Winx dvd ripper platinum best settings

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Winx dvd ripper platinum best settings

Summary There is no such thing as general "best settings" for DVD ripping. It kind of depends on what you want. If you want 100% quality, it comes at a cost of size, speed, while smaller size may be an unpleasant trade for the loss in quality. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers solutions to rip a DVD fast in the best possible quality and size.

Best DVD Ripping Settings with Fast Speed, Good Quality.
Using Win X DVD Ripper Platinum 6.3.5 (free licensed copy) Ripping to MP4 - Audio Settings: 128kbps, 44.1KHz, Vol 2db, AAC 2CH - Video Settings: Quality 2500Kbps, Frame Rate 29.97, High Quality Checked, Format H264 - Other: CPU Core Use 2, Deinterlacing checked When I rip with the settings above I get an output file that is ~1200-1300 Kbps. I have tried: - Different bitrate settings (higher and lower) - With and w/out HQ Engine - Different Video Size/Cropping settings - with ant w/out Deinterlacing I can't seemget the bit rate of the output file any higher. Is there anyone here familiar with Win X that might know what I am doing wrong? WP That's because Win X DVD Ripper Platinum 6.3.5 is complete garbage....a "rip" of a DVD is an exact copy of a DVD with ZERO changes to the original bitrate. What you are talking about is converting...ripping. @hech54, What was the purpose of your response exactly? If you don't have anything helpful to say, please say nothing at all. I came to this forum looking for help, not to get into a pissing contest about symantics or who has the best DVD ripping software. @hech54, What was the purpose of your response exactly? You won't get much help here with the software you mentioned simply because the few times the software you mentioned is brought up in usually done so in order to spam and shill for the software. If you don't have anything helpful to say, please say nothing at all. So keeping in tradition with my immense helpfulness... I came to this forum looking for help, not to get into a pissing contest about symantics or who has the best DVD ripping software. I will now provide links to software that many people here use daily. You'll kindly notice that "rippers" are in one tool section.."converters" are in a completely different section..the software you mentioned is nowhere to be found. Here is a list of decrypting(ripping) tools..of them FREE: https:// Here is a list of DVD converters....again many of them FREE: https:// I know these are old I just became a member of this group and I will throw my 2 cents in on Winx dvd Ripper program. I have been using it now for about a year and besides Dvd Fab it is one of the best ripping programs out there if you know how to use it. If you don't know how to use it you will get replies like hech54's. My bit Rate for a movie that is 2.26 GB in length is set at 160. Of course you can play around with that number it really depends on what your liking is. That is a normal bitrate on audio I do 2738 kbps and the video is 160. And wperry1 I get higher then that at the normal settings of a mp4 movie that I do. I don't know how high I can go on audio but I think it is allot higher then that. They keep it up-to-date so it is the only package you need. They have a windows and mac versions and outside of a few minor things they both behave the same way. So when you do run into a bug you either have to find your own work-around or you are pretty much out in the cold. If you get this (I know this is an old thread ) you can PM. Their CS is email only and their online documentation is not kept current. me and I will answer whatever questions the best I can. For instance I was converting a TV DVD and Winx did not properly see the end of episode. I fix it by trimming off the last second of the episode and everything is fine again. Good luck Okay, at the risk of signing up to respond to this thread and being branded a spammer... It has the unique disadvantage of competing against free software. I am currently looking for a solution to a problem it has with about 15 DVDs not sensing the correct ratio. But, of course, no one uses it so all I can find are threads like these. I would like to thank the people who dogpile anyone mentioning it because there are some of us that do without much difficulty and we need message board support occasionally too. And I'm sure you are not using the same version of the software from Nov 2011. So yes, it could be much better (which isn't saying much). It's still not widely used as there are numerous other options, many of which are also "wife friendly". Well, let's see, I can rip, convert to numerous files formats, de-interlace, include subtitles, change tracks, trim, crop, and a host of other things. All of my DVDs that were worth anything when they were released look fine on my 62 inch TV. When you help pay my mortgage you can have a say in my media. You won't get much help here with the software you mentioned simply because the few times the software you mentioned is brought up in usually done so in order to spam and shill for the software. The point of doing any of it in the first place is to have our media the way we want it. So keeping in tradition with my immense helpfulness... I will now provide links to software that many people here use daily. You'll kindly notice that "rippers" are in one tool section.."converters" are in a completely different section..the software you mentioned is nowhere to be found. Here is a list of decrypting(ripping) tools..of them FREE: https:// Here is a list of DVD converters....again many of them FREE: https:// The funny thing is all I have seen is snobbish remarks and shilling for other solutions. The product works and for the most part it works well. There are legitimate users of the product that you dismiss because of prejudice. I would not recommend it to a newbie but for someone with experience it is not bad. I went to it when solutions like DVD Decrypter went unsupported. The company has been in business for at least 5 years so obviously people are buying it and using it. I sincerely hope that those allergic to spending money are at least donating a little to the solutions they do use. You should always take care of those that take care of you. The thing and never was funded, peer-reviewed research we are doing here.....however you are free to return to argue the merits of staunchly defending a product whose name we have only heard of via a proven, two post drive-by shooter(wperry1) he was welcome to do the same but chose not to. You guys take shots at a product probably without any current research to back it up and claim it is an inferior product. The problem is like all software there are bugs to contend with and it takes a little time and experience to figure out how to work around them. I am not defending anything other than my right to use what I want and maybe ask for the courtesy of allowing people to discuss products here without the sneers and jeers. This is a time consuming process and people who are new at it and impressionable are being scared away from using it or even discussing it because of message board experts who are baring their teeth the moment it is mentioned. But I have over 450 movies ripped using mostly it and close to 5000 TV show episodes converted using it spanning 5 years. part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Different types of Scaffolding used for various types of construction. The 8 types of scaffoldings are trestle, steel, patented, suspended, cantilever, single, double, kwikstage scaffolding etc. To understand these Scaffoldings completely lets first learn its definition and then the uses of various Type of Scaffoldings, and their uses. In this blog you’ll find the most important scaffolding types with their images and explanation. By understanding the meaning, usage, purpose and results of each type of Scaffolding. 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We offer Australia Scaffolding and are one of the most admired manufactures of scaffolding. Through this article, we have tried our best to keep the definitions simple, while adding images that clarifies any remaining doubts. The variety of Scaffoldings described here are some of the most used and successful Scaffoldings used in Construction. By understanding the meaning and the use of different type of Scaffoldings, one can easily select the right Scaffolding for their construction work with complete safety.While you might have an extensive DVD collection, you may not always have an easy way to take those DVDs with you when you travel. Win X DVD Ripper seeks to make digitizing your DVD collection quick and simple. Whether you want to store home movies on mobile devices or keep kids’ fingers off your DVDs, this impressive tool is the perfect solution. This is a sponsored article and was made possible by Digiarty Software. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored. Plus, many DVDs won’t actually play on Windows 10 computers and PS4 consoles. If you want to play a DVD on your computer or phone without needing to hunt for the DVD every time or attach a portable DVD player, you need a tool that can “rip” it to your hard drive. It rips the DVD into a format compatible with common media players so that you can just grab your laptop and watch your entire DVD collection without the hassle of putting DVDs in and out of the drive all the time. Region-specific disks might be blocked on different DVD players. Of course, many newer devices don’t even have DVD support, making it impossible to play your collection. Even worse, your favorite movie might be scratched, meaning your DVD player can’t read it. I’ve personally been looking for a way to rip old home movies that have gotten pretty scratched up, and yes, it does work! While Win X DVD Ripper itself isn’t new, the latest version does add even more amazing features. This includes even faster speeds and support for the latest DVD encryption standards and improved ripping for damaged disks. It’s designed to be the most advanced and effective DVD ripper available. While there are numerous DVD ripping options available, this one has the widest compatibility. Plus, unlike many free options, you don’t have to worry about malware, as it’s safe and reliable. The first thing that really impressed me was how straight forward it is to get started. If you’re new to ripping DVDs, you won’t be overwhelmed. As the steps on the introduction screen say, it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Start by inserting any DVD you’ve made or purchased into your DVD drive. If your Windows DVD drive doesn’t recognize the disk (some drives are encoded to only play certain regions), purchase an external DVD drive to bypass this issue. The tool auto-detects the file system type, though you can force-select UDF or ISO. I usually use MP4 since it’s compatible with most media players for Windows 10. However, you can choose from any of the many formats available, such as making the DVD compatible with your i Pad for the kids to watch movies in the backseat without a DVD player. While the defaults are likely fine for most users, clicking the Settings icon by the DVD’s title lets you edit the codecs, aspect ratio, and so on. It’s a nice feature for those who really want to customize their files. In my experience, it was much faster than others I’ve tried, including premium tools. While I don’t have the latest hardware, I still had an impressive 201 frame rate and an 85-minute movie ripped to MP4 in less than 20 minutes. Naturally, you’ll need better hardware than mine to achieve the five-minute rip, but considering most tools take over an hour, I’m quite happy with the speed. While it skipped in my DVD player, Win X DVD Ripper had no problem converting it to MP4 without skips or issues. So, if you’re trying to salvage DVDs that aren’t in the best shape, it’s well worth trying this out. Win X DVD Ripper Platinum is surprisingly affordable. There’s even a deal at the moment to get a lifetime license for $29.95. This includes future upgrades to stay current with DVD encryption standards. Is this a great solution for backing up your DVD collection for personal use? Plus, you can use many of the features for free to get a feel for how everything works. If you’re a regular groovy Post reader, you’ve already read our in-depth Win X DVD Ripper Platinum review for backing up and protecting your personal DVD collection. We liked Win X DVD Ripper in the last version because it was fast, it’s incredibly easy to use, and it works on DRM-protected DVDs (I’m looking at you, Disney). Overall, I think it’s a solid piece of software without much room or need for improvement. So, when the folks who make Win X reached out to us to take another look at their product, I thought, “Okay, what could you have possibly added to make this newsworthy? Digiarty, the developer for Win X DVD Ripper, has spilled a lot of ink explaining the technical wizardry that makes their hardware-accelerated DVD ripper possible. But for the less geekily inclined, I’ll break it down for you in layman’s terms. For those of you already using Win X DVD Ripper Platinum, the interface will look very familiar. In fact, not much is new at all in this version, except for some very consequential new checkboxes: That new I promised I wouldn’t get too geeky, but let me explain briefly. When you do normal computer tasks, all that data gets crunched through the CPU is the central processing unit. Even with multiple processing cores, there are limited resources available for processing data. Imagine it like a supermarket with one checkout line open. With so many shoppers buying so many different items, it creates a bottleneck. Now, imagine that the store manager comes out and opens up two new express checkout lines. These are for lines where people are only buying non-produce items and only paying with credit cards. Everyone waiting in the long, regular lines move over to these two new lines and things speed up across the board. That’s essentially what QSV and NVENC are: express checkout lines for processing video. When you select the Intel and Nvidia checkboxes in Win X DVD Ripper Platinum, your computer starts using three different processors to rip your DVD, two of which are specifically designed for quickly processing video. The technology that Win X DVD taps to speed up your DVD rips isn’t exactly new. What’s new is the way their software makes it all work together. Intel introduced QSV in 2009 with its Sandy Bridge CPU architecture. NVIDIA rolled out NVENC with its Kepler-based Ge Force 600 series in 2012. So, even if your computer is five or more years old (like mine), you can probably take advantage of the hardware acceleration features. Here’s a handy reference to see if your GPU is supported: And here’s a table for CPU acceleration support: I realize you might not know what architecture your CPU is or if your computer has a GPU in it. Usually, a sticker on your computer indicates what generation of Intel processor you have and if it has a graphics card in it. Digiarty boasts ripping times as low as 5 minutes on their website. Of course, it’s heavily caveated with the obligatory “your mileage may vary” disclaimer. In the test case they use, they ripped a new DVD made in 2018 that was 7.16GB for a long film. The computer they used was a Windows 10 (64 bit) PC with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 and an Nvidia Ge Force GTX 750. That’s a pretty average computer by most standards—definitely not a high-end gaming PC. Another one of the benefits that Win X DVD Ripper Platinum touts is its ability to run parallel processes. Since the QSV die on your CPU and the GPU do most of the heavy lifting, the rest of your processing resources are free to do other tasks. That means you don’t have to quarantine your laptop for hours while you rip your DVD collection. You can continue to use your computer for browsing the web, watching videos, etc., while your DVDs rip in the background. In fact, I’m ripping a DVD right now as I write this, take screenshots, edit images, and upload them to Word Press with no issues at all. I used a fairly beefy system with pretty much the fastest CPU, GPU, and Hard Drive on the market for my test. For the first test, I used only the Intel CPU Hardware Accelerator by checking the box Intel. I left all the settings at their default values, including Bit Rate (Quality) and Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, and Resolution (keep origin). Not surprisingly, as soon as I kicked off the test, my CPU spiked from 3% CPU to 65% – 70%. Result: Total rip time: 10 minutes, 12 seconds With the added load on the CPU, the temperature jumped from 30°C to 59 – 60°C, and as I moved around a few apps, I could tell the system was under a heavier load than normal but still usable. For my second test, I enabled both Intel CPU and NVIDIA under Hardware Accelerator. Similar to the first test, the CPU did jump, however, just barely, never rising above 15% utilization. The GPU also barely moved, hovering around 8% utilization throughout the rip. Overall, the Hardware Acceleration worked really well; however, adding in the GPU sped up the rip by 38%. I ran a few more tests to see if I could tax the GPU, but unfortunately, I think I hit the max read time of my old DVD drive. Even though I increased the Bit Rate and Resolution to max settings, the GPU chewed through it without an issue, resulting in only slightly higher rip times. I can only imagine how fast it would have worked if I’d had a newer DVD drive. As I mentioned in my earlier review, Win X DVD Ripper Platinum is free. The retail price is $67.95, but most of the time, you can snag it on sale for around $47.95. Today, there’s an Anniversary Offer running for the next few days for $39.95. That gets you lifetime free upgrades, so if you bought Win X DVD Ripper Platinum when we reviewed it last, good news, you can get the latest hardware-accelerated version for free! For those who are new to Win X DVD Ripper Platinum, my opinion is the same as before: although it’s a paid product, it simply works better and faster than the free alternatives. This new version is significantly faster, meaning it’ll save you hours depending on how big your DVD collection is. But most importantly, it works on certain DVDs that other ripping programs won’t rip. If you want a detailed walkthrough of the features and interface, read my previous write-up of Win X DVD Ripper Platinum. That being said, here comes the obligatory legal disclaimer: the laws about digitizing copies of your own legally purchased DVDs for personal use vary widely depending on what country you live in. While pirating movies is always unethical and illegal and will likely get you busted, you should know that making copies of DVDs just so your kids can watch it on your i Pad is also sometimes not there to determine if it’s okay where you live. And let’s be real—how much longer do you think computers will come with DVD players? But the bottom line is this: I use Win X DVD Ripper Platinum. I have four computers in my house, and exactly one of them has a DVD drive in it. And none of my smartphones or tablets have DVD drives in them (shocked? Once DVDs start to go extinct, I can either re-buy all the DVDs I already paid for that didn’t come with digital copies or rip them now and be set for life. Editors Note: Performing copies of DRM-protected DVDs is not legal in all countries. With this in mind, we recommend each reader check their local laws before using software that removes DRM encryption.While you might have an extensive DVD collection, you may not always have an easy way to take those DVDs with you when you travel.Win X DVD Ripper seeks to make digitizing your DVD collection quick and simple.Whether you want to store home movies on mobile devices or keep kids’ fingers off your DVDs, this impressive tool is the perfect solution.This is a sponsored article and was made possible by Digiarty Software.

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