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ByteFence Anti-Malware - Free download and software reviews.

ByteFence Anti-malware's cutting edge software detects and removes Trojans, Worms, Spyware, Crapware and other high risk malware. ByteFence is the ultimate protection against crapware and.

Bytefence anti-malware
Today I am doing a review of an anti-malware software called Bytefence. There are a lot of anti-virus and anti-malware products out on the market these days, so how does Byte Fence stack up? Here is my Bytefence review 🙂 You might be wondering why software such as Bytefence is needed? As a geek, I have been using such software for many years, for very good reason 🙂 Malware and trojans have become major concerns in our modern digital world, I am sure that you have all heard stories of people’s computers being attacked by ransomware. If they don’t pay a fee to the ransomware creator all their files will be shredded! Even big companies have had their computers infected by such things. The most famous was the Wanna Cry ransomware infection of 2017, that demanded $300 million in ransomware fees from all kinds of organisations across the globe (including the National Health Service in the UK! So, yeah, this is why we need some kind of malware and virus protection on our computers 🙂 Basically, it is an unwanted piece of code that installs itself on your computer without your knowledge. Sometimes they even disguise themselves as popular programs or windows functions. A ransomware will take your files hostage and demand that you pay a fee to release them. Other malware might mine bitcoin in the background without your knowledge or access your key strokes to find out passwords etc. Bytefence calls itself the ‘ultimate protection against malware, spyware and crapware, for free’, which is certainly a bold statement to make! In terms of features, there isn’t really much to talk about, this is a bog standard anti-malware software. Please note, this is not the same as an anti-virus software, and Bytefence themselves suggest on their website running their program alongside anti-virus software for the best protection. Bytefence will scan your computer for malware and crapware (their cute name for adware) and, as long as you have a pro licence, will then remove any unwanted files. I often see other companies proclaiming all kinds of unique and special features, not Byte Fence. With Bytefence not wanting to tell me about any special features, I did some digging around and found a few. This mode will disable some of the features of Bytefence to make sure they don’t interfere with the performance of your game. You don’t want Bytefence starting a scan when you are about to win a game of Counter Strike 🙂 Although this is called Gamer Mode, Bytefence also suggests this might be a good option to use whilst watching movies. There is not much information about this feature, but it would seem it will automatically start and stop when you play games. Bytefence has an option to allow you to enable a context menu in file explorer, meaning when you right click on it you can scan the file with Bytefence right there. If you can’t tell already, I am really struggling here to come up with any interesting or unique features for Bytefence. Everything else is pretty typical anti-malware stuff, such as: There you have it, the exhaustive list of Bytefence features 🙂 As you can see below, the Pro version of Bytefence (that can be used on 3 machines) is $3.33 a month if you sign up for 6 months, up to as little as $1.39 a month for a 3 year commitment. Note that the free version of Bytefence is useless, as it only detects unwanted files and doesn’t actually help you remove them. This is not really featured on their website, but after downloading and installing their software, the trial was automatically applied. On a side note, Bytefence claim they are protecting almost 63 million users at the time of writing, a claim that I find hard to believe….who knows 🙂 You can’t deny that Bytefence is cheap as far as anti-malware software goes. When you compare with another popular anti-malware suite Malware Bytes Premium, you would have to pay $59.99 a year for use on 3 machines. Although Bytefence aren’t saying this themselves, I see the software as a stripped-down and budget version of anti-malware software. The Bytefence user interface is clean and modern looking. It’s not award winning or anything, but it does provide a sleek and easy piece of software which is easy to navigate. The main job of an anti-malware software is to….er….detect and delete malware! I wanted to do some tests on a virtual computer to see if any malware would go undetected by Bytefence. I used a handy website to allow me to quickly run some malware and see how Bytefence reacted. I clicked on all of the malware processes on offer and amazingly only one of them got a reaction from Bytefence, a crypto mining script! I then went to URLhaus to click some recent links with malware attached to see how Bytefence reacted to this. Most were not detected by Bytefence but were by Malwarebytes. Zero day protection is pretty much non existent here. I was still rather tense even I was running this on a virtual machine! This is almost laughable protection in my eyes for a product that claims to be anti-malware. I would love to know what kind of engine they are attempting to run here on the back-end 🙂 I don’t like some of the marketing tactics used by Bytefence. The fact that the free version only detects malware but requires a paid licence to remove is ridiculous. It’s a bait and switch tactic to make people that are scared to have malware on their PC pay up. If they want to do this type of marketing, they need a separate tool that clearly states it is only for scanning purposes. You know when you go to install a free software and it asks you to install another two or three ‘bonus’ software along the way? The software makers are hoping that users in a hurry will install their software without realizing. And the fact they then say on their homepage that they offer ultimate protection for free is simply misleading. This is why you see a lot of users online saying that Bytefence installed itself on their computer or that it just appeared on their by magic. In fact, this is just because it was installed alongside other software without you realizing. I don’t like any of these marketing tactics, and they give Bytefence a bad reputation in the online world. Go look at any other online review platform and Bytefence will often get a lot of negative reviews. Often, these are not saying the software is bad, just comments related to shady marketing tactics. This has to be the most bland piece of software I have ever seen. It really is the most basic and cut down paid anti-malware software I have ever seen. Instead of engaging in shady marketing as described above, they should be putting more effort into coming up with a unique selling point of their software. At the moment, the only one they have is the fact it is cheap! The Bytefence software crashed multiple times on our system and at one point disappeared and had to be re-installed. I think the default Windows anti virus had returned some false positives on part of the software and removed them, resulting in the program breaking. Any anti-virus or anti-malware program is all about their virus/malware detecting engine (I am sure there is a more technical term for that! ) Put simply, Bytefence has one of the worst I have ever seen. Bytefence is so bad that I don’t want you to even consider buying it, and instead direct you over to a top quality malware software instead. I clicked on so much malware in my virtual machine running the software and only a handful were detected, especially the recent zero day ones. Click HERE to go take a look at Bitdefender Total Security 2020. This is the first time I have actually felt scared doing this, even when contained within a virtual machine! Bitdefender are one of the oldest and most trusted virus and malware software providers. Yes, they cost more than Bytefence but they……actually work…and well 🙂 Bytefence seem to be preying on people that are not tech savvy to buy their software, don’t be one of them…… A lot of people say that Bytefence is a scam or some kind of Trojan laden fake software. Yes, some other virus software does detect unwanted files within Bytefence, but these could be false positives. I think the reason people have this impression of them is because of the bundle ware aspect i mentioned above. People simply don't realise they accidentally installed Bytefence along with other software. Yes, it might be bordering on vaporware, but I wouldn't say it has any malicious intent to infect your PC. Using this program to uninstall Bytfence would make sure that all traces of the software are taken out too. You simply find Bytefence within the Geek Unistaller software and right click it and choose uninstall. When the uninstall process is done, it will then scan for leftover files and ask you to select whether to delete any that are found! Thanks for reading our Bytefence Anti-Malware review 🙂 Disclaimer: My reviews are always full and honest. Yes, they may have affiliate links in where I can earn a small commission, but this never influences my rating. part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. 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This may save you hours and ensure you don't harm your system by deleting the wrong files. The developing company is also called Bytefence and there are two versions of this software product: a free and a paid one. And the free version is usually the one that causes trouble for users, causing them to think that they’ve been infected by malware. Instead, we would be more inclined to categorize this software as a potentially unwanted program or PUP. This is a broad term used to describe software that may generally appear as useful but in reality turns out to be some annoying browser add-on, a toolbar, some kind of adware, malware, or even a Trojan, etc. So antivirus or antimalware programs generally tend to group these unwanted (for various reasons) pieces of software under this umbrella term. In this case, we would refer to Bytefence as a PUP because its installation usually takes place without the users’ knowledge. But there’s a handful of other features that would help define it as such, as well. For example, App Esteem has a list of applications labeled as ‘deceptors’ that includes various PUPs, including Bytefence. The main problem that people tend to report in regards to Bytefence is that it seems to appear out of nowhere. Users rarely ever recall downloading and installing the app themselves, and that is because programs like this are usually distributed in so-called program bundles. Hence, it’s likely that you downloaded Bytefence alongside another (probably free) piece of software (freeware, shareware, etc.). For Mac users, we know that these programs come bundled in PDF Mac Master, although Windows users are far more likely to encounter Bytefence. In that line of thought, we should also point out that Android users aren’t immune to this PUP either. As already mentioned earlier, Bytefence is an application designed to detect various forms of malware and junkware on your computer. However, it does not remove any of the files that it finds. Instead, once it finds whatever it deems to be a risky component, it will notify you via a popup notification on your screen. And then it will encourage you to purchase the Pro (paid) version of the software application in order to have the dangerous files and apps removed from your system. Actually, these ads, along with the malware detection popups are usually what first signalizes the presence of Bytefence on your computer. Other places where you might see symptoms of this program being present in the OS are your browser, for example. The PUP in question may sometimes install itself in the browser toolbar or even alter some of the settings of the browsing app. You can check to make sure whether or not you have this program installed on your computer by looking for the file named “bytefence-installer.exe”. If you find it there and you had no prior knowledge of it, then clearly you’ve downloaded and installed the software without realizing it and it may be a good idea to get rid of it. Sneaky software applications that tend to use various deceptive installation tactics can often be difficult to remove. Sometimes they don’t even come with a designated uninstallation option, meaning that users are often forced to search their entire system for the separate software components of such PUPs. So at times, it may be best to use specialized antimalware or antivirus software to remove programs like Bytefence. In addition to removing this application, it will also help detect other potential threats. And let’s face it, if you have one, then there’s a decent chance you may have more. However, if you’d rather not go that route, then in the case of Bytefence you should be able to uninstall the program from Windows the way you would any regular application. For Android users, this should be possible via the Google Play Store, as well as through the Settings app. There are several things you can do to make sure or by the very least lower your chances of downloading and installing potentially unwanted programs henceforth. One of them is to pay closer attention to the type of content you download of your own free will. As pointed out, PUPs are typically bundled in with other software applications. So it’s good to check the developers of any programs that you’re seeking to download beforehand, as well as make sure to obtain these programs from reliable and reputable sources. Reading reviews of such programs can give you a good idea of what to expect from them as well. Another good precaution against such software pieces is having a high-quality antivirus of antimalware tools working on your computer. Furthermore, be sure to have whatever tool you’re using up-to-date with the latest virus definitions. Some threats reinstall themselves if you don't delete their core files. We recommend downloading Spy Hunter to remove harmful programs for you. This may save you hours and ensure you don't harm your system by deleting the wrong files.Byte Fence is a security program designed to protect Windows computers from crapware, spyware, and malware. However, its distribution in the past was somewhat suspicious. Its questionable entry on computers caused security experts to label it as an unwanted program. Lately, it has earned some form of legitimacy by addressing the bundling issues of the past. Continue reading this Byte Fence review to learn more about Byte Fence, how it works, and other details you need to know to see if it is indeed safe. If you happen to stumble on Byte Fence on your computer and don’t know a thing about it, you will naturally be apprehensive. That’s quite natural because anything that goes on your computer without your knowledge is a cause for concern. It is a tool that protects Windows computers from spyware, malware, and crapware. But due to its questionable distribution methods in the past, it has earned a soiled reputation. Byte Fence is an anti-malware program developed by Byte Technologies LLC, a U. One Byte Fence anti-malware review says that the company has lately addressed this issue, discouraged such practice, and has earned some form of “legitimacy.” Byte Technologies LLC specializes in developing applications for adware, virus, and malware removal. They provide users malware-free computing experiences. The company claims that it has protected over 59 million computers worldwide through its security programs and blocked over 66 million samples of malware. The free version of this security program can only scan PCs from malware and crapware. If the program detects threats, only the paid version can remove them. It is more of a support security tool designed to detect less damaging threats, such as spyware, worms, and trojans. The good thing is that Byte Fence is now a safe program. Some years ago, it was considered a virus, but with its anti-malware program, developers worked on improving its reputation. Currently, you won’t find Byte Fence in most lists of viruses. But there are ways you can download it on a Mac OS. You can download it through bundled software with apps, such as PDF Mac Master. If you happen to use a PC or Boot Camp to run Windows on a Mac, you will be able to download this program from its website. But it might also enter your computer without your permission. Here are some of the ways Byte Fence can enter your PC: After Byte Fence is installed on a computer, it will scan the computer for malware. After the scan, it will show a warning message indicating all the threats it has uncovered. However, if you have installed the free program, it won’t remove the threats. You have to get the Pro version, meaning you have to buy it. After purchasing the license, you can install it on your PC and remove the threats. The scanning you will get with Byte Fence is in real-time, meaning, if this anti-malware is running on your computer, it will detect any threat that is trying to enter your computer. From our Byte Fence Anti-Malware review and testing, we find that Byte Fence is a fairly decent anti-malware program. The scans are primarily done to uncover crapware and malware. However, this security program is unable to protect your PC from ransomware. While this threat is not well known, it still poses a significant danger when you connect to the internet. It is the reason why you should not limit yourself to Byte Fence, as it cannot provide comprehensive real-time protection. You should use additional security programs to prevent ransomware and other more significant threats from entering your computer. One of the major plusses for Byte Fence is its interface. It is very well designed, simple to understand, and super easy to navigate. There are no complicated settings on its interface, but you can still enjoy all the major options other popular security software offers. The specialization of Byte Fence is handling programs, such as browser hijackers, adware, and other common types of software threats designed to target the web browsers of internet users. Byte Fence excellently executes handling these threats. Inside the browser section, this security program provides a useful and functional evaluation of the web browser’s components installed on your computer. After installing and launching Byte Fence, the program will automatically run a quick scan of your entire computer. The scan could take 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your computer and its files. You will also be advised on the potential risks that your PC is facing. Sadly, this anti-malware has below-average malware detection. Sometimes, it can flag certain files and files as suspicious but are not really harmful. While it is running, its quick scan also uses a considerable amount of RAM. For instance, it will use about 1.5 GB for a PC that has 4 GB RAM. But when compared to other programs, its RAM usage is not really that high. As of this time, Byte Fence has not been tested by top independent testing labs, such as AV-Comparatives or AV-TEST. So, there are no available comparative test results yet. The company has offices and partners all over the world and provides customers localized services. By filling out a support form, users can ask for customer service support. There is also a Byte Fence support webpage, which includes an extensive FAQ section on its official website. But some time ago, many users have claimed it was a virus. Because of this stained reputation, the developers of Byte Fence did their homework and improved the software. Today, you will not find Byte Fence in most lists of viruses. However, even now, it is not the best anti-malware program in the market as there are a lot more dependable and reputable anti-virus and anti-malware programs available. If you will only use Byte Fence to fend off malicious software, your computer wouldn’t be 100 percent safe. There is also a chance that a browser hijacker will be installed together with Byte Fence. It is a very competent version, which has an affordable premium upgrade. For example, search.can hitch-hike the installation. You will also notice if there is a change in your browser’s setting after the installation. If this happens, don’t ignore it because if you don’t correct it, your search engine can be used to track your searches. However, it is not capable of removing the threats it detected. On the other hand, the paid version allows you to remove detected threats for free during its 14-day trial period. If you want to continue using the program after the trial period, you will be encouraged to buy the full version. Byte Fence Pro, the paid version, offers three kinds of payment schemes. There is a 3-year license, which will cost you $59.95. Another plan is a one-year license, which costs $29.95. And then there’s the cheapest of the three at $19.95, which is about $3.33 per month. According to a Byte Fence anti-malware review, Byte Fence has many functional features, but it lacks in some areas that are also very important in security protocols. They include the following: In the past, Byte Fence was bundled with other software, causing its questionable entry into unsuspecting computers. Lately, it has earned some form of legitimacy by addressing the bundling issues of the past. Although Byte Fence is not the best anti-malware program to use, it can be beneficial for people who want to have an extra layer of security on their computers. It is a legit anti-malware program, but not as good as Malwarebytes and Norton. This Bytefence review believes that you will be better off if you use other full-featured security programs. Byte Fence is not a computer virus but an antivirus program. How to remove it from your computer if you don’t need it?All these questions are discussed by Mini Tool Partition Wizard in this post.Is Byte Fence Anti-Malware safe to use and is not secretly a virus?I often get 'adverts' (I suppose you could call them that) on my laptop about offers/discounts, but I am frequently worried that this program (which I did not install myself) is malware and is potentially harming my computer without my knowledge. It is not a computer virus but an antimalware distributed by Byte Technologies. When it finds something, it will inform you of how many risks it has uncovered.

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