are the questions blended up (along with flaxseed and turmeric root) in Nine Perfect Strangers. Adapted from a novel by Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty, the miniseries (helmed by BLL showrunner David E. Kelley) is set at a remote, luxe wellness resort where nine troubled individuals seeking relief check in for a retreat. But behind the bamboo doors of the Tranquillum House is a strange Russian woman named Masha (played by Nicole Kidman in a wild accent) who clearly is orchestrating their paths to serenity in a mysterious way that seems far from what anybody signed up for. Paradise comes at a price here, but you'll be compelled to carry out the remainder of your stay based on the star-studded cast (Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Shannon, and more) and whatever Masha's up to.

Normal People ()

Based on the book of the same name by the queen of the millennial narrative, Sally Rooney (who adapted the book for Hulu with the playwright Alice Birch), this miniseries captures the intense intimacy that develops between Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal), two high schoolers from a small Irish town. The series closely dissects their affair, as their relationship evolves as they grow older and their social statuses change. Few series will have leave you feeling as lustful and heartbroken as this one. 

The Office (U.K.) (–)

Fans of Dunder Mifflin have Ricky Gervais's David Brent to thank for the genesis of Michael Scott. Tim (Martin Freeman) and Dawn (Lucy Davis) are the first Jim and Pam. This show's the OG, in other words. Though it only ran for two seasons, Gervais' British The Office paved the way for a new wave of awkward comedy, turned banal jobs into fertile ground for producing side-splitting workplace laughs, and inspired the US The Office's Greg Daniels and Michael Schur to be their best.

Only Murders in the Building (– )

Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez play an intentionally odd throuple in this comedy-mystery, and the show is delightful for it. At its start, the three have nothing in common, aside from the fact that they all live in the same Upper West Side apartment building and are true crime podcast obsessives. It's that shared interest that brings them together when another one of their neighbors is killed under strange circumstances, and they're determined to put their sleuthing skills to work. With a handful of guest stars coming through the complex's revolving door, a picturesque backdrop just off the westside of Central Park, and caper twists galore, the series couldn't be more charming. Who knew a satire of contemporary media could be so damn adorable?

Over the Garden Wall ()

Over the Garden Wall, which has become an autumnal rewatch tradition since its debut, is an animated miniseries about two young boys, Wirt (Elijah Wood) and Greg (Collin Dean), who get lost in a forest full of strange and sinister creatures, and must find their way back home before they're taken by an evil being called "The Beast." It was created by Adventure Time writer Patrick McHale and, like Adventure Time, it has a dark little heart masked by what appears at first to be simple child-friendly whimsy.

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Stone Ocean Battle Tendency

Looking for good anime to watch? Here are the best anime shows of all time, ranked by fans everywhere. Top anime series include popular shows like Death Note, Attack on Titan, and many more. Plus, with so much new anime debuting each year, the list of best anime will only grow. The blanket term "anime" in the US can refer to any animation originating in Japan, and specifically differentiates a few aspects of Japanese animation from more Western styles. For example, the top comedy animes can be be much more explicit in their humor. This includes the Japanese propensity to feature adult themes, cool action scenes, and stories in animation, as opposed to Western "cartoons" aimed primarily at children, as well as the exaggerated, fantasy-oriented and colorful style of Japanese animated visuals.

Anime TV series first found popularity outside of Japan in the s and have continued to find larger audiences in the West. A number of famous anime shows originating in Japan - such as Cowboy Bebop or Dragon Ball Z - have found enthusiastic audiences for dubbed versions in English speaking countries. The anime style has grown so popular in the US, it has stared to significantly influence the style and aesthetics of American animation. Shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Afro Samurai, and Samurai Jack have borrowed heavily from anime in terms of pacing, subject matter, and design.

Ranking the greatest anime ever is certainly a difficult task, but it's time to settle this once and for all: which of the most popular anime shows crack the top , the top 10, or even the top 10 anime of all time?

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The best anime on Netflix right now

Would you believe that anime is one of the few areas where Netflix isn’t the dominant player among streamers? It’s true. Many of the classic shows that made anime such a global phenomenon have already been lined up by Netflix’s rivals. However, it’s a mistake to ever write Netflix off. The king of the streamers has money to burn, and that’s why Netflix is bankrolling its own anime series in addition to bringing over some of the newest hits from Japan. Consequently, Netflix is staking out its claim for anime fans everywhere. And if you’re looking for a place to start, then you’ve come to the right place. Just check out our updated last of the best anime on Netflix right now.

Netflix isn&#;t the only streaming service with anime on demand. To help you make the most of your subscriptions, we&#;ve also rounded up the best anime on Hulu.

Jojo&#;s Bizarre Adventure on Netflix.

JoJo&#;s Bizarre Adventure

Based on the long-running manga series of the same name, JoJo&#;s Bizarre Adventure follows the almighty Joestar clan. Taking place over a series of different eras, members of the Joestar family all come to learn that they possess supernatural abilities that will allow them to thwart a series of mischievous foes, with battles occurring from the 19th century all the way into modern times. Each Joestar uses the same handle of &#;JoJo&#; in their respective story. Catch the first three seasons on Netflix.

Created by: Naokatsu Tsuda
Cast: Kazuyuki Okitsu, Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Ono
Number of seasons: 3

Watch on Netflix

Sirius the Jaegar on Netflix.

Sirius the Jaegar

The titular Jaegars are a pact of relentless vampire hunters. Chief amongst them is Yuliy, a werewolf survivor of a vampire attack that wiped out his entire village. Part of a royal bloodline, an ancient artifact was promised to Yuliy&#;s years before, a relic known as the Ark of Sirius. Capable of incredible powers, Yuliy and his Jaegar companions will stop at nothing to protect the talisman from their vampiric foe.

Created by: Masahiro Andō
Cast: Yuto Uemura, Takahiro Sakurai, Kenyu Horiuchi
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Adapted from the manga series of the same name, Attack on Titan finds humanity trapped behind towering walls in three cities. The reason for the partitions is a world overrun by monstrous humanoid creatures known as Titans. When one Titan manages to get over the walls of Eren Jaegar&#;s (Harume Miara) city, the creature wreaks havoc on the populace. Vowing revenge, Eren and his friends join up with the Scout Regiment to fight back against the Titan hordes.

Created by: Hajime Isayama
Cast: Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue
Number of seasons: 4

Watch on Netflix

Megalo Box


Created as a 50th-anniversary commemoration of the manga Ashita no Joe, Megalobox explores the world of Megalo Boxers, humans who outfit themselves with giant mechanized exoskeletons to do battle with other Megalo fighters. Think Pacific Rim meets Rocky. Junk Dog (Yoshimasa Hosoya), an underground fight organizer, is thrust directly into the world of combat after almost getting into an accident with a Megalo tournament executive. All 13 episodes of the first season are streaming on Netflix.

Created by: Yō Moriyama
Cast: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Shiro Saito, Hiroki Yasumoto
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

Great Pretender

Great Pretender

Divided into several &#;cases,&#; Great Pretender traces the journey of Makota Edamara (Chiaki Kobayashi), a man who turns to professional conning to rack in enough income for his mother&#;s outstanding medical bills. Joining forces with Laurent Thierry (Junichi Suwabe), a French con artist, the two make a living by committing cons all over the world.

Created by: Wit Studio
Cast: Chiaki Kobayashi, Junichi Suwabe, Natsumi Fujiwara
Number of seasons: 2

Watch on Netflix



Adapted from the Homura Kawamoto manga series of the same name, Kakegurui follows Yumeko Jabami, a newly enrolled student at Japan&#;s Hyakkaou Private Academy. Unlike your standard academic institution, the students at Hyakkaou are divided into hierarchical tiers based on gambling and riches. Fresh meat for the high-rollers, Yumeko must prove her monetary worth before the students at the top of the pyramid swallow her whole.

Created by: Yuichiro Hayashi
Cast: Saori Hayami, Minami Tanaka, Tatsuya Tokutake
Number of seasons: 2

Watch on Netflix

B: The Beginning

B: The Beginning

Set on the fictional isle of Cremona, B: The Beginning immerses viewers in a dystopic world overrun with crime and decay. Leading the mayhem and macabre is the titular &#;B,&#; a serial killer on a vigilante streak. Yoku, an unassuming teenager (and series protagonist), enters the fray &#; as a friend or foe remains to be seen. It&#;s up to Keith, a member of the Royal Investigation Service, to crack down on B&#;s reign of terror before death claims the entire island.

Created by: Kazuto Nakazawa
Cast: Hiroaki Hirata, Yuki Kaji, Asami Seto
Number of seasons: 2

Watch on Netflix

Dragon&#;s Dogma

Dragon&#;s Dogma

Based on the Capcom video game, Dragon&#;s Dogma follows Ethan, a father-to-be struck down by the titular Dragon. His village of Cassardis reduced to ash, Ethan is resurrected by a mythical being known as a Pawn. Now an Arisen, the headstrong warrior vows to vanquish the mighty beast that left his home in ruins. A visceral adaptation on par with the likes of Netflix&#;s CastlevaniaDragon&#;s Dogma has plenty of promise to persevere as a faithful and engrossing series all its own.

Created by: Shinya Sugai
Cast: Greg Chun, Erica Mendez, Cristina Vee
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

Cagaster of an Insect Cage

Cagaster of an Insect Cage

Adapted from the Kachō Hashimoto manga series of the same name, Cagaster is set in a post-apocalyptic universe plagued with a horrendous insect problem &#; specifically, giant mechanical ones that wreak havoc on society. When an exterminator and teenage girl join forces to help the latter find her mother in the dangerous wasteland, their search-and-rescue mission becomes a brutal fight for survival. Catch the entire first season on Netflix.

Created by: Thomas Astruc
Cast: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Kana Hanazawa, Natsuki Hanae
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

One Piece

One Piece

One Piece follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy gifted with the ability to morph his body every which way, a skillset akin to the bending and morphing of rubber. The gang of misfits that Monkey belongs to is referred to as the Straw Haw Pirates, a batch of friends that sail the Grand Line in their journey for pirate infamy. Enjoy the first four seasons on Netflix.

Created by: Konosuke Uda
Cast: Mayumi Tanaka, Akemi Okamura, Kazuya Nakai
Number of seasons: 4

Watch on Netflix

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been one of the recent anime sensations on Netflix. This adaptation of the wildly popular manga chronicles the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young man who narrowly survives a demon attack that claims the lives of most of his family. Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko, also survives the attack, but she is transformed into a demon herself. To save his sister and avenge his family, Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps and trains for the final showdown. But if Tanjiro hopes to triumph over evil then he may have to give up more than just his life.

Created by: Ufotable
Cast: Natsuki Hanae, Akari Kitō, Hiro Shimono
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix



Over a decade ago, Marvel farmed a few of its signature characters out to a Japanese animation studio called Madhouse for some genuine anime series. The second Marvel anime, Wolverine, was a loose adaptation of the hero’s first-ever solo story. Logan/Wolverine, as voiced by This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, travels to Japan to save his lover, Mariko Yashida (Gwendoline Yeo), from her crime-lord father, Shingen Yashida (Fred Tatasciore). To get Mariko back, Wolverine will have to get past several formidable foes, and his claws will definitely have to come out.

Created by: Kengo Kaji
Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Gwendoline Yeo, Fred Tatasciore
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

X-Men Anime


The third Marvel anime series featured the X-Men, in a story inspired by both The Dark Phoenix Saga and Astonishing X-Men. After the death of Jean Grey (Jennifer Hale), the X-Men go their separate ways. But when Armor (Stephanie Sheh) and other young mutants are abducted and taken to Japan, Professor X (Cam Clarke) reassembles Cyclops (Scott Porter), Wolverine (Steve Blum), Storm (Danielle Nicolet), and the rest to do what they do best. You’re probably never going to see this series on Disney+, so enjoy it while you can.

Created by: Mitsutaka Hirota, Warren Ellis
Cast: Scott Porter, Steve Blum, Danielle Nicolet, Cam Clarke, Ali Hillis
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

The titular stars of The Seven Deadly Sins aren’t just the embodiment of humanity’s famous vices. They were once respected knights in the fantasy land of Britannia &#; at least until they were framed for trying to overthrow the kingdom and forced to disband. A decade later, Princess Elizabeth Liones is deposed from the throne by the Holy Knights, which sends her on the run. She finds an ally in Meliodas, the leader of the Seven, and he agrees to bring his team back together. But Meliodas also has a secret connection to Elizabeth that may come back to doom them all.

Created by: A-1 Pictures
Cast: Yūki Kaji, Sora Amamiya, Misaki Kuno
Number of seasons: 4

Watch on Netflix

The Idhun Chronicles

The Idhun Chronicles

The Idhun Chronicles has the distinction of being the only Spanish original anime series on this list. Author Laura Gallego co-adapted her own novel series The Idhún&#;s Memories to bring her fantasy story to a new medium. The story focuses on Jack, a seemingly ordinary teenager on Earth who loses his family to an attack ordered by Ashran, a necromancer who has seized power in the realm of Idhun. From there, Jack joins the resistance to Ashran’s rule, and his story is told through the series&#; lush animation.

Created by: Laura Gallego
Cast: Itzan Escamilla, Michelle Jenner, Nico Romero
Number of seasons: 2

Watch on Netflix

Last Hope

Last Hope

Within the near-future world of Last Hope, a young scientist, Leon Lau, attempted to solve the problem of dwindling resources with a Quantum Reactor. However, the reactor’s destruction had severe unintended consequences, which created a new race of artificially intelligent beings who have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Now a pariah to his own kind, Leon must make his way through the new world and make new allies as he tries to find some way to undo the damage he helped cause.

Created by: Shōji Kawamori, Hidekazu Sato, Toshizo Nemoto
Cast: Tomoaki Maeno, Nao Tōyama, Kenjiro Tsuda
Number of seasons: 2

Watch on Netflix



One of Netflix’s breakout anime series is based on the hit video games by Konami. Castlevania re-envisions Dracula (Graham McTavish) by giving him a legitimate grievance against humanity after his wife, Lisa, is executed by the church on trumped-up charges of heresy. Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), the last of a long line of vampire hunters, and Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso), a talented sorceress, may be all that stands in the way of humanity’s extinction. Surprisingly, their most valuable ally is Alucard (James Callis), the estranged son of Dracula and Lisa. This unlikely trio is ridiculously entertaining, and Castlevania finds its drama and action in unexpected ways.

Created by: Warren Ellis
Cast: Richard Armitage, James Callis, Graham McTavish, Alejandra Reynoso
Number of seasons: 3

Watch on Netflix

Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus

Netflix’s latest original anime, Blood of Zeus, has already found a sizable audience in the months since its debut. It offers a fresh take on Greek mythology by introducing a new hero, Heron (Derek Phillips). Heron is quite literally the son of Zeus (Jason O&#;Mara), which makes him a demigod. Heron also has the destiny to save the world from demonic threats, even as Zeus’ wife, Hera (Claudia Christian), wants Heron’s head because of Zeus’ infidelity. Heron’s got his work cut out for him, and we’ve got a new favorite anime.

Created by: Charley Parlapanides, Vlas Parlapanides
Cast: Derek Phillips, Jason O&#;Mara, Claudia Christian
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix



Ultraman is one of the original heroes of anime who dates back to , so much so that he’s essentially the equivalent of Superman. Netflix’s Ultraman is not a reboot of the franchise. Instead, it’s a direct continuation that brings back Shin Hayata, the man behind Ultraman. Unfortunately, Shin no longer remembers that he was Japan’s greatest hero. Instead, the legacy is passed on to his son, Shinjiro. The new Ultraman has his hands full in the modern series, but his father’s legacy is in good hands.

Created by: Eiichi Shimizu, Tomohiro Shimoguchi, Eiji Tsuburaya
Cast: Ryohei Kimura, Takuya Eguchi, Megumi Han
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

Ghost in the Shell SAC_

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_

Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell was a seminal manga and anime movie in the &#;80s and &#;90s. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_ doesn’t quite live up to the original, but it is a follow-up to the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series. After a worldwide economic collapse, Motoko and her cybernetically enhanced team are hired out to quell trouble spots all over the world. But these are treacherous times, and even Motoko’s clients can’t be trusted.

Created by: Masamune Shirow
Cast: Atsuko Tanaka, Osamu Saka, Akio Ōtsuka
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

Avatar The Last Airbender, best anime on Netflix

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Potentially Nickelodeon&#;s most generation-spanning show other than Spongebob SquarepantsAvatar: The Last Airbender tells the story of Aang, the year-old Avatar who has been awoken after a year slumber to find the world at war. This world is divided into four nations: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, each of which has a population of &#;benders,&#; people who can control the element that their nation is associated with. The Avatar is meant to be the master of all elements and tasked with maintaining peace and balance between the nations. But when Aang was frozen in ice, the Fire Nation was free to attempt to conquer the world. Now that the Avatar is back, he&#;ll have to rely on the help of his friends Katara, Sokka, and Toph to help him complete his training and take on the Fire Lord.

Created by: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Cast: Dante Basco, Jack De Sena, Mae Whitman
Number of seasons: 3

Watch on Netflix

Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte: The Maxim

Based on the popular sci-fi horror manga series by Hitoshi Iwaaki, Parasyte: The Maxim is creepy, action-packed anime if you&#;re looking for some frightening fun. It is an aggressively provocative and discomforting show following teenaged Shinichi Izumi after he&#;s partially infected by a Parasyte, a monster from space that&#;s designed to butcher and consume humans. Fortunately, his parasite is relatively docile, permitting Shinichi to coexist as, together, they fend off the rest of a parasitic invasion.

Created by: Hitoshi Iwaaki
Cast: Nobunaga Shimazaki, Aya Hirano, Kana Hanazawa
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

The Legend of Korra on Netflix

The Legend of Korra

The sequel to Nickelodeon&#;s hit series Avatar: The Last Airbender (also on Netflix), The Legend of Korra follows Korra, the next Avatar after Aang. Korra is from the Southern Water Tribe and, when we meet her, she&#;s at the opposite stage of her Avatar training as Aang was when we met him. Korra has mastered earth, water, and fire elements, but she is struggling to master the art of airbending. On her quest to master the final element, Korra finds herself in Republic City, a melting pot where benders and non-benders live together. However, the land that once appeared peaceful is plagued with crime, and an anti-bending revolution is brewing that may erupt into a civil war. Thrust into her role as the balance-bringing Avatar before she&#;s fully ready, Korra must learn airbending from a new teacher, Aang&#;s son, Tenzin.

Created by: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Cast: Janet Varney, David Faustino, P.J. Byrne
Number of seasons: 4

Watch on Netflix

Japan Sinks

Japan Sinks:

Sakyo Komatsu&#;s bestselling sci-fi novel Japan Sinks tells the story of two children who must escape Tokyo after a major earthquake hits Japan, causing the entire island to sink. Now, Netflix has adapted the beloved novel with a modern spin, calling it Japan Sinks: . This time, a series of natural disasters hit Japan, throwing the country into complete chaos. The story follows one ordinary family as they attempt to flee the island in chaotic, terrifying conditions.

Created by: Sakyo Komatsu (novel), Toshio Yoshitaka
Cast: Reina Ueda, Tomo Muranaka, Yuko Sasaki
Number of seasons: 4

Watch on Netflix



Bleach is one of the longer-running anime shows out there, with a total of episodes spanning 16 seasons (unfortunately, only five seasons are currently available on Netflix). The show follows year-old Ichigo Kurosaki after he inadvertently absorbs the power &#; and the responsibility &#; of a Soul Reaper, a personification of death that defends humanity from the supernatural and guides spirits to the afterlife. Kurosaki is tasked with defeating monstrous Hollows, ghosts that must be purified so they don&#;t feed on other souls. Bleach is absolutely brimming with exciting battles, as Kurosaki takes on enemies with increasingly wild abilities, but it also earned praise for its colorful, diverse cast of characters, along with its development of recurring characters. The show can be both dark and funny, and it mostly manages to avoid the played-out tropes that often plague anime.

Created by: Tite Kubo
Cast: Masakazu Morita, Fumiko Orikasa, Yuki Matsuoka
Number of seasons: 16

Watch on Netflix

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

If you were (or are) a fan of the Gundam franchise and its giant mechs, you&#;ll like Gurren Lagann. If not&#;well, you&#;ll still probably like Gurren Lagann because it&#;s awesome. In a dystopian future where Earth is under the rule of the sinister Spiral King Lordgenome, men live below the planet&#;s surface, occupying small villages. When teenagers Simon and Kamina find a buried mech and activate it, they&#;re able to tunnel to the surface and join a resistance group in their fight against Lordgenome. The show&#;s fast pace and gripping action sequences are underscored by genuine character development and an authentic sense of inspiration that drives the rebel forces. Gurren Lagann manages to be exciting, adventurous, and comedic all at the same time, without sacrificing the stakes.

Created by: Gainax
Cast:  Yuri Lowenthal, Kana Asumi, Steve Blum
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix



Retsuko is a hardworking year-old Red Panda, commuting and living in Tokyo, Japan. All day, every day, she deals with her nasty boss, insincere supervisor, and less-than-stellar coworkers. Retsuko has a secret life, and when the rage of the day boils over, she heads into Japan’s famous karaoke bars, grabs a bottle of sake, holds on to a microphone, and screams death metal into the night. Aggretsuko can be described as Zootopia meets The Office, with a colorful cast of characters and a solid degree of witty humor for older audiences. Featuring a stellar voice cast, which includes Erica Mendez and Ben Dishkin, Aggretsuko is a quick but wonderfully crafted office comedy, where audiences connect with Retsuko and her pursuits, rocking out to death metal and learning new lessons about herself along the way.

Created by: Yeti and Rarecho
Cast: Kaolip, Komegumi Koiwasaki, Maki Tsuruta
Number of seasons: 3

Watch on Netflix

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is a skilled warrior, but upon the end of a devastating war, she suffers a grave injury that requires the amputation of her arms, now replaced with advanced prostheses. With a hazy memory, she is enlisted as an Auto Memory Doll, a ghostwriter who helps convey messages for others. As she acclimates to her new life and writes for others, faint memories of her commanding officer emerge, and the last words that were said to her. When the fires of war have finally subsided, a former soldier will find meaning to the words “I love you.” Violet Evergarden began as a light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase before being picked up by Netflix and animated by the legendary studio Kyoto Animation. The visual fidelity of Violet Evergarden is regarded as beautiful and breathtaking, receiving numerous awards and praise. The English cast of Violet Evergarden includes incredible talent, featuring Erika Harlacher as Violet and Cherami Leigh as Iris.

Created by: Kana Akatsuki, Kyoto Animation
Cast: Yui Ishikawa, Takehito Koyasu, Daisuke Namikawa
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix



If one could ever imagine Zootopia becoming an R-rated bloody murder mystery, it would likely be Beastars. In a world of anthropomorphic creatures, carnivores and herbivores of all species coexist and work together. That line of coexistence is shattered when a student is devoured by an unnamed and unknown carnivore. In the midst of the growing unease at the school, Legoshi, a timid and shy carnivorous wolf, has a dramatic encounter with a small rabbit who attends the school, Haru, an encounter that may affect the fate of Legoshi and the school. Beastars originally began as a manga, written by Paru Itagaki and Akita Shoten, released in The manga went on to win a multitude of awards, including the coveted Manga Taisho Award. With 20 volumes published so far, the manga remains ongoing. The manga went on to be licensed by Viz Media and released in the United States in The anime launched on Netflix on March 13, , and features stunning animation by Studio Orange and a stellar English voice cast, which includes Jonah Scott as Legoshi and Lara Jill Miller as Haru.

Created by: Orange
Cast: Chikahiro Kobayashi, Sayaka Senbongi (Japanese), Jonah Scott, Lara Jill Miller (English)
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

Cannon Busters

Cannon Busters

Philly the Kid, an immortal outlaw, comes across Sam, a young drone separated from her owner. In a world of magic, creatures, and robots, Philly and Sam assemble a ragtag crew of outlaws and dissidents, including a transforming Cadillac, to embark on a grand quest across Gearbolt to reunite Sam and her owner. Cannon Busters is an incredibly unique anime, focusing on Afrofuturism, and combining elements of steampunk, science fiction, and fantasy. Cannon Busters originally began as a graphic novel in by LeSean Thomas and J. Torres. After three issues, the novel was shelved until it was revived as a anime series by Satelight and Yumeta Company.

Created by: LeSean Thomas, J. Torres, Satelight, Yumeta Company
Cast: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Hinaki Yano (Japanese), Kenn Michael, Kamali Minter (English)
Number of seasons: 1

Watch on Netflix

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia

From legendary animation studio Trigger arrives a coming-of-age fantasy all about pursuing your dreams. In the journey of life, you never know who you will meet next, but the next person you see could be the very inspiration you need. When young Atsuko is inspired by her favorite witch, Shiny Chariot, she enrolls at the elite Luna Nova Magical Academy. The stacks are already against Atsuko. Many of the students enrolled at the academy have an established background in magic, but regrettably, Atsuko does not. Struggling, Atsuko stumbles upon a magical relic, Shiny Rod. Determined to pursue her dreams, she wields the relic and studies hard in her quest to become a witch and change the world. Little Witch Academia features top-notch animation and girl power, but also an incredibly heartfelt story that is perfect for all those aspiring to accomplish their dreams.

Created by: Yoh Yoshinari, produced by Trigger.
Cast:  Megumi Han (Japanese), Franciska Friede (English)
Number of seasons: 3

Watch on Netflix

Altered Carbon: Resleeved

Altered Carbon: Resleeved

Delving deeper into the dangerous life of Takeshi Kovac, Altered Carbon: Resleeved is an additional chapter in the world of Altered Carbon, the popular sci-fi show that has released two seasons on Netflix. On the planet Latimer, Takeshi investigates the mysterious death of a high-profile Yakuza boss and faces a tough-as-nails CTAC, all the while protecting a tattooist who holds an important key in this race against time. Dai Saito, a writer whose credits include Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop, puts his own spin on the incredible world of Altered Carbon. Altered Carbon: Resleeved is a feature-length animated action film, featuring sharp animation, an original story, and a talented English cast that includes the talents of Ray Chase, Richard Epcar, Elizabeth Maxwell, and Brittany Cox. Whether you have already seen the second season of Altered Carbon or this is your first time discovering the franchise, Altered Carbon: Resleeved is a fantastic cyberpunk animated film.

Created by: Laeta Kalogridis (created by), Dai Sato & Tsukasa Kondo (written by)
Cast: Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Kanehira Yamamoto (Japanese), Ray Chase, Doug Stone (English)
Number of seasons: Anime film

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Fate Stay Night

Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works

The Holy Grail War is a war to end all wars. Having taken place over the span of centuries, this war grants the victor the ultimate wish. To wage this war, users gifted with magic, known as Masters, summon warriors to fight on their behalf, called Servants. These Servants come from across the span of history and time, from Gilgamesh to Medusa to King Arthur, who is actually recreated as a woman. The Holy Grail War is filled with heroes and villains, all vying for the ultimate power. Their very character and well-being are tested in the face of such overwhelming power. For Master Shirou and his Servant Saber, a war that will determine the future of human civilization unfolds before them. Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works has been lauded for its breathtaking animation, which combines 2D and 3D effects into one seamless visual experience. Featuring a deep and tremendous story, jaw-dropping animation, and incredible action, Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works is an excellent and unforgettable fantasy journey.

Created by: Type-Moon, Ufotable
Cast: Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese), Bryce Papenbrook (English)
Number of seasons: 2

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Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

Go Nagai’s iconic manga and anime Devilman received a modern update in Devilman Crybaby. The creative team moved the events of the series to the present and incorporated more mature and adult themes into the story. The series follows a high school student named Akira Fudo and his friend Ryo Asuka as they navigate a world with demons and monsters secretly living among humanity. Ryo convinces Akira of the demon threat and drags him along on an undercover mission to get proof. From there, Akira inadvertently unites with a demon, and he retains his original personality with all of the demon’s strength when transformed. However, Akira doesn’t know the full truth behind the demons’ presence on Earth or the high price that he will pay in the name of protecting his friends. This tale isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is very emotionally resonant.

Created by: Ichirō Ōkouchi, based on Go Nagai&#;s manga
Cast: Kōki Uchiyama, Ayumu Murase (Japanese), Griffin Burns, Kyle McCarley (English)
Number of seasons: 1

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Giant robots fighting even bigger monsters is a common theme among anime series, but few have elevated the genre like Neon Genesis Evangelion. The series was set in the then far-off year of , 15 years after the world was attacked by aliens that were known as “Angels.” The show follows Shinji Ikari, a shy and emotionally withdrawn teenager who is forced to become an Evangelion pilot by his manipulative father, Gendo. Shinji slowly rises to the occasion alongside his fellow pilots, Rei and Asuka. However, the Angels aren’t the only ones with secrets on this show. And Shinji will have to face unimaginable nightmares and traumas before he can ultimately confront his own inner demons.

Created by: Gainax
Cast: Megumi Ogata, Kotono Mitsuishi, Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese)
Number of seasons: 1

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