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Never have we launched so many big changes, improvements and new features in one update. Here's the list: Multiresolution Panoramas: You can now use panoramas. Let's talk about the most amazing virtual tours ever created with 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO, shall we? We get sent quite a few tours by our. Our team of graphic designers created 8 beautiful new skins and dozens of skin elements, which will give your virtual tours the last bit of “architectural hue”.

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Timing skin components after x seconds and hide again inside 3DVista [quicktip]

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3dvista Archives
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Updates, Virtual Reality

New Deep Linking &#;trigger-overlay-name&#; and &#;trigger-overlay-event&#; options for the tour url. Allows you to customize a tour&#;s URL so that 3dvista Archives opens directly in specific spots and with specific hotspots. This allows you to send NEW UPDATE (): New Skins, SCORM, Animated Hotspot Preview etc.

NEW UPDATE (): New Skins, SCORM, Animated Hotspot Preview etc.

Jan 18, 3dvista Archives, Updates, Virtual Reality

This is an exciting one. We spiced up 3dvista Archives skin library, added support for Animated Hotspots and aSCORM functions for Javascript Execution. Here are the details:   Added 11 new Skins. Added over 30 new Skin Component sets to the Library, 3dvista Archives. Added preview for New <b>3dvista Archives</b> available

New Skins available

Jan 17,

WebXR for Oculus Go

WebXR for Oculus Go

May 5, General, Tips & Tricks, Updates

We&#;ve broken down today&#;s change log to let you know all the goodies that have been added and what they&#;re good for. Enjoy! Go global &#; Multi-language Virtual Tours Definitely one of the highlights of this update. It&#;s been out in our Brand New: Offline Virtual Tours for Oculus Go & Quest

Brand New: Offline Virtual Tours for Oculus Go & Quest

Sep 5,

Virtual Tours on YouTube

Virtual Tours on YouTube

Feb 21, General, Tips & Tricks

3DVista VT PRO includes a new export format which converts your virtual tour into a º video, ready to be uploaded onto &#;video-only&#; platforms and thus significantly increasing your reach. We get asked this a lot, and yes, 3dvista Archives, you can upload your virtual New Update ()

New Update ()

Jul 19, Tutorials, Updates

Track & analyze viewer behavior Advanced Analytics is one of the features that comes with the (optional) 3DVista Hosting. It allows you 3dvista Archives monitor and track the traffic How to Change Your WiFi Name and Password [2021] your virtual tours with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and heatmaps across all and Special Effects for Virtual Tours #1: SNOW

Special Effects for Virtual Tours #1: SNOW

Dec 29,

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