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Download MECHANICAL STAR ASTRA 1.02 for Windows -

Download MECHANICAL STAR ASTRA 1.02 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now Mechanical Star Astra by boghog is an indie shoot ‘em up game demo with a striking retro design. It resembles arcade titles in design but incorporates.

Download MECHANICAL STAR ASTRA 1.02 for Windows -
If you like the demo, consider buying it as a donation to support the game's development! The game is in development so almost everything you see here is subject to change. is a colorful, stylish, high energy bullet hell shoot 'em up. It mixes a solid arcade foundation with more modern elements to deliver a full package filled with a large variety of content that many kinds of action game players can enjoy. In , you take the role of a character in the world of New Humanity, a shell of what was once known as "Earth", inhabited by androids fighting against berserk machines that want to wipe them off the planet. Blast off in your Machina Striker of choice, and dismantle a variety of different threats, from aggressive jets and tanks to great mechanical beasts. Generate tons of energy cubes, convert it into massive destruction and huge points, and stop Astra from causing another apocalypse! Long ago, humans were the dominant species on the planet. Civilization was divided, engaged in a pointless war for power, resources, and domination. War, conflict, and violence became routine in the lives of these tragically doomed creatures. To replace their dwindling numbers, the greatest minds of their era began building highly advanced weapons, with their own AI -- Machina, and Androids. Androids were granted a modicum of free will, where machina were bound to the whims of a central AI satellite in space, known as “Project Astra”. Eventually, humans brought about their own extinction. Their lust for war became memetic, inherited by the weapons they gave life to, and the war between androids paradoxically became about mutual destruction for the sake of protecting a humanity that no longer existed. Time passed, and some androids became more self-aware of their paradoxical war, and formed anti-war collectives dedicated to creating peace. One collective, known as “Outers Libera”, embarked on a mission to stop the war directly at the source -- Astra. Utilizing a small armada of highly specialized fighter jets -- referred to as “Machina Strikers” -- Outers Libera set off into space and shot down Astra, sending her crashing into the planet. With the machina deactivated, the androids agreed on a total cease-fire. Eventually, they came together and began efforts to reconstruct a peaceful society among the ashes of battle, forming a New Humanity in the image of the old. Decades later, a large, monolithic structure began to grow from Ground Zero into a massive tower. Machina had suddenly begun re-awakening and autonomously attacking android civilization. The Ghost of Astra -- a satellite turned star -- commanded her machina to destroy all of the androids, in order to “save the world from humanity”. With the birth of the mechanical star Astra, came the resurrection of Outers Libera and Civilization was once again thrust into another war. The pilots and ships of Libera were all revived, given upgrades, and reluctantly thrust back into the fight against Astra. They had grown weary of these wars; this time, the destruction of Astra would be absolute. Their jets roared and sliced through the air as they began their flight towards Ground Zero. The sounds of machina destruction begin to echo through the atmosphere. The quicker you kill enemies, the more of them you can spawn. Ghosts spawn from dead enemies and chase you around the arena. At the start of the day, all active ghosts will turn into coins. Collecting the coins as quickly as possible reveals a coin chest, and spawns extra ghosts that will make the next night more challenging. A small game made over the course of 5 days, built around two themes - bullet hell and "10 seconds". Despite it's focus on scoring, don't treat it too seriously because luck will play a big part past a certain point. Most assets are original, but some sounds were recycled from Mechanical Star Astra & the basic skeleton is based off the one in Pocky & Rocky. Mechanical Star Astra is a high energy, colorful, retro shoot-‘em-up game by boghog. It fuses a solid arcade foundation with elements from modern games, resulting in a fully realized game with a wide variety of weapons, customization options, and other content that action fans can enjoy. Enter the distant future - the world of New Humanity - where Earth is a shell of its former self.Mechanical Star Astra is a high energy, colorful, retro shoot-‘em-up game by boghog. It fuses a solid arcade foundation with elements from modern games, resulting in a fully realized game with a wide variety of weapons, customization options, and other content that action fans can enjoy. Enter the distant future - the world of New Humanity - where Earth is a shell of its former self. Mechanical Star Astra delivers a classic arcade experience with five stages of intense action. Each round takes over 30 minutes to complete and comes with plenty of bonus arrange modes and unique combat adjustments. The graphics are extremely vibrant pixel art that requires an epilepsy warning (yet it’s not featured in the game). Traverse the galaxies in your ship or Machina; ships can be an assault jet, large battleship, enormous mechs, etc. Find the right Machina for you so you can withstand the overwhelming firepower and massive explosions of your opponents. This is important as each ship meets a unique play style and has its own special mechanics. You can augment a ship by selecting more than one pilot (which have their own modifiers as well). Whatever your strategy may be, your goal is to get up-close to the enemy and collect energy cubes. The more energy you collect, the higher your rate of destruction. Of course, entering intergalactic warfare shouldn’t be done alone. Invite your friends to play this game or a local server. Mechanical Star Astra supports multiplayer gameplay but with a maximum of two players per game. You need to protect one another from bullets, spare shields to revive the other player, or assist in battle even if you’ve already passed. Mechanical Star Astra is a great shmup game for PC. It looks and plays like the classic arcade game but made even better with co-op mode. While only a limited number of players can join at a time, this still increases your chance of winning. Whether you play alone or with others, you will have a lot of fun choosing and customizing your ship with the game’s large catalog of options.Motioninjoy DS3 Tool is a Playstation controller adapter driver for emulators. It is designed to connect Play Station Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3 controllers to your Windows PC. 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